Reject Hague Bound Leaders – Karua

Presidential hopeful Martha Karua has called on Kenyans to reject leaders with questionable integrity in the coming polls.

Some aspirants eyeing the presidency, she said, were not honest and should not be elected to lead the country.

The Narc-Kenya leader said some of those people could not be entrusted with the country’s resources because they were been implicated in corruption and crime.

“Some of those asking you to vote for them are suspects and have cases in courts. Others have plundered the country’s economy. How can you entrust the country’s resources with such people?” she asked in a campaign rally in Kirinyaga at the weekend.

She told rallies at Sagana, Kagio, Kianyaga and Kutus towns that the country needed leaders of high integrity and urged Kenyans to vote wisely.

The Gichugu MP said she was determined to win the presidential race and urged voters across the country to elect her.

Ms Karua, who has been the Gichugu MP for nearly 20 years, said she had rich experience in leadership and could effectively be in charge of the country if elected.

Go it alone

She reiterated that her party would go it alone at the polls, stressing that it was strong enough to win.

“I’m not forming an alliance with anyone and I will go up to the ballot,” she said.

Aspirants forming alliances were weak, according to Ms Karua and she would beat them hands down.

She promised to fight corruption, which she observed had contributed to high poverty levels in the country.

The aspirant also pledged to serve all Kenyans without discrimination and create job opportunities if she clinched the top seat.

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One comment on “Reject Hague Bound Leaders – Karua

  1. Narc-Kenya Presidential aspirant Martha Karua on Tuesday reiterated that Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto should shelve their political ambitions due to war crimes charges facing them.

    Ms took her campaigns to Kisumu where she warned that electing the two would mean frequent disruption of the government operations whenever they are required to attend court sessions at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

    Speaking at various stops in Kondele, Bus Park, Jua kali and Nyando, the Gichugu MP urged Kenyans to “do the suspects a favour by not electing them”.

    “Electing the two would mean that the government will close its doors to wananchi each time they are called upon to attend court. The scenario looks even grimmer because it would be both the President and his deputy.

    “I ask you to grant them leave to allow them offload the baggage they carry. Kenya is not going anywhere, it will still be here if they are cleared and will be free to vie,” she said.

    The former Justice Minister said that if elected President, she would be tough on corruption in government that was largely responsible for the high cost of living Kenyans face.

    “The Treasury in its annual report has indicated that a third of the country’s revenue is lost to corruption. We are talking about money in excess of Sh300 billion. Just by bridging such loopholes alone, my government would advance basic needs to the citizens without increasing any taxes,” the MP said.

    She accused other presidential contenders of using loot from government coffers to try and influence voting patterns in the March 4 elections.

    Born out of loot

    “They will come to you on the strength of their pockets, dishing out handouts to get your vote, but be warned, they will disappear and will not be accountable to you for the next five years. The upcoming contest is thus between those who stand for justice and truth verses fat pockets born out of loot,” the Narc-Kenya leader said

    She promised free healthcare and education up to secondary level if elected President next year.


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