The Diabolical TNA Conspiracy (/..cont’d)

Kisumu Under Siege (…/cont’d)

Cover note from Blog-Admin
In our previous post found in this link, we provided the background and brought you up to speed on gang related violence and activity in Kisumu county. We continue to bring this report and below is the 2nd tranche of the gang related activities in the county. This will be followed by a final and concluding post shortly. The Blog-Admin would like to state that the Kisumu correspondent has filed this report based on his own observations and investigations and furnished details of places, names and particulars as he observed them.


Part I: Background
Part II: The America Squad
Part III: The China Squad
Part IV: THe Gang Fallout
Part V: Working Relation TNA/China Squad
Part VI: TNA/China Squad Connection

Part III China Squad

Better known as “China 32 Brothers” is a large network funded vertically either by The National Alliance Party (TNA) or by members of TNA high up in the ranks and horizontally by extortion rings within the Kisumu  County.

The National Alliance (TNA),  a political party headed by Uhuru Kenyatta, and currently officiated by Johnson Sakaja (Chairman) and George Onyango Oloo (Secretary General) has been funding Chinese Squad in an attempt to create the illusion that is has politically infiltrated Kisumu which is considered a stronghold of Prime Minister Raila Odinga and ODM. It is a scheme that is aimed at creating a perception of popularity whilst at the same time sabotaging the lake city both economically and politically.

Economic Sabotage: Security and stability are key pillars to economic opportunity and growth. With clearly deteriorating security and spiraling crime arising from sponsored gang activity, current and potential investors are questioning the failure by the state to crack down on known criminal gangs and their financiers as seen in this article

Political Sabotage: Kenyans are just about to embark on a crucial voter registration exercise. Most african states are used to politicians creating, fanning and using violence to displace voters and scare away potential voters who live within the county, especially the vulnerable such as women, the elderly, youth and other peace and law abiding citizens. This county in particular presents the strongest and unassailable political base of one of the two top contenders for the top political post of President

The Chinese Squad and the American Marines were at one time operating as a joint enterprise, with extortion rings around the Kisumu Bus Terminus.  The two sets of gangs eventually differed and separated due to disagreements over deals gone sour. Some were to do with forgeries while others were to do with fraud. (See Part IV: The Big Fallout: Chinese and American Gang Disagreement)

Ever since they separated from the American Marines, the Chinese Squad have gone on to build an aura of superiority over their American Marine counterparts and have been waiting in the wings for a long time with an intention to take over total control of Kisumu City and its environs.

Chinese Squad is composed at the top level of the moneyed sons of equally moneyed parents (known business people like Nyawasi, Kalea and Akoth); parents who in their days accumulated wealth in not so clear circumstances. By virtue of being children of well established businessmen, members of the Chinese Squad, particularly their ringleaders are themselves rich and generally live glamorous lifestyles in Kisumu and beyond.

Accordingly, in order to sustain their expensive lifestyles without any legit sources of income, the Chinese Squad are hell-bent on generating revenues using whatever means necessary; legal or otherwise!

They inherited their parents’ businesses in Kisumu and have continued to grow them exponentially without any discernible supporting economic model or industry (which in itself raises serious eyebrows), anyway! They of course are engaged in virtually every conceivable business enterprise which include butchery, jewelry, grocery, exhibition, car-hire, taxi, MPESA. Although these are good businesses, the revenues from these businesses cannot in any way match the lavish lifestyles that the gag members lead and perhaps a KRA audit may reveal more than meets the eye. Interestingly enough, for one reason or another, they avoid real-estate.

After the break-away from “America” the Chinese Squad merged with “Wash-Wash” group,  a group that is largely responsible for and has gained notoriety  for among other crimes, stock-thefts in districts surrounding Kisumu  and Nyanza in general; “making/washing fake currency” (hence their name); muggings, robberies, carjackings, fraud at Lands office, etc. This group is comparatively newer, has much younger members, adventurous hot-heads, and generally defined as people who will do anything at the bidding of their “Commander”!

The Chinese group overtly wallows in opulence; and has managed to compromise high ranking police officers in the province such that they have become bold enough to commit serious crimes in broad daylight. They are truly a law unto themselves!

On numerous occasions they have been seen wining and dining with the immediate former Nyanza PPO, (Njue Njagi), the outgoing DCIO, (Peter Matu) and several local CID officers, OCS Kondele (CIP. Muriuki) and OCS Kisumu Central (CIP. Murau). The Chinese Squad members are friends with Kisumu police with whom they jointly worked very well with in providing “security” when Miguna Miguna visited Kisumu Town to promote his book and later also ensured maximum security when Uhuru Kenyatta and entourage visited town. Boyi was even captured in television footage personally providing security and clearing the path of Uhuru Kenyatta in Ndhiwa during the by-election campaigns.

The Chinese Squad kingpins, ie Boyi s/o Akoth Ndonga, Boyi s/o Nyawasi, Mugoya and Ochieng’ have been known to physically assault police officers who crossed their paths on several occasions and no action was ever taken against them! Some of the police officers were eventually transferred out of Kisumu. Such has been the invincibility of the Chinese Squad!

Boyi s/o Nyawasi was once a long distance truck driver, is one of the better known Chinese Squad ring leaders who presently is the business of buying and selling used ex-Japanese vehicles that have have carjacked/stolen (usually sold at border towns where he made sufficient contacts while driving trucks).

At one time, it was widely reported in Kenyan media how a gang leader was attacked in Kisumu bus park and his Landrover off-road vehicle burnt to ashes. The leader was none other than Boyi Akoth Ndonga who has since visited the TNA Offices in Nairobi Muthurua area and has since been facilitated a replacement brand new Land Rover courtesy of the leadership of TNA. While in Nairobi where he spent time on self-imposed exile to escape the American Marine violence and police, Boyi was putting up with relatives in the Eastlands area of the city. Back in Kisumu, Boyi boasted to friends that burning his cars and businesses would not put him down and that he has rich and powerful friends in TNA.

It is also noteworthy that the butcheries that were recently razed to the ground in Kondele by American Marines belonged to Boyi Akoth. These butcheries were right outside their home in Kisumu where his elderly mother and some siblings still reside. The TNA Secretary General, George Onyango Oloo’s family also comes from the same area and they also own butchery in the same vicinity but his was never looted nor destroyed by the riotous gang that attacked Boyi’s butcher and looted stocks before burning it to the ground. Perhaps this was American Marine’s way of sending a come-do-business-with-us message to TNA that there were actually more powerful and much more ruthless gangs ready for hire in Kisumu.

In trying to cover their real business, the Chinese Squad has attempted to hoodwink the authorities and are formally registered as a “Welfare Organization”.

The National Alliance Party top middlemen in the financing of CHINA SQUAD is a blend of refined and polished lawyers, party officials from Luo Nyanza, researchers and also riff-fuff and ruffians that includes but not limited to:

  1. George Onyango Oloo (T.N.A. Secretary General)
  2. Ambrose Otieno Weda (Nairobi based Lawyer and Aspirant for Kisumu Governor on a T.N.A. ticket),
  3. Israel Kodiaga,
  4. Joshua Odhiambo Nyamori
  5. Evans Gor Ssemelang’o

These individuals have met with the leadership of China Squad both in Kisumu and Nairobi to plan and finance how the TNA’s political profile can be promoted within the Kisumu. All the individuals are frequent air travellers between Nairobi and Kisumu.

On 23rd August 2012, the day Miguna Miguna visited Kisumu ostensibly to promote his controversial book, the TNA Secretary General, George Onyango Oloo, met with some China Squad leaders  and they agreed  to lend support to TNA’s cause in Kisumu. On that day, China Squad members were given an advance of Ksh. 4 million with a promise of more if  and when they successfully converted Kisumu to a credible TNA strong-hold or support base.

During the Kisumu meeting, China Squad also issued a stern warning to TNA’s Onyango Oloo not to dare engage with any other group except “China Squad”  and that they would deliver Kisumu to TNA. This was a precondition aimed at locking out their rival gang the “America Marines”.

Chinese Squad provided security together with their friends in Kisumu Police lines to Miguna and his entourage during this book tour even as the crowd was building up outside Kisumu Hotel and baying for Miguna’s blood. Miguna had the audacity to provoke youths by calling them “voting robots” and despite rowdy youths surrounding his hotel, the police and Chinese Squad who were guarding the event sneaked him out of the hotel and out to Nairobi before matters could get out of hand.

It is not clear if Miguna himself knew about these arrangements but in all the towns he visited, Miguna did not insult his audience so something must have motivated him to insult Kisumu residents. As it were, the book event never happened and news reaching us indicate that Miguna has since sold off  his entire home near Ahero Township on which he had started to build an imposing two storey house with swimming pool facing the Kano Plains. The construction started soon after he was appointed as an Advisor in Office of the Prime Minister and it has been sold to a third party as an incomplete project.

proceed to Part IV – The Gang Fallout – China Squad / American Marine

12 comments on “The Diabolical TNA Conspiracy (/..cont’d)

  1. This thugs must be arrested immediately.The police should also investigate and fish out this criminals from kisumu bus stage and kondele; which residents believe riots always begin from.


  2. Ladies and gentlemen of DC,
    The die has been cast. The leader of China has been given two days to cease with his criminal activities and leave town asap or else. The Kenya police has passed this information to him personally and close relatives.

    Watch this space


        • Why cant the thug just be arrested? The police in Kenya never cease to amaze. You have a gang leader who has wreaked havok in Kisumu for the better part of 2 years and instead of arresting him and charging him in court you give him a heads up to go into exile.


        • This is a well-researched report. I applaud the correspondent for the effort.

          That TNA chooses to make its political imprint in Kisumu through a criminal gang proves that nothing has been learnt from the ongoing ICC case. People charged with serious crimes at the Hague are still audaciously willing to hire criminal gangs in other parts of the country in their raw pursuit of power! The pattern of impunity and penchant for gangs is becoming quite clear.

          It is good these facts are on record…and the GENESIS of fresh political violence is already being reported ahead of the 2013 elections. It is also clear we are getting the names of middlemen to this imported form of political thuggery…shameless carpetbaggers like TNA’s Onyango Oloo and Gor Semelang’o. It’s good we have these details out in the public.

          It’s important that this report lays out the names of very senior police officers like PPO Njue deeply immersed in collaboration with criminal gangs. Will it be surprising when the same lot of cops starts eliminating their allies in the gangs after using them for certain power-seeking-errands?

          Idiots such as these sijui Boyi and whoever haven’t learnt a thing about Mungiki and extrajudicial killings. You start out as allies and end up as sitting ducks to be shot and slaughtered! These wannabe thugs will soon start disappearing in replication of what happened elsewhere.

          Kisumu was once a crime-free haven for peace. You would in fact alight from Bus in the wee hours of the morning, leave any extra luggage at the Kiosks by the Bus Park (Stend), and casually walk to the neighbouring Council estates…then come much later to pick your luggage. There is absolutely no reason why the city shouldn’t strive to get back at that. Kisumu’s first governor must view youth unemployment and insecurity as top priorities towards fixing its economy.

          The next governor must know that It would take a clean, professional and local security team (not corrupt folks from Nairobi who care less) to handle the likes of these wakina Boyi and other wannabe thugs. Restoring security is a first step to spur economic revival which would then create jobs. Otherwise how would I invest in job-creating businesses in Kisumu only for wakina Boyi to start extorting from it at will?

          While youth unemployment is a national catastrophe, insecurity should not be. Kenya’s economy may be growing fast on paper but the reality is – it is heavily skewed to benefit those at the top – mostly foreigners and state-connected functionaries….who drive another wave of capital flight from the country heading abroad.

          Billions of profits from hotels (Serena, Inter-continental, Hilton etc), banks (Barclays, Standard Chartered), agriculture exporters (Sasini Tea, and other foreign owned large scale tea, coffee, horticulture growers and exporters), foreign owned energy corporations (Shell, BP, Total, Oillibya), and others (including Indian manufacturers) ship those proceeds to safe hedge funds abroad.

          In Kisumu (& most cities..Nairobi, Mombasa, etc) most manufacturers and mid-size job creators are foreigners who end up siphoning profits abroad.
          A majority of the population are either spectators or lowly paid wage earners. Devolution creates an opportunity whereby certain counties lucky to be led by visionary, professional and innovative leaders may start changing these fundamentals. But the key is that national leadership – which retains leverage on fiscal/taxation and monetary policy) should be one focused on helping advance – not stiffle – devolution.

          Kisumu voters should elect leadership that doesn’t condone these primitive and Nyayo-era-like gangs ati mara China and America. Gud lawd! The youth must break away from these criminals and do some business …start small and be dedicated…or go look for jobs however distant…or retreat to innovative farming or even raise fish in a pond.. Helloooo?

          Parents should warn their kids against politicians with the old Nyayo-era tendency to rely on gangs (KANU youth; Mungiki, Jeshi la Mzee, Taliban, Sungu Sungu). It must not be lost to the youth and their parents…that the silly season of politics is now with us.

          By now it should be clear that voter registration is ensuing VERY PEACEFULLY in certain parts of the country – while a state of perpetual insecurity has been created in ODM strongholds in Northern Rift (Turkana/Samburu), Coast, North Eastern (Garissa), and Kisumu. If this is not VOTER SUPPRESSION then what is? WAKE UP FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!

          Register as voters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and choose wise leaders at least for your own county.

          The IEBC calendar was deliberately quashed by saboteurs in State House, Treasury and OP; who intentionally delayed the BVR procurement process to ensure a very short voter registration period. Isn’t it a coincidence that the very short window is also the period of heightened insecurity in these select areas. Someone doesn’t want many people in certain places to register to vote. Remember the same forces rejecting official census results from places like Turkana and North Eastern.

          The best way to counter these shenanigans is for folks to defy the expected and TURN OUT TO REGISTER before the narrow window is closed. That’s the only way to change these artificially created states of insecurity.


      • Phil,
        I’m going in Camera. Check your in box for the answer to this question.

        “Why cant the thug just be arrested? The police in Kenya never cease to amaze. You have a gang leader who has wreaked havok in Kisumu for the better part of 2 years and instead of arresting him and charging him in court you give him a heads up to go into exile”


  3. The loud silence by TNA amidst these accusations which have been brought to their attention is telling. Nothing less of an overhaul of police and provincial administration will salvage the situation especially now that the campaign period is with us.

    The Minister of Internal Security has clamped down hard on those militia groups that have been perpetuating violence in Tana River and Kwale, but one can see that despite damning evidence implicating officials of the TNA, the minister is hesitant to act on Kisumu for reasons that are so well captured in this thread. In fact, the minister’s inaction amounts to encouraging these acts.

    It is as if the minister does not want the voter registration exercise to go on smoothly in Ksimu county and its environs. ODM MPs, especially those from the area must use their powers to make sure normalcy returns to this region and that nothing is allowed to intefere with the voter registration.

    Business people must also be re-assured and their security guaranteed. How can the government sit and allow politically correct individuals to collect illegal tax from innocent investors? Law and order is important for economic development.

    This thuggery must be brought to an end. You can otherwise see that Kisumu people will rise and protect themselves.


  4. this requires quite some reading.

    evidently there is a well established criminal organization taking root. will reserve comments until have read the complete document


  5. police in Kisumu taking side is the most dangerous thing with insecurity of this magnitude this is a time bomb……action now we all sink


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