TV Interviews – Nairobi Governor Aspirants

This  is a multi-page post with TV interviews for the many aspirants and wannabe Nairobi governors as conducted by various TV/media and their anchors.

Due to the fact some readers of this forum have had difficulty loading youtube clips and especially playlists, Blog-Admin has broken the different clips into several pages, make sure you have time to wait for the page uploads and navigate to the page(s) desired

This is a continuing event so will add the clips to different pages as they become available


Page 1 – This page

Page 2 – K24’s Chege Kariuki interviews 5 aspirants – Miguna Miguna, Evans Kidero, Ferdinand Waititu, Philip Kisia, Timothy Muriuki – This is a 6 part playlist

Page 3 – CitizenTV’s Jimmy Gathu interviews – Karanja Kabage, Timothy Muriuki

Page 4 – K24’s Chege Kariuki interviews – Richard Kavemba

An assessment of these interviews should provide meaningful insight of the level or type of debate one can expect of the much awaited Presidential debates

2 comments on “TV Interviews – Nairobi Governor Aspirants

  1. Interesting debate! Miguna should pay attention to the caller from South B who pointed at his menacing body language. It’s not rocket science – Wuod Chiga must appreciate the value of humility when seeking an elective position.

    I think the hallmark of this debate was a brief and quite revealing encounter between Waititu and Timothy Muriuki…with the latter calling Waititu for his populist bluff over so called ‘attempted land grabs’ that the latter orchestrates within Embakasi constituency.

    Muriuki presented a compelling (albeit overshadowed in noise) expos’e of Waititu – painting the latter as being privy to all choreographed land grabs – then pretending to lead populist ‘stoning’ of such people he tries to extort from.

    Another word for my fellow Mangu alumnus Kidero. When given the microphone…use the limited time outlining solutions; not describing the magnitude & statistics of the problem.


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