BY-ELECTIONS VERDICT: Musalia Mudavadi’s UDF Outrightly Rejected

UDF attempts at spinning it’s embarrassing electoral debut simply will not wash. The recently concluded by-elections had been dubbed a mini general election. A dress rehearsal for 2013. And the results are now out! The UDF unashamedly comes up with this spin:

UDF in Huge Moral Win ahead of 2013 General Elections

It is double win week for the United Democratic Forum Party:

First: Its inaugural parliamentary battle, UDF gave its rivals a scare of their lives proving it had made major inroads into key vote-rich territories on the 2013 electoral map: The week just concluded parliamentary and civic by-elections showed the UDF was a formidable force that gave a huge scare to two major rivals, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and The National Alliance (TNA).…….yada yada yada……..

The second major scoop  came from unlikely quarters when a meeting attended by two cabinet ministers-Energy Minister, Kiraitu Murungi, and Special Programmes counterpart, Esther Murugi- and Party of National Unity Chief Whip, Johnstone Muthama announced the party was considering backing Deputy Prime Minister, Musalis Mudavadi’s Presidential bid.The Alliance Party of Kenya (APK) announced it was just a matter of time before announcing support for Musalia Mudavadi Presidential bid……..yada……yada……yada

In the above statement published in its website the UDF alleges that the recent by-election in which it performed dismally were a huge moral win for UDF. The statement further goes on to assert how UDF gave ODM and TNA a scare of their lives. If only wishes were horses! Clearly UDF are poor at acknowledging and respecting the will of the people. The party’s face-saving assertions hardly advances it’s course. Neither does it uplift the morale of the few crestfallen supporters it has.

It is an absurdity for the UDF to make reference to the Ndhiwa by-election that the ODM has won with a landslide of 90% when as a party UDF was not even brave enough to field a candidate there. The question of the ODM Party Leader running scared because of UDF is neither here nor there. It is a brazen lie. Kenyans have now come to know UDF as party whose campaign publicity has been reduced to it’s leadership reading presidential condolence messages at funerals instead of fielding candidates in perceived hostile political zones.

The UDF statement totally ignores the painful loss of UDF candidate in Musalia Mudavadi’s own backyard in Kakamega County, Bukura Ward where  despite the entire UDF retinue  having camped there a whole four days in a row and his sidekicks dishing cash to the extent a UDF aligned MP was detained by wananchi at Bukura when caught paying bribes, UDF civic candidate, Mr. Andati, lost to ODM’s Mr. Nyangweso 1,195 to 1,850. The significance of this civic victory in  light of coming of county governments cannot be over emphasized.  Out of the 16 civic by-elections, the ODM won seven civic seats countrywide compared to five for TNA, two for WDP, and one each for FORD-K and New FORD-K respectively. The failure of UDF (and URP) to win any seats cannot be wished away given the publicity the two parties and their leadership have attracted lately.

The facts of democracy are that Kenyans have roundly rejected UDF candidates in the just concluded by-elections. Out of three parliamentary and sixteen civic seats, merely six months into the general elections, the UDF did not manage a single win. Coming from a party styling itself as a break from the past and being led by a front-runner in the presidential elections, this must be worrying times for Mudavadi’s sponsors and his campaign team. Even upstarting political projects like Eugene Wamalwa’s New FORD-K candidate got elected to a civic seat in Kaptega Ward (kwanza Constituency).  There is nothing wrong with losing in elections. But there is everything wrong in declaring that embarrassing electoral loses are “big wins” and “scoops”.

UDF’s statement goes further to gloat about how the Alliance Party of Kenya (APK) is now considering backing Musalia Mudavadi presidential bid. Smarting from an all round rejection, the UDF is now looking to find a soft landing for Musalia Mudavadi. A desperate Kiraitu Murungi has spent the better part of 2012 looking for what he calls “a driver” to sit behind the wheel of his political party. As a child of the 2nd liberation, Kiraitu remains perhaps the only of the young turks who has not declared an interest in the presidency. He lacks the ambition and self-confidence to go for top office himself despite having taken time to go through the rigorous steps of political party registration to register the APK.

Politically, Kiraitu has simply passed a vote of no confidence on himself. This comes even after another desperate political party, William Ruto’s URP, had offered Kiraitu Murungi the running mate slot, but even him could not bring himself to accept an offer from what is now commonly known as a state house project. At least on this, Kiraitu had the foresight to see that this is political suicide. Thus, for UDF to come forward to declare APK’s half-baked resolutions as a scoop is stretching it too far. Kenyans are not that gullible, they speak through their votes. The APK delegates themselves openly disagreed about how to fill certain positions that Kiraitu had reserved for certain bus drivers. Uhuru Kenyatta of TNA has been categorical that they not interested in joining up with APK despite constant wooing from Kiraitu,. TNA is also not interested in playing second fiddle to either WDP or URP. And they have electoral vicotries to defend their case.

In polite terms, UDF and it’s leadership can be termed as DOA (Dead on Arrival). 2013 will put that beyond reasonable doubt.


7 comments on “BY-ELECTIONS VERDICT: Musalia Mudavadi’s UDF Outrightly Rejected

  1. Even UDF founder members and sponsors are running away from it. Musalia only hope remains to be toshwad by Kibaki when Ruto and Uhuru are struck off the ballot paper for integrity issues.


  2. looking at the turnout at this recent visit by mudavadi in boston, this guy could be a hoax, but there is still time

    but jameni, this guy is too dry, zero inspiration, even if you were asleep when he starts talking you will fall asleep …. again ..


  3. tnk,

    We know those types. To me the Mudavadi and Tuju hype have been media manufactured all along. Once they reach their sell by date they are dropped like hot potatoes. Remember Tuju’s first party, the PPP? We had the media extolling the virtues of this briefcase party. Any opposition to Tuju’s party was termed as a manifestation that his opponents are running scared, they stated confidently that the PPP was going to split the ‘Luo vote’. What happened at the elections? The PPP lost miserably and wasn’t competitive in a single ward let alone a constituency.

    Fast forward 4 years later…..We don’t know what happened to PPP that necessitated the creation of another party led by Tuju. The POA…This time the explanation from the press changed from splitting the vote to Tuju ‘having the President’s ear’. He was allegedly going to be a compromise candidate. Mudavadi turns up and steals Tuju’s thunder. Thanks to Musalia accompanying Kibaki in the recent past, the narrative changed from Tuju having the president’s ear to Kibaki having the president’s ear. In brief, I never take such manufactured candidates seriously.


      • This Tuju presidential bid was once upon a time the biggest thing since sliced bread. After watching young Wamalwa go past him in the pecking order of preferred running mates, I guess Tuju is waiting for a big state appointment in the next government. Even on, people like TNA’s Onyango Oloo rate far much ahead of him.

        Sometimes I wonder how such grown men and women can allow themselves to be misused so much!


  4. The Great Musalia Deception

    Having read this article in the daily nation
    Knowing fully well that this is as we had advised musalia that he is being taken for a ride, and that he really has no chance outside of ODM, it would be cruel to state we told you so.
    mudavadi’s sole strategy hinges on the premise of “compromise candidate”, but unfortunately TNA has cleverly concocted a strategy that will move forward with or without uhuru kenyatta at the helm. URP is similarly building its grassroots. UDF on the other hand, is emptying itself faster than a sieve carrying water.
    to complete the musalia’s deception just like with moi is the running of kibaki errands.
    hehehe one has heard of once bitten twice shy, but this jamaa is once shy twice beaten 🙂 pun fully intended and with no apology


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