Mudavadi’s Statement: All Kenyans Bear Responsibility for Post Election Violence


I have taken time off while here (USA & UK) to reflect on the environment in our country as we prepare for the General Election next year. Having been part of the negotiators under Kofi Annan process that restored normalcy, I have reflected deeply on the PEV and the ICC cases facing four Kenyans. I have also applied my mind to the unfortunate situation in Tana River. And I am persuaded that there are national issues we need to deal with exhaustively rather than wishing them away. We have buried heavy matters alive, and they are kicking from underneath violently. Tana River and retaliatory attacks on innocent communities when terrorism incidences occur are just some of the manifestations. But what must we do? I have three suggestions on the way forward to this dilemma.

ADMISSION OF NATIONAL GUILT. We killed each other in 2008. Women were raped; children were molested. It would be cowardly to wish this away. We must accept responsibility collectively. The nation is guilty. To prosecute four people for the sins of 40 million people is therefore preposterous. The four carry our national shame, but they must not carry our national guilt. We must all own up. And we must do this before we enter the 2013 electoral season.

I was among those who supported that any trial related to the PEV must be done locally. I still hold this view because no civilized society can allow their own to be tried in foreign jurisdictions. If it were in my powers, I would bring the ICC trials home as part of shouldering the guilt. Admission of national guilt is the first step to our national redemption.

SPEEDY JUSTICE FOR THE IDPs. Five years later, the IDPs are still in camps. This is another national shame. Yes, the IDPs are a complex problem with no quick solution. This is why we must all commit that no Kenyan will sleep hungry or insecure because of the national madness of 2008. Land justice for the IDPs is urgent. Justice for their other loses must also be given. And we must give it with speed. It is a shame that we are going into this election with this issue unresolved.

Resolve the Violence Culture Once and For All. ICC will not address the root causes of the growing culture of community and election-related violence. In fact, it has become a hindrance to police operations in situations of violence like Tana River and when terrorism attack. We cannot watch as evil people massacre others and police watch helplessly out of fear of being accused of targeting a given community. This is not good in the fight against terror and for the coming election. I will personally sponsor specific legislation to deal with such perpetrators decisively and to empower the police in maintaining order humanely, but firmly in exceptional circumstances of terror attacks.

Hon. Musalia Mudavadi, EGH, MP,
London, October 1, 2012.

10 comments on “Mudavadi’s Statement: All Kenyans Bear Responsibility for Post Election Violence

  1. Folks

    Mudavadi changes tune on ICC trials. After realizing that Uhuruto have no time for him. This was bound to happen only that it came so soon after Mudavadi bought space in media to publish a statement that appeared to defend the ICC suspects.

    Mudavadi: Mind Kenya’s image as you vote

    Posted Saturday, November 10 2012 at 18:04

    Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi has asked Kenyans not to elect leaders who will strain relations between Kenya and other development partners.

    Speaking in Eldoret when he was hosted by professionals from Uasin Gishu County allied to the UDF party, Mr Mudavadi said the Kenyan government cannot operate in isolation from other countries.

    “Politicians should not downplay the impact that will come as a result of not having good relations with the international community. The image of any government is very important and we cannot pretend that we will act alone as a country,” said the UDF presidential aspirant.

    He said that it was dangerous that politicians were downplaying the impact of having governments that will be isolated by the international community come next year.

    Although the DPM did not mention names, he seemed to be responding to utterances by his Cabinet colleague Uhuru Kenyatta who has told foreign nations to keep off Kenya affairs.

    Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan and US secretary of state Hillary Clinton have warned of consequences should Kenyans elect leaders facing charges of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court. (READ: Consequences of a Ruto and Uhuru presidency)

    Mr Kenyatta and Mr William Ruto, both presidential aspirants, are facing the charges. They are also expected to enter a coalition deal which Mr Ruto has called a referendum on the ICC.

    “We need good relations with other governments and it is not a game as we will need trade partners and, therefore, we should not allow ourselves to be isolated as it happened in 1993 when the government lacked foreign exchange due to bad relations with other development partners,” said Mr Mudavadi.

    He added that the country cannot run its own affairs without seeking foreign funding, saying that that will mean additional taxes to Kenyans so that they foot for development projects.

    The DPM has stepped up the fight for the vote of the populous Rift Valley, seeking to gain from resentment by a section of the region’s residents towards Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his deputy Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The campaign has knitted together a strategy that seeks to exploit the ties Mr Mudavadi’s father, Moses, had with the Kalenjin when he served as education officer in Baringo County.

    The United Democratic Forum (UDF) secretariat yesterday confirmed that the party campaigners are reminding locals that the senior Mudavadi was instrumental in former President Moi’s rise to prominence after he promoted him several times when he was a teacher.

    A detailed blueprint of how Mr Mudavadi seeks to go for an all-out war for the Rift Valley vote, and which was seen by the Sunday Nation, shows the party has already engaged elders from both the Kalenjin and Luhya communities in a bid to sell the historical ties that bind them.

    The undertones of the charm offensive were notable on Friday when Mr Mudavadi visited Baringo County and was declared by local elders as “a Kalenjin son”.
    Additional reporting by Billy Muiruri and Julius Sigei


    • phil,

      This is a good move by Mudavadi and his team. Mudavadi was first projected as the cover guy for the ICC crew. He was supposed to be their puppet candidate. That is why State House recruited him. He then made the infamous speech in England about Kenya’s “collective guilt” for the PEV. He was rebuked by everyone for that and worse still the ICC boys gave him the finger. He is not in their plan. He has internalized the message and that may explain his statement here. But the big deal is that there is a big backlash against the pariah state option from Uhuru and Ruto. Nobody wants it and Kenyans are ready to reject it. It is coming big time.

      The re-election of Barack Obama to the US presidency has serious implications for our country. Those who were fooling around with the idea of a pariah state for Uhuru’s Kenya have to think of a different plan.

      I am not very surprised Uhuru was caught on video making arrangements to meet Raila next week. Stuff is hard and it is real. For the first time Kenyans are beginning to debate their options in the 2013 presidential elections. The pariah state that so many Uhuruto supporters thought was inevitable is not selling very well. Kenyans need their country and it looks like they are going to get it back. So let’s welcome Mudavadi to the right side of history. He is going to need it. Trust me.


  2. if it were not for the tragic events, this would be a most hilarious statement on a number of fronts
    a) first recall, it was musalia who led the rejection of results and was going to give a press conference to announce his version of results and declare who the president was – i.e turning a bad situation into an even worse situation
    b) if he feels guilty for any sins of ommission or commission on his role prior to and during the PEV and after the PEV, let him take up his own cross and run his guilt trip alone, there is no need to rope in other kenyans to cover his guilt
    c) the man is and even signs off as Deputy Prime Minister i.e he co-shares position no 4 in the republic of Kenya and even this trip he is accompanying No.1 – how then can he talk about settling IDPs and what not as if he is a guy selling ndazi in Kibera. He has buttons he can push and get answers. Why can’t he tell us why the government of which he is currently a favorite of Kibaki’s (since he reads his speeches and runs other errands for him), why can’t he tell us why this government is still unable to resolve the issue of IDPs from the PEV, Mau forest, etc. it defies logic when these guys behave as if there is another govt.
    d) tackle the issues leading to the violence – considering point (a) above, wasn’t he part of the problem? can he state why or how he found himself in that position, and now today less than 4 years down the road, he wants the rest of us to feel guilty on his behalf


  3. Macharia says that we should try his pals localy yet again says we are all guilty so does he mean that the three are guilty? and what diffrence does it make weather they are tried localy or at the hague? ,the outcome will be the same if the Kenyan courts can reach the threshold of an international court ,if they are guilty as charged then they will be locked up and if they are innocent then they will be set free ,its that simple.


  4. Kenyans have been crying for justice not only for the crimes committed in 2007, but also those carried out inm 1992, 1997 etc, the LocaI mechanisms have failed hence the need for the 4 persons who carry our National Shame to first ‘own up’, there have so far declared thier innocence and the best way is to let the Courts decide,if we truely want justice then i do not think issue of local or international should arise,
    Bwana DPM, i wonder what happened to your promise to resolve the MRC issue.
    The Kenyan police should not abdicate thier responsibility due to fear of the ‘Haque’ this in itself is criminal and the police boss should resign since the ‘working conditions’ are not condusive.


  5. Coming from a presidential candidate, one who was ODM Chief Negoatiator to the Serena Talks that gave birth to AGENDA 4, Mudavadi’s politically convenient statement clearly aims to harvest votes from the strongholds Hague bound suspects, WIlliam Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta.

    Mudavadi knows the ICC process is irreversible. The GoK has done all it could do to save the Ocampo 4 from going to the ICC but all these efforts were unsuccessful.

    Mudavadi’s assertion that four people should not be prosecuted for the crimes of 40 million Kenyans is an insult to the victims of post election violence. And to add insult to injury, Mudvadi now claims that the “IDP problem” is a complex one with no quick solution in sight. One wonders where these displaced people were living before violence was unleashed on them. It’s just amazing to read this statement from Mudavadi.

    It borders on insanity for Mudavadi to feign ignorance of ICC’s modus operandi in charging the persons bearing greatest responsibility to the post election violence. Mudavadi’s metamophorsis has seemingly robbed him of common sense.

    I am now convinced electing Mudavadi to presidency would be the biggest blunder for Kenyan voters.


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