Suspected Armed MRC Youth Attack Minister Kingi Rally Killing Bodyguard, Injuring Others

NEWS JUST IN: Armed suspected Mombasa Republican youths are reported to have invaded Hon. Amason Kingi’s rally in Mtomondoni (Mtwapa) in the Kilifi area this afternoon in an attack that left four people dead, one of whom is said to Hon Kingi’s bodyguard.

Kilifi Senate aspirant Stewart Madzayo reported escaped injury after attack by panga-wielding mob. Madzayo formerly a well known Mombasa lawyer, recently joined the ODM after serving in the judiciary.

The youth were chanting MRC slogans and Hon Kingi, who is the minister for fisheries, is reportedly unharmed. Kenyan cabinet ministers are escorted and guarded by armed police officers.

The Kilifi OCDP so far confirmed the incident adding the members of public at the rally turned on the attacking mob and lynched three of them while others escaped.

The minister is said to be shaken but unharmed. He was addressing motorcyle taxi (commonly known as bodaboda) riders in the Mtomondoni area accopanied by other local ODM leaders and aspirants.

7 comments on “Suspected Armed MRC Youth Attack Minister Kingi Rally Killing Bodyguard, Injuring Others

  1. This is astounding!

    A full cabinet minister is brutally attacked in broad daylight and his selfless policeman body guard killed, and no statement of condemnation from either the Commander-in-Chief nor the Minister of Internal Security, and life goes on as usual?

    Could this ever have happened in Moi or Kenyatta’s time? Or any other country for that matter?


    • We just recently witnessed another senseless killing in Kisumu. Is this just a taste of things to come?


      I cannot find that other thread “politically instigated violenec”. Did we finalize a statement yet?


        • Einstein

          Thanks. I must admit that I have my own challenges when navigating through this forum but I am getting better at it.

          [** comment by Blog-Admin **]


          Noted, however, do try to use the links provided in “Quicklinks” at the top of the right hand navigation panel, these should take you to nearly 95% of the posts and comments


        • Before releasing a public statement, I suggest you bid some time to allow:

          a) Prime Minister to complete his visit to Kisumu following unrests this week
          b) Time to interrogate developments after this visit

          My intention is to publish an exclusive exposé on China / American gangs and how they are linked to TNA plus abortive book tour by Miguna Miguna’s in Kisumu. It will be deep and it will mention names and events that have now brought Kisumu to its knees.

          Thanks for your patience.


  2. this is a serious issue and the strong arm tactics is not going to work in the long run

    this clip is on the police operation to flush out of MRC circa 25/26 sep 2012

    this clip is in response to the above clip 29 sep 2012 (not on the attack on kingi oct 4 -2012 as reflected on another blog)

    generally speaking, groups like MRC, should look at history and see that the mau mau, mungiki and now mrc can never gain foothold in national leadership unless or until they embrace true politics of leadership (see even ANC in south africa had to actively participate in politics i.e provide candidates and governing policies). check out in uganda the LRA, violence and militia apart from the gory violence and fear it creates, simply put, achieves absolutely nothing and in fact empowers the very people its supposed to oppose since they become the only hope of security for the poor citizen that becomes the target of such militia

    i strongly urge the leaders of such militant groups to consider investing in political leadership strategy and not these criminal leaning militia movements


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