Who is financing MRC

It’s now clear that some coast politicians are financing and arming MRC. The names of the Sheikh Dor and Najiba Balala (rightly or falsely) have previously come in connection with this group.



I had earlier on said that the beating up of Amos Kingi and killing of his bodyguard was the beginning of the end of this group that is becoming more and more militant if not criminal in nature.  A group that has taken to extorting residents and killing security forces can no longer claim to be fighting for the rights of the people.

Had this group rode the good will of the courts which decriminalized it and started agitating for the reversal of the so called historical injustices peacefully, many would have listened to their cause. But the stage they have reached has shaken the country to the bone. Their mungiki like activities must be nipped in the bud before they grow out of control to incorporate elements of Al-Shabaab.

I believe that human rights bodies will soon come out with guns blazing blaming the Kenyan security forces of high handedness. I do believe that the security forces did the right thing this time around by not only arresting their “army” leader Mr.  Omar Mwamnuadzi but also some of the self-professed financiers.

What the MRC has forgotten is that the coast in the place where the most “chumed” have invested and any fracas their means no money in the chumed accounts.  The MRC bet on the wrong horse. It’s easier to get away with such stuff in other places but not the coast of Kenya.

12 comments on “Who is financing MRC

  1. i think the trend is that of history repeating itself. as forewarned by Job, Adongo, Phil, Mzee and others

    the pattern remains the same
    – an increasing number of local population disenfranchised by what they perceive to be plum opportunities (land, jobs, resources, business etc) being given to or acquired by people external to the area in what they also perceive to be dubious transactions
    – criminal elements team up with reform agents in an unholy alliance to agitate for greater say in the said issues
    – opportunistic and callous leaders exploit the sentiments to fan xenophobic hysteria
    – ultimately criminal elements hijack the reform track and together with support (tacit, open or otherwise secretive ) from leaders and financiers engage in criminal activity and fan hostilities against locals and what they perceive as non indigenous locals, thereby of course engaging administration and police force
    – other political leaders also turn to these events to somehow benefit from the conflicts
    – locals support these conflicts in the hope that they will benefit commercially

    overall its amazing that whereas countries are trying to come together to create stronger economic blocks, in kenya, small and fragile communities can’t run fast enough to break away from the center. for the simple reason that those who have benefited from the sleaze characterising the three regimes continue to gobble up the dwindling resources under the pretext that kenyans can live anywhere knowing full well they have advantage that locals cannot match up with.

    gradually in the long term, with sustained devolved policy and structure, the imbalances will change, but in the meantime, the conflicts will escalate as locals increasingly resist, “foreign” dominance. in essence this resistance does not necessarily need leadership instigation, but leaders can certainly exacerbate issues.

    in my view parliament, senate and all players creating the framework for devolved government must seek out local communities, and provide them with range of solutions and options to better engage and interface local resources with administration, without resorting to violence which ultimately hurts local communities socially and economically.


    • Majority of politicians have not learned that things and slowly but surely changing in Kenya. Days when they could not be touched are coming to an end yet they keep walking, dancing and acting as if nothing has changed. Its for the above reasons that you find some openly supporting outlawed groups such MRC. Should Mr. Dor been clever, he should not have uttered the words he now says were taken out of context. Some politicians believing they are too clever keep silently financing this group. Yet its the middle men that they use who actually betray them. The sooner our politicians learn that violence does not pay the better for them. But will they learn?


  2. Phil,

    Any links to other reports? I predicted eons back in JUKWAA that voter suppression through violence (timed with voter registration) is a tool the Kibaki regime would use handily. It has come to pass. Even the Somalia incursion…and the random so called Al-shabab bombings in isolated parts of the country is part of the matrix in my estimation. Who knows who is really hurling these bombs to innocent citizens? With a rotten tribalized NSIS and Police force, wananchi shouldn’t even ask who the country’s real enemies are.

    While the Judiciary is trying hard to reform, the blood-hounds around Kibaki have never imagined a reformed police. How then can they operate when their rule is premised on controlling state monopoly of guns; hanging onto power using state hardware; and threatening the expansion of democratic space through guns?


  3. These are the financiers:

    1 Najib Balala – Mvita MP
    2. Sheikh Dor- Nominated MP
    3. Ibrahim Babangida- Chairman Mvita CDF
    4. Francis Baya-former PC
    5. Mohamed Zebedi- Mombasa Businessman
    6. Mahsud Mwahima- MP Likoni
    6. Twahir Twahir Sheikh Said T.S.S. – Mombasa Businessman
    7. Un-named director of Mombasa Millers

    …..and 10 others, suspected to me MYC members who mostly provide the arms for terrorist activities.

    MRC is not an ILLEGAL organisation, and it is amusing to see Kenya Police looking for all kind of crimes to charge alleged MRC leaders and financiers in court. Most of these charges will fail and the police will be left looking like fools. One may now believe Raila’s assertions that the MRC saga is a smokescreen being used to disrupt voter registration in ODM strongholds given than polls reveal Raila’s victory in presidential race will be driven by youth and women. FYI – because ODM embraced Majimbo – there are no more passionate supporters of ODM than those at the Coast. Coast is commonly referred to as the heartbeat of ODM.

    On politicalization of MRC, recall the then Minister of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security, late George Saitoti, publishing a bizzare gazette notice which declared MRC as an organized criminal group that was unconstitutional. Despite all the controversy surrounding them, the MRC filed a petition to the court seeking determination on whether or not they should be considered unconstitutional.

    After a careful consideration, the High Court nullified Saitoti’s gazette notice and effectively lifted the ban on MRC, thus giving them leeway to pursue their radical political agenda – as long as they remained within the confines of the law.

    When all is said and done, the MRC’s political aspirations can only grow worse as the individuals in government are the same ones who have disenfranchised the residents of Coast province for so many years. For instance, the planned privatisation of Mombasa Port is one that we previously discussed at Jukwaa and that which I personally fully support the MRC on. We know the vultures in this government have not had their fill in disposing state assets and will do anything to get their hands on the up coming Port of Lamu and Port of Mombasa.


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