Miguna’s Announcement

According to this report on Jukwaa Miguna is about to make a major announcement on K24 TV.

In my view, there is very little left

Its more than likely a political move because he cant in reality state the exact success of his book, otherwise all manner of leeches and parasites will come-a-calling on his doorstep to share the “good fortune”

It cannot be yet another book launch, this would be absurd considering that the most recent book has probably not had the desired impact, but who knows. If indeed its another book, then that will put a lid to that chapter irrespective of how juicy it may be. It will be a case of where the boy cried wolf too many times and exhausted all goodwill.

If its politics there are few real choices

He does not have the money or countrywide support to start and fund his own party to be ready in time for this coming election

So he must join with or in an existing outfit. He will need a high profile post e.g VP or Governor or Senator. None of the top 4 leading candidates can trust him for VP, but two may take him up for the publicity URP and UDF these two parties are currently hurting from dropped ratings.

Most likely its vying for elective position for either constituency or county. In this regard, anywhere in Nyanza becomes a tall order leaving cosmopolitan areas e.g Nairobi. If that is the case then the writing would be on the wall i.e on a TNA ticket

Would like to throw that out there as food for thought, but lets wait and hear what the “big announcement” is.

Whats your take?

8 comments on “Miguna’s Announcement

  1. MIGUNA:


    I have today announced my candidature for the position of Governor for the Nairobi County in the 2013 general elections. I will be contesting as an independent bipartisan candidate.

    On September 1st, 2012, I delivered my resignation as an ODM life member to the Secretary General of the party, Hon. (Prof.) Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o and copied the same to the Registrar of Political Parties, as required by law.

    My candidature is premised on:

    1. Tackling the unemployment rate, especially among the youth, which shamefully stand at 65% by creating opportunities through increased, efficient and accountable revenue collection, the initiation of massive infrastructural development and effective and skills-oriented youth training and employment programs.

    2. Proactively and systematically instituting and implementing systems aimed at eliminating grand corruption that siphons more than 60% of the DGP thereby releasing the recovered funds and those saved from theft for employment and other development initiatives.

    3. Constructing the largest solid waste management system in Africa. We will build modern sewers, collect and incinerate garbage, initiate aggressive beautification programs by reserving spaces for public parks and recreational facilities throughout the county.

    4. Rehabilitating existing roads and rail systems and building new light rail mass transit routes, a subway system and a public bus system in order to address the transportation gridlock in the county.

    5. We will significantly lower the crime rate through aggressive community policing, intense intelligence gathering, and more focused and well-trained and professional County Security service; and by sharing intelligence with other law enforcement agencies and by creating safety through more employment opportunities and accelerated infrastructural development for the youth. We aim to reduce the rate of armed robberies by 70%, homicides by more than 80% and theft of public resources by 100%.

    6. Eliminating the housing crisis in Nairobi by constructing modern and affordable housing through new technology, partnership with financial institutions and development partners and the introduction of a Nairobi-based mortgage scheme for people with modest means.

    7. Nairobi suffers from an acute shortage of high quality public health facilities, which are adequately staffed and resourced. We intend to build enough modern health care facilities to mitigate this problem.

    8. We will ensure that all Nairobi residents have access to high quality schools, colleges, institutes and universities, since we believe that education is the cornerstone for prosperity.

    9. Throughout my life, I have fought against all forms of discrimination and injustice – discrimination based on race, colour, ethnicity, gender and religion. My administration will transform Nairobi into a fully tolerant, all-embracing and multicultural community where there is a thriving culture of democratic discourse; where all the rights and freedoms enshrined and entrenched in the Constitution are respected and upheld.

    We will introduce a new leadership that doesn’t tolerate tribalism, nepotism and sexism.

    10. I have been part and parcel of the movement for progressive change in Kenya since my youth. I was part of the struggle for the reintroduction of multiparty democracy and the ratification of the new constitution. I am committed to its implementation.

    This is our minimum 10-point program!



    Thank you.

    Miguna Miguna
    Dated this September 20, 2012
    at Nairobi, Kenya


    • Einstein and others

      I read this piece from Miguna, and my initial reaction was one of seething or fuming with anger. Was even tempted to start a bitter blow by blow response to each and every line, but have had time to calm down and assess this.

      Have also seen preliminary reactions by people I thought new better, actually praising this 10 point plan. (sigh)

      The tragedy here is that this is coming from someone with a lot of academic qualification and professional experience, someone that has interacted not only with other highly qualified professionals and political leaders, but has also worked in one of the highest offices of the land.

      This someone then has the audacity in that 10 point memoranda to declare that he is a magician or fairy. He has a magic wand. And with this magic wand, (please note that the magic wand requires activation in the form of election) he will hey presto, and voila jobs, abracadabra, insecurity kwisha, and so on.

      There are so many questions to be raised and quite frankly this gets old so fast. I’ll just write a few below but am so tired of this nonsense so won’t write more than 4 or 5 points

      a) why as an independent? whats wrong with the 40 or so registered parties and their manifestos which contain blueprints for all the 10 points + more raised above? if he cannot work with registered formal parties and channels, how does he expect and through what structures will he get much needed collaborative effort? is he going to go to some kitchen cook up structures and then bham slap them to the ground as in “I have brought you this development”? this first point is an indicator of a person that simply has no room or time for team play. is this what a mega city like Nairobi needs?

      b) there are hundreds of studies, recommendations and solutions on how to improve nairobi and kenya and many other places, why is it that none of these strategies have had the desired impact? especially between 2003 and 2012 we have seen a flooding of research, reports, commissions, you name it, yet the key issues remain unresolved? are we to believe that a lone ranger is what is required to turn this around and we all live happily ever after? come-on are we reading bedtime stories to 4 year olds or are we talking serious issues?

      c) just like we ask of uhuru kenyatta and his vision, + his recent statement. these are guys who for a period exceeding one and a half years, had access to some of the most powerful instruments of government, had the goodwill of a sizeable percentage of kenyans. what did they do in that time with respect to this so called development agenda that we can look at and make some preliminary assessment? and by this i mean show us your own initiatives as well as how you implemented other policies or development agenda that may not have been your own, but were considered relevant to this country’s growth?

      d) looking at the 10 point wish list it would appear to lack the input of a professional economist and various industry experts in public administration. simply stating you will build roads, houses without even stating where the resources to finance these projects are coming from, and where have these resources been in the past etc. put another way, this is what folks like idi amin used to bang tables and demand of their state officers i.e echoing exactly what the mwananchi says but without any clue whatsoever on how to translate this into meaningful results on the ground. we all know the end result is that the leader then starts offing heads one by one since “no-one is able to deliver on the hehehehe development agenda”

      e) and to conclude, looking at the statements from most of these guys aspiring to office come 2013, it is clear that not even one of them understands clearly whats ahead. 2013 marks a completely new way of doing things in kenya in terms of public administration and resource management. although the old-guard has done everything in their power to derail reforms, kenya is poised to enter into a new system where there is devolved govt and administration. if you look at the govt budget of any mission, project, institution etc, you will invariably find that administration costs eat up from 50% to 75%. even the govt trillion revenue goes towards recurrent expenses comprising largely administrative expenses. unless you happen to be Peter Kenneth (kudos to this fellow) who has at least got something to show and has managed to get his act together in his constituency, it is clear therefore that for nearly 80% of the country, the coming 5 years will go towards setting up of structures to reflect the new way of doing business, structures that enable identification of and actively seek the key local strengths and resources, and then set up more efficient and cost effective management. there are many other facets that i will not go into here and leave that to the macro economists in our midst. anyone telling you that they will build houses and waste management and roads, is simply lying or has not fully understood the real challenge thats coming up.

      anyway am outta here, but pose the question, considering the monumental tasks ahead, is this a road that someone can really go it alone? all seasoned politicians have more or less conceded that they will support whoever wins, because they know that at the end of the day, nothing will get done unless we all pull together.


      • I know mine will be shallow relative to most, because I have not acquinted myself fully with the subject. Mine is to say, I like Miguna’s excitement of the political discourse. As you say in bullet (b) above, there are hundreds of studies, recommendations and solutions on how to improve nairobi and kenya and many other places, yet the desired impact still alludes us. The truth is we do not need big changes to make Nairobi or Kenya look better – we just need to want to make things better! Look back a few years: under the eyes of one Kimendero, in 2008 the roads in Nairobi were jammed, but orderly. When the man moved to Environment in the same year, Nairobi streets quickly turned prestine! So within a short period we had a clean and pleasant in-city environment, and an orderly commute. Two years later, testimony of the impact of Kimendero’s oversight, everything had reversed order – by 2010 traffic lights were meaningless, even when a bunch of traffic policemen stood by! A Kimendero alone, no studies and nothing else, had given us something pleasant to experience, and that’s an effect we can get again from someone who desires it that much and is not happy with the comfortable monkey leadership we have.


    • Einstein,

      This was definitely an announcement that was expected. Ever since he stated a few weeks ago that he will announce his plans for the future and that Nyando was ‘too small’ for him, I always expected an announcement to this effect. I however expected him to declare his candidature under Musalia’s political vehicle because he obviously had a soft spot for Musalia. Since it has become increasingly clear that Musalia’s political vehicle is moribund, joining the UDF would have been a move that is dead on arrival…not that it is any better now. By declaring his intentions as an independent removes one crucial hurdle, he doesn’t have to face any opponents in the primaries. Anyone with an iota of political intelligence would know that Miguna cannot go past the primaries in any political party worth its salt. He failed in the ‘small’ Nyando, we don’t expect any significant improvement in Nairobi.

      When it comes to mentioning the projects that he would undertake as governor, some of them (the improvement of the rail infrastructure) are already underway. Others are the suggestions of a populist who has no clue in economic planning, so trying to rebut points that don’t make any sense is an exercise in futility.

      My final point but the most important one is that this move to declare his candidature for Nairobi’s gubernatorial post is one that would slay the self perpetuated myth of Miguna’s political intelligence. In his book he declared that he is a ‘strategic’ and ‘tactical’ thinker. He further went on to claim that he is the author of the strategies that Raila has been and is currently executing. If those points are true then Miguna should easily become the next governor.


  2. Einstein you are so right in that Miguna’s attitude and approach do not describe him as a politician. A politician whether he likes it or not is someone that must learn when to compromise, and when to stand their ground. They cannot be forever antagonisitic or forever docile. Also politicians and in fact all leaders must learn to lend an ear in confidence. Now here is a guy with basically zero background in active politics, his politics has been by association rather than direct. WIth an abrasive attitude, who has shown that he cannot hold a secret, is out on a lone ranger crusade. And this guy wants to be leader of Kenya’s melting point of all cultures, all types of personalities, full spectrum of inequalities. A guy who listens to no-one but himself, This is the guy expecting votes from nobodies and clueless folk. How will he sell himself?
    He can try but I know the outcome, first only a handful of people will believe the bravado enough to vote for him am guessing 8% but his biggest enemies will be from within, i.e the people claiming to support him are actually some of the biggest merchants of impunity, and this guy represents the greatest obstacle to their wealth and corruption, so it is these guys who have given him this sense of false confidence and popularity (to achieve the aim of defeating RAO and progressive/reform forces) whom he must now look up to for support on his lone ranger crusade.
    We should laugh, but its sad. Very sad


  3. Admin, Phil,

    I think you pretty nailed it. Miguna can vie for an elective post only in Nairobi and nowhere else. And if that is the case, like both you and Phil have hinted, Miguna is going to try his luck as Governor for Nairobi.

    But the post of a Governor is not just any political post like e.g. Senator and all. A Governor of a county is the equivalence of a CEO of an international corporate company.

    Now, if Miguna is going to be the CEO of an international corporate company he will need a lot of management skills. Does the Miguna we know really possess such skills? Has he ever demonstrated such skills in his entire career thus far?

    So far, the only professional career Miguna has had is that of a lawyer running his one-man-show at Miguna Miguna and Company Advocates in Canada. In that law firm he was the sole proprietor in charge of everything. Miguna failed even to team up with other advocates in order to create a larger law firm.

    This alone tells you that a part from lack of management skills, Miguna has no entrepreneurial experience to show all the years he has pursued his career.

    As if the above weaknesses are not enough, just remember how the man mismanaged his book launch, a marketing tool that was supposed to catapult his book sales. Instead of selling his book to those who attended the launch and those who followed the launch on their TVs, the guy went bonkers talking about “come, baby come” on national TV. Is that how sales and marketing experts behave? Did he even know that he was trying to sell a product? Or for him it was just a book and not a product!

    Add all that to the way he went about his 47 county book tours and you get what I mean. In the book tours, he thought he could generate more sales by calling his potential customers names and getting involved in fisticuffs with the would-be buyers! And did he even complete his 47 county book tours? A resounding no! His were just half-hearted attempts if anything.

    No, his aim was not even to sell any books. He had a totally different agenda.

    Now, with the aforementioned background, can you tell me how this guy is going to be creating more businesses in Nairobi and leading such a complex team of technocrats who will be working under him in Nairobi?

    Surely, people like Miguna gotta learn to cut their coats according to their sizes! This statement even applies in the literal sense in Miguna’s case!

    But let us wait for his so called 10 point manifesto for Nairobi County.


  4. Miguna Miguna to vie for Nairobi Gabarnatorial Seat. That is the big annoucement so I hear!

    I thought the man had decided to become a full time author?

    This is madness.


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