May be we are heading somewhere good with the bloody handshake?

Comrades, friends and others I have been as mad as all of you about the nightmare in Jamhuri today.


I mean stolen elections. Mass murder of protesters. Kids being killed in their homes and in kindergartens. And then this endless list of massive theft they call corruption. This is organized criminal looting. NYS 10 billion stolen by very crude methods. Easily detectable. The criminals should have been in jail yesterday. Every body knows who they are and who protects them.

National Cereals Board. 4 billion paid to connected thieves while farmers get nothing in a very difficult year for farmers. Health services in a mess. Nairobi county has moved to Mau hills under sinker Sonko. What did I forget?

So I have been pretty mad for my beloved country.

Then today I talked to my old comrade in NASA, Oduor Ong’wen. He was jovial and I didn’t get a chance to scream at him. Which was my intended plan.

I told him the handshake has shaken everybody who loves the country. He told me that is what it was supposed to do.

Then I told him the handshake could bare fruits for the country after I read what Raila said about fighting corruption (Organised theft by the state)–Govt-to-form-task-force-to-end-corruption/1064-4581156-ojxqmyz/index.html

mlI told Oduor that if this Raila/Uhuru handshake can lead to a real effective battle to end corruption and theft Kenyans would love it.

Forget this constitutional amendments big talk just kill corruption right now and then we can talk.

I was fortunate enough to talk with Prof. Edward Oyugi who was with Ong’wen at t hat time. He told me Kenyans are ready for honesty and patriotism in the leadership of the republic. He told me they will look for it and find.

Me and Prof. Oyugi talked about the situation in the country now. We agreed we have been staring at a cliff. We were all going to go down there. You cannot happily go down a cliff just because your opponent is going down the cliff with you. You are both going down dead. It is not good for anybody. That was discussion with Prof. Oyugi

Those who know the prof know who he is. Great patriot and scholar.


The discussion  reminded me of a story I read about a guy who jumped off from the 10th flood of  a building. When he was at 5th floor he said so far so good. This was not going to end well.  Certainly it didn’t. That is where we are as a country.


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Miguna has gone raving mad

By Phil Wesonga

The so-called NRM General Miguna Miguna has purportedly given a long recorded retort to NASA President Raila Odinga whose only crime appears to have urged Miguna to co-operate and visit the Kenyan embassy nearest to him so as to get his Kenya travel documents back.

Everyone saw Miguna shred to pieces the application forms delivered to him by Immigration Dept at JKIA. This was after declining to give his Canadian passport to Canadian Embassy officials or to Raila Odinga himself to get get it stamped with his case number (not tourist visa as falsely claimed). The same passport mysteriously reappeared in Dubai.

At uhuru park where Miguna gloats of having sworn-in the People’s President, there were at least three senior consels and up to half a dozen commissioner of oaths/notaries public. What Miguna calls swearing in was a rubber stamp. TJ Kajwang was present in full legal regalia and instruments. He is not shouting from the top of Mount Kenya and about these episodes. So what this fuss about an LSK membership that was only obtained in 2010? SC Orengo has been an LSK member continuously for four decades while SC Khaminwa who was seated at the back row at uhuru park is now on his sixth decade. So Miguna is too junior.

Those of us who have studied Miguna’s history know without a shadow of doubt most of Miguna’s infantile hysterics are motivated by need for cash. The desperation for a grand-entry at JKIA comes a close second followed by a deathly need to have the ability to influence the masses to obey his commands.

However the cash changes Miguna’s attitude very fast. We know for instance, the Chicken-seller long identified Miguna as an out-of-control ego, an emotional wreck and a cheap political mercenary which he then quickly hired and deployed to launch attacks Raila Odinga.

His anti-Raila books were all sponsored by the chicken seller who he has always praised in his writings. You will rarely see Miguna criticise Ruto. And if he does, it’s because there is a remittance delay

That is why Miguna’s appointment as Deputy Governor Nairobi does not surprise us at all. He is but a mere pawn in the larger scheme of things.

But anyone can recall that in Canada, US, UK and Kenya or in his rape case, in the coalition government, his unmasking Raila books, the short-lived NRM sojourn and now his deportation it’s all about one man and hos quest to generate funds. Even human rights groups fighting in his corner must pay him. Even a mere media interview must be paid for. A lecture of diaspora Kenyans has high entry fees that goes straight into Miguna’s pockets.

Omiyo, Miguna can rant all he wants, he can insult all of the despots, but life continues. Some of us have also been arrested for our political beliefs, have gone on forced exile and even been detained. Where is the fuss?

Building bridges is our focus. And there is nothing Miguna will do to shift our focus.


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For The Love Of God, Just How Much Water Does This Guy Hoard:


This is astonishing. Private farm in Nakuru owned by a Kenyan family.  7 private dams drying up rivers for everybody in the neigbourhood.  6,000 acres. Coffee Estates.  Dairy farms. And all and all.

Then ONE of the damn dams bursts open with many lives lost, havoc everywhere. We still do not know how this will end but the response has been very good. Keep it up.

The bigger questions are for later.

And the “sea of water” went on and on.

It looks like the river got back the water from the private dam but the water was more than 10 times what the old river banks could handle.

There is man made disaster and then there is this.

And this.

In away the whole country and even the urban centres are in the same position. This just can’t work. Simple as that.

Here are some questions we need to ask as Kenyans.

  1. How the heck did this guy get 6,000 acres of land in Solai. The people who were killed came from what are referred to as “settlements”. One is called Village Settlement and many were killed there.
  2. Now when you have settlements and some folk owning 6,000 acres next door you can do the math.
  3. And the dams. 7 of them. This guy grabbed all the river water in the area for his dams. So he had the land and the water. What is left even from the earth?
  4. Now the government wants to find out how to make dams work better. Great. But why not deal with the land travesty here. A lot of Solai people could use those 6,000 acres of land and may be build better dams and let the water flow down the rivers.
  5. How about just this for a start with our new handshake brothers who obviously are going to be at the funerals. For the sake of the dead do something about land ownership and use in Solai and elsewhere. Otherwise keep quiet.
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Forgive Me For Being Confused

Oh Dear what the heck is going on with these people. Those who are running the  country want to be forgiven by the Kenyan masses for screwing the whole country and the citizens of the republic. Did anybody tell these people that forgiveness starts with confession.

For example you don’t rob me and come and tell me adongo forgive me while I enjoy the benefits of robbing you. Are you kidding me.

We have pile upon pile of frightening corruption evidence. IEBC alone has close to 10 billion robbery of public money and it seems the strategy is to disband the IEBC and disband the robbery because most of the beneficiaries of the money theft(forget the other one) from the IEBC are Uhuru, Ruto and their friends. So now destroy the IEBC and the evidence goes up in smoke.

Then we have that nasty land case in Nairobi involving billions of taxpayer money buying land which it appears already belonged to the government and don’t get me started about the National Land Commission led by that Swazuri crook.

And we are in the forgive and forget landmine again and the leaders including Raila himself are in this crazy bandwagon. Oh please.

Here we go:

I have kind of stayed away from the whole mess and haven’t talked to my comrades in the mix of things. Now I am getting nervous. Forgive me but  it looks like we need to grab these folks by the neck again.

This is the land saga I am talking about.

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Terrible Day For Trump’s USA

President Trump was supposed to be working on the big bold USA foreign policy and possible military response to the tragedy in Syria with the Douma chemical gas attacks.

The whole world was waiting to hear from the leader of the so-called free world.

And then Bob Mueller struck.

Oh dear.

Poor John Bolton sitting next to Trump looks more worried than his mustache. He is Trump’s new Security Adviser.

He has no clue what Trump’s security priorities. Trump is saying the FBI “has attacked the country”

The Generals sitting  with Trump are equally bewildered. State of The Union. Not good. Or is it?

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