Is there An Imminent Al-Shabaab Terror Threat in Nairobi?

The Muslim Youth Centre Twitter Feed:

The Muslim Youth Center based in the Majengo (Eastlands) area of Nairobi, which is a confirmed Al-Shabaab affiliate in Kenya, and a self-declared “part of al Qaeda East Africa” has this afternoon been issuing a series of tweets that are suggestive of an imminent terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya.

Apart from veiled threats on its twitter feed promising that the late Sheikh Aboud Rogo shall soon be smiling from “jannah” and that the recently thwarted terrorist plans in Eastleigh were a lucky break for “kuffars”.

This past week, while arresting two suspects in a one-roomed house along 4th Avenue in Nairobi’s populous Eastleigh Estate, the Kenya Police recovered six suicide bombs, twelve hand grenades, four AK47 rifles, four suicide bomb vests – with remote-enabled switches, six bullet proof jackets, up to 40kg of explosive material and 484 rounds of ammunition. A massive manhunt has been launched by the authorities in Kenya for the masterminds, a manhunt which the MYC makes a mockery of in one tweet this afternoon when it says: “manhunt? they are around and smiling and saying “lucky kuffars”….be safe my bros from mtaani….”

Through the same twitter handle, the MYC is promising to fight back “mtaani style” in order to avenge the death of Sh. Aboud Rogo who was shot dead a few weeks ago in broad daylight along the Mombasa-Malindi highway in front of his family members.

God forbid the suicide bombing mission was thwarted last week because the discovery of bombs so near to the bustling open air Gikomba market that was busted by Kenya Police would mean high casualty numbers, destruction of property as well as an expensive interruption of hundred of thousands of micro business activity in the vicinity. The abortive terrorist attack would have compounded the crisis the Kenyan Government finds itself in following biting national strikes by teachers, lecturers and doctors.

It is obvious these MYC fellows mean business and anxious Kenyans must certainly now call into question the capacity of NSIS and Cyber Crime Unit at CID to apprehend the individual(s) behind this twitter handle. The fact that normal Kenyan youth are willing to be suicide bombers underlines the seriousness of the matter.

The tone of the tweets also suggests that the group will attack at any time and will be hitting a priced target. The NSIS should following this handle should have by now been able to establish the origin of the tweets.

For now, Kenyans are advised to remain vigilant and avoid crowded places.

15 comments on “Is there An Imminent Al-Shabaab Terror Threat in Nairobi?

  1. Breaking: Several people feared dead as explosion goes off inside matatu plying Gikomba-Dandora route in Eastleigh.

    Early reports indicate at least 5 are dead


    • this is sad, but definitely will continue until kenyans start paying more keen attention to their surroundings.

      also, it would appear that the terrorists are succeeding in their ploy to fracture the society and create the perception that this is caused by the somali community, thus create a siege mentality from which they can effectively hide behind to launch more attacks as well as claim police persecution or xenophobic attacks.


      • This is one hallmark of Kibaki’s legacy. INSECURITY. Whether its in the form of simple ngetas or bloody robberies, car jacks, criminal extortion gangs, extrajudicial killings, Tana River civilian massacre, Baragoi police massacre, Garissa shootings and weekly grenade attacks in Nairobi.

        A country cannot develop with such levels of insecurity – both in urban and rural areas. The country will have to deal with this colossal Kibaki failure. He has refused to give way to police reforms…to overhaul a rotten and ethnicized force which he repeatedly summons for political errands like stealing elections.

        And make no mistake – many of these cases of insecurity are state-instigated.

        Regarding the Somali problem – it is yet another of Kibaki’s legacy. Kenya witnessed the GREAT SOMALI MIGRATION during Kibaki’s sleeping tenure (1st term). But when he woke up, he decided in yet another misguided show of ineptitude – to invade Somalia….when we all know his corrupt ethnic cops shelter the Somali warlords, pirates, and black-market merchants in Nairobi. Even Rwandese genocidiaries are safely sheltered in Kenya.

        We are going to have to live with the consequences of such stupid and myopic decisions. The same rotten police will keep throwing their greedy bellies and ignorance in our faces. Have any of you heard these senior cops at the local precincts give a media interview? The incompetence and sheer illiteracy is mind-boggling.

        To expect these folks to conduct professional investigations and security missions is laughable. The only good thing they are capable of doing efficiently is maiming and killing civilian demonstrators. Any other law and order matter is beyond their grasp. Even when their colleagues are slaughtered in Baragoi – they opt to outsource the job to the army. What a sad admission of ineptitude and hopelessness!

        It is here with us. Unfortunately and sadly, there will likely be more random acts of fatal grenade attacks that will impede business, tourism, and commerce. At this rate one can’t even rule out other external and regional saboteurs with other interests – besides Al-Shabab. The slow message being sent is that it’s unsafe to go into pubs in Nairobi…go shopping in town….and ride Matatus/mini-buses in the city…or (for foreigners)…risky to tour the city under the sun. Just reality!


        • Job,

          I hear you!

          Didn’t our own late Ojode Srikal tell us in parliament that the head of all this security nightmare is based right within Nairobi city at Eastleigh and that going to Kismayu will only amount to pursuing the wagging tail of a monster threatening to consume our country?

          Did anyone believe him? No, not even our so called commander in chief going by the name Emilio Mwai Kibaki!!

          What a monumental failure this guy is in matters SECURITY!

          And when Raila tried to get the Israelis to help us with homeland security, his detractors called him a sell-out who does not respect the much hyped sovereignty of Kenya and one who cannot do anything without the help of foreigners!!

          Where is our sovereignty as a nation when we cannot even secure our own citizens travelling in a matatu/mini-bus within their own capital city? It is just sheer nonsense!

          Kibaki should hand over power right now since he cannot protect Kenyans! He is free to hand it over to Uhuru Kenyatta if he so wishes!!



        • Job

          insecurity, is probably the biggest failure of the kibaki regime, besides corruption and skewed economic policies. am hard pressed to find some good, and almost any good has been as a result of the resilience and persistence of ODM in the shared govt, otherwise it would have been far much worse

          looking at these pictures from the riots in eastleigh paints a rather gloomy picture of what lies ahead

          it appears that there are a lot of idlers and poverty stricken individuals simply waiting for another trigger event and unleash full chaos so as to loot and burn stuff


  2. News Breaking: Grenade hurled inside a pub in Muratina Road, Uncle Sams pub in Eastleigh a few moments ago.

    A second explosion has just gone off… no details yet.


  3. High Terror Possibility levels in Nairobi, Mombasa, Garissa and major towns like Thika over the weekend.

    Al-Shabaab planning on launching a coordinated terror attack in Kenya.

    Coordinated means an orchestration of events/attacks on various facilities/institutions at the same time.

    Targets include internet cafe’s, hotels, churches, public areas, and transport facilities.

    – Intelligence sources


  4. Just in: Unconfirmed reports of an explosion in Ngara Market, Nairobi. People feared injured.
    A gas clylinder explodes at a cafe’ in Ngara, behind Equity Bank. One person injured.


    • MYC is definitely under police / intelligence watch.

      Kenyan police urge public to be vigilant over terror threats
      Text of report by Fred Mukinda entitled “Police target landlords, bus staff in terror alert” published by Kenyan privately-owned newspaper Daily Nation website on 3 October

      Police have issued a fresh terror alert, asking the public to be extra vigilant and report suspicious persons to the authorities.

      They also issued instructions on Tuesday [2 October] on how to identify suspects and gave guidelines to landlords, hotel and lodgings attendants, shop owners as well as public service vehicle crews on what to do to ensure public safety.

      Among other measures, customers are to be subjected to “polite interrogations” besides producing identification documents before being allowed into rental houses or hotel rooms.

      “Politely create an opportunity to interview all strangers to establish their identity; who they are, where they are coming from and where they are going.

      Attempt interrogation to isolate open lies or deliberately inaccurate information. Alert authorities if they display anxiety or turn hostile ,” police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said.

      In case of suicide bombers, the police said, a suspect’ body frame would appear rigid because they would be wearing specially made vests laden with explosives.

      The caution was given following intelligence reports that the terrorist group Al-Shabab was planning a series of attacks.

      Security officers were further alarmed that British fugitive Samantha Lewthwaite, who entered Kenya last year, could be planning a suicide bombing.

      “The public should also look out for those wearing bulky clothes that may not fit the weather and tightened fists would be a signal they are holding an explosive,” the police added.

      Security guards who screen people using metal detectors were also asked to pay closer attention with the aim of identifying “exposed wires possibly through sleeves as they could be detonators.”

      Ms Lewthwaite entered Kenya through the Namanga border point on 25 August, using a forged South African passport bearing the names Natalie Faye.

      She was the wife of Germaine Maurice Lindsay, also known as Abdullah Shaheed Jamal, who blew himself up in London in 2005, killing himself and 56 other people.

      The woman has been on the run since entering Kenya, evading several dragnets set by police to arrest her, and recent postings on the social media have indicated that she could be planning terror attacks.

      Muslim Youth Council, the organisation linked to slain Al-Shabab suspect Aboud Rogo on Monday posted on its Twitter account a message that referred to her as “dada” (sister).

      The post had a link to the Daily Nation on-line edition website, in which Ms Lewthwaite escapades were covered in a feature story published on Monday.

      The posts read in part: (dada they r luking (looking) for you. if only they watch the “thomas crown affair” (they)want to catch you I don’t think so. dada ave (have) a gud (good) safari and say habari (hallo) to that sista (sister) from highrise for me…”

      Earlier on the British Mail online published a poem she is thought to have authored in which she wished to reunite with Aboud Rogo in Jannah, an Islamic paradise. The poem also said she wished to buy a (suicide) vest.

      Mr Kiraithe said: “We believe there is a woman bomber who the public should look out for.” In remaining vigilant, landlords were also asked to make sure that their tenants did not sneak suspicious luggage into their houses.

      “In addition, know your tenants and devise ways of establishing whether what they keep in the rented premises is covered by the terms of the applicable tenancy agreement. For example, does the tenancy agreement authorize storage or handling of explosives?” the police said.

      The police alert further warned matatu [public service vehicle] and bus operators that they would be held accountable in case they failed to screen passengers and luggage. “Know your passenger, also their luggage. Remember ignorance of the law is no defence in all conditions,” the police said.

      The warning came a day after police charged in court a bus driver, his conductor and loader because explosives were found inside the vehicle during an inspection at the Matuu Police Station [eastern Kenya] last Friday.

      The hoteliers and landlords were also asked to demand that their clients sign documents and compare the signatures with the one appearing in their IDs.

      An additional way of identifying foreigners from Somalia, the police said, was that many of them would not have immunisation scars on their arms.

      “Physically all Kenyans have an immunisation scar on the upper arm. If it’s not visible ask to know more,” Mr Kiraithe said.

      Mr Mohammed Takal Sheikhoro, who was the driver, the conductor Mr Abdi Kadir Salat Hassan and Mr Habani Abdi Ibrahim pleaded guilty before Resident Magistrate Marhar Awiti Opanga to the counts of transporting explosive devices and six foreigners.

      They told the court that they were not aware their bus was carrying explosives when it was intercepted at Matuu en route from Garissa [northeastern Kenya] to Nairobi.


  5. REPORTS: 2 GSU officers injured after vehicle runs over explosive device in Garissa, near Provincial General Hospital. No one injured in second blast. Muslim Youth Centre immediately claim responsibility on twitter telling MajorEChirchir (Kenya military spokesperson) “Afande, are you in Garissa? If not, shame….more to come insha’allah!”

    Meanwhile, Al-Shabaab terrorist arrested in Eastleight last week, Omar Abdi Aden alias Salaman Abdi, 26, is jailed for 59 years after his own plea of guilty to nine terrorism charges.


  6. The question I ask myself is, how did some of these devices slip into the country, and how many of such or worse, have gotten through, and where are they currently being warehoused?

    Very worrying times


  7. More reason why we should have never been in Somali in the first place. The threat is right in our back yard and given the many pockets of religious related acts of violence spread around the world. Kenyans should be even more vigilant than ever before about their neighbors. I must applaud the Intel for getting ahead of this given the dismal performance in Tana.


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