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Uhuru, Ruto and their allies are out to show their opponents that the two politicians can, individually and collectively, marshal millions of Kenyans behind them.

I have always wanted to write of how I see the future of my children in Kenya being “unsecure”. But in the simple fear of being branded a “tribalist”, I have shied away from the subject. But recent events have made me question further whether I am “tribal” by expressing my fear that my children will be “demonised” by “Kenyans” for being born to this “tribe” that I never applied to belong to.

My fear that my future children will have a hard time being “Kenyans” is drawn from recent happenings in the country – in the name of equality. Since the enactment of a new Constitution, my “tribe” has been under scrutiny and even discriminated against as appointments are made. The reason is that…

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  1. Love to read paid-hands at NMG trying to justify the Uhuruto alliance. It’s no longer a secret. It’s an open secret. Uhuru has his people strategically placed in social media and mainstream media.

    Obviously a lot of detail has been glossed over and this is intended to sanitize the Hague suspects and convince people in certain quarters that the two suspects have the support of 5million Kenyans.


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