Ruto will run the country via internet – while at The Hague

Eldoret North MP William Ruto says he is capable of running the country while attending to the International Criminal charges facing him at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

The MP said the impending trial will neither interfere nor stop his ability to govern the country. “I have no problem reporting to the Hague when required and running the affairs of Kenya,” he said yesterday.

The former minister told journalists at his home that advances in technology have made it easy for people to work from anywhere in the world. “This is an ICT world. I can do many things on the Internet to ensure Kenya is running while I attend to my cases in the Hague,” he said.

ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, who is currently visiting Kenya, told the media on Monday that Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta will not get any respite over the charges even if they win the next elections.

She said the trials will continue irrespective of the outcome of the elections adding that the ICC judges have substantial evidence against the two.

Yesterday, Ruto said there was nothing knew in Bensouda message. He said everyone has known that the trials will coincide with the dates of the elections.

“Presidents go to court and answer charges. As president I will go to the Hague. The trial will not affect or stop me from doing my job as president,” he said.

Speaking when he received 22 councillors from Samburu who defected to URP, Ruto told the IEBC to stop shifting responsibility and advancing excuses for the fiasco in the procurement of BVR kits.

“The clear message to IEBC is that they are an independent commission secured in the constitution. They do not need concurrence of anyone to do anything.”

Ruto, who is also the leader of URP, cautioned the IEBC against running away from their responsibility warning that it was an affront to the people if the elections date are shifted beyond March 4, 2013. Ruto advised the IEBC chairman Isack Hasan to consider manual voter registration if the delivery of BVR kits prove a herculean task.

14 comments on “Ruto will run the country via internet – while at The Hague

  1. 1) Ruto’s greatest weakness is his penchant for picking unnecessary fights at the wrong time. Why throw that uncalled for jab at Bensouda right before his impending trial?

    2) There is a simmering but fierce leadership jostle within the G-7 despite all the effort to paint a rosy all-is-well picture.

    3) Ruto prepared for this jostle earlier on – by hitting the ground running…working very hard to create semblance of a national party called URP. On the other hand, Eugene lazed around, smiling behind the podium at each of Uhuru Kenyatta’s rallies…only to realize the carpet under his feet…New Ford-K had been hawked to Mudavadi.

    4) Kalonzo has realized there is no room for him in this den called G-7…in which Uhuru has even invited his Ukambani nemesis Ngilu. There is no clearer message than that…Kalonzo is not wanted in G-7!…and the architects of his exit don’t want to hear no talk of betrayal!

    5) Here is Ruto’s conundrum which he will be forced to deal with rather quickly.

    (a) Uhuru will not cede the G-7 Presidency ticket to him.

    (b) Neither will Uhuru make him running mate…for obvious reasons;

    i) Uhuru is pragmatic enough not to have both candidates in a single ticket
    accused at the ICC
    ii) Ruto’s obstinate personality is too tough for Uhuru to deal with.
    iii) The new Katiba makes it impossible to fire a VP.
    iv) Uhuru’s backers and community are uncomfortable with Ruto a heart-beat away
    from the Presidency.
    v) Many pliant, broke, and sycophant weaklings like Eugene are available.
    vi) Uhuru’s natural VP pick will be Eugene Wamalwa.

    6) Thanks to many of his followers who have been hurling insults at ODM…Ruto will likely burn cash and midnight oil running alone (URP)…come third… and watch the run-off from the sidelines.

    7) Even if he throws his full weight behind TNA in the run-off, if ODM has a Kalenjin running mate, Ruto won’t convince his community to back Uhuru-Wamalwa, PERIOD!

    8) Ruto’s knows in his heart his best shot is a pre-election deal with ODM otherwise he risks losing his political mojo in the run-off. Local bread and butter issues, land issues, and better realization of TNA’s takeover of Nakuru County politics (in the first round) will largely shape where Kalenjin run-off votes will head, with Ruto having minimal influence then.

    9) History has now proved, when Ruto rules off a deal with anyone…be cautious and aware a deal might actually be in the making if not sealed already!



    • Job

      excellent analysis on the ruto and uhuru duo

      but here is the spin from their camps

      eti a deal (MOU) to be signed between the two at uhuru park. am not even sure what deals are being signed.

      so are these deals saying that the two tribes will vote for each other or is it about power sharing. if its power sharing, how do you share power that you do not have. (aka counting your chicks before they hatch)

      but jokes aside arent we supposed to elect a leader because we know that they have the interests of the country at heart and therefore do not need an MOU do what is right? the only reason for an MOU is if you are dealing with an incorrigible liar or scoundrel, that you want to bind him/her to a commitment

      from that article we have


      He said the ICC cases had more than before united the people of Rift Valley and Central Kenya.

      What The National Alliance and United Republican Party aspirants are now doing is to win over their communities tribes to the joint fight they plan to put up despite the schisms opened up between them by 2008 post-election violence for which they have been blamed .


      i.e these two tribes fought each other in 2008, now they want to unite to fight against the rest of kenya.

      what a wonderful plan for kenya. the two tribal warlords and their tribal gangs, ganging up against the rest of kenya. and they will sign this pact in broad daylight


      • tnk,
        you nailed it right here. These thugs are going nowhere.

        “but jokes aside arent we supposed to elect a leader because we know that they have the interests of the country at heart and therefore do not need an MOU do what is right? the only reason for an MOU is if you are dealing with an incorrigible liar or scoundrel, that you want to bind him/her to a commitment”


    • Job,
      Great analysis as usual.
      But what I ask myself is this; why in the world does Kajudas still think that he is part of G7? When will he come to the realization that he is not wanted anywhere near the top. My theory is that Uhuru having been instrumental in creating the fake Kalonzo presidential campaign in 2007 understands how unreliable the man can be. He also understands that the man has no convictions and can change his mind anytime. Perhaps he is imagining that anyone else (read Raila) could do with Kalonzo what they did with him last time. It’s with this in mind that he has rejected Kajudas in toto. But when will Kajudas get the fact that he is seen only a supporting act and a third or fourth wheel? Well, that’s for him to figure out and I won’t help him.

      Wamalwa on the other hand having smiled all along besides Uhuru was awarded with a ministry but he soon realized that it’s the only thing he was going to get. The running mate slot was not going to be given to him, so he has resorted to arm twisting. Mara there is no deal, mara he has to be running mate, mara he is going it alone. Which is which. But again, does Uhuru care?

      As you mentioned, will Uhuru take Ruto as running mate inspite of the fact that he believes that the kikuyus hate him (Ruto)? It’s a million dollar question that I’m not going to help Uhuru or Ruto answer. What I know is that it’s going to be an uphill task.

      The presidential election is going to be a repeat of the elections in 2002 when Kibaki came to power. Then Moi thought that he had Kikuyu votes in the bag via Uhuru. But another kikuyu (Kibaki) was thrown in the mix to counter Uhuru and we all know what happened. A kalenjin running mate might just do the same trick of effectively countering Ruto. So JOB, you are right on the money.


  2. Reblogged this on The Real Deal and commented:

    As I reblog this post by Mzee I add the following few thoughts

    As we fumble towards perhaps one of the most significant milestone in Kenya’s history, marking a turning point from an old and perverted constitution, into a new leadership dispensation, we are encumbered by a new and terrible phenomenon, disease or condition, which I will for now call Political (or Politic-Ethnic) Manumber (take care not to confuse with the long sanitised “honorable profession” of manamba )

    Political Manumbers are a new breed of iPad toting young thugs turks who have cranked some ethnic numbers and are convinced that they can manipulate these ethnic numbers in such a way as to position themselves to control all national and regional state or county offices and organs. In their diabolic mind games and schemes, the Political Manumbers plan to either directly sponsor their prefered stooges (if not themselves directly) into the highest state and county offices or else fall back on having significant control over the state bodies in such a way that the holders of such state offices will have no option but bend to their whims in a hostage environment that would make the mafia and other crime warlords of the past start teaching sunday school.

    the one and only driving force or unifying factor that each of these G7 brings to the boardroom, is their “perceived” firm control of their “ethnic voting block”

    Read for yourself the following articles on how the theory and practice of Political Manumbers or Political Manumbering is conceived and liberally applied on gullible and unintelligent Kenyans


    the Eldoret North MP felt he had more votes compared to Wamalwa and thus cannot play second fiddle to the Saboti MP,” said the insider. “While Ruto noted he can deliver 2.5 million votes from the Rift Valley, Uhuru had put his figure at 5.3 million from Mt Kenya region, Wamalwa at one million from his Western Province base, while Kalonzo at 1.2 million from his Ukambani region,” added the insider who has been attending meetings of the G7Alliance’s Political Affairs Committee.

    “You see for us, Ruto is the best person to work with, he is starting the race with close to seven counties, the PM has four, and Uhuru 12 counties. An alliance with him makes a lot of political sense for us because it would mean we would start the race with 19 counties ,” said a TNA insider, who did not want to be quoted.

    Uhuru, who ran for presidency in 2002 with Mudavadi as running mate, understandably believes the Sabatia MP enjoys a better national appeal. But Ruto reportedly maintains Kalonzo starts off with a solid backing at home and has more numbers.


    THe questions to be asked,
    a) under the new constitution, is this possible/feasible
    b) to the hapless lamb being led to the slaughter, are they so blinded by irrational and emotive conditioning so as to be completely unable to discern how they have been duped
    c) is there anything the few rational kenyans that remain out there that can do

    Note that these G7 characters have totally run over the media and any counter process must generally run without the support of the mainstream kenya media

    PS for clarity
    a manamba is that creative folk, who does every trick in the book to woo customers into a matatu. his/her skills include providing entertainment as well as sell route policies hehehe

    a manumber on the other hand will only need an answer to one question
    “when are your tribe?”

    note two things here, first the sentence construct is immaterial. second only the significant information is relevant i.e the question mark and word “tribe”. how you answer the question determines where you cast your vote
    over to you folks


  3. this attitude of ruling from prison cells tells you what these guys think of kenya and kenyans in general. they are so pompous as to imagine themselves as demi-gods. guess what their problem with raila is?
    but i blame the sycophants even more for making them believe this to be true

    here are the pedlars discussing how many kilos of meat they bring to the boardroom table

    Ruto noted he can deliver 2.5 million votes from the Rift Valley, Uhuru had put his figure at 5.3 million from Mt Kenya region, Wamalwa at one million from his Western Province base, while Kalonzo at 1.2 million from his Ukambani region

    how can a proud people like the different sub groups presented in the former RV allow themselves to be auctioned like meat in a butchery

    but that means nothing

    in reality, taking a deep look at this discussion, when this so called G7 says they are discussing “issues”, what “issues” are uhuru’s 5.3m being herded into a voting block, ruto’s 2.5m etc. what really key issues are these? the fact of the matter is that this is the clearest indication that the G7 is nothing but a convergence of tribal warlords.

    is it odd or coincidence or fate, that uhuru’s land wealth, his 5.3m vote basket foray into the RV happens to be the biggest bone of contention faced by ruto’s 2.5m

    i also like the idea that these guys carry these blank voter cheque books ready to trade at any time. we call this democratic right and tell off any foreigner who wants to snatch even a page (or leaf) from this book.

    when kibaki said, kenyans ni pumbavu na wata piga kura alafu waende nyumbani, we know who he was talking about.


    • Opinion
      The votes mathematics of the G7 sounds solid but it will only works if people could be reduced to zombies. Therein lays the problem of their calculations. Kenyans are keen to attend meetings where there is free food and 500 shillings pocket money to be gained but this does not reduce them to zombies.

      Uhuru and Ruto are negotiating for pre-election alliances to win the ticket for Statehouse but this is only window dressing for the electorate. They both know they never will make it as their ICC case will take priority. Behind all the erratic juggling for who will go with whom and who will be the groom or bride lingers a search for a hideout place. Uhuru and Ruto both have come to realisation the ICC is no play or move and they are already on the run looking for a safe place to hide.

      Kofi Anan’s and recent visit of the ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda are not just frolicsome, they mean serious business and Uhuru and Ruto are aware of this. They can try to scrub this off as interference by foreigners though they know what they did and realise they have no power over the consequences of their actions (although they tried very hard).
      Their visit to Kikwete is part of their real search for a hide-out. They did like to know if Kikwete will stick to law and comply with International calls for sanctions against Kenya when Uhuru will be elected President. They like to know if Kikwete will arrest / deliver them to the ICC if they stray into Tanzania or offer them a hideout if ICC is coming for them.
      Ruto’s offer of the Kalajin votes to Raila is not for a posting as his running mate or 60% of cabinet positions as reported. These are rumours for the electorate. The real negotiation is for a deal where Raila get the support from Ruto if Raila offer him protection when the ICC come calling.
      It seems Raila has not made this offer and the frail advances from Ruto towards Raila came to an abrupt end leaving Ruto no other choice as to return to Uhuru.

      This is a gambling option for protection from the ICC. Only one of them (Uhuru / Ruto) can become President (if possible at all) though Fatou Bensouda has made it clear the presidential position will not protect from the ICC. It probably makes it impossible to arrest Uhuru / Ruto though this will follow with international sanctions for Kenya as a nation and what this means is explained by RASNA WARAH in the article “Apocalyptic implications of having a president who is an ICC suspect”

      Uhuru and Ruto know the implications as well which leave them one option which is to appoint a stooge presidential candidate who avoids international sanctions for Kenya and which can offer them a hiding place and protection from the ICC.
      The Rwandan fugitive Félicien Kabuga in hiding since 1998 shows it is possible to defy the international court.
      The question left is; who will be the stooge presidential candidate? Kalonzo, Wamalwa, Mudavadi ??


      • Jansiteur,
        This things are easier said than done.
        As Job has always opined, its Uhuru or Ruto who can save Uhuru or Ruto from being locked up at the Hague. These guys have made up their minds to destroy the country if the win the elections. Kenyans must stay awake and watch these guys every move because to them, saving themselves is more important than destroying the country. So all this ethnic arithmetic that is being done is not for the good of their tribes but for their own good. I’m afraid, that we will face a doomsday scenario if the duo wins.


      • good points Jan and Mzee

        my question is this, what is easier to do?

        commit resources to a sound defense team and tackling ICC head on


        go on this circuitous and unpredictable win or bust presidential election

        if we step back a little and think this through

        the logical thing for anyone to do (especially someone that knows they are innocent and that the ICC is a court that truly believes in justice) would be to mount a rock solid defense and then get on with the business of disposing of the case as fast as possible.

        to go on this indeterminate political route implies that these two are certain of being indicted and must therefore use any and all other means necessary to avoid their date with the ICC. In their view this means they have to be in control of or over state resources and also in government so as to flash the diplomatic card to countries that may want to do something about it. the idea is that once in control of state resources they will take the path of despots like gadaffi, mugabe, mobutu etc, prolong this hold for as long as possible, even if lifetime emperor. we have seen how easy it is to change the constitution if you have sufficient number of idiots in parliament so don’t think the present constitution will hinder such effort if these guys grab power,

        bottom line, these guys know that if they go to the ICC trials as ordinary kenyans, then they are toast and its because of what they did leading to the 2007/2008 PEV


      • jansinteur,

        You make very valid assessment of the situation. Your sense that Uhuru and Ruto will need a puppet candidate is what I have myself believed will be the case. The problem with that argument is that we assume we are talking about rational people who base their actions on common sense. From what we have seen these guys don’t give a damn about common sense. The very idea that Ruto talks about running the government through a laptop in the cells tells you these guys are nuts. It is all about them.

        Uhuru on his part has grown so full of himself he really believes he is some muthamaki. Uhuru is throwing the kitchen sink at his bid for State House. The money vault has been thrown open to the skies. Uhuru is buying anything that walks even M.Ps who have never held any position of leadership in all their lives.

        So I think Uhuru is going for this thing ICC and all. It is a foolish move but he is going for it. Kibaki gave them the Mudavadi option and Uhuru spit it right back to his face. It seems the Kibaki boys have now prevailed on the Mzee to let Uhuru go for it. For all practical purposes Uhuru is the defacto president of Kenya as we speak. He is making the big calls.

        Now the move for Uhuru to pile Ruto behind him is real. According to their tribal arithmetic this was a sure bet to grab the presidency in one sort. Their agents have been running all over the map extremely excited. They miscalculated big time. What else is new.

        These people have only one agenda and Kuttuny said it best. Agenda number one, two and three are The Hague as Kuttung said. Basically there is no other agenda. Kenya and its 40 million citizens is not on the agenda for Uhuru and Ruto. The loud talk about development is just a joke. This is all about The Hague, The Hague and The Hague.

        The beauty of all these is that for the first time it has brought up the real debate Kenyans need to be having, namely are Kenyans ready to sacrifice their country for two individuals? That is a debate now raging in the country and over the weekend many voices are begginning to ask the real questions of mortgaging the country for individual interests.

        One thing Uhuru and Ruto did very successfully is they bastardized the debate about ICC. They invented all sorts of phony nonsense that has kept a lot of people busy. First it was prayer meetings. Then of course they went ballistics about Raila. They tried over and over again to sell the lie that Raila is sending them to The Hague so that Raila can walk to State House. Their mouth pieces peddled the same porojo all the time. ICC became just another tool to fight Raila. At some point Uhuru became obsessed with Raila and used every tribal gimmick he could jump on to attack Raila. Then it was Ocampo being used by the West (read Obama) to mess some unwanted characters. On and on it went.

        Now for the first time the country and not just bloggers like us are discussing the real issues at stake. And it took the realization that the ICC chaps are ready and willing to mess the country to save themselves. The talk about oh we can handle sanctions. Oh we have oil! Oh Sudan has survived. Like I said in another thread it is like asking a completely healthy person to inject themselves with some deadly virus in the hope that a cure will be found somewhere. That is what they want to do with the country. Put the nation on the path to sanctions. On the path to an entire international diplomatic isolation. On the path to a pariah state and they are telling us don’t worry because China will help us and we can keep our diplomatic relations with Zimbabwe and Sudan and may be Somalia. Why should we buy that as a country just because two people who claim they are absolutely innocent are too chicken to go defend themselves. That is a debate we need to have and the more we have it the better. It is not going to work very well for the Uhuruto plan.

        Then there is the grassroot rebellion in Ruto’s backyard. He didn’t see that coming. People are wondering why Ruto has auctioned them for what amounts to Ruto’s own personal agenda. They are not buying it. For the first time many voices within the Kalenjin community are coming up to stand up for their community. It is not very good news for Ruto. Bashing Raila is not going to be enough and to make it worse Raila very humbly tried to reach out to him. He spit on his extended hand of friendship. The truth is even Raila cannot save Ruto from The Hague. Raila tried begging them to accept the local option they poured scorn on him and thought they had bigger plans.

        So let Kenyans battle with the big matter before. Which one comes first. Our country or the selfish interests and ambitions of two individuals who have really never done anything for our country. The nation is ready for that conversation. It is about time. This idea of telling Kenyans ati vote for me to take the presidency because if you don’t I will go to The Hague is not a very good selling point. Being charged with crimes against humanity is not a badge of honour for people to wear around their necks demanding our votes.


        • hehehe adongo, you nailed it with that line
          “This idea of telling Kenyans ati vote for me to take the presidency because if you don’t I will go to The Hague”
          …. is not a very good selling point.”

          so instead of all these party slogans sijui we cant believe, or kutema na kupora and all those youth agenda nini should just be changed to

          “aki woiyee – tupigie kura otherwise twaenda hague”

          ok its not funny, aint dat de truth


        • This is political myopia at best. Ruto will have to come up with something very special before kalenjins shout Uhuru tosha.

          As we speak, Uhuru has large tracts of land deep in kalenjin land taken for free and probably by force. The kalenjin are languishing in poverty and landlessness. Then Ruto goes ahead and tells them to vote for Uhuru because Raila has taken them to The Hague. It won’t wash. Kalenjins are not that foolish to be led like sheep to a slaughter house.

          Then there is the issue of imaginary votes by Uhuru which stands at 5.3 and Ruto 2.5. Even an idiot can see that this is manufactured lie cannot stand. But here we are, the Uhuruto mob is falling over themselves and already preparing new windows curtains for the state house. What a disappointment it’s going to be for the mobsters.

          I understand that they are planning to get to the state house in round one of the presidential elections because round two will find them answering some very difficult questions at The Hague hence the imaginary and overblown figures. They also believe and know that incase of second round ODM will show them dust.

          These fellows are heel bent of killing our country just as they did in kill people in 2007/2008. We will not allow them.

          The business community is already jittery about the presidency of the two gangsters and will have none of it. I don’t think that those with investments in Kenya are going to support these thugs unless they are not serious business people. Mama mbogo saw what happened when sanctions were imposed on Kenya during Moi´s time and I don’t think she wants to see a repeat of the same. It was a painful experience that almost sunk the country.


      • Great piece by Prof. Kurgat. I have always maintained that Kenyans will not accept the travesty of a pariah state with all its consequences to 40 million Kenyans. It WILL NOT happen and Kenyans are now very focused in taking this issue to the Kenyan voters. A day is coming when folks like Uhuru will cry rivers of tears for the billions being squandered on this TNA project which has been doomed by history. Mama Ngina is going to kill him. Ngoja tu.

        Here we go:


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