Police Reforms: Recruitment of Inspector General and Deputies Underway

Submissions for applications for consideration into top positions of the Kenya National Police Service closed this week. This is perhaps one of the most critical pre-election changes in so far as police reforms are concerned.

Nearly 100 candidates have reportedly sent in their applications including civilians and serving police officers and it is being reported that the conditions set out for Inspector General’s position seem to have discouraged a number of interested candidates, since it is a single four-year term job with security of tenure that is not subject to renewal. All applicants also had to obtain mandatory clearance required to be cleared by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), The Credit Reference Bureau, Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) among others.The Inspector General will be in charge of the National Police Service while two deputies will oversee operations of the regular and administration police respectively.

Interestingly, the current commissioner of police, Mathew Iteere has surprised many by not having applied for the position of Inspector General or the two Deputy Inspector Generals. The Inspector General’s position has attracted 90 applications while that of the Deputy Inspector General in charge of the Kenya Police attracted 36 applications. The position of the Inspector General in charge of the Administration Police has attracted 33 applications.

Although Iteere had applied for a Certificate of Good Conduct from the CID, indicating he may put in an application, he seemed to have had second thoughts like the former Administration Police Commandant Kinuthia Mbugua, first expressed an interest in the new positions but has since quit the force and joined politics – running for Governor of Nakuru County. There is speculation about Iteere’s next move but observers say his absence offer some relief to those who wanted change at the top.

It is frightening to imagine that former CID Director Joseph Kamau is among those who have submitted their applications to be Kenya’s first Inspector General. A holder of a master’s degree in police studies, Kamau left the force in 2006 under a cloud of controversy of the still unresolved Artur Brothers saga and the murder of Professor Onyango Mbai, amidst accusations of police lethargy.

The current long serving Kenya Police spokesman Eric Kiraithe has submitted applications for both IG and deputy IG positions. He holds a master’s degree in administration. Stephen Kemei, a GSU officer who has served in two United Nations missions in Kosovo, has also applied for both positions. He holds a degree in human resources.

Even more insulting to the Kenyan public is that one Ms. Grace Kahindi who was formerly the Kisumu OCPD during the post election violence and the one who issued shoot to kill orders has also reportedly applied to be considered for Deputy Inspector General. Kaindi is among those who declined to appear before the Waki Commission.

Most of the former and serving senior security officers have serious integrity questions based on their past actions and omissions.

Despite various state-sanctioned attempts to forestall police reforms and to have the current police leadership retained in office until after the 2013 general elections, the Chairman of the National Police Service Commission Johnstone Kavuludi said that their intention is have the new officers installed by December 2012. Previously, a two-pronged attempt has been made to stall the appointments until after the 2013 elections.

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  1. Kibaki takes advantage of Prime MInisters absence to sneak in police appointments.
    Grace Kaindi named Deputy Inspector General in charge of the Police.
    Samuel Arachi to head Administration Police while Muhoro remains CID Director.

    It’s unclear if these appointments have been made in consultation with the PM, but two days ago, reliable information was that Kibaki would make some pending “tribal appointment” during the PM’s absence.


    • Folks, this was coming:

      Prime Minister Raila Odinga has rejected the three Police appointments made by President Kibaki yesterday saying no agreement had been reached between them on the said appointments.


  2. looks like iteere is getting poor review

    btw – for laughs in this clip below check out the bumbling blob gifted with rare condition of two left legs goofing behind iteere in a national parade 1:48 to 1:56, pure comedy


    • Tnk,

      Thanks for this must-see video. This clip brings into context not only the recent spree of murders of persons closely linked to top security officers, but also the peculiar exposé of “Senior Superitendant” Waiganjo and the Baragoi massacre of recently-recruited cops.

      It is becoming clear that these assassinations have everything to do with a multi-billion scam involving a bribe-driven recruitment process for police, CID, NSIS, paramilitary (GSU, APs, anti-stock theft unit) and military (army, air-force, and navy) personnel.

      In police alone, about 7,000 youth are normally recruited from the 286 district headquarters across the country..but without a uniform/equitable allocation for each area.

      It is already evident that havens for the bribe-driven recruitment have been places like Gatundu, Thika, Ruiru, Juja, and areas around Nakuru. Parents from these areas are being fleeced amounts ranging between Kshs 100,000 up to KShs 300,000 (depending on agent commissions) to recruit their youth into police, paramilitary and military forces. Such areas therefore get automatic boost of allocated slots for the recruitment.

      In terms of amounts involved in the scam…assuming that an average of Kshs 200,000 bribe per recruit exchanges hands…and half of recruits pay their way through (I suspect a higher percentage bribe their way through)…we are talking 3,500 x 200,000/= which comes to Kshs 700,000,000/=. It is therefore clear we are dealing with more than a billion shilling bribery operation…extending to cover military recruitment.

      In this syndicate, top security men are involved alongside members of the DSIC (District Security Intelligence Committees), field agents of the virtually dead KACC, and some Ministry bureaucrats representing the OP (Kimemia) and Provincial Administration honchos. External or internal agents who actually coordinate the bribes directly from parents are also involved….and this is where recent news reveals huge problems.

      These agents who have been collecting bribes from parents – whether Mungiki mobilizers, or leaders of local Matatu Associations, or imposters embedded within the security itself (Waiganjo) are now being targeted for extrajudicial assassinations/elimination. Many of them are disappearing without trace (several uncollected bodies retrieved from River Tana reported by Mortuary attendant), others are in the run, and those too conspicuous like Waiganjo (whose father is also a retired cop) are being kicked-off the force..with their ’employers’ (Iteere) and ‘liaisons’ (M’Mbijiwe) quickly disowning them.

      The killings have included even some beneficiaries of the bribe-driven-recruitment – the 40 plus police recruits recently sent to their death valley at Baragoi. This can be characterized as a cover-up operation in an attempt to conceal past rot…akin to the extrajudicial assassinations of Mungiki involved in PEV. It is the same textbook and bloody approach being followed to sweep the rot under the carpet ostensibly before the new police leadership takes firm root.

      Inspector General Kimaiyo has a lot of dirty files on his table. Unless he himself was part of the scam, he must be very careful to ensure no stone is left unturned..otherwise he will walk into the same mess Mathew Iteere now faces. Despite obvious pressure from the likes of Kimemia, Kimaiyo must understand that when the shit hits the fan, it won’t be Kimemia, but him (Kimaiyo) facing the music.

      Indications point directly to former Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere himself, and several of his deputies, assistants and senior PPOs like Rift Valley PPO, SSP M’Mbijiwe being directly involved in the scam. I suspect top military officials are equally involved in this multi-billion illegal enterprise.

      The KNHRC must get to the bottom of this…I understand the matter has attracted keen interest of the diplomatic community. Kimaiyo must cooperate with the Police Oversight Authority and other agencies (DPP, & Judiciary) to ensure that top guns are convicted not only of the bribery, but the more serious crimes of cover-up murders/assassinations. Kimaiyo is facing either of two things. Either he gets his investigation and swiftly sends files to DPP for onward prosecution…or drags feet in the name of ‘ongoing investigations’ and be automatically dragged into the same syndicate and conspiracy.

      In short, Inspector General Kimaiyo has no option but send files of top cops (& ex-cops) being prosecuted…if not he is himself part of the conspiracy…therefore warranting investigation himself. Heads of obvious culprits like M’Mbijiwe must start rolling (suspension) as investigations ensure. Many heads of DSIC members in havens like Thika, Kiambu, Nakuru, Kajiado, must be part of the rolling lot. KNHRC must not spare the military recruitment process from their research too. This matter is going to simply go away…even in the next government…and it is directly related to the forthcoming general elections…that’s why international eyes have come probing closely!


      • Tnk,

        Kimaiyo and the NPSC had no choice. It’s a good start, but there is more to it about these ghost cops. This is just the tip of the Iceberg. More heads must roll in several other District Security Intelligence Committees. This is a very serious breach of national security. We have thugs, Mungikis, school drop outs and makangas all infiltrating and rising through the ranks of police..into very senior positions. Handing these thugs guns and security secrets is simply breathtaking.


    • tnk,
      Hold your horses because there is more rot in this saga than just M’Mbijiwe and three others. Like someone else mentioned earlier, Kibaki never gets involved in something if its not close to him. I believe Iteere knows one of two things about the fake guy. Apart from that, there must be a chain of others who are involved from those who paid his salaries, provided him with housing at the police lines, vehicles, uniforms, arms etc.

      I do believe that this guy was just unlucky to be caught, there are other “ghost” policemen and women out there who are yet to be unearthed.

      OBS! Don’t be surprised if the fake commits “suicide” in the police cells.


  3. tic tok tick tok ….
    What everybody is missing but widely reported is that Inspector General of Police Ali fired a group of ” waiganjos ” ( WHY ?) now we know that they were in turn clandestinely promoted “re-inserted or re-activated” by Iteere. ( WHY ?) A first step to clean up this mess would be to follow up on ” Ali´s list ” who , why and were are they now ? The 40 cops killed in Baragoi is starting to smell much much bigger that it actually is – a time bomb waiting to explode.


    • http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Investigate-trail-of-bogus-officer-Kibaki-orders–/-/1056/1658474/-/o11lurz/-/index.html

      from experience, anytime kibaki gets involved in something, it means the rot leads close to home and is an attempt to diffuse

      there is far much more in this saga than is on the surface.

      i think there is an even bigger scandal about to break or being concealed

      and how come we cannot get a straight story around this guy

      has he been in the force for 2 years, 5 years or 10?

      also he has warrants and has also appeared in court for various criminal acts as well as been jailed for at least 6 months, how come then he just bounces back straight to the force again?

      how did he get the officers sacked/fired, did he write letters to the effect, to whom did he present these papers, who verified? can these officers get reinstated? who did he help recruit? are these recruits from his criminal background i.e more carjackers in the police force?

      where is Kimaiyo – time to swing into action

      would love to hear from Kiraithe


    • “….The 40 cops killed in Baragoi is starting to smell much much bigger that it actually is – a time bomb waiting to explode……..”

      …. He was the reign of terror over junior offices……. good friends to Rift valley PPO John Mbijiwe……. The 40 police officers killed in Baragoi were mostly from the Rift valley region……..sent to hostile territory without proper intell and most importantly proper back-up………. flying in a chopper with other senior officers to ‘investigate’ the Baragoi onslaught,……Oh no no no. I hope you are joking.


  4. Play of musical chairs no serious reforms intended for Kenya Police Service. Some of the people we had hope in are already knocked out.


    12 shortlisted for post of CID director
    Posted by BERNARD MOMANYI on November 22, 2012

    The current CID director Ndegwa Muhoro is among those shortlisted/CFM-File
    NAIROBI, Kenya Nov 22 – Twelve candidates have been shortlisted for interviews to head the Criminal Investigations Department.

    The current holder of the position Ndegwa Muhoro who is among four nominees inching closer to become Kenya’s first deputy Inspector General of Police is top on the list.

    Sources told Capital FM News that interviews for the post will be conducted between December 3 and 6 by the National Police Service Commission.

    “Only 12 police officers were shortlisted for interviews out of 33 who had applied,” the source said.

    Muhoro will be battling it out with deputy police commissioner Francis Okonya, former Coast PPO Kingori Mwangi, head of investigations at CID headquarters Mohamed Amin and deputy director of CID Gideon Kimilu among others.

    Others are the head of Interpol at CID headquarters Mary Kaol, former head of the Anti-terrorism unit Mathew Kabetu, head of personnel at CID headquarters Tom Omani, director of logistics at police headquarters Silas Mc Opiyo, head of legal division CID headquarters Stanley Cheruiyot, head of CID training school Peter Muinde and head of senior police training college Patrick Obimo.

    Muhoro is ranked top among three candidates who have been nominated to be the first deputy inspector general of the regular police.

    The Chairman of the National Police Service Commission Johnston Kavuludi says he will ensure Kenyans get a new director of CID by the end of next month.

    “We will expedite the process because we understand the need to reform the security agencies in this country,” Kavuludi said.


      • job,

        Mr. Waiganjo whose shocking story you have posted there has been in the police force for 5 years mainly as a fake Deputy PPO with uniforms and guns of course, with an office presumably, with salary I suppose, with police escort to his home village, going to top security meetings including recently in Baragoi, has fired cops etc and all these he did by just coming of the streets where he was a tout and part time highway robber. Come’on.

        Kenyans are not that dumb. This is a guy working with the big boys and that is why all of a sudden the police bosses are pretending they don’t know anything about him. Can we all see why Kibaki and his shetanis have resisted every attempt to open the lead on the police force with real reforms! And remember the guy having been there for five years must have walked in right at the height of the PEV. Oh boy! Perfect timing. And right place at the epicentre of PEV. He must have joined the “Bring Your Own Uniform and Guns Party”.

        In any other country this would have required a full investigation to get to the bottom of the whole thing and who he was working with. With the criminals running our country they are going to white wash this very fast, slap some charges on him and may be get him off in the heat of the elections. If he doesn’t watch watch it, he will be past tense very soon to protect some people.

        The beauty of it all is that Kenyans are so used to this form of madness from Kibaki and his boys that none of these alarms anybody. This is the new normal in Kenya under Kibaki and we wonder why the country is so screwed up.


      • Adongo was right. The top cops knew of this man. He was illegally planted in the force by matere.
        By Digital Reporter
        NJORO, KENYA: The family of imposter PPO Charles Waiganjo has claimed that retired Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere was behind Waiganjo’s promotion.

        Ibrahim Waiganjo, who is the father of the accused, told The Standard that his son was hired as a Police Reservist in 2002 and was later promoted by Iteere.

        Ibrahim, who served as a police officer and is now a preacher, has said that senior members of the police force knew of his son’s position.

        Speaking at his Njoro home, he presented photos pictureing his son alongside senior police officers.
        Ibrahim added that Rift Valley PPO, John Binjiwa, was a friend of the family and that Binjwa had attended several family functions.

        Earlier in the week, news that Waiganjo had for five years masqueraded as Rift Valley’s Deputy Provincial Police Officer made the news attracting sharp criticism countrywide.



      • Mzee,

        The whole scam is unravelling like cheap nylon socks caught in thorns. These scambags! This thing has Iteere’s fingerprints all over it and the Rift Valley PPO is the point man. This is their thug and god knows what asignments he has been doing for the top cops besides organising robbers and robberies. We have a sick police force in Kenya. I think our civil society friends need to get some real heat on this and demand answers. I am sure that is going to be done.

        This is too much:



      • Adongo,
        It looks like Iteere was protecting the thug because as soon as Iteere left everything started tumbling.

        Its a shame that a standard 8 drop out can be promoted to such a high rank while others who want to join the force are subjected to all manner of scrutiny.

        The question is this, what was the man doing for the big bosses. And as you pointed out, the timing of his appointment and the time PEV is just scary. Was this one of those guys shooting at us in Kisumu in 08/07? Did we not complain that they has dreadlocks and even shaggy hair which regular police never have?

        This thing stinks to high heavens.

        Na mta do?


      • I can see some folks starting to learn how to work hard to earn their keep, thanks to devolution. For close to some 50 years, most of these folks have been parasitic on other citizens’ sweat for their survival and at the same time masquerading as hard workers! What a myth!

        Time has come right now. One will only reap where one sowed!! No more riding on other citizens’ back.

        What a shame that a class 8 drop out can rise to the post of an assistant commissioner of police while university graduates rot whiling away time jobless on Kenyan streets!!

        Little wonder the former commissioner of police, Mathew Iteere, decided to opt for retirement so early in his life for no apparent reason. He could simply not dare face the rot he left behind during his time in office!! The guy most likely feared the Hussein Ali sort of situation (ICC) confronting him in his twilight years!

        Bure kabisa and totally sickening!!!!!


      • Mzee, Adongo et al,

        I suspect the new IG of Police Kimaiyo is not going to let this slide away because we won’t allow him. Impunity within the police must be dealt with…before the electioneering period. Signs there are currently illegal imposters within the force must be addressed immediately, otherwise Kimaiyo himself could be walking into a minefield.

        I applaud the thug’s dad for coming out publicly to call out Iteere and RV PPO M’Mbijiwe straight up. That’s an invaluable piece of evidence in resolving this mystery.

        If there is proof of a parallel police force – taking direct orders from the police bosses – here it is. When folks talk of a rotten and tribalized police force, here it is. When folks talk of bribe-and extortion brokers implanted within the police to fleece the public, here it is.

        It is such loose cannons who lend their service to dirty errands including secretive death squads and extrajudicial assassination missions. That a class 8 drop-out, a criminal extortionist…who has been previously jailed for the same crime of being a police imposter…and who has a current police warrant…is surreptitiously and illegally drawing from taxpayers coffers – hefty salaries, benefits, allowances – and unfettered access to State resources (police vehicles, choppers, etc)…while running personal (& likely criminal) enterprises for his masters is an earth-shaking matter that warrants a NATIONAL INQUIRY.

        Former Commissioner ITEERE must explain this. Waiganjo’s drinking partner & current RV PPO M’MBIJIWE must know he can’t simply extricate himself from this through pretentious statements. The criminal imposter’s father provided photographic proof/evidence that the PPO M’Mbijiwe attended the funeral of Mr Waiganjo’s mother. There is even video evidence of M’Mbijiwe addressing the funeral as Waiganjo’s sister stated. On top, M’Mbijiwe authorized use of police Land Rovers to transport mourners. Has anyone ever rushed to report crime at a police station only to be turned away with the excuse that there is no transport?

        That puzzle is hereby solved. This is how/where police Land Rovers have been busy engaged in….attending to personal matters of criminal imposters.

        There is absolutely no REASON why Inspector General Kimaiyo has not SUSPENDED PPO M’MBIJIWE already!!! This is a freaking national joke!!!!! Dangerous impunity and serious abuse of office!

        Irrespective of his unconvincing denial, Mathew Iteere must be INVESTIGATED for appointing a class 8 drop-out and criminal robber as senior superintendant of police. M’Mbijiwe can assist in the investigation since he actually attended Waiganjo’s homecoming party over the ‘appointment’. I thought they do background checks before appointing even game warders, let alone cops. How do you even entrust a single gun with such established robbers?

        The Police Oversight Authority, DPP and Judiciary all have some research work regarding this case. It would be important to trace how the arrest warrant at Nyeri (on the imposter) was removed last month at Nyeri. That’s a way to understand the link between corruption and miscarriage of justice. This is also a case study on how police recruitment has been taken over by bribery and corruption running into a multi-million racket. If you can pay the likes of Waiganjo shs 100,000 then you get recruited.

        My better half is actually telling me she thinks this Waiganjo fella is exactly a recruitment broker for wakina Iteere and M’Mbijiwe…whom they’ve been using to fleece those applying to join the police. Once the imposter collects the hundreds of thousands from each applicant, he channels the funds to wakina Iteere and Mbijiwe…this is why Waiganjo’s case was quickly withdrawn from Nyeri. That’s why the big cops love the young fraudster…riding him in choppers and all that.

        This whole saga Waiganjo’s father is introducing about Baragoi should also be followed up by CID…was Waiganjo meant to be one of the “cops” to be eliminated?


  5. The search for the country’s top cop began today with three candidates slotted to appear before the National Police Service Commission. First to face the interview panel was Kenya Airports Police Unit Boss Grace Kaindi. Kaindi faced allegations of sitting on the fence and watched while Kisumu burned during the 2007 post election violence when she served as the Nyanza Provincial Police Officer.


    • Kaindi earned the infamy of telling the world in a televised interview that they were given orders to “shoot to kill” during the PEV. It is romoured it is part of the reason she was removed from Nyanza. She should be a witness at the ICC trials to tell us who gave the “shoot to kill” orders and who were they ordered to kill. Chances are those orders came for Ali who was doing what he was told by Muthaura(who will be at The Hague April 10, 2013). The mere fact that someone like this has been short listed for the job of the Police Chief speaks volumes about the hopelessness of the whole project. Police reforms will remain a hoax in Kenya until we remove the impunity merchants from office.


    • 1) What a bunch of uninspiring if not notorious lot on this shortlist.

      2) One candidate takes pride in violently assaulting a purportedly drunk magistrate in Garissa…even promising the panel he would do so again given the same chance. That’s IMPUNITY and LAWLESSNESS being thrown into the face of the panel. The law does not permit cops to beat up law-breakers!!!! That in itself is a disqualifier right there – for a man who wants to lead the nation’s cops and doesn’t even understand the nation’s laws (right from the Constitution down to to penal codes) is mind-boggling!…

      3) Another candidate (the notorious Kiraithe fella) brings forth an undistinguished record of taking 7 years and tonnes of coerced research assistant-ships from young students) just to work on a master’s degree. This kind of ineptitude and sheer incompetence is what has come to define the rot in the police. Look what he does when he can’t pay dues for owed services – he gets the poor student locked up…That’s called ABUSE of power/office. Unqualified folks with a string of power abuse records from the same ol’ rotten police force are being paraded before the nation…in the name of reforming the police? What a bunch of baloney!!!! Crooked thugs in uniform are being shoved down the throat of Kenyans at the alter of tribalism.

      This entire mockery of an exercise reeks the very rot in the police.


    • CID boss Ndegwa’s laundry confirms Kenya’s rotten Police has been serving interests other than wananchi’s. It is utumishi kwa wabenzi , wagongaji na matapeli.


      CID director Ndegwa Muhoro yesterday defended himself against allegations of impunity, arrogance and abuse of office.

      Muhoro, who hopes to be appointed deputy Inspector General of Police, denied the allegations by Ahmednassir and Abdikadir law firm and former Kwale CID chief Kenneth Kalume.

      The law firm associated with Judicial Service Commission member Ahmednassir Abdulahi has asked the National Police Service Commission to stop the appointment of Muhoro as the deputy IG.

      The firm said Muhoro abused his office in a dispute over land in Westlands, Nairobi. The lawyers said Muhoro recommended that businessman Mukhtar Oloo be charged in court over the property dispute.

      Muhoro is alleged to have conspired with another businessman, Pius Ngugi, to intimidate Oloo and “defeat the course of justice”. The firm said Muhoro falsified the charges against Oloo and deliberately ignored the law.

      The charges against Oloo were later dismissed by a constitutional court. Muhoro is also accused of concocting allegations against Superintendent Abdul Makero Muyika and another officer which saw them demoted to Chief Inspector of Police.
      Muyika said after he challenged his demotion in court, Muhoro “arrogantly” declined to take the court order stopping the CID from effecting the demotion.
      Muyika said the Attorney General petitioned the court not to punish Muhoro for being in contempt of the court. Police Superintendent Kalume from Mandera police station said Muhoro transferred him there because the CID chief wanted to defeat the course of justice.

      Muhoro said the case against Ngugi was not mishandled and that a suspect has been charged in court. He said the DPP had also given his word on the matter. Muhoro attributed the complaints to corruption cartels that are “fighting back”.
      Muhoro told the commission Kalume was transferred to Mandera from Voi because he was interfering in the murder case of British gemologist Bruce Bridges in 2010.

      He said Kalume was transferred when he could not defend himself against the allegations. Muhoro told the NPSC that if appointed a deputy Inspector General of Police he will root out corruption in the force.


      • Job,

        So far the interviews have proved something Kenyans knew all along. The rot in the police force starts right at the top and that is precisely why they are entrusted to those positions by the crooks in State House and Harambee House.

        I mean every single one of the police top honchos interviewed have flagrant cases of abuse of power and cover up for top criminals. It is frightening that these chaps were short listed out of a very long list of applicants. Let’s hope the purpose of letting them be interviewed was to let them be publicly exposed for the mess they have brought to the police force so they don’t complain later that they are being sidelined.

        The one interview I found truly mind boggling was the one of Mwangi Kin’gori who is vying for the Assistant IG job. This man had the nerve to publicly claim that he knows the big time drug barons in Nairobi and cannot speak about them because they are political VIPs! He asked the NPSC not to ask him questions about the whole issue and they obliged.

        Here is the man’s story. It is truly sickening.



        • Adongo,

          That does it for me. I think when a cop tells the interviewers not to ask drug-related questions, that’s it! There’s what we call BOLD IMPUNITY.


      • hehehehehe. Just as we expected the whole hoax of so called interviews have yielded the usual suspects. Ndegwa Muhoro, the chief crook today in charge of the CID has made it through to for the position of Deputy Inspector General for regular police. This is the guy who was mandated by State House to handle the Artur thugs. He has been accused with very credible evidence of abuse of office. He has also been accused of being one of those involved in the extra-judicial murders. In fact he admitted beating up a judge in a bar and claimed he wasd oing it because he was protecting the bar tenders. Imagine that could be your next Deputy IG in charge of the entire regular police force.

        Here is the list:


        Two things.

        1. I think our civil society folks should go to court and do a Matemu on Ndegwa Muhoro the evidence is pretty good. I suspect that is going to get done.

        2. There is a big technical nightamre here for Kibaki who obviously will fight for Muhoro who has been their hatchet man in the force for a while now.. If they take Kimaiyo for the IG which is very likely because the guy apparently got top marks then they have to get a woman in one of the remaining two posts.

        The nominations for the Deputy in Charge of the AP has no women candidates which would then compel the two principals to nominate Judy Chebet and pass Muhoro for the job. Otherwise they have to take Kaindi for the Inspector General job and then have Muhoro and Arachi. There is no way Kibaki is allowing Kaindi in that job after her blunder of telling the whole world that the cops were ordered “to shoot to kill” during the PEV. She would be easy fodder for us. Just when they though tthey got it all worked out it is show time! No problem.


        • Groups: Vet nominees for police job afresh

          Nairobi, Kenya-Civil society groups have contested the nomination of four to police officers for consideration for the position of Inspector General of Police.

          The human rights bodies under the umbrella of police reforms working group say the officers Grace Kaindi, David Kimaiyo, Ndegwa Muhoro and Samuel Arachi had ‘serious and credible allegations hanging over them.’

          The claims ranged from contempt of court processes, corruption, ethnic favouritism and links with drug and mineral cartels.

          The executive Director of Kenya Human Rights Commission Atsango Chesoni led the crusade fro fresh vetting of the nominees and went ahead to pin point issues they want resolved on the suitability of the candidates nominated by the National Police Service Commission (NPSC).

          The human rights groups are now demanding for a thorough scrutiny on the allegations labeled against the top cops.

          The executive director of independent medico-legal unit (IMLU) Peter Kama whose organization profiles human rights abuses by armed forces said “We demand a thorough and comprehensive review of the four candidates.”

          On Kaindi who is the commandant of Airport Police unit, they demanded to know what were the Commission’s finding role in the during the post election violence. Did the NPSC investigate her reluctance to cooperate with the International Criminal Court to get evidence for prosecution violence perpetrators.

          On Kimaiyo-they demanded to know what was NPSC’s finding on his role during post election violence and under what circumstances was he transferred to Ministry of Gender at the height of post election violence while he was director of police operations.

          On Muhoro who is the current CID director, they wanted clarification- on what did the NPSC investigate and find out on his alleged roles in the DR Congo lost gold syndicate, contempt of court accusations and claims of drug dealings.

          On Arachi who is the acting Administration Police Commandant the groups wanted to know what – did the commission do to investigate accusations for ethnic favouritism and corruption in his tenure.



        • Meanwhile the devil at State House and his “dark forces” are busy trying to screw up the police appointments. Kibaki sneaked in the names two days ago and the plan is to keep his Ndegwa Muhoro, their master criminal in charge of the regular police force and to do that they had to screw the gender balance. They tried to do that by giving the CID job which is another category to a woman so the top three jobs goes Kibaki’s way. Shetani ashindwe. This is going to be another war front.

          Here we go:



        • I foresaw some legal challenge. The gender rule is going to keep dogging these folks who are used to operating male-dominated boardrooms – where a lot of devious plots emanate from.


        • Here is the law.


          There is no ambuguity on this. I don’t know what the devil’s brewmasters in State think they are doing by nominating three men to all the three positions while the law is clear that one of them must be of the opposite gender. Obviously Ndegwa Muhoro Kibaki’s resident police gangster is the odd man out but Kibaki can’t even fathom the thought of leaving him out. Well I hope parliament goes with the three men. This whole charade would be declared illegal and it will be back to the drawing board and that will have to wait for the next government.


      • adongo

        what are the options available after these guys are appointed. i especially hope that the civic society groups sustain the pressure and these guys get kicked out. none of these guys fit the bill for a reformed police force, but i highly doubt that any qualified person will want to head this dysfunctional police force in its current state with so much political patronage. hopefully with a change in regime to a more reform minded one, will encourage a few guys to step out.

        i mean for crying out loud have you read what these guys think police reforms mean? everytime kimemia or his lackeys talk about police reforms they talk about backdated cheques and pay rise. if really pushed they will talk about housing. sheeesh thats what they call police reforms to the tune of 80bn


        • tnk,

          This matter will end up up in court. The civil society groups have already asked the NPSC to provide reports of their investigations on the allegations against Muhoro, Kimaiyo, Kaindi and others. That is the right thing to do. In the Matemu case the panel that interviewed him could not provide any report of their investigations into allegations against him and the court considered those allegations to be credible enough to have solicited proper investigations.

          So if the NPSC just dismissed the ellegations based on the denials from the accused which is expected and never did their own investigations and have reports on those they are playing with fire.

          We have a bunch of rotten nominees here, all of them, but some are more rotten than others. Ndegwa Muhoro is the worst and the most dangerous. Luckily the accusations against him are well documented. He maliciously ordered the arrest of an individual over a private land matter and the case against the individual was thrown out. Muhoro refused even to appear in court when called. That is damning stuff for a guy who wants to be technically the head of the regular police force. If Kibaki appoints him we are going to have him for lunch. He is a sitting duck. Yeye ni yetu.

          Kaindi and Kimaiyo also have cases where some evidence may be found to be credible. The rest are hard to prove like in cases of nepotism etc. So a good number of these very bad cops will sqeak through but if we can knock out huge pieces of junk like Muhoro we will take it and clean the mess later. The whole police reform has been screwed by Kibaki and his boys but we will clean. It is just a matter of time. Fighting for real change requires incredible amount of patience. We have that in abundance.

          And then there is this other nightmare of gender and regional balance to contend with.

          Check it out.



        • tnk,
          There is something that AO previously said that I believe is true. Not many sane people would like to lead the corrupt and almost incorrigible organization called police. I think that there are many smart guys out there who might be able to lead the force but they don’t see any political good will from the commander in chief. As things stand, the CIC is supporting his henchmen like Muhoro within the forces and this alone scares off many people. That’s why we have ended up with thugs and others with questionable characters being shortlisted and on their way to being nominated.

          I partly blame the panel that was short listing and interviewing these thugs. It’s as if they were in a hurry to finish the job than to do proper vetting to find the right candidate. If there were truly looking for the right candidate they should have rejected all the applications and started a fresh. The panel went ahead and casually short listed the most rotten characters. Choosing the least smelly egg from a bunch of rotten eggs was never going to wash for that is not what Kenyans are looking for. We are looking a clean person who can do the job of cleaning the police up.

          Now this thing is going to end up in court and the whole bunch is going to thrown out. We could have saved time and money by doing it right from day one. But again, where you have Kibaki involved there is always theft.


      • indeed, ndegwa muhoro is all the above plus more. check out this clip. it’s long but well worth your time. mashetani washindwe.

        Merry Christmas everyone.


  6. Folks,

    There will be no police reforms under Kibaki’s watch. His regime and its remnants will have to go before start-up from a clean slate.

    This is the regime whose hallmark has been: gross insecurity; shoot-to-kill-civilian orders; GSU electoral takeovers; commissioning of the drug-dealing Artur brothers as police bosses; signature extrajudicial killings, gun running from Somalia; and lately State-instigated insecurity (Tana River, Mombasa, Samburu, Kisumu).

    Whatever cops this regime installs into leadership must be rejected pronto as soon as the next regime takes over.


      • This whole interview is a circus. It seems the only creteria for choosing who to interview was having a record as an old crook in the force. We have Kiraithe who told the whole world that the brazen police killings seen on TV were just a bad movie from somewhere. He is a chronic liar to cover poloce sins. Then we have Kamau of the Artur brothers saga who seemed to be the one asigned the duty to cover those crazies as they made a mockery of our security apparatus. Everybody in there is a cop except Hassan who is a former PC very much part of the same culture.

        What we are seeing clearly is that the NPSC is a very tightly controlled outfit remote controlled from the centres of power. This is a complete shame but it is not surprising. Police reform has been a complete flop from day one. That is why cops are still shooting unarmed citizens in the streets. This whole job will have to be started all over.

        There will be no police refrom and we are going to pay the price but reality will catch up with them. We are very patient people. The war between the citizens and their inept police force will continue. Kenyans have seen what real reforms are with what they see Mutunga and his team do and achieve in the judiciary. Kenyans know fake reforms when they see one and they know the police reforms remains the last resort of our impunity merchants. For one thing the police has to safe guard the super crooks and killers on top. Their time will come. Of that I am sure.


        • I had pinned all my hopes for a better Kenya on getting the police reform right from the beginning with someone like maina kiai at the top seems it was al a mirage and am starting to think Kenya should b let go to the dogs n maybe we can deal with what emerges after eg Rwanda. It seems the mafia at the .top is pushing hard for this with gullible Kenyan cheering on


        • John, you are right that a critical component of reforms is reforming the police force. But as Job notes, this will not happen under a kibaki administration. Kibaki is surrounded by people who can only thrive under underhand deals. A clean police force will wipe these guys out.


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