Mkutano wa Rais Kikwete na Uhuru Kenyatta kuzua mgogoro wa kidplomasia?

Wakuu naomba niulize yafuatayo:

Rais JM Kikwete kakutana na hiki ‘kikundi’ kwa namna gani maana si wawakilishi wa serikali ya Kenya? Hela ya walipa kodi katika nchi zote mbili inaungua bure tu hapo. Uhuru Kenyatta si waziri wala lolote katika serikali ya Kenya. Sasa iweje leo kapeleka delegation yake ya kisiasa ikulu? Isije ikawa huyu bwana alikua amekuja kuangalia jinsi ya kuwahi ardhi Bongo maana nd’o michezo ya familia yao. Afu usipate pia eti Rais Kikwete naye kaafikiana na huyu bwana. Mchosho!

Pili ni udhaifu wa wakuu wa protokali kumuacha Rais kukutana na kambi moja (TNA/PNU ya Uhuru Kenyatta)ya siasa kutoka nchi jirani huku akijua wazi kua kuna kambi nyengine (ODM ya Raila Odinga). Hivi hajui kama anaji-potray kua keshalalia ubavu mmoja (Partisan)?Siasa za Kenya waachiwe wa-Kenya wenyewe na kama nikutoa ushauri basi shinikizo liwe katika utekelezaji wa kura katika njia zilizowazi na sio na utata kama ilivyokua 2007.

Hizi kauli za kusema eti sijui wakenya waruhusiwe kupiga ‘without undue interference’ zinajulikana wazi kua zinalenga katika kesi ya ICC dhidi ya Uhuru Kenyatta na William Ruto ambazo kwa kiwango fulani zitawazuia kugombea Urais hapo mwakani…lakini hio ni hadithi ya siku nyengine. Hapa pia handlers wa Rais Kiwete wanakosea kutompa ushairi kua aepukana na matamshi kama haya.

Hili genge la kina Uhuru Kenyatta lilijaribu kila mbinu kujaribu kuzuia hizi kesi kuendelea hadi kuwasilisha mswada AU lakini hawakufua dafu. Rais Kikwete is wading into waters he has no business wading into and somebody needs to tell him so.


Kikwete urges Kenyans to unite ahead of polls

Posted  Sunday, October 21  2012 at  17:20

In Summary

  • Kikwete also urged African states to accept the decision that Kenyans will make in the elections

Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete on Sunday said Kenyans should be allowed to elect leaders in the next General Election without undue interference.

Mr Kikwete also urged African states to accept the decision that Kenyans will make in the elections.

Mr Kikwete was speaking after meeting a Kenyan delegation comprising of Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Justice Minister Eugene Wamalwa in State House, Dar es Salaam.

The leaders praised the close ties between Kenya and Tanzania as President Kikwete stressed on the need for unity in Kenya ahead of the next General Election.

He recognized the constitutional and institutional reforms that have taken place since the last General Election, saying Kenya was all set for elections.

The delegation recalled and appreciated the role President Kikwete, who was then the chairman of the African Union, played in reconciling Kenyans in the aftermath of the post-election violence.

The violence culminated in the formation of the Grand Coalition Government between President Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU) and Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

On his part, Mr Kenyatta said his goal and that of like-minded leaders was to move the country forward in unity.

To this end, he said, they were reaching out to leaders in other political parties.

The Kenyan delegation also included MPs Moses ole Sakuda and Rachel Shebesh, former MP Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali and URP’s Kazungu Kambi.

Also present was the Kenyan High Commissioner to Tanzania, Mr Mutinda Mutiso.

Tanzanians Opine Here

6 comments on “Mkutano wa Rais Kikwete na Uhuru Kenyatta kuzua mgogoro wa kidplomasia?

  1. Hehehe!! Somebody somewhere called it “Shuttle Diplomacy Reloaded”! Check this out:

    “It was a normal courtesy call. It was requested by two political parties (TNA and New Ford-K) to brief the President about the political situation in Kenya,” he said. Aides to Mr Kenyatta, however, said the visit was at the invitation of President Kikwete.

    Mr Kenyatta and Mr Wamalwa will next head to Rwanda to meet President Paul Kagame, Uganda to lobby President Yoweri Museveni, and South Sudan to rally President Salva Kiir behind their mission.

    They will then approach the African Union for a joint position on Kenya’s elections. “Their mission is to ensure that once Kenyans have made their decision, no institution, government or foreign power can undo it,” Mr Tony Gachoka, who is Mr Wamalwa’s media officer, said.

    Locally, they have moved to the Supreme Court through Attorney General Githu Muigai to seek a legal interpretation on whether elected leaders can be subjected to the same stringent integrity terms as appointed state officers.

    “He (Mr Wamalwa) is going to use his office to seek an advisory opinion on the difference between elected and appointed state officers to know whether delegated authority by the people can be undone by the integrity chapter,” said Mr Gachoka.


    • There is this misguided notion that should Uhuru succeed in rallying regional leaders around the Horn of Africa against the ICC; then they could somehow armtwist the AU Chair Dlamini Zuma to also thaw her cooperation with ICC. It’s not going to happen!!!!

      Of course they forgot to read the general direction in which SADC countries have been treating global cooperation issues. None of SADC countries is willing to join the list of pariah states like Sudan…that’s precisely why Joyce Banda, President of Malawi, (a SADC member), not too long back forced the AU to move its summit from Malawi to Addis Ababa…. because Banda had promised to enforce the ICC warrant for Bashir had the Sudanese fugitive President set foot in Lilongwe.

      These are the reasons why Jean Ping is no longer the AU Chair. Uhuru is trying a path of belligerence that was tried by Gadaffi and others. It won’t work. The only silver lining for Uhuru is that he’s burning Kenyan taxpayer money on this futile mission – not his personal funds.

      A future inquiry should demand refund for all these misappropriated taxpayer funds. This is grand corruption straight up!!!


  2. mkuu titchaz

    first off – karibu sana mkuu mwenzangu, good to have you on board

    am glad to see that our brothers from Tz are also just as astounded as we are about this second wave of shuttle diplomacy, this time directly by one of the suspects. actually its the only suspect that has been the cause for all the previous “shuttle diplomacy” efforts. the other three are included for dramatic an inclusive effect (illusion).

    does anybody know the full purpose of the delegation (other than ask the Tz president to interfere with our politics by telling others not to interfere and to keep off – hehehe i really like that contradiction) and what exactly did they achieve for the country? what was in it for Tz? Has Kikwete told the US and other meddlers to keep off Kenya?

    This shuttle diplomacy phase 2 is going to be interesting.

    Kwa hizo comments I see some guys making a business connection between Kikwete and UK, is there some truth in that?


  3. Mkuu Titchaz, Hujambo lakini?

    This is exactly what I told those folk in Jukwaa:

    I have scanned the TZ news sources and the official presidential press for statement on this visit and sadly all I have seen are hyped articles on Kenyan media. It smacks of a deceptive carefully choreographed media sanitization campaign. Uhuru certainly needs to clean his image before it hits the ballot paper.

    I recall Ruto making a whistle stop tour of State House Entebbe and Dar-es-Salaam via charter flight in a single day. That tour did not save him from confirmation of ICC charges, neither did it win him back his cabinet position. If anything at all, it lowered the standing of the people he visited.

    The EAC treaty is clear on meddling in the internal politics of member states. The same applies to African Union.

    Recently we saw how Kibaki’s foreign affairs policy goofed when Kenya refused without any valid reason to support the candidature of South Africa’s Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as head of the African Union Commission. Much to our international and pan-Africanist embarrassment, Dlamini-Zuma went on to beat the incumbent, Jean Ping of Gabon, the one who has blown hot and cold on the ICC matter and the desputed Kenyan elections on 2007. Kibaki’s excuse of a conflict of interest whilst the Kenyan was running for a different position and not against Dlamini-Zuma was lame and indefensible!

    I think Pres. Kikwete knows only too well what it would mean to be seen to be associating with (let alone endorsing) an ICC indictee to run for president of an EAC member state all of whom are signatories to the Rome statute. It will even be worse for EAC when Uhuru is either beaten at the ballot and/or found guilty of crimes against humanity at the ICC. We saw it with Gaddafi who upon demise, every other African head of state wanted to delete pictures they took together during the good old days. Diplomacy is a minefield not fit for Kenyan tribal politics.

    If Uhuru was seeking to save face after being snubbed by Annan and Mkapa, I do not see how the expensive trip to Dar-es-Salaam is helping!

    Read more:


    • Phil. It looks like Kikwete is going to be known as the laundry room for the ICC globe trotters. I don’t think he’d appreciate such a tag. I think these guys should visit N.Sudan, where they will truly find their birds of a feather


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