Military Havoc in Garissa


The idea of arbitrarily sending the Kenyan military to attack Kenyan civilians needs to be addressed once and for all. Someone needs to take accountability for the military’s shooting of innocent civilians and plunder of millions worth of property. This impunity has to stop!!!!

Even Defense Minister Yusuf Haji is still shell shocked his own people were being attacked right under his nose – by the entity he ‘purportedly’ heads. The chickens come home to roost…but someone ultimately has to answer to this recklessness.



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4 comments on “Military Havoc in Garissa

  1. wow

    just a few days ago, a contingent of armed officers were gunned down by raiders in an ambush. the survivors of that attack are described to have been severely traumatized and most became fearful of being sent back to that valley. this was a battle between two armed groups.

    but amazingly look at the zeal and glee with which armed forces and police attack unarmed civilians.

    is this really the kind of cowardice we should expect from armed personnel? i.e they readily attack unarmed civilians but cow in fear when faced with armed fighters?

    the armed forces in kenya whether police or military must be made to understand that those guns and their training are fully funded and provided for by the citizens of kenya to protect citizens from harm. they are fools to think that citizens provide these resources for them to use against citizens.

    who really is in charge of these guys? and why do they call themselves the disciplined forces if they can display such indiscipline


  2. KDF have lost it! They no longer have any credibility. The bizarrely claim to have always been deployed in Garissa and did not need any orders to mount their operation in Garissa. The Defence Minister has disowned them and their Commander is tight lipped on this incident that has left one dead and numerous injured and millions worth of damages.

    The actions of KDF in Garissa are illegal and a gross violation of the rights of the civilian populations there.

    One hopes that we will not see this again anytime in the future. They may as well then take over the leadership of this country.


    • I can’t understand why Mwai Kibaki and Haji sent the military to North Eastern.
      In the worst case scenario and if the police were unable to contain the situation then we have the GSU. I know that the GSU are also as violent but the KDF has proved time and time that they cannot do this kind of work. They are not trained for it.

      Now the so called Commander in Chief (thief) is sleeping at the state house tight lipped doing absolutely nothing and hoping that everything will be well. How can a president send troops to murder its own people?

      Kibaki even though a known coward, will go down in history as the most bloody handed president in the history of Kenya. I know that Moi and Kenyatta killed people but that was another time. This president has killed:
      >10 000 kikuyu youth (mungiki)
      >5 000 (In Mt Elgon area)
      >1 500 (PEV)
      Ongoing massacre in NEP still counting

      And the Internal Security Minister is doing nothing? And this are supposed to be “his people”?

      Is seems to me that Yusuf Haji is the new kimendero.


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