Shocking: Shebesh Eloped With Man, Abandoning Him In Mombasa With Unpaid Bills

She first captivated Kenyans with her beauty and uncompromising support for ODM and Prime Minister Raila Odinga when she was nominated to parliament in 2009. This year however, she has remained in the headlines for many reasons key among them being that she has defected from ODM to TNA. The two parties are led by two men who are described as the leading horses and favourites to emerge as Kenya’s 4th president. She is rumoured to be dating one of them. She is now considered the ultimate political sex symbol in Kenya and the media is crazy about her.

Many men are said to secretly admire Nominated MP Hon. Rachel Wambui Shebesh who is a Fashion/Interior Designer by profession. In her short political career, the 41 year old Shebesh has attracted huge media following and become to be known all over Kenya for her beauty, voluptuous figure, colourful dressing and fierce political persuasions.

The curvaceous Shebesh has definitely come a long way in her short political career.

John Telewa, or The Kiss Bandit as he is now referred to, the man who has been kissing ladies everywhere with the intention of being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, was earlier this year locked out of parliament, when he tried to access the building with an intention to kiss female members of parliament. Friends say Telewa’s prime target was the Hon Rachael Shebesh.

Like the late US superstar Marylyn Monroe who was famous for her sex appeal in 1950s and early 1960s, Rachel Shebesh is fast developing a reputation that may have far reaching consequences on her political ambitions not to mention that her evidently frustrated and forlorn husband has been variously spotted at Nairobi West Birongo Square drinking alone late into the night.

Last week, Shebesh was unapologetic in leading all the organizations of a fun filled bash to commemorate Uhuru Kenyatta’s 51st birthday celebrations. It is a story that reminded many of Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday” to John F Kennedy – not for the singing or the birthday but for something else. JFK was the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination in 1963.

More recently however, explosive revelations emerged on social media how Shebesh chips-fungad (sheng for one-night-stand) with some 25 year old dude from Nairobi’s Buruburu estate and took him down to the Kenyan coast where they made limitless merry! However, for some unknown reasons and after spending some quality time together, Shebesh later abandoned the guy there to settle all the bills. The poor fellow was forced to call friends in Nairobi to fundraise for him to be released from a beach hotel in Mombasa-raha.

When these escapades were leaked in social media mid October 2012, many thought that Shebesh would come out guns blazing to deny and threaten those peddling those rumours and to the surprise of many, so far there has not been any denial leading to speculation that the Mombasa incident took place. Images of the two together captured on mobile phone camera are doing the rounds and this blogger will publish them as they are approved by the editor.

22 comments on “Shocking: Shebesh Eloped With Man, Abandoning Him In Mombasa With Unpaid Bills

  1. So, nearly ONE YEAR after initially making this post, the whole thing has exploded (omuoch!) and the morals of Jubilee leaders in Nairobi have been laid bare with this tasteless sex scandal.

    These pictures are just a tip of the iceberg as there are many others xrated pictures of the pair (not yet publicized) being shared among young people in Nairobi.

    This is the nasty work of some secret operative out to ruin the political careers and family lives ( right Akinyi?) of Sonko and Shebesh.

    Extortionist,trio-polygamous Frank Shebesh is rubbing his hands in glee at the opportunities that have arisen in the last few weeks, first from Governor Kidero who is said to have slapped his wife and so far no lawsuit has been taken to court, and secondly by Sonkoh’s vicious assaults on his wife in the last two weeks. Both gentlemen reportedly declined to part with a large demand of extortion amount to keep the cases away from court.


  2. I guess that some of the pictures are “friendly” and can be published.

    The mistake Shebesh did was to get involved with a person like Sonko who came directly from the streets. What did she expect? Having money does not make one classy.


    • Oh Lordy, this is getting down and dirty. real or photoshopped, i wish whoever is doing all this would stop for the sake of the spouses and children.


    • Mzee, Akinyi

      It is deplorable and disgusting, don’t even get how someone can take a photo of himself in such a position. Scandalous,

      But then Rachael is her own worst enemy, going to bed (pun totally unintended) with these guys was a terrible mistake and she is learning it.

      One cannot compare the Rachael in ODM with the Rachael in TNA. Its like two completely different entities. The former was respectable and focused, the latter is crude and cantankerous always unruly.

      Whether those pics are real or photoshoped, her repute is totally shredded.

      Which brings into focus our Nairobi’s top three (Governor, Senator and Woman Rep) Funny that there is a lot of story around these three and none of it has anything to do with the welfare of Nairobian


    • Folks,

      Where are the pictures you are talking about? Can we all get on the same page. If they are outside the scope of “family values” keep them away. Thank you.

      As for moral outrage I have my questions. Reading this thread I see we have had a very healthy discourse about morality. (It seems to rotate a lot around sex and romance). And violence all the time. That is for another day.

      Some of us have argued here that violence against women is a scourge in our country. It is usually in the homes, in work places and social places as well as schools and colleges. Women and girls are beat up and violated all the time. It has to be stopped. So when Rachel Shebesh, the Women Representative in the biggest county in the republic is attacked and violated by fellow senior leaders of the Nairobi county, as Kenyans we have an obligation to defend her dignity as a fellow Kenyan and of course as a woman leader.

      Shebesh has her own personal and political agenda. And tactics (However offensive to some). She is free to pursue them as others are equally free to question that agenda.


      • Adongo

        The pictures cannot be published here but you can check your private email.

        You are right the violence against any one should not be tolerated, and especially violence against women or children must be condemned. There is no question about that. What is confounding here is that rumors doing the rounds suggest that Sonko has repeatedly assaulted Shebesh and yet the single slap by Kidero is what has been in the media.

        But on the other issue of morals, if any of the stories are true then its most disgraceful

        I think, this woman’s political career has totally tanked, it will take a miracle to ever get her act together. I don’t see very many politicians associating with her again.


  3. sawa phil,

    of course everyone has their own definition of good family values so i won’t even go there. trying to draw the line between infidelity and polygamy gets even murkier. what would you say of couples/leaders who agree to open their marriages to other sexual partners for whatever reason? would you continue supporting your favorite politician if you suddenly discovered that he/she is gay?
    all am saying is that matters regarding ‘that department’ are complicated 🙂


    • I saw this Shebesh story and the word “eloped” jumped at me. It is a loaded word and it is usually used with reference to women and girls. Men never elope even when they grab young girls and take them places often for sex and nothing else. Talk about a man’s world. It is hedeous and unrelenting. If the woman is sleeping with some fellow as long as it is consensual relationship and the dude is an adult, that is their business. If a man did the same thing it is some form of conquest. A woman does it and she is called all sorts of names I can’t put in this thread.

      I don’t buy the family values argument. MItt Romney tried to sell that to Americans and they just told him to shove it. Keep you family and your values we keep ours. That seems to be the message from American voters. Of course I have no problems with the morality police as long as they are just wandering around and bothering nobody.

      I can’t stand Rachel Shebesh and her shameless nonsense that I saw in an opinion piece she wrote for the Daily Nation. Shebesh talked about how Uhuru has overcome diversity arising from the ICC case. Being charged with mass murder and rape of women and girls all of whom are Kenyans is not a diversity to be overcome. It is a criminal activitiy that defies all bounds of our imagination. Shebesh who considers herself a voice for Kenyan women need to at least acknowledge the horrific consequences of PEV specifically to women. That is one thing she could be doing for Uhuru. Reach out the victims of the PEV horror and embrace their plight. Don’t keep insulting them everyday as Uhuru does when he says he was only helping “his people”. You don’t need to burn kids in their homes to help your people whoever they are. You don’t need to rape women to help your people.

      Shebesh in the same article talks about the fact that Kenyans are healing and should be left alone. I am not aware of when and where Shebesh met the more than 1,300 brutally murdered PEV victims and how they informed her that they are busy healing. I am not aware of where and when Shebesh met the tens of thousands of women and girls rape survivors of the PEV and how they told her that they are busy healing. I wish Ms Shebesh would share such details with us.

      Shebesh is free to join Uhuru or whoever she wants to work with but she has no right to betlittle and demean the horrors that Kenyans have gone through in the hands of her new found friends. That is all I ask of her. I don’t care who she sleeps with. That is her private business.


    • Gospel star drops MP, after fiance discovers affair
      Related News

      Like a hot potato, a gospel singer who has been dating a female MP has reportedly dropped her after his fiancée learned of the romantic affair.

      After Pulse exposed the two, word went round and finally reached the singer’s fiancée.

      According to sources, the girl threatened to call off the planned wedding if she confirmed that the rumours were true.

      It is said that the artiste immediately wrote a text message to the MP asking her to leave him alone as “our friendship is affecting my social life”.

      It remains to be seen if the MP will demand back the car she is said to have bought the singer,-after-fiance-discovers-affair


  4. phil,

    allow me to become DC frefect 🙂 just this once. spreading such rumors about Rachel Shebesh just because she dumped ODM, is what i call a low blow or has janyando paid you to run with it? starting with the PORK ebu tell us more about the escapades by male politicians.
    all am saying is that anyones’s sex life is non of our business.

    btw, how was the mbooni meeting?


    • Akinyi

      Thank you very much for your comment and concern which is duly noted. I would very much appreciate if you would continue to remain attentive to these issues and raise your concern as often as necessary

      For the record. The Blog Admin is extremely sensitive to such matters and will endeavor to ensure that we minimize meaningless personal attacks as much as possible

      However at the same time, we must appreciate that there are some issues that we cannot and should not sweep under the rug. The problem is defining and maintaining a credible standard that we can all follow.

      With this in mind, Blog Admin has deployed the following standard with respect to these issues:-

      1. We recognise that we must separate personal issues from public issues
      2. We also recognise that a number of state officials and public figures, engage in private affairs that ultimately come to light and embarass their office, institutions or will otherwise feature in public debates as a negative impact on their suitability to hold public office (compare with CIA director resignation)
      3. We also appreciate that these same state officers and public figures may misuse their public status or associated perks to engage in private affairs that do not befit their public status

      It is bearing this in mind that Blog-Admin will permit a select but very limited and highly filtered content to be published on this forum. We will not bury our heads in the sand when these issues fly around. We will acknowledge their existence but only with respect to the potential landmine they pose on future leadership of the country.

      This is to be take in exactly the same vein as that of Hon Mungatana, having financial troubles, engaged in extra marital affair and eventual defection to TNA. Clearly his personal affairs are trickling into his public affairs.

      I hope this clarifies this post above and Blog-Admin’s stand on the same

      You can however rest assured, on this board we have among the highest standard for participation that you will ever find elsewhere. Each contributing member has been personally approached, recruited and/or vetted for membership and all comments are strictly moderated. We do not just accommodate any drifter. Further, moderation and membership is determined by a panel, and where necessary we reach out to other members for their inputs to help us make better decisions.

      This forum is exclusively for a few select and responsible contributors and we are very proud and grateful to have each one of you on board. We are also prepared to go even several weeks with no inputs, than to have daily inputs of trash. You can rest assured that this forum will do its best to remain truly fresh.


      • Akinyi,

        Without wanting to repeat what the Blog-Admin has said, you can rest assured that this Blog will NEVER EVER entertain any nonsense that distracts from the discussion of the main issues affecting our beloved motherland!

        But please also kindly accept that now and then, there will be need to subject our wannabe leaders to the so called Integrity Test or Integrity Vetting in matters morals and all!

        This is both a necessary and sufficient condition for us the Kenyan citizens to be able to put in the right place the right leadership that inspires the Kenyan AUDACITY OF HOPE!

        Thanks so much for your very worthwhile, candid, honest and much appreciated feedback on this thread as we ALL try to perfect our union on DC, just to borrow from Barack!


        • admin, einstein,

          I hear you. i’ll hold fire and assume that phil’s motive in sharing this information was to prompt us into discussing the issue of integrity as an essential ingredient for good leaders.

          Let us take a step back and take a look at what i;ll call the ‘integrity dilemma.’ Some may argue that integrity is not a necessary ingredient for successful leadership. Others believe integrity and character are important in public life, but not necessary in their private lives (Baraza found out the hard way). this is an issue that is not only plaguing our leaders but also our culture.

          Bill Clinton (a good leader/politician) had a string of illicit affairs throughout his career – no one seems to remember this. many of our politicians have had their ‘adulterous’ relationships exposed but we keep reelecting them. why? The Catholic Church has been exposed with worldwide sex abuse scandals of MINORS.

          Recognizing that polygamy/polyandry is not a crime in our society, would anyone accuse the croc eater of lacking integrity based on his affair with former miss k? okay he is unable to meet his financial obligations and has decided to follow the money. nothing wrong with that, who has never had money problems? shebesh we are told did her thing with another consenting adult – let her people decide whether or not she is the leader they deserve.

          guys, an ICC indictee accused of the worst crimes one can imagine is our acting head of state and has this grand dream of being elected he next PORK – this is the big conversation we need to be having.


        • @akinyi

          This thread is not motivated by Shebesh’s defection from ODM, as a matter of fact there is a thread on this board that is specific to this blogger reporting on that dishonest defection.

          This thread examines the conduct of public persons. People who want us to elect them to office.

          The ODM wants to be seen as a party that rates family values highly and we must thus expose those amongst us who undermine this policy.


      • Furthur to the note above

        Here is a fine example of how the private life of a public leader spills over to become a public matter

        its a very tough call but by and large, its how the public figure responds to these incidences that actually generates the interest


  5. Phil,
    Well, well, well.
    Whats so special with having lunch with this “young” lady? Does she offer anything other than food? By the way after munching the food, wont she leave you in the restaurant with all the bills the way she did the young man above? I cant be tempted not for a minute.


    • phil

      i don’t know how long that ad will last before its brought down

      this is probably the work of an inexperienced campaign manager

      here is why

      considering that there are rather seedy rumours doing the rounds on rachael

      this lunch is being advertised as a “prized catch”, but does not portray rachael as a family person (i.e hubby will not be there), its not a TNA party issue but rather have lunch with someone with the correct DNA for the TNA party

      so obviously its only a matter of time before the moral police shoot this down for propagating immoral behaviour (i.e what is a married person doing soliciting for lunch dates)

      also given the rumours, i dont see which wife, girlfriend, mother, etc will allow their man to go to such an event.

      which leaves a rather interesting demographic that will compete for this opportunity.

      will wait to see how this pans out, and will be looking out for the damage control that will certainly follow this


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