President Obama / Mitt Romney Debate Oct-3-2012

Here below is the full clip (note: 1 hr 40 min – if you have poor bandwidth, you will have trouble playing the clip) courtesy NY Times, there are sound issues in some sections, follow the prompts on the clip to skip the sections, will update with better clip if/when it becomes available.

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  1. Four more years! Despite the big money, the vitriol from racist haters like trump, sununu, rush, palin etc, not forgetting voter suppression, Obama walloped MR proper.

    James Brown (RIP) sums it all up.


  2. I can state that President Obama is doing much better than media portrayed he was anticipated to perform.

    LESSON: Grassroots and ground game = direct connection to the voters has little to do with media influences.

    Prediction: Obama wins BIG.

    Now what to the cynics?


    • Job

      i’ve been monitoring several news updates and it looks like the republicans had a firm control over the media.

      whats annoying is that they’ve been posting their projections and superimposing over real results so that it looked like Romney had a big margin

      turns out that the projections are crashing and obama is definitely taking the electoral vote. thats certain.

      the popular vote gap is closing as well, but i think they’ll be tied on that and perhaps romney might have a slight edge, but not overwhelming


    • dang, these guys had romney dash from 0 to 200 electoral votes in 60 minutes then nothing. zip.

      i guess they were trying to influence the late voters.

      the popular vote gap is closing faster than i even expected, its dropped from 2m gap to less than 500k and still closing

      man he even took most of the swing states and which had been “projected” as firmly romney, what a media fraud

      popular vote gap reduces to under 200k, looks like obama will win the electoral and popular vote. aw shucks, where are the haters going to go?

      and quite naturally the damage control backspin begins in earnest, man these guys are fast

      the media really did a great disservice


    • The lesson here is goodwill. The air in America smelt like Obama was going to win…but the big money in TV ads made it feel like it was almost impossible for Obama to win.

      One good thing about the CURRENT American electorate – they don’t get swayed easily. Media or Big money does not alter their convictions. I wish Kenya will get to this. I am frankly hopeful it will.

      President Obama is re-elected because of an army of citizens who believe in doing the right thing… not voting for your RACE or for a person who looks like you. The person who speaks your vernacular might be the greatest robber who denies you and the rest of the country any opportunity to progress.

      The REAL idea is not voting for “your own” who just wants to loot from the State coffers but VOTING for someone who wants to change the system to benefit all….

      I am so proud of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of my American children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are in a country where it does not matter what your name sounds like, where your parents came from…so long as you are COMPETENT opportunities are abound….so long as you are intelligent and credible enough…people will VOTE FOR YOU.

      It’s not about voting for nincompoops from the ‘populous’ tribes and races.
      Voting for the qualified persons you truly believe wants to change the county is the secret. Viva Obama…el presidente!!!!!!


      • @Job

        It really felt like it was impossible for Obama to win after being bombarded by those big money TV adverts day in day out.What a relief. Even as I watched the early tallying last night for some reason Romney was ahead for the majority of the time.I am surprised that Obama got all but one swing state. Its bitter sweet. I am waiting to hear how the pundits are going to spin this one.


        • Great. We saw this coming and said as much. The second term for President Obama is going to be huge for the US and the rest of the world who adore this man and his politics. The republicans are in a bind. Their dwindling base of male white aging America is now an official minority in American politics. The machismo nonsense they spew is tiresome. President Obama leads the most dynamic demographic in North America and it is growing in leaps and bounds.

          Now if the Tea Party rascals in Congress continue holding America hostage and blocking budget deals to save the country from the impending “fiscal cliff” due up in January 2013, they face a major rebellion and toss out in the next round of congress elections due in two years. Same thing with immigration reforms. The republicans can continue blocking that at their own peril. Soon they may start losing even Texas. And those poor Kenyans who were investing emotionally and otherwise on the demise of Barack Obama. Poleni. Four more years it is. Expect Barack in Kenya this time around. About time.

          Here we go:


        • you and me both moesha, here where i stay, the obama support was very much subdued unlike in 2008 when it was in your face. but the turnout was a resounding whupping


        • Yup…it’s bitter sweet and the Rethuglicans can’t spin this one…they’re instead infighting and throwing blames everywhere. Carl Rove is still shocked. 4 more years!!!!!


  3. Keep an eye on the battleground states especially Ohio folks ….where vote closing is 7:30 pm…Virginia and Florida close at 7 pm…Pennsylvania closes at 8 pm. Media has decided to call PA close but I doubt it.

    I suspect this year because of Republican control of state legislatures in FL, PA, VA & OH…they will delay tallying the state totals for a while…yet these are the barometers to gauge where it will head. If by 10pm these states aren’t called yet then it’ll be troubling. If they’re called early, it means media over-hyped the ‘closeness’.

    If POTUS bags Ohio and PA…he’ll be almost as good as re-elected. However close it may seem, POTUS is in a better position in terms of the electoral college permutations.


  4. this race is so close but there is a lot of unspoken vibes that this more about “race” than any other issue. most of the republican support is totally sure of a win but it would appear they have also put in place a plan to make it a very difficult 4 years in case they lose


    • folks,

      It looks like President Obama is taking this thing just as we thought all along. Even as Hurricane Sandy, not to be mistaken by Candy Crowley of CNN who made the republicans mad by correcting one of the lies of Mitt Romney, creates mayhem things look very good for the president. Republicans are kind of pissed with the coverage of Sandy so far. In fact they are spooked that president Obama is having great press as a cool (calm) CIC taking care of businesss while their man is collecting tuna cans in Ohio for the victims. Someone should have told Mitt, that the Red Cross does not accept tuna cans and water expect from manufacturers who package them and can guarantee their safety. Those manenos of 1924 are gone.

      Mitt’s numbers in Ohio are getting brutal. The president is a head by about 5% and the early votes look very good for the president. Romney spent two days in Ohio and left a storm of his own when he made false ads about Chyresler and GM making deals to ship car manufacturing jobs to China after Obama bailed them out. Turned out Mitt was lying. The jeep cars Mitt was referring to that will be produced in China are those being sold in China which is standard car manufacturing arrangement. No jeep cars presently being manufactured in Ohio will be manufactured in China. People got mad with Mitt for the lies and the car executives blasted him for peddling lies. Mitt left Ohio a very unhappy man.

      So Ohio is getting out of reach. Now if Mitt was to concede Ohio now he would have to give his whole concession speech because he would be conceding the race. So Mitt has to keep pretending that Ohio is still doable. No it is not.

      Meanwhile Wisconsin is gone with its 10 electoral votes. 8% Obama advantage as we speak. Technically there is no route for Romney to get 270 electoral votes without Ohio and Wisconsin.

      In Florida which was leaning Mitt till a few days ago, it is now tied in all polls. The early voting which just started in Florida show the president ahead.

      Realistically all the panya routes Mitt hoped could sneak him to the presidency are being shut off. Even the national poll which had Romney ahead for a short time is back to tied or leaning Obama.

      There is still a lot of work to be done but I like where President Obama sits as we speak.


      • Further to my argument above. Here is President Obama with Chris Christie in New Jersey where incidentally many Kenyans live. Governor Christie is an avowed Romney supporter who gave the keynote speech at the GOP convention in Tampa just a month and a half ago. But now the state where he is governor is under threat. Christie and Obama have to work together for the good of America. Great. There is no staff about “my community is being finished” or any such rubbish we hear in typical Kenyan politics.

        Here we go:


      • have to admit the percentage of uncertainty in this election is rather significant. its not that BO has not performed but rather that the republicans have managed to convince themselves and weak minded folks that BO’s policies are harmful. the sad thing is that with an economy the size of US, unless one is very deeply versed with the economic indices, and which factors swing one way or another, plus their associated time frames, its very easy to be deceived. thats why BO has focused on issues that are more easy to discern and perceive such as troop withdrawals and war heroes coming back home, elimination of security risk targets such as osama, and the effects of automobile bailouts etc. unfortunately spin doctors can still twist these events one way or another. the only great break he has had as adongo points out is how he has handled hurricane sandy standing tall besides the governor showing a non-partisan and stately approach. this alone should capture the hearts and imaginations of those who didnt know which way the wind blows.

        overall am waiting eagerly to see how the elections pan out and of course wishing BO much success and a re-election


        • Its getting down to the wire. Even though Obama has perormed superbly given that he inherited a country on the verge of ruins, the slow economy continued to be the game changer in this election as compared to 2008. The Romney campaigned has used this strategy effectively to decieve gullible voters, that is why its still too close for comfort. Sandy may have given Obama a break but I am yet to see that translate into numbers. Other than some major endorsements from Mayor Blumberg, the New York times paper, another major Chicago paper and Governor christy of NJ (a Republican and major Obama critic) warming up to BO, Things have pretty much been the same as pre-Sandy.

          The good thing as Adongo has stated before is that, Obama leads in Ohio by about 5%, and in Iowa, he is at 50%, while Romney is trailing by about 6%. Romney had a lead in most of the swing states as per the regular partisan pundits but now even they can no longer deny the fact that Obama has closed in significantly.

          Its notworthy that in Florida, this past sunday, a large chunk of black churches all over were transporting church members and other people people in the community to the voting stations since it was the last weekend they could vote before the election. Florida cancelled voting on the last weekend (coming weekend) to election with intent to slow down the democratic vote because most black people were known to flood polls during that last weekend to election. These grassroots level efforts as Job had initially mentioned, are going to be very beneficial to the democrats come election day, even though they are not recieving as much publicity.


  5. Adongo,
    The president seemed to have taken your advice and came out swinging, going for Romney`s neck from the word go. In my opinion, if he blew the first debate he just made up for it in the second by not giving Romney any chance to outplay him.
    I’m now confident that Obama is going to win this thing regardless of what Romney does in the few reaming weeks and I also guess that the poll numbers will jump right up for Obama in the few coming days.

    That’s was the Obama people know and expect.


    • Mzee,

      Yeah Romney got his head handed to him and then some. That was multi-tasking at his best. The President had to expose Romney’s endless lies. He dismantleRomney’s fiction on the economy and show that his figures don’t add up. The President has to show America the many faces of Romney, a man who says one thing today and exactly the opposite tomorrow. Obama also got Romney to display his contempt for women and then flip flopping not to look to bad. The president had to do all these while laying out a credible and comprehensive plan of his own for America. President also had to bully the bully (Americand love that.) The president did all these with awesome brilliance. Excellent.

      And here is the TKO the president layed on Romeny with no chance left for the willy fox even to flail out a punch. Romney left looking miserable and the president left with his mojo back. Now back to work.

      Here is the TKO:


      • I also did watch the second debate and it gave me some hopes. I knew Obama had won by just showing up in a more upbeat mood than the previous debate. His voice was pitch perfect and stayed the same throughout. Romney seemed to confrontational, cutting of the president a lot and at some point he was getting a little mad. There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, and most people agree that Romney crossed that line.

        When one of his adult son was later asked what he thought about the president, he stated “I felt like taking a swing at him” or something of the sort. Apart from being a loose mouth, he at least gave tacit acknowledgement that his dad got a beating. Overall great debate, very engaging although the questions asked were just too easy.


  6. There’s an important element being underplayed by media – statistics on early voting, especially in battleground states. It’s anyone’s guess why the mainly-Republican owners of media are strategically under-reporting this reality. They don’t want to depress Republican voters who had almost given up before the last debate. Ironically, even mainstream liberal media is playing along – for different reasons. The latter media don’t want to have Democrats getting over-confident with the assumption Obama is going to win; a prospect that may make many Democrats skip the vote.

    Getting down to the actual statistics – in Ohio for instance, more than 20% of registered voters have already voted. Out of these early voters, more than 80% voted in-person; and not through mail. From this pool of early, in-person voters, exit polls show Obama beating Romney squarely. Both conservative and liberal media are not loud in reporting this fact; of course for different reasons explained above

    President Obama’s ground game in Ohio and other battle ground states is quite a mean machine with an army of both youthful and elderly volunteers. They’re knocking on doors, making calls, distributing flyers and T-shirts, and all that routine campaign stuff…but most important…they are literally busing-in voters to the poll centers. Buses are transporting voters from Churches every Sunday and from inner city apartments (where voters are not only likely to have no transport of their own; but not even have a clue where the voting center is). The minority vote is proving to be quite important – when mobilized early.

    To digress a moment…think about this and translate into Kenya for a moment – suppose we could have a month-long voting period in Kenya? Millions of minority voters from far flung and remote corners of the country may have a realistic shot of voting! The population of Turkana County (for instance) is higher than the average population of Kenyan counties yet very few people in Turkana get to vote…think about the scorching heat, no roads, and literally tens or hundreds of kilometers one has to cover to get to a voting station. Voting is therefore automatically ruled-out for a majority who have to eke out a tough living. These are the things we must learn from America and reform our country accordingly. We are slowly heading there!

    Back to vote mobilization in American swing-vote states. The elegant First Lady Michelle Obama is on the ground in Ohio right now…canvasing College Campuses with a string of celebrity, rap and pop-icons mobilizing students to the poll centers. They typically cynical young voters are literally marching with bands to voting booths.

    The Big Dog of American campaigns – Bill Clinton alongside Irish-pop icon Bruce Springsteen are mobilizing Blue-collar Ohioans and Iowans to the voting centers throughout this week. It is quite a spectacle.

    So – whereas many are stuck consuming mainstream media reporting…few are aware of the juggernaut proceeding at the grassroots. Another army that has recently joined Obama’s coalition of vote mobilizers are young Latino beneficiaries of his recently signed Executive Order – giving illegal immigrant youth reprieve from deportations. They are literally dragging their citizen relatives into the voting booths – driving up the Latino voting rate (which has traditionally been the lowest in the country).

    These folks will keep singing Mitt! Mitt! Mitt! but when they blink an eye…Obama gets four more years as POTUS. That’s in spite of any debate performance. I suspect the President will nail tomorrow’s town hall debate. Watch out for a Republican leaning crowd in that Town Hall – CNN’s Cindy Crowley (moderator) is a proven anti-Obama anchor for CNN.


      • Moesha,

        To answer your question (about the Gallup Poll):

        1) You’re looking at the wrong polls…both in terms of pollster and population.

        2) Individual battleground state polls are the significant polls you want to look at – not national polls with little implication on who becomes President (Remember POTUS is elected by the Electoral College Vote of states…not who wins the popular vote).

        3) Pollsters like Gallup Inc. always lean right and work directly for certain media interests – I’ll expound below (4). Their sampling methodology is not to take a RANDOM SAMPLE but to actually use WEIGHTED SAMPLES. Their assumption is that Republicans are more enthusiastic to vote, so they pick more Republican respondents for their samples. Your guess is as good as mine where such polls tend to lean.

        4) There is big business in polling and media and here is how it works. When polls show a race is close in say Pennsylvania (PA), both Obama and Romney campaigns have to spend money in TV advertisements in PA…thus local PA media gets huge profits. Therefore, a PA based pollster is likely to ‘tighten’ polls to make the state look competitive. That’s how media makes big bucks in polls – out of these multi-billion-dollar campaigns. Have you noticed all big media are now in the business of polling – ABC News, CNN, Rasmussen (a Midwest based media corporation), NBC, Washington Post, Fox News, Politico? You can therefore see the financial motivation of media to claim a race is close…they can do what they can to make a race close…then happily smile to the bank. On election day, they will find rational excuses and explanations (aka spin).

        5) The Obama campaign has literally stopped spending on TV ads in PA because their own internal polling has shown them way… way ahead of Romney in the state…yet several media polls and PA-based polls still insist the race is close in the state.

        6) What I do to get an accurate snapshot of these multiple confusing (& biased) polls is to go to and get the average of all polls in each particular battleground state. As of today, Oct. 16th, 2012 the average of all those polls (biased and real) in Ohio, Obama is ahead by 2 points; ahead in Nevada by 1.6 pts; ahead in NH by 1 pt; ahead in PA by 5 pts; ahead in VA by 1 pt…while Romney is slightly ahead in CO, and FL. There is now way Romney wins if he loses Ohio (based on the Electoral College). Another one-stop shop for an accurate review is Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog…this is the credible authority who accurately predicted (with statistical models) the outcome of the 2008 Presidential election and it fitted perfectly to the dot. As a matter of fact, he even bets today (16th Oct) Obama has a 64% chance of winning; Romney 36% – then lays out who’s going to win which state.

        I am already set to watch the much awaited Town Hall debate in a matter of 2 hours. Will give feedback.


        • @Job

          Thanks for the clarification. I was starting to get lost in all these different polls. I will be checking the website to get a clearer picture of whats going on on at the grassroots level. Second debate down, lets wait for the third.


  7. Just finished watching the VP debates and of boy, was Joe Biden brilliant. If it was Joe’s mission to save the Obama campaign, tonight he did just that. He dismantled Both Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney with specifics.

    He was detailed, gave numbers, called them out for the reckless talk about 47% of Americans being lazy and so on. Paul Ryan looked like a grad student who had been cramming his note the night before and kept forgetting stuff. He and Romney plan to lower taxes by 20% but when asked how, he had no clue?

    When both were asked to state what they intend to bring to the V-presidency that no one else has done, Paul Ryan replied…. honesty, Biden , “My 40 year record in Government speaks for itself.” I am sure you will hear about all the details by tomorrow, but my conclusion is that,this was probably the most important VP debate of this century. I hope Obama was taking notes tonight.


    • This was a classic beating. Biden beat the young Ryan to a pulp. The younger man was fumbling and was lacking in specifics. I have previously heard that Ryan was a number cruncher, I saw none of that. He was completely unable to crunch even simple numbers. He looked dazed and confused. I loved the way the VP refused to give him an inch and pressed on every issue.


    • Biden mopped the floor with Ryan. He schooled the latter on foreign policy and exposed their deadly domestic agenda (against the middle class). You may have noticed Biden systematically targeting the various demographic groups – seniors, under 55 middle class, college students, and (health) uninsured Americans. He painted the Romney/Ryan ticket for exactly what it is – deadly.

      Biden did all the things Obama failed to do in his last debate; warn the middle class about Romney’s hidden but impending tax increases (elimination of mortgage deduction; child deduction, college tuition deduction); privatization of social security; turning of medicare into a (privatized) voucher program; elimination of government guaranteed foreclosure forestalling programs; reduction of funding to public education; removal of government subsidies to college tuition. All these he did in a total of 48 minutes; portraying Romney as being against the 47% demographic.

      Obama must follow this performance in next Tuesday’s town hall debate. He must directly debunk the fast-talking salesman called Romney. I suspect he will do just that.


      • Job,
        I hope that you guys who have access to the Obama campaign will let him know that he must step up his game in the next debate. Because if he does, he will deal Romney a blow that he governor will never recover from given the number of days remaining to the polls. No more mister nice guy. But one thing I know for sure is that Obama believes in facts than propaganda. This time around he must spread “truth” about Romney policies to all corners of the US. Challenges him and put him to the wall. I know he will rise to the occasion.


    • What a lively debate that was. Not surprisingly, opinion is divided as to who actually ‘won’ the debate. I think Biden won hands down by doing exactly what team Obama needed to stop Romney’s post debate momentum.

      He got into Ryan’s head with the smirks, giggles and animated facial expressions to almost everything the latter said. Predictably, with nothing to say about the substance the republicans have jumped on this claiming their man wasn’t prepared for a smiling Biden!

      Ryan a conservative and a fierce critic of ‘federal handouts’ had a few awkward moments eg when Biden revealed that he had asked for stimulus money for his home state of Wisconsin.

      Another winner for me was the moderator Martha Raddatz. Some have called her the ‘horrible 3rd debater,’ but i think she did a good job.

      Can’t wait for the next presidential debate.


  8. Of course they will avoid giving specifics as long as they can get away with it. When recently asked to talk specifics, what was Ryan’s response? “It would take me too long to go through all of the math.” what crap!

    With unemployment steadily going down, what message will team romney ride on for the next five weeks?


  9. On the contrary i think Barry did so well in that he allowed Mitt to fry in his own fat and entangle himslef in his web of lies ,the fact checkers will have him for breakfast come nov 6th.While Obama was very calm and relaxed Mitt was profusely sweating and turning pink and voters never want a president who cracks under pressure ,so Obama jus let him show the very clear diffrences between his policies and democrat ones.Where Mitt fumbled the most was on the question of regulations ,he confused himself because he did not know wheather to take a stand that is popular with his billionaire friends who are the major beneficiries of de-regulation or stand with the ordinary Americans ,must have been a tough call.Lastly on health care Obama called him out that the same healthcare plan worked in masachussetts but Romney does not want the rest of Americans to enjoy it .We can not talk of creating Jobs when people are sick ,who will work in those jobs when no one has health care support?


    • I’m with you. Stylistically, everybody including my youngest kid agrees Obama’s performance was sub-par. But substantively, Obama boxed Romney into a cul-de-sac. What will Willard say in the next Town Hall debate?


  10. this is a classic demonstration that fact is not and has never been sexy or inspiring. fact can be extremely boring and uninspiring. so whereas people were expecting obama to have some inspiring snippets, all he did was talk facts and people get tired of facts real fast.
    on the other hand, romney is dishing out speculation and conjecture. he will do this he will do that, this is how he will tackle this issue, and that. now obama was in that position 4 years ago and said all that. but when it came to implementing he came across major hurdles and obstacles. so now in this interview, he cannot liberally speculate because he is now fully seized of the obstacles and hurdles. he resorted to facts. and you cant really clown with facts.
    note how he keeps repeating the figures 5 trillion, 2 trillion etc. whereas romney keeps saying how he’ll create wealth. the reality vs hope/speculative thinking.
    in the next several weeks, the pundits will be demanding of romney the specifics on how he will implement his policies and thats when it will become clear whether he knows what he is talking about or not.


    • Rond Two is tomorrow. A few things are emerging.

      1. After what must have been a bad week for the president with all the talk about Romney giving him a whipping and the president looking disinterested and “not there” the numbers still look good for Obama. He has the upper hand in the battleground states. He leads in four of the six most crucial ones including Ohio. Basically all the hype for Romney has not translated into numbers. That is good because the president is going to have his good week or two and this thing may very well be ove.

      2. The fundamentals of the elections have not changed. Romney wants to go back to the Bush era of tax cuts for the rich and they want “take their country back”, Romney’s own words, which is a typical code phrase for those who see Obama as an alien who sneaked into office and is transforming America beyond their imagination. The president wants to preserve his signature changes like the health care reforms and fighting for the small folks how dragging the economy out of the deep end that Bush left it. Americans have to decide on those two opposite directions. Nothing has changed in that front.

      3. Republicans behave as if it is only the president who has a record to defend. In every election every candidate has a record. Romney has a record too. It is a record of shipping American jobs to China and making tons of money doing that. He has a record of saying one thing here and another thing there. Romney has acquired the dubious distinction of a guy who will say anything to get elected. That whole persona is catching up with Romney. On the whole people don’t like the guy even those who like his policies. People have major trust issues with Romney and his 47% remark pissing on half the population as not worthy of his attention just confirms what people already suspect. Message to Kenya presidential candidates here is that everybody has a record and at the end of the line Kenyans are going to ask themselves if they can trust a candidate when it is down to the wire. This will be more so in the run off. People won’t just vote for you because they don’t like the other guy. They have to like you enough to vote for you.

      4. Election are about big and bold moves. Obama made his bold move on healthcare and on bailing out the banks and the auto industry. He will die or swim based on those moves. The auto bail out has paid back big time. The once death bed bound auto industry in the US is now alive and kicking. Romney wanted the auto companies to go under and said so in many words. It has come back to bite him. Ohio will most likely stick with the president because his auto bail out is what saved Ohio and today Ohio actually have a much lower unemplpyment rate than most other states. The auto bail out success has endeared the president to one group that didn’t like him before, the so called blue collar workers, mostly white male middle class. The jury is still out on healthcare reforms but even Romney can’t touch some very polpular aspects of it like the elimination of pre-existing condition in medical insurance.

      Message for the Kenyan candidates is simple. We are going to judge you by your big bold actions in the past the good, the bad and the ugly. That is why it is always important for people to finish what they start. Raila started the Mau restoration plan and almost didn’t finish it but now it looks like they are sorting it out with the reported re-settlement of folks. It was a good thing but he will be judged by how he handled it and how it worked. It doesn’t look as bad as some people hoped it would be. We have the new katiba as one of the boldest things to happen in our country for a long time. Raila has been in that war from day one so it works good for him. The others will argue the katiba is for everybody etc. We will see. I don’t recall anything bold Mudavadi has ever started. Ruto and Uhuru have the PEV quagmire as one of the biggest things that has happened in their political lives. Uhuru has actually turned it into a tool to rally his base. Whether Kenyans wil look at that as good thing or a bad thing may very well determine whether they are prepapred to vote for him or not.

      5. Last but not least elections are not just about “stopping so and so” you also must bring something to the table. The Republican agenda has been focused on stopping Obama by all means. Obama is bad and he has to be stopped, that has been the Republican mantra right from the day Obama was elected. They have demonized him in every possible way. Mara he was not born in the US. Mara he is a Muslim. Mara he apologizes to American enemies. Mara he a socialist etc. The republicans were so convinced that the president is hated by so many poeple that they will just kick him out to get rid of him. What they are learning is that the voters want to be told what it is that the republicans have in store for them. Romney has been dithering about presenting his actual plan for America and so far he is running on empty. After all the talk about cutting the deficit Romney could only point to one cut he would make and that is public broadcasting which has a miniscule impact on the budget while the same Romney wants to cuts taxes which would add $ 5 trillion. The numbers are not adding up and voters are showing signs that republican hatred for Obama is not enough for them.

      Obviously in Kenya we are very familiar with campaigns premised on stopping so and so and nothing else. Be warned. It is not enough. You have to put your stuff on the table and it better add up.

      And one more thing. The vicious Obama haters in Kenya must not be feeling very well. I remember the likes of Moses Kuria bad mouthing the president some time back assuring themselves that Americans will never elect him again. There are those with the misguided belief that with Obama out of the way some way can be found to save the ICC chaps. That is wishful thinking. But yes some Kenyans dread the very thought of another four years for president Obama. It is coming get used to it.


      • Adongo says “He has the upper hand in the battleground states. He leads in four of the six most crucial ones including Ohio.”


        I am not sure what polls you guys are looking at but from where I am sitting, things do not look good. Its pretty close, actually still within the margin of error in most swing states. CNN’s nationwide polling tonight has Obama polling at 49% with Mitt almost beside him at 47%. I would like to take consolation on Job’s take about early voting but I have this unsettling feeling. 80% of 20% early voting is by all means not much. Given Mitts flip flopping on issues and the many times he has been caught mocking the American people who have been hit really hard by the recession that was as a result of a Republican mismanaged government, I am really surprised that Americans are still willing to vote this guy in. Obama has done all the right things so far but the message is not resonating loud and clear in some areas. My opinion is that Obama needs to bring it in tomorrow’s debate. He needs to bring his A game on and box Mitt in on his many flip flops. He also needs to connect with the public, the stakes are too high, he cannot afford to blow it.


        • moesha,

          Yes the race is on and it is going to the wire. The President is going to take this thing but he has to work for it. He was on cruise control and messed things up in the first debate. But if there is one thing we have learned from Barack Obama it is that he is most dangerous just when you think you have him nailed. We saw that with Hillary when she made a huge comeback and then Jeremiah Wright story blew up and the media had Obama cooked for lunch. He came out of that even stronger and surprised a lot of people.

          Then McCain pulled Sarah Palin from Alaska and she bombed into the scene and gave McCain a big boost. Many thought Obama was out. Turned out Sarah Palin was one of McCain’s worst mistakes. Obama fumbled a bit talking about a pig with lipsticks etc but he stabled the ship and smoked McCain into oblivion. So watch out when Barack is feeling the heat.

          Tonight he has to first have to show passion for the job. Is he still passionate about this job like he was 4 years ago? The president looked bored in the first campaign. He can’t afford that.

          Two the president let Romney’s lies go unchallenged. Romney’s wobbling on taxes and its impact on the deficit is a good point. Romney wants to have it both ways. Cut taxes and lower the deficit. Where is he going to get the money to cover the taxes? Grow the economy that is what Romney says. That is baloney. George Bush was having the same tax cuts(to “job creators”) in January 2008 when Obama took office and the economy was losing 800,000 jobs per month with a GDP 0 -.9.3%. That was catastrophic. Where were the “job creators”? Who stopped them from creating those jobs? Obama had to come and fix the mess and now America is creating jobs.

          On medicare Obama need to pin Romeny on one thing and I am stunned his always very sharp team has not done that. Romney has indicated he will keep the move to stop insurance companies from discriminating against those with pre-existing conditions. That is one of the most popular aspects of the Affordable Health Care Act. However Romney is against the personal mandate which requires all Americans to buy health insurance. The lunatic right wingers are dead set against this. They say it forces them to buy a commercial product and therefore infringes on the rights and freedoms ( I guess that includes the right to die from treatable diseases).

          The President need to tell Americans that Romney is lying to them that he can keep the pre-existing condition requirement without enforcing the personal mandate. It is not doable and you cannot have one without the other. If people who are healthy do not buy insurance and wait until they are sick to buy one, the system will completely collapse and everybody will suffer. It will become a sickcare program and not a health care program and it is not sustainable. Romney is selling Americans snake oil on healthcare and the president needs to break it down.

          Let’s hope Obama gets alive tonight and has a serious conversation with the American people. He is going to be alright.

          As to the link you have and the poll numbers. They are highly out of whack and the writers have made corrections (twice) at the bottom of the story. One glaring problem with those poll numbers is that they talk about polls in swing states without mentioning even one of those states. That is very strange.

          On the whole Romney has been tightening the race and has taken the lead in Florida and North Carolina. Obama is still good in Ohio and Wisconsin, Penyslvannia. Nevada and NH are hanging tight. Obama takes Ohio and one or two more of these others the president is safe. Romney has to sweep them. But the race is tight and tough like nails.


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