Serious News – Oloo’s post on Prominent Jukwaa Member Murdered?

Hi all Jukwaa members on Here, I hope you are all well, serious post by Oloo on jukwaa, I hope he comes back with good News that all members are Ok. Anyone with Information Please let us know.

This is very serious Newsflash..



I managed to reset my password:):)

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24 comments on “Serious News – Oloo’s post on Prominent Jukwaa Member Murdered?

  1. Police hunt for investor’s killer

    Malindi based Dutch businessman and owner of the Sail Fish Club Malindi Mr. Emilicus Vandewerf where the badly decomposed body of a German based Kenyan business woman Lillian Mwikali Andree 50 was found dumped in a septic tank at the Club is arrested by the police at the scene. Photo/ROBERT NYAGAH

    Police in Malindi are hunting for a key suspect in the killing of a Germany-based Kenyan business woman.

    The decomposed body of Ms Lillian Mwikali Andree was retrieved from a septic pit in a hotel last week.

    Before her death, Ms Mwikali was staying at Malindi Sail Fish Club— a property said to be at the centre of a dispute between her and some Dutch investors based in Malindi.

    Detectives have interrogated several people, including relatives of Ms Mwikali and staff at the club.

    Six suspects, including Mr Emilicus Van Werf— Dutch investor who has been managing Deep Sea Fish Hotel— are being held at Malindi Police Station in connection with the case.

    Malindi Criminal Investigation Department chief John Ndung’u last week sought a court order to hold the six for two weeks but Malindi Principal Magistrate Nathan Shiundu granted him seven days to complete investigations.

    “We have important information about a key suspect who could assist us in unravelling the mystery surrounding the death of German-based woman, who was in Kenya to pursue her property,” Mr Ndung’u said on Sunday.

    The death of the woman, who appeared to have been suffocated and then knifed in the neck, has caused anxiety in Malindi and in Germany.

    Several of her relatives said that she was pursuing the hotel, which she built with her late German husband.

    The CID boss said that Ms Mwikali’s remains had been examined and a postmortem carried out in the presence of four members of her family. The family has been given the green light to organise the burial.

    Ms Mwikali’s story has also featured widely in the social media where she had many friends, majority of whom expressed shock at her death.

    Mr Allan Munyaka, brother to the deceased, said that before her disappearance she had called her former house girl requesting her to travel to Malindi to stay with her at the club.

    When the woman arrived at the club, she was denied access and was shocked to learn that Ms Mwikali’s phone had been switched off.


    • My initial feedback is that some progress has been made in the case. I’ll not speculate but have to share that – I’ve been reliably informed that a former security employee at the hotel has provided very valuable information to the Malindi CID – which would likely fast-track the murder investigation.

      He may have been involved in the murder conspiracy…and was supposedly involved earlier in turning away some guests and relations who had been called in by Mwikali (after she felt unsafe).

      I will be watching closely how the local magistrate handles the Dutch investor’s plea for bail; and whether he considers the suspect a flight-risk subject…or someone likely to interfere with investigations. Apparently the CID wanted a little more time to tie up the investigations. They (cops) know all eyes are watching every one of their hand movements towards their respective pockets. The harsh reality (& bitter truth) is that to some of these cops…these are life-changing opportunities to make a fortune. And worse…Malindi has a penchant for foreign Wabenzi “buying’ justice for a few pieces of silver. I hope not this time!!!!!!


      • Now, this is my brother OO talking. This sort of engagement is the reason I followed OO to Jukwaa many years back. I pray that OO keeps it up!

        OO, I have not had time to read and internalise your post in its entirety. I will get back to you as soon as I have done my homework!!


      • i have read that piece and want to thank Oloo for his courage and putting this material out there.

        the way i see this is that definitely the possibility of loss of property is a frightening prospect for anyone. some of these property owners have formed cartels and become a law unto themselves.

        its therefore immaterial whether the cartels are mainstream mafia or simply some other type of organised crime cartels, the end result is the same as we’ve seen in the likes of kisumu gangs, mungiki, etc. all these organized crime gangs will recruit or hire members to intimidate and kill. the brazen killings point to one of two possiblilites, either the murderers are over confident in their sponsors ability to corrupt the justice system, and/the murderers are current or ex-members of law enforcement and therefore know their ways around the system. and with high levels of unemployment this becomes another form of employment since they are confident of never being caught

        the fact that lilian’s househelp was barred from entry early in the week and four days before discovery of the body is very relevant in that whoever handled that security detail was already aware of the murder that had taken place.

        as phil mentions elsewhere, the mindless disposal of the body in the tank screams impunity as well as idiocy. they would at least have tried to dispose the body elsewhere not so near the premises where there was a dispute. it shows that either the culprits assumed that lilian had no friends or influence and the matter would quickly be forgotten. which could explain why the idiots would kill her in the very premises and dispose of her body again in the very premises. i concur with phil that these were amateurs but sadly they still end up killing a person whose only intent was to regain possession of what was lawfully hers.

        i think the best outcome from this is that the property revert back to her family/estate (hopefully there is no further conflict with step-sons), and that all the culprits serve time for the crime


      • on a different note, its absurd how seemingly minor acts can snowball into something else – what i mean is that somewhere in that Oloo’s article, he says that due to his association with miguna and the book launch, his contact in kisumu subsequently withdrew from providing assistance required that could have possibly assisted lilian.

        its unbelievable but reality that the little things we do can turn around to bite the butt a little while later. not to say that we must suppress our views/beliefs and what not, but we must be mindful and remain alive to the complex lives that we lead. hardliner stances can just be as counterproductive (is miguna listening?)


      • OO,

        I have now done my homework and gone through your entire piece.

        Thanks for taking concrete steps to bring Kasuku’s killers to book and also thank you for doing this on behalf of both the Jukwaa and DC fraternity who had already started to organise themselves to take those same steps you have taken.

        But should you still need our help at any stage, simply give us a shout please.

        If I get time, I will soon be wondering aloud about certain aspects of your narrative both here on Jukwaa and DC with a view to getting further clarification.

        A job well done brother for our sister Kasuku. But let ALL of us keep our eyes on the ball till the satisfactory end of this case is achieved.


  2. this is a truly sad state of affairs

    the list of transgressions reads like a horror movie

    that the lady started to pursue this property over 10 years back is in itself a terrible pointer to how difficult it is to access justice in kenya.

    the fraud was committed by members of the justice system ( a lawyer conniving with court officials – filing a case in kisumu rather than malindi)

    and this from a widow who at the time was quite sick

    then 10 years later when she finally was able to get the legal instruments necessary so that she could begin her quest for justice, her first experience is to be conned of cash by yet another corrupt human rights lawyer

    and finally when she decides to pursue the matter herself

    she somehow gets lured to the hotel where her precious life is so senselessly terminated

    this is the life that most middle class and lower income class in kenya have been relegated to. a life of resignation where there is simply no credible justice system.

    there is a lot of hope pinned on the new judiciary under CJ mutunga, but unfortunately this is an island in a sea of filth and corruption where all the complementary systems to the judiciary are totally dysfunctional.

    its hard to count the number of deaths that will never be solved in this country.

    i hope the people of kenya are courageous and deep thinking enough to help us out of this mess by voting in true reform agents in this coming election so that we can continue with the business of implementing the new constitution, true reforms of key institutions like the police force and not the current farce and publicity stunt taking place. and also get some more level headed people in parliament to help enact laws for the just government of kenyans and not just for the stomachs of a greedy bunch of low lifes.

    RIP Kasuku


    • @TNK

      Life in Kenya has really changed and this should be a warning to those in the diaspora who are investing in or are interested in investing back home. There are too many questions left unanswered. She had a feeling her life was in danger, was it a bit too naive to spend a night in that same establishment?

      Also multiple people were involved in this killing and the subsequent cover up attempt. Infact had the lawyer not pressed hard for her whereabouts, this murder could have gone unnoticed. For a little money people are ready to do anything. And then to continue runming the business as if nothing happned with the body still in the septic tank is just beyond me.

      This murder has unravelled another level of violence against innocent victims that really reads like horror movie…… And the fact that it could happen to anyone of us.


    • 1) Kasuku – Lilian Mwikali Andree – God bless you sister as you rest in peace! We will fight for you sister! I will fight for you even from my vantage in America.

      2) This is a fight that we must retrace to 1995 when Lilian lost her husband.

      3) The reality is – most homicide is often traced within family or connections traced to them.

      4) Lilian had extended family with clear motive to eliminate her – specifically her extended (step) family ( the Andree step-kids). Business associates connected to them (via the Malindi hotel) also had motive to kill her.

      5) The motive being the very Malindi property in which she was murdered – and the trigger being very controversial and questionable ‘purported exchange’ of ownership of the said property.

      6) Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows Kenya is corrupt – the immediate locality, the police and judiciary all included.

      7) We all know Lilian TOLD US SHE had an ongoing tussle to wrest her property from well-connected, predator-grabbers. It goes without say they were connected to her OWN step sons.

      8) The entire kit-and-caboodle comprising her German step sons, the purported Dutch sales-recipients, so-called Dutch hotel manager, intermediary Kenyan lawyers, and local hotel caretakers are MURDER SUSPECTS as far as we are concerned.

      9) We KENYANS have potential to exert the WILL and CAPACITY to ensure that our sister Lilian (& her kids) get the JUSTICE so badly DESERVED.

      10) I will caution against placing total faith in Lilian’s German citizenship as the basis for pushing the Malindi investigation.

      11) Even if Lilian was a German citizen, let us not forget the REALITY that Germany may not ultimately pursue FORTHRIGHTLY a murder case that might pit white Germans (Lilian’s step-sons) against an immigrant black German.

      12) Therefore this fight is our own – black Kenyans!!!!!!!!!

      13) Lilian is OUR OWN an she was murdered in OUR OWN land of KENYA!!!!!

      14) The question is, what will you do as a Kenyan??????? The simple answer is that you can do so much for Lilian and her family; and for your own dignity as a Kenyan.

      15) Please let us focus on the KENYAN investigation…at the local MALINDI level. This is notwithstanding the corruption inherent in our local police.

      16) Let us assume that the local cops have already been bribed with decent amounts of cash…we need to still INUNDATE and ILLUMINATE the MALINDI POLICE with tremendous LIGHT. Let us storm physically, write directly, cyberstorm virtually, phone consistently, and picket relentlessly.

      17) Here is the Malindi OCPD Office phone number:

      18) Please access the website of Malindi police via linking at the Kenya Police
      website at

      19) Please call Malindi MP Gideon Mungaro…via the Kenya National Assembly lines.

      Let us do this for our sister Lilian.

      Dr. Job Obonyo.


      • Thanks Job,

        I’m going to do my part starting today!!

        Meanwhile, I hope OO will update us on what is going on on the ground!

        Let’s go good people!!!


  3. Very very sad indeed and it feels eerily close. This lady had principals. Sadly her country failed her. What a senseless killing. I hope justice comes quick to those who did this. My thoughts and prayers go out to those she left behind, especially her children.

    RIP Kasuku


    • A few things we can do:

      1. Establish if by any luck she was also a German citizen which is very likely. If she was, then the Kenyan community abroad working with her two daughters in Germany should immediately approach the German authorities to work with their embassy in Kenya to demand comprehensive investigations and answers as to what happened and what is being done. Sad as it may sound Lilian as we now know her has a better chance of getting justice if she is a foreign national and if a foreign government is involved in demanding justice than if she is “just” a Kenyan citizen. Our lives are incredibly cheap in the present circumstances.

      2.I just tried to get hold of Oloo who did get a private message from Lilian with some very useful details but I couldn’t reach him by teh cell number I have. But Oloo after talking with the authorities which he obviously have and that has its complications can provide us with whatever cause of action he feels is needed to get to theh bottom of this crime.

      3. Kenyan diaspora has a lot at stake here and we can make our voices heard loud and clear. The governemnt keeps telling us to invest in Kenya and we do. But if Kenyans are going to be killed with such recklessness because people want to grab their property in Kenya we have every reason to be angry and we are. We need to make the Kenyan government know we are mad and we will not take it at all. We should start a petition to the government of Kenya on this crime and demand justice. I have no doubt that it will be signed by very many of us.

      4. Last but not least we have to help the two daughters of Lilian(I don’t know their ages) after they go through the grief and loss to persue their mother’s property and make sure the killers do not get what they wanted which is to grab their mother’s property. We have to make sure crimes does not pay here. We have the capacity to do that.

      Those are my few ideas and I will get a clearer picture after I talk to Oloo soemtime today.


      • @Adongo

        That was my thinking as well. If she has German citizenship then the Embassy should already be involved. The do not need the diaspora’s voice to push forward, but they can be helpful in keeping the case alive until justice is achieved.

        There is a lot at stake here and the goverment has been organizing all these conferences asking the diaspora to invest but stories like these are sure to keep people off. The same goverment should crack down on the whole mafia business that has captured Malindi and most of the Coast region

        Oloo needs to be very carefull because he could potentially have evidence linking people to the crime and thus andangering his since he was in contact with the victim. I pray that at the end of the day justice whatever that means, prevails at the end of all this.


        • Adongo & Moesha,

          Be careful about pinning hopes on the German government when we all know potential leading suspects may be Lilian’s own German step-kids.


  4. the animals in our midst have no qualms about taking the life of a human being as they pursue money, property and, as we saw in 2008, leadership.
    sadly, kasuku’s murder will be another cold case.

    adongo is right, we need police reforms badly. our ngumbaru police/investigators will not solve this one, they can’t protect the common man – see how criminal gangs go about their business as wananchi cower in fear waiting for the next target.
    they can’t even protect themselves – look at the embarrassing baragoi massacre.

    RIP Kasuku.


  5. Rest in eternal peace Kasuku.

    I do not know exactly what happened and why but hope and pray the police, those not yet compromised, will unravel the truth and pursue justice for the departed. May her loved ones find peace in this most difficult time.



    • The sad part is that this kind of thing does not even shock Kenyans anymore. It is the new normal. That is why her death is a mere footnote in the Kenyan media. The killers know these things. It will take two to three days of pretended police investigation and the police will pretty much close the case. That is the Kenya we have today. If you have money you can do anything including killing people. Just buy the cops and the case is over. With the kind of police force we have, crime pays very handsomely and will continue to do so until we fix our police force. That will not happen anytime soon if anybody is following the interviews for the new police boss going on as we speak.



  6. Very very sad indeed. R.I.P. Dada Kasuku. I hope that cops will help bring justice to this great Kenyan…and not be swallowed by deep pockets of her presumed murderers.


  7. Hi there Reporter911

    Good to see you here

    Blog-Admin is fine.

    On the other hand, it would be more useful for Oloo of Jukwaa to have withheld this information until such a time that he would be a little more specific. Blurting this out as he has done with no meaningful direction achieves nothing and only enhances the rumour mills. Considering the anxiety and distress, this is bound to cause, I find this method of message delivery rather inept. We are in fact no better off now with this knowledge than we were when we didn’t know this i.e it has added no value.

    We of course hope that the story is not true, and even further hope that its not because of anything related to blogging. We however remain alert to all possibilities and urge all members to always take precaution while on cyberspace.

    Reporter911 thanks for bring this to our attention. Hope other bloggers will take cue and post they are ok.


  8. Hey People,

    Einstein is alive and kicking despite ALL the challenges in life!

    How I wish that this newsflash is not true!!

    God Bless, The Most High and The Most Loving!


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