Murathe is saying something….but what is it?

Bwana Adongo  you have said in the past that  Murathe can be reckless, is this one of those occasions?
He is basically saying that they are done with Ruto as a community. And many from the mountain seem to agree.
Could this be the deal?


Murathe: Uhuru loyalist whose word can decide Kenya’s future


A character in the 1990 BBC political drama The House of Cards says of wheeler-dealers, buccaneers and functionaries who infest corridors of power supplying all manner of political labour to parties and politicians: “A politician needs a wife and other people; regrettably, a man of state needs helpers to do his bidding … even unwitting pawns who don’t know who they serve …”

President Uhuru Kenyatta has no shortage of helpers, but few display the bravado, brashness and, lately, a penchant for taking a rare irreverent dig at Deputy President and Jubilee deputy party leader, Dr William Ruto, as Mr David Murathe does.

In old communist Russia, these ranks of political labourers were called the apparatchik, non-professional, non-specialist, but ever available and ready for deployment on any political assignment.

Their most valued credentials beside loyalty are that they must harbour no known or expressed aspirations for higher office.

2022 POLLS

They are never deployed to any of the top echelons of party leadership as chairmanship or secretary-general, party leader and deputy leader, the cadres reserved for potential national leaders.

Kenya’s political anthropologists and biographers are yet to study and document the role of unelected informal players in contemporary Kenya state, who seem to pack so much political heft and influence in government actions at various phases of Kenya’s post-independence political evolution than elected leaders, but are not accountable to the public.

Last Wednesday, Mr Murathe chose an opposition-organised event at Mbale Stadium, Vihiga County, hosted by his old college mate at the University of Nairobi, Musalia Mudavadi, to launch the most scathing attack on Dr Ruto’s presidential ambitions.

In what sounded like a valedictory speech, he essentially said Ruto’s days of calling the shots in the house of Jubilee was an illusion, Jubilee had its owners, and the jury was still out on their preference of Kenyatta II successor.


It was a loaded statement that seems to have taken even Ruto’s staunchest opponents by surprise.

As one of the close allies of President Uhuru Kenyatta, many will be hard put to separate Mr Murathe’s sentiments from those of the big man.

For those who know him, Mr Murathe never has illusions where his loyalties lie, and who his heroes are.

He is known to use phrases in discussions about politicians’ penchant for ambiguous utterances, but his was not ambiguous by any measure.

When, in 2016, current Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi seemed keen to assert himself inside Jubilee’s top leadership after small affiliate parties, including his Alliance Party of Kenya (APK), dissolved to join Jubilee, Mr Murathe told him with a curt retort: Jubilee is no Party of National Unity (PNU) where Kiraitu was secretary-general).

In the second term of retired President Kibaki’s term (2008-2013), an amorphous appointment was made of retired civil servant, Mr Stanley Murage, as a powerful “policy adviser” based at State House in addition to the State House Comptroller.

Mr Murathe remarked at the time: “That is the office I want when Uhuru is President.”


He may not have been appointed policy adviser, but his bravado and recent provocative statements throw broad enough hints about the latitude he enjoys.

His behind-the-scenes activities in Jubilee, its predecessor, The National Alliance (TNA), and his ability to criss-cross between political spaces at personal and political levels on errands for his buddy cuts the portrait of a trusted loyalist.

Few ask questions about who sent him when Mr Murathe shows up at funeral meetings, wedding committees or political events of entities perceived as Uhuru rivals.

Once in 2007, Kalonzo Musyoka and Dr Julia Ojiambo were holding a delegates conference at Kasarani sports stadium.

Suddenly a Kalonzo ally, Mr Gideon Ndambuki, found his way to a social joint where Murathe was and breathlessly asked: What can you do?

Apparently, Mr Kalonzo and Dr Julia had difficulties with delegates’ allowances and didn’t want a fallout in front of media cameras. Mr Ndambuki and Mr Murathe drove off together.


On President Kenyatta’s axis of politics, Mr Murathe has come to symbolise the counterweight and political checkmate to Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and Jubilee Majority Leader Aden Duale, who symbolise Dr Ruto’s proxy attack dogs, especially on knotty issues.

To his credit, Mr Murathe’s steadfast loyalty to President Kenyatta long before and after he assumed power has never been in doubt, so much that few personalities are sought after by newshounds to give the President’s political pulse of things whenever they cannot get an official State House dispatch.

If they ever differed over things Murathe says on his behalf, the President, his family members and aficionados have never contradicted the former Gatanga MP for things he says on their behalf.

Once when Uhuru seemed partyless for some time after bolting out of Kanu in 2009, Mr Murathe was asked what party he supported.

Without batting an eyelid he shot back: My party is Uhuru Kenyatta.


President Kenyatta, Dr Ruto and Mr Murathe come a long way, politically, and it is significant Mr Murathe never sought an elective party office unlike his two buddies. Even the one he holds currently is interim.

As an unelected interim Jubilee Party vice-chairman, Mr Murathe is the only Jubilee office bearer who displays audacity to publicly criticise his deputy party leader and Deputy President on matters normally few Jubilee elected leaders would touch on publicly.

An unwritten rule since President Kenyatta assumed power on a Jubilee flagship in 2013 is that no elected leader from his Mt Kenya base ever mentions Dr Ruto’s name negatively in public, until the President himself invented the term “tanga tanga” in relation to Dr Ruto and his lieutenants.

Mr Murathe is the first senior Jubilee official to explicitly mention the DP’s name and brazenly tell him off on the matter of 2013 pre-election Kenyatta II succession pact, that is supposed to have obligated President Kenyatta to mobilise his Gema base in support of Ruto’s presidential ambitions in 2022.


Lately, Mr Murathe has also been keeping the company of former Jubilee bigwigs whose careers were sunk at the disputed primaries in May 2017, and who blame the Deputy President for their predicament.

In his book, Illusion of Power (2001), a long-serving parliamentarian, the late Geoffrey Gitahi Kariuki, (popularly known as GG), grimly described his party, Kanu’s pervasive disregard for rules, decorum and expectations and lack of any semblance of concern for political morality or consequences, thus:

“Those who succeed in criminally acquiring and maintaining their power, at whatever cost, are forever haunted by the fear of losing their soul-deadening harvests.

“No doubt, extreme megalomania and the desire to hold onto power regardless of consequences for millions who look up to their leaders for guidance in creating a better life, are the most crucial factors that have stifled Kenyan’s democratic development …”


Among questions that have been raised in social media reactions to Mr Murathe’s affront on the DP is if he is among entities Mt Kenya voters look up to for leadership in the current political discourse.

A strange silence has met his provocative statements, especially in Mt Kenya region, where he may have calculated to trigger a chorus of public statements against the DP as politicians normally do upon receiving the cue.

Despite repeated public jibes at the DP, the soloist is yet to inspire a chorus in response. The question is: Is the silence speaking to the message or the messenger?



Ruto’s allies set sight on Jubilee boss Murathe, truce deal

Three days after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s confidant David Murathe declared that Jubilee Party has no candidate for State House race in 2022, Deputy President William Ruto’s allies are planning a counter-move in the new year that he hopes will turn the tide in his favour going forward.

On Friday, Dr Ruto reached out to members of county assemblies (MCAs) as he sought to solidify his national support across the country ahead of 2022.

Dr Ruto met MCAs from Kakamega, Baringo and Elgeyo-Marakwet counties at his Sugoi home in Uasin Gishu County.

Though the agenda of the meeting was “empowering MCAs to strengthen devolution”, sources said that 2022 succession politics cropped up, with the MCAs assuring Dr Ruto of their unwavering support.


This week, conversations with a number of Dr Ruto’s allies suggested that they are not sitting pretty, even after the President moved to allay fears on Friday that he never engaged in 2022 politics with ODM leader Raila Odinga in their March 9 “handshake” that has dramatically changed the political scene.

During an interview in Mombasa on Friday, the President dwelt at length on the Building Bridges Initiative, saying it would be part of his administration’s priority focus area in 2019.

Dr Ruto’s lieutenants, who double up as members of “the war council” charged with delivering the presidency, are working on a multi-pronged blueprint they hope will neutralise the effects of the political truce (handshake) Mr Kenyatta had with Mr Odinga on March 9.

The truce has increasingly blunted his succession plan and emboldened those against his State House bid, some even in the ruling party.

Part of the plan is to go public on their displeasure and, at some point, play the victim card.


This, we gathered, will be intended to make the President and his allies look dishonest in the court of public opinion. The hope is that this could boost Dr Ruto’s popularity ratings.

“We were together as Jubilee Party under the slogan “Tuko Pamoja” (we are together). But are we really together?” Majority Whip Ben Washiali, who sits in the council, told the Sunday Nation.

He went on: “We were together and we are now out. You can’t keep telling us that we are together when you have other people at the eating table. Let’s see what the new year holds.”

He hinted that a major announcement on a way forward could be coming.

“If he (Dr Ruto) has an MoU with Mr Kenyatta, then that was an agreement between two individuals,” Mr Murathe said on Wednesday in Vihiga, sentiments that have now sparked a political storm.

While opinion is divided inside the DP’s camp on whether such a move would be prudent, going for an all-out war more than three years to the next elections, there is near consensus after Mr Murathe’s remarks that the deep State is keen to back somebody else to take over from Mr Kenyatta.


Equally, the deep State is keen to drop its support for the presidential system of government in favour of a parliamentary one, an abrupt U-turn from an earlier position.

Dr Ruto has maintained that he would like to assume the mantle of power without any alterations to the current structure.

“He (Dr Ruto) is going around opposing the referendum. Jubilee is yet to take a position. What is he opposing yet there is no question? Uhuru said in Kisumu we must change the Constitution to accommodate all to ensure inclusion. Raila has a following that must be accommodated in government,” Mr Murathe said.

The change of heart, a high-ranking member of the council confided, is to avoid isolation as the referendum campaign gathers steam.

Mr Kenyatta’s remarks in Kisumu a fortnight ago, calling for a change in law to correct the winner-take-it-all arrangement, is said to have informed the new position.

They argue that taking on the President head-on could boomerang.


They have interpreted the Kisumu trip, the first since Mr Kenyatta took the oath of office for his second term, as a formal launch of the referendum push that would see changes introduced into the Constitution before the next General Election.

The war council, made up of majority leaders in Parliament Kipchumba Murkomen and Aden Duale, Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter, Deputy Senate Speaker Kithure Kindiki, former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale and Mr Washiali, among others, believes that chances of their man becoming the next President are thinning by the day.

This is especially so since President Kenyatta appears reluctant to publicly endorse him, as they had expected when the two sides joined hands in 2013.

Other sources pointed out that the feeling in the group is captured in the recent pronouncements by Mr Duale on the floor of the House.

Those around the Deputy President have identified the presidential results transmission system as the greatest impediment to his dream of ascending to the presidency in 2022, and a referendum would present an opportunity to correct this.

They also complained that President Kenyatta had abandoned the people who supported him in 2017 and is busy dining with those who opposed him.


They say the current votes transmission regime is prone to manipulation that could lead to subjugation of the popular will, something that is bound to raise questions about the integrity of past elections.

In the last three presidential elections, the transmission of results has been the source of furious disputes, with the Supreme Court being requested to determine whether the final tally matched what was transmitted from the constituencies in the last two polls.

While those close to Dr Ruto say he strongly prefers the presidential system, the option to support a parliamentary one is borne out of the fact that it has fewer risks when it comes to transmitting results.

In any case, in a parliamentary system, the prime minister (PM) is almost always elected by Parliament, where the leader of the party or coalition that wins the largest number of seats automatically becomes PM.


There are indications that the political class is keen to reintroduce the premier position.

“The presidential system is enticed and entangled with corruption, because the contestants want to take money. There is corruption at IEBC, there is corruption in the transmission of results,” Mr Duale said, expressing the fears that haunt the DP and his team.

“Let’s adopt the parliamentary system of government so that the constituency becomes the theatre of electoral battle,” Mr Duale said last week when he revealed the camp’s change of plan on the floor of the House.

The Ruto camp has been unnerved by the President’s recent tour of Kisumu, where he was hosted by Mr Odinga.


During the tour, protocol was angled in favour of Mr Odinga, to the disadvantage of Dr Ruto.

This raised fears of a possible political deal between the Kikuyu and Luo communities, the top two groups that have defined Kenya’s post-independence politics.

“If you want everybody to win, then the country must adopt a federal system of government where each county will have its own president. I also want to be the president of the Garissa federal state,” Mr Duale told the House while calling for introduction of a majimbo system of government.

Under the system, the Garissa Township MP said, all functions would be devolved while 80 percent of the national revenue would be devolved to the federal states.

“This is a conversation that we must have starting January. I will only support the push to amend the Constitution if federalism is the way to go.”

Aware that some powerful brokers would not support the majimbo idea, the DP’s camp knows it is muddying the waters.


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Kill 16% VAT Instantly and Completely

Good people. We have all been away, right? Things have been so confusing everybody just decided to keep quiet and watch the madness unfold.

Then they hit the nation with the insane 16% VAT tax and keeping quiet is no longer an option. On Saturday last week I had a loud chat with my good comrade Oduor Ong’wen and told him whoever cooked up this VAT thing want to destroy the country and may end up being destroyed themselves.

I also asked him to talk to Raila and tell him in no uncertain terms that Raila has to speak clearly to the Kenyan people and denounce this tax on everything. I told Oduor that Raila must stop behaving as if he needs Uhuru’s permission to talk straight to Kenyans about issues of such national importance and this tax heist by Uhuru and co. Oduor told me he just talked to him before on the matter and will do so again.

I gave Oduor a simple direct example of how devastating this VAT is.  I told Oduor I bought a farm tractor sometimes early this year. It was a good investment for me because I know how expensive and sometimes very hard to get farms ploughed with tractors. It costs Kshs 3,500.00 per acre and most tractors in Bondo area come from Rift Valley. So my nephew a very hard working man has been doing good business.

Then VAT came and all of a sudden his cost for fuel went up 16%. He has to increase his price range for each acre. Farmers can’t afford that and they can’t go back to the jembe and hoe. So digging the land goes up 16%. Then the price for the seeds and fertilizers are going to go up 16% because the sellers and manufacturers are going to say their costs have gone up. Transporting the produce goes up 16% and on and on in the production chain alone.

Then in every home the price of everything people use like foodstuff, clothing, transport (matatu etc) all go up. At the end of the day the 16% VAT increase will affect 10-20 different items everyday folks use per day. In effect this is not 16% tax on Kenyans. In reality considering all the items affected, this will be 200%-300% tax on each consumer in Kenya. Where else in the world can this kind of tax explosion work?

This tax will destroy the Kenyan economy in ways we can’t even comprehend now. And we are told Uhuru needs this money to pay debts or the lenders will shut off the money pipeline. Uhuru should have figured that out long time ago. They have been borrowing like maniacs and squandering the money to become super billionaires and now they want to rob everybody with this tax scum to keep stealing.

No way. People talk about being between a rock and a hard place. This is being between Satan and the devil for Uhuru. It is a doomsday scenario with no gateway. 16% Tax on everything Kenyans use is just not workable. And don’t even try some comical nonsense of reducing the tax to 12%. The real tax whether 12% or 16% is 200%-300% per person because you pay the same tax on everything you use.

And then we have Uhur overruling parliament to impose the tax after parliament which is responsible for our national budget voted to move the insane tax to 2010.


Now we are in court:


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Massive Phony War On Corruption by Uhuru.

This war on corruption talk show is getting really crazy. Uhuru and every other leader is screaming endlessly about this so called war on corruption.

As I pointed out earlier I talked with my good friend Oduor Ong’wen and Prof. Oyugi who is a great comrade of mine and they told me the focus of the increasingly annoying handshake was to focus the war on corruption. I will address that at a later date. It is a serious discussion.

Now this nightmare about war on corruption.

Let’s start with the latest bizarre announcement by Uhuru that procurement officers will take lie detector tests. This is supposedly a huge announcement.

This is the president in full regalia making this important new fight speech on an a national day no less.

Why would we need this? What happens if you fail the lie detector test? Do you get fired? Do you get charged with a crime? What crime?

And for the love of god what exactly is in this ” Uhuru Lie Detector Kit”?

Something like. You stole my chicken? No. You are lying? “Lie Detector please figure this out”. Is this going to be it?

Don’t you just love this already?

How about if you pass the lie detector test? Does it mean you are so clean and therefore could never have committed any theft of public money? And may be never will.

In which other country in the world has anything like this ever been used effectively to fight corruption? None. Because it is utter nonsense.

This is the trick of making “earth shaking” announcements that amounts to a complete nothing in fighting corruption.

There is something called good old investigation by credible and competent investigators and agencies. That is how you find, catch and jail thieves while also recovering public money stolen.

The real problem in our fight against corruption in Kenya is the simple fact that the agencies and institutions charged with fighting corruption have been compromised by the executive branch of government which Uhuru leads. This is not rocket science.

EACC has been dead since birth and keeps dying even more if that is possible. Give them a lie detector test first.
DCI is run by the president and they have little interest in fighting real corruption and catching real thieves. As a matter of fact the job of the DCI is to protect those thieves and create diversions just like they are doing right now. Look at the circus of the NYS “investigations” and charges.

They are talking about Kshs 9.2 billion dating back to 2016 and we have in court some vinyangarika hustlers who at best were doing kazi ya mkono for the real thieves. There is no chance in hell the Ngiritas etc stole Kshs 9.2 billion.

These were small time thieves running around covering up for the real thieves and now they are being rounded up and humiliated in court so that the government looks tough and determined to fight corruption. Complete rubbish and the country is buying it. That is the shame of all these.

The real question is who are the big thieves being protected with this circus of mass arrests of watu wa mkono in the NYS mass theft?

Where exactly did the NYS money go? Remember they always say “no money was lost”. It is like saying yes, some theft took place but nothing was stolen. This is the endless voodoo war on corruption in Kenya.

The second issue on this matter is that if this was a real investigation the strategy is always get the small thieves to give info on the big thieves. That is how the mafia is handled. Let the small thieves bargain for their punishment while giving you the big thieves.

In this case the small thieves are already being assured by the big thieves to hang in there and they will be taken care of by the big thieves. DCI itself is going to persuade the small thieves to plead guilty to some minor charges, protect the biggies and all works well for everybody. We can see the plan.

Then of course we have the DPP and the EACC. Too useless to talk about. Never had even a single case of prosecuting those who rob the country year after year with endless list of scandals.

So the NYS investigation is a load of crap. Let’s go to the next. The Maize scandal where phony characters have been paid more than Kshs 2 billion and the farmers who delivered real maize are now broke and starving having been paid nothing.

Today there is some indication that the full list of the thieves involved will be made public tomorrow. Don’t hold your breath. Please.

We have a CS for agriculture and a PS. It should take them hours to access all info as to the Cereals Board have paid and how much they were paid plus what they delivered. I bet there are no records of any of these expect that the money is gone.

You can bet they will come up with phony names and right now they are building the walls to protect all the big guns. That is Kianjuri’s job as the CS of agriculture.

If anything here was serious,  Kianjuri would have been the first to lose his job or at least step aside. If  Uhuru could come up and tell someone like Kianjuri that  given what has happened under his watch at one of the most important ministries in Kenya he has to go and if he was involved Kamiti is waiting. But won’t happen because we all know what Kianjuri’s job is.

So the Big Four  agenda is Corruption, Cover Up, Protect the big thieves and whip the little ones for public entertainment. Such agenda is already succeeding right before our eyes. How great.

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May be we are heading somewhere good with the bloody handshake?

Comrades, friends and others I have been as mad as all of you about the nightmare in Jamhuri today.


I mean stolen elections. Mass murder of protesters. Kids being killed in their homes and in kindergartens. And then this endless list of massive theft they call corruption. This is organized criminal looting. NYS 10 billion stolen by very crude methods. Easily detectable. The criminals should have been in jail yesterday. Every body knows who they are and who protects them.

National Cereals Board. 4 billion paid to connected thieves while farmers get nothing in a very difficult year for farmers. Health services in a mess. Nairobi county has moved to Mau hills under sinker Sonko. What did I forget?

So I have been pretty mad for my beloved country.

Then today I talked to my old comrade in NASA, Oduor Ong’wen. He was jovial and I didn’t get a chance to scream at him. Which was my intended plan.

I told him the handshake has shaken everybody who loves the country. He told me that is what it was supposed to do.

Then I told him the handshake could bare fruits for the country after I read what Raila said about fighting corruption (Organised theft by the state)–Govt-to-form-task-force-to-end-corruption/1064-4581156-ojxqmyz/index.html

mlI told Oduor that if this Raila/Uhuru handshake can lead to a real effective battle to end corruption and theft Kenyans would love it.

Forget this constitutional amendments big talk just kill corruption right now and then we can talk.

I was fortunate enough to talk with Prof. Edward Oyugi who was with Ong’wen at t hat time. He told me Kenyans are ready for honesty and patriotism in the leadership of the republic. He told me they will look for it and find.

Me and Prof. Oyugi talked about the situation in the country now. We agreed we have been staring at a cliff. We were all going to go down there. You cannot happily go down a cliff just because your opponent is going down the cliff with you. You are both going down dead. It is not good for anybody. That was discussion with Prof. Oyugi

Those who know the prof know who he is. Great patriot and scholar.


The discussion  reminded me of a story I read about a guy who jumped off from the 10th flood of  a building. When he was at 5th floor he said so far so good. This was not going to end well.  Certainly it didn’t. That is where we are as a country.


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Miguna has gone raving mad

By Phil Wesonga

The so-called NRM General Miguna Miguna has purportedly given a long recorded retort to NASA President Raila Odinga whose only crime appears to have urged Miguna to co-operate and visit the Kenyan embassy nearest to him so as to get his Kenya travel documents back.

Everyone saw Miguna shred to pieces the application forms delivered to him by Immigration Dept at JKIA. This was after declining to give his Canadian passport to Canadian Embassy officials or to Raila Odinga himself to get get it stamped with his case number (not tourist visa as falsely claimed). The same passport mysteriously reappeared in Dubai.

At uhuru park where Miguna gloats of having sworn-in the People’s President, there were at least three senior consels and up to half a dozen commissioner of oaths/notaries public. What Miguna calls swearing in was a rubber stamp. TJ Kajwang was present in full legal regalia and instruments. He is not shouting from the top of Mount Kenya and about these episodes. So what this fuss about an LSK membership that was only obtained in 2010? SC Orengo has been an LSK member continuously for four decades while SC Khaminwa who was seated at the back row at uhuru park is now on his sixth decade. So Miguna is too junior.

Those of us who have studied Miguna’s history know without a shadow of doubt most of Miguna’s infantile hysterics are motivated by need for cash. The desperation for a grand-entry at JKIA comes a close second followed by a deathly need to have the ability to influence the masses to obey his commands.

However the cash changes Miguna’s attitude very fast. We know for instance, the Chicken-seller long identified Miguna as an out-of-control ego, an emotional wreck and a cheap political mercenary which he then quickly hired and deployed to launch attacks Raila Odinga.

His anti-Raila books were all sponsored by the chicken seller who he has always praised in his writings. You will rarely see Miguna criticise Ruto. And if he does, it’s because there is a remittance delay

That is why Miguna’s appointment as Deputy Governor Nairobi does not surprise us at all. He is but a mere pawn in the larger scheme of things.

But anyone can recall that in Canada, US, UK and Kenya or in his rape case, in the coalition government, his unmasking Raila books, the short-lived NRM sojourn and now his deportation it’s all about one man and hos quest to generate funds. Even human rights groups fighting in his corner must pay him. Even a mere media interview must be paid for. A lecture of diaspora Kenyans has high entry fees that goes straight into Miguna’s pockets.

Omiyo, Miguna can rant all he wants, he can insult all of the despots, but life continues. Some of us have also been arrested for our political beliefs, have gone on forced exile and even been detained. Where is the fuss?

Building bridges is our focus. And there is nothing Miguna will do to shift our focus.


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For The Love Of God, Just How Much Water Does This Guy Hoard:


This is astonishing. Private farm in Nakuru owned by a Kenyan family.  7 private dams drying up rivers for everybody in the neigbourhood.  6,000 acres. Coffee Estates.  Dairy farms. And all and all.

Then ONE of the damn dams bursts open with many lives lost, havoc everywhere. We still do not know how this will end but the response has been very good. Keep it up.

The bigger questions are for later.

And the “sea of water” went on and on.

It looks like the river got back the water from the private dam but the water was more than 10 times what the old river banks could handle.

There is man made disaster and then there is this.

And this.

In away the whole country and even the urban centres are in the same position. This just can’t work. Simple as that.

Here are some questions we need to ask as Kenyans.

  1. How the heck did this guy get 6,000 acres of land in Solai. The people who were killed came from what are referred to as “settlements”. One is called Village Settlement and many were killed there.
  2. Now when you have settlements and some folk owning 6,000 acres next door you can do the math.
  3. And the dams. 7 of them. This guy grabbed all the river water in the area for his dams. So he had the land and the water. What is left even from the earth?
  4. Now the government wants to find out how to make dams work better. Great. But why not deal with the land travesty here. A lot of Solai people could use those 6,000 acres of land and may be build better dams and let the water flow down the rivers.
  5. How about just this for a start with our new handshake brothers who obviously are going to be at the funerals. For the sake of the dead do something about land ownership and use in Solai and elsewhere. Otherwise keep quiet.
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