Wamalwa’s New FORD Kenya Battles to Remain Relevant

It was announced this morning that New Ford Kenya had decided to defer signing its pre-election coalition agreement with the National Alliance, until after TNA finalises its arrangement with William Ruto’s URP and Charity Ngilu’s URP.

Wamalwa’s party is battling a relegation for its Party Leader in the forthcoming dispensation in two scenarios. One, if the two ICC suspects do not stand then he wants to be the one to be endorsed to represent them, not Charity ngilu and certainly not Kalonzo Musyoka. Two, if the two ICC suspects decide to run, Wamalwa wants to be the single choice for Uhuru Kenyatta

In a hurriedly and unscheduled New FORD Kenya National Executive Meeting (NEC), resolutions were passed to strip Bonny Khalwale and Soita Shitanda their party positions while insisting that the party will not merge or wind up up for the benefit of another.

Here is is:

The New FORD Kenya


NFK held a National Executive Committee meeting today at the party headquarters at Lavington and made the following resolutions.

a. The NEC decided that Hon. Soita Shitanda who has been the party leader should be removed forthwith from that position and shall cease to be and official of the party.
b. That Hon. Bony Khalwale who has been the Director of elections be removed from that position and shall sease to be an official of the party.
c. That the party shall petition the Registrar of Political parties to deem them to have resigned from the party in accordance with Sec. 14(5)(e) of the PPA 2011 for promoting the ideology, interests or policies of another political party.
d. That all the vacancies in NEC be filled within the next 14 days.

The NEC authorized for the formation of a National Election Board in the next 14 days.


The NEC had earlier on mandated Hon. Eugene Wamalwa who is our presidential candidate to negotiate with other likeminded parties on the possibility of forming a coalition. Hon. Wamalwa has engaged and continues to engage with other parties, including TNA, URP, UDM and NARC parties on this basis.

For the avoidance of any doubt we wish to state that no agreement has been reached yet or signed with any party and consultations are ongoing.

However, for the avoidance of doubt, we wish to clarify that our party shall not disband or merge with any other as speculated. We shall retain our identity and character, and shall field candidates in the next general elections including the presidency
NFK wishes to reiterate that our presidential candidate Hon. Eugene Wamalwa shall run for the post of the president of Kenya in the next general election and that he does not aspire for any other job in the country.

The parties programme for the next two weeks is as follows:
a. 3rd Nov. 2012 – Campaign in West Pokot.
b. 4th Nov. 2012 – Aspirant conference for Bungoma County – Webuye.
c. 7th Nov. 2012 – Campaign in Embu County.
d. 9th Nov. 2012 – Aspirant conference for Trans Nzoia County – Kitale.
e. 10th Nov. 2012 – Campaign in Turkana South.
f. 11th Nov. 2012 – Turkana North
g. 12th Nov. 2012 – Turkana Central
h. 13th Nov. 2012 – Pokot
i. 14th Nov. 2012 – Trans Nzoia
j. 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th Nov. 2012 – Campaign in Bungoma county
k. 19th, 20th, Nov. 2012 – Campaign in Kakamega County

Finally and for records NFK, restate that Hon. Eugene Wamalwa’s name shall be on the ballot paper come 4th March 2012.

Col. Benjamin Muema
Secretary General.

2 comments on “Wamalwa’s New FORD Kenya Battles to Remain Relevant

  1. The chickens are coming home to roost! When you are a broke bloke under the leash of the Kenyatta dynasty (Eugene), you will be easily bought to kick hot-head brothers like Khalwale and Shitanda in the teeth. The old Kenyatta taxpayer-looted money is talking in the land of Omulembe; it’s now not bulls, but actual human skeletons duking it out!

    Here is the thing…Eugene will be played like a Kinanda…by the Kenyatta dynasty…while gullible voters following Khalwale and Shitanda will be similarly played alongside Mudavadi by the Kibaki dynasty. Brother will fiercely fight brother while the distant master laughs. Just like that…stupidity will be showcased to the universe. Same old divide-and-rule doctrine!

    Kalonzo is realizing a little wee late…Jirongo’s Mobutu analogy is playing right in front of our eyes.

    With an oil economy, the enticing from mouth-watering sharks has gone a notch higher…and folks who are better served uniting are instead being pangwaaad like chips on a betting table.

    The fact is – Eugene, Shitanda, and Khalwale all know there is nothing new their constituents will benefit from the same g’darn juggernaut that has ruled Kenya for 50 straight years…but for a little pocket change…they’d rather sell out their folks collectively. Mudavadi has by now realized he was not a favoured blue-eyed heir of the Mt. Kenya elite. He was simply duped with the right price! Eugene is blind to everything else except a phantom dream for running mate – which Ruto badly wants. What else is new?

    Ford-K and New Ford-K are the best exhibits to epitomize Jirongo’s kupangwa analogy. Wacha watu wapangwe! Reality may hit much later…folks may learn quite late that Ruto is only King of the Rift votes so long as he’s on the ballot…but when he is running mate, faced with another Nandi running mate (free from the ICC conundrum)…it may be a different ball game because of one thing.

    On top of respective tickets in anticipated competition; one has apologized for the Mau debacle; another has not apologized for the family’s grand robbing of land from the Rift. It’s kind of difficult to even raise the latter topic.

    When TNA recently thrashed URP in a council race in Eldoret North clear message waiting to greet any alliance was raised. It is waiting to inhale in 2013 in Rongai parliamentary seat (soon to flip to TNA), Nakuru Governor and Senate seats na kadhalika… why not wait to exhale the rest of this reality.

    2013 may present the best opportunity for grassroots folks to finally crash hopes of architects of these boardroom alliances. Take this to the bank – voters will be inundated with this information during the forthcoming campaigns. Folks may just be shocked to their shells.



  2. hehehe

    ok don’t mean to laugh, but these G7 guys are spinning and spinning till one gets completely dizzy

    so on the one hand, ruto and his team are waiting on the deal signed by TNA and New Ford-K etc etc,

    and here we have New Ford-K waiting for the details on deal between TNA and URP etc etc

    and these guys have been eating having breakfast meetings since January last year. ( how many G7 aspirants does it take to change a light bulb ? …… 0 (zero) they appear to be way too dim …. 🙂 )

    i then I dont get why khalwale and shitanda get booted out (by the way I though shitanda was the de-facto leader of the party before wamalwa take-over, i dont think he’ll take too kindly to being booted out of the house he built … i expect a change of tune in that party)

    this is not a cat chasing its tail, its a tail running away from the cat …. 🙂

    anyway, the common factor in all this confusion is TNA. its TNA that’s hoodwinking all these parties with alliances and goodies and what not’s ……

    i wonder whether the onyango oloo and sakaja’s of TNA really think they fool anyone. lets picture this, lets suppose uhuru decides he’s not running for president. lets suppose he drops out of politics to concentrate on ICC, whether its this year, next year or the year after, can anyone picture onyango oloo, and sakaja addressing a rally say in gatundu and getting votes …. ? anyone out there .?… here today, gone tomorrow

    case of dumber and dumberer


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