31 comments on “Member Introduction

  1. keep up ladies and gentlemen your site is perhaps one of the best in terms of intellectual ,politically analysers of what is taking place in Kenya Jungle of nincompouses land.Twendeleeni.


  2. Nimewasili. I had taken a detour through Taveta, enroute from Mombasa to see a certain soothsayer who gave me the all clear to join DC (deepcogitation). That is why I checked in late.

    P.S Incase you need to engage the said diviner, do not hesitate to drop me a line.


    • Akinyi
      Welcome aboard. We’re glad to have yet another great contributor. Do feel welcome to browse around and also visit the “members” page. We’d be thrilled if you would consider joining the approved Authors list. Great to have you here


    • Ab-Titchaz a very big and warm welcome to you. We are honored to have you here and we hope to ensure your experience here will be well rewarded. Please take a moment to read through the “Members” page. Karibu sana and thank you for joining.


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