It is now official – the U.S. State Department has been debriefed about this last misguided round of  ‘shuttle diplomacy’ around East African Countries by Uhuru Kenyatta…coming on the heels of ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda’s recent visit to Nairobi. This is from an anonymous but unimpeachable source.


This deception tour attempts to fool the regional heads of State that most if not all Kenyan parties (including ODM) have endorsed Uhuru Kenyatta’s regional forrays; by precisely parading the latter’s recent carpetbagging acquisitions (Narc-K’s Charity Ngilu, New Ford-K’s Eugene Wamalwa, ODM’s- Najib Balala, Ford-K’s Musikari Kombo, ODM-K’s Kiema Kilonzo and URP’s Chirau Mwakwere).


It is an attempt to misrepresent the opinion of Kenyan people – a majority who still support the ICC process.


At the backdrop of this attempt to fool our neighbours is a secret plan to sabotage ICC’s efforts to reach Uhuru’s assets strewn across East Africa. This is yet another batch of Kenyan taxpayer funds being wasted in trips whose sole purpose are to guarantee safety of Kenyatta family assets away from the reach of ICC’s Victims Trust Fund (VTF).


Kibaki’s State House and Office of the President has pre-negotiated full State Protocol for these visits and deception talks (as Phil alludes in another thread). Impunity-supporting politicians are being feted at taxpayer expense to accompany Uhuru Kenyatta on this personal mission to thumb ICC in the eye. It is a clear this is an effort to undermine the authority of ICC’s asset seizure and forfeiture process.


It is an open secret Kenya’s Attorney General Githu Muigai has refused to fully cooperate with the OTP (Bensouda) regarding disclosure of assets of accused persons like Uhuru Kenyatta. As Githu Muigai foot-drags and stonewalls the asset identification process (in readiness for anticipated seizure and forfeiture), a battery of local and international lawyers have been simultaneously engaged (by the Kenyatta family) in a concealment and detachment process – whereby Uhuru’s assets within the Kenyatta estate are being systematically transferred and delinked from the ICC-accused politician.


Kenyatta business interests span through Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda ( media and publishing; banking and finance; milk production and distribution; timber production and supply; motor vehicle importation and supply; hotel and resorts; education facilities; and investments in energy). 


For optics, Kibaki and State House have choreographed this trip as a promotional tour to affirm Kenya’s ‘national sovereignty’ as we head to the next elections. What begs question is – why is such responsibility (if it was indeed necessary) bestowed on a partisan contender in the said elections? Particularly one who is concurrently facing serious charges at the ICC and who owns vast investments in these countries? Kenyatta is not Kenya’s head of State…he is neither the Foreign Minister, nor the Regional Cooperation Minister. Uhuru is simply deploying Kenyan State resources to hoodwink neighbouring heads of state while negotiating security for his assets in those countries.


While it is the sole business of Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi to respectively chose their own bilateral engagements with the ICC; East African citizens can quickly spot impunity being exported from Gatundu to the rest of the region. It is an act of gross recklessness for an ICC-accused criminal to trigger unnecessary regional unrest when called to answer to questions of justice. Uhuru Kenyatta should quietly cooperate with the ICC and stop destabilizing the entire East Africa.


Such trips with potential of expanding regional unrest (essentially exporting impunity and Gadhaffi-like-belligerence around East Africa) are attracting a lot of international attention which WILL certainly NOT help Uhuru Kenyatta’s cause. He is in fact affirming how reckless he can indeed be when bestowed with power. Whoever misadvised Uhuru Kenyatta to recklessly engage in these futile games is his worst enemy. Watch this space!



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  1. Uhuru Kenyatta is very desperate. He snubbed by Salva Kiir until he ended up ambushing South Sudan’s V-P Dr. Riek Machar in Nairobi and preached the same gospel of allowing Kenyans freedom to choose their own leaders and allowing them opportunity to resolve their own problems internally.

    I hope he will be visit ICC fugitive Omar Bashir and ask him for support too.

    Meanwhile, here’s some interesting data doing rounds on social media:

    Barack Obama’s worth $10M, David Cameron, $160M. Mitt Romney $250M. Our very own Uhuru Kenyatta is worth $500M … Boss! No wonder the need for shuttle diploacy to protect this wealth!!


    • You hit the nail on the head. Kenyatta finally put more Kenyan taxpayer money into use —shuttling to Juba for another forced photo-op and propaganda line —in a bid to seal off Kenyatta Estate from the ICC Victims Trust Fund. This ICC-non-cooperation tour will backfire spectacularly…all these folks will cooperate with the ICC in a heartbeat.

      When Uhuru keeps yapping about leaving Kenyans to solve their own internal problems…we have been there before. Kenyatta tried to solve our last election rigging problems internally and we all know the consequences…at Naivasha, Nakuru, Tigoni, Kibera, Kisumu, Mombasa, Kakamega et al…that’s precisely why he is facing the most serious criminal charges ever written on earth. People are not stupid!!!!!!

      The civil society has finally gotten down to work….firing letters to every capital Uhuru visits…giving those heads of state the Kenyan peoples’ version of ICC and election issues. The best these heads of state can do is to leave Kenya to meet its constitutional obligations to the ratified Rome Statutes (& the ICC).


  2. what sicken me is the amount of support uhuru has amongst my tribes mate even those abroad and educated whom you would expect to know better. one thing I can surely already foresee is that by the time the elections are settled next year the death toll of innocent gullible kenyans will be higher than the 2007 as the elections are going to be highly charged. it also sadden me that the national media particular NMG is opening lost its yester years objectivity and become a PNU, impunity, corruption mouth piece which will worsen as the electiions near.


  3. what still puzzles me is why these guys like ngilu, wamalwa, and what not, simply cannot see or perceive how dangerous this game has become. the fact of the matter is that uhuru and ruto have decided to win this thing i.e ICC battle or sink kenya. its a do or die or rather game of death. all these excuses like presidency, running mate etc, are just part of the process, their main objective is to out maneuver the ICC. there are two issues at stake. jail time and asset freeze. both of which are terminal. more terminal than any disease. this is a terminal economic disease for these two. they are already on that train bound to nowhere.

    so what do these bumbling politicians think they are doing? do they imagine that its a mathree where they will suddenly alight at the traffic lights or bumps when things go south?

    people are watching. locals are watching. the international community is watching

    few want to associate with criminals. those that do, are not worth it.

    are these guys so gullible to be easliy seduced and taken in, or are they being held hostage

    what kind of idiots do we have as leaders?


    • tnk,
      Uhuru can take the whole side of PANU MPs plus other gullible legislators from other parties and take them to Burundi, Murundi or Zamunda. All I know is that this will not win him elections in Kenya. Burundians and Zamundans do not vote in Kenya unless there is an attempt to provide them with fake ID, fraudulently insert them in the voters register and have them vote. I believe that this is not a far-fetched idea given the desperation and do or die mentality already engulfing the panicky ICC crowd.

      Ladies and gentlemen. The so called Uhuru/Ruto locked counties and the nonsensical arithmetic of 5.3 (UK) + 2.5 (WSR) + 1.2 (flower girl) + 1 (Ngilu) million votes is a set up for stealing the elections. We must be vigilant and watch these guys every move. The IEBC is perhaps more compromised then the Kivuitu commission.


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