Impunity has run amok! The ICC-wanted fugitive uses power not only as shield against justice, but also as license to kill more black Africans inhabiting Oil-rich areas of Sudan.

It gets worse. Exacerbating the atrocity was last year’s “election” of yet another ICC-wanted fugitive Ahmed Haroun to the position of governor of South Kordafan, the state in which the Nuba Mountains is situated.

The genocide masterminds have figured that clinging to power can guarantee relative safety (albeit temporarily). Like al Bashir, Harun is a Sudanese Arab also wanted by the ICC on 40 counts of crimes against humanity. Harun run for governor in South Kordofan State…running against a popular (black African) former commander of the liberation army SPLM (Nuba wing) called Abdul Aziz.  The native population here is predominantly black African Nubans – who overwhelmingly voted for the person declared loser.

Guess what – when the population rioted against the sham elections…bombs started landing in  villages. This civilian massacre has continued to date – it’s approaching genocidal proportion like previously in Darfur. Pariah al Bashir has banned NGOs from assisting fleeing civilians. The murderous Sudanese government is claiming they are fighting SPLM –N rebels.

“Governor” Harun was recently caught on Al Jazeera TV instructing troops not to bring back any prisoners of war since it would give him administrative headaches…”kill all war prisoners” he instructed Sudanese soldiers. Let’s keep in mind these are basically civilians. It’s the strategy of depopulating Nuba Mountains…the bombings continue to date…with hundreds of thousands of black Nubans fleeing south to the new nation of South Sudan.

An American NGO is lobbying President Obama to ACT NOW!

Watch the documentary and please ACT too – see instructions at its end.


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    • Here is muthamaki making an idiot of himself. eti the case against Muthaura has collapsed. That is just nonsense. Uhuru still doesn’t get it. Uhuru should leave that level of stupidity to internet goons who support him and who have no clue about how the ICC works. Choosing a political fight with ICC is the dumbest thing he can do. Some aspects of the Muthaura case may be sent back to the Pre-Trial Chamber even as the case against him goes on. That is a normal process with ICC cases. It hapenned in the Lubanga case.

      OTP has very cleverly walked out of witness 4 even though the same witness has confessed of being bribed by the Accused and even provided bank records of moneys paid to the OTP (That could be another matter altogether come trial time). The witness withdrew his statements about the meeting on Dec 30 at State House and Nov. 17 at Yaya Centre. Despite the proof the OTP has of the witness being bribed they have decided his testimony will be subject to unnecessary drama and withdrew it. With that in mind the OTP is willing to take the Muthaura case back to the Pre-Trial Chamber because that was the only witness who identified Muthaura in person.

      With Uhuru OTP has witnesses who saw him at his Blue Post Hotel in Thika where he had meetings and informed the Kikuyu elders that he has secured the support of Mungiki to do business in Naivasha and Nakuru. They called it retaliation. The OTP have another witness for another meeting where Uhuru was. Basically Uhuru is a dead man walking and the OTP says they have enough evidence to lock his ass. With Muthaura they will provide additional evidence to link him up and the OTP is confident that even without the testimony of witness # 4 they have Muthaura and are ready to roast him, slow and nice.

      The one thing Bensouda has done is to focus on obtaining conviction as opposed to drama and she is doing a fantastic job. But the fools don’t bother to read the actual OTP filings in the court. They rely on shody media reports and internet goons who are clueless. Shauri zao.

      Here is Uhuru’s foolish attack on the OTP about cooked up charges. If I was him I would shut up about the ICC. Those people are not joking.


      And here is the actual filing by OTP which is very clear that the cases are all intact and Uhuru’s even tighter.

      Click to access doc1557330.pdf


      • Finally someone at the Daily Nation has actually bothered to read the OTP arguments filed with the Trial Court regarding the Muthaura Uhuru case. It is posted above. Before the papers were reporting fiction and half truths because they were too lazy to read the actual.

        Here is the new Daily Nation version of the story. It reflects the actual facts which they should have read yesterday.

        Here we go:


        Now armed with clear evidence of witness interference in this case bribing a witness to withdraw his testimony Uhuru Kenyatta should eb very afraid. He is going to shit in his pants the day they board that plane to Netherlands. In the meantime Uhuru can go on insulting the OTP. They are going to give him what he is asking for.


      • `

        These folks have little clue what the OTP’s timing is all about. They are celebrating the lull before a storm. The truth is – Muthaura’s case is as strong as ever, irrespective of whether Witness # 4 was bribed or not. The admission of bribery by Witness 4 only makes things worse for Uhuru and Muthaura. The entire world (starting with the OTP) is not fooled by the lipstick these folks have applied on a pig. A pig remains a pig whether it has lipstick.

        Muthaura’s case has a lipstick gloss precisely because the state has refused to allow former PCs, PPOs and other senior cops to cooperate with the OTP in getting sworn statements (under oath) from them. In addition, Gichangi, Muthaura and his successor Kimemia, have put a lock on all official minutes of security committee meetings held during PEV. Besides bribery, the OTP has noted incidences of actual killings of potential witnesses who could have fingered Muthaura and Uhuru. On top of that, AG Githu Muigai, has refused to cooperate with the OTP regarding sensitive issues (witness protection, assets tracing, and answering queries by OTP investigators). The world can see this thick coat of lipstick being applied on the pig.

        Why is timing important? The OTP knows all this trajectory can change with the outcome of the next election. They are clever enough to try delaying this thing until after August – when the next government will be in power. If it will be the ICC duo in power – OTP will have more of the stonewalling if not outright non-cooperation. If CORD comes to power – you can take it to the bank – cooperation with the ICC dramatically changes. The truth is likely to come out. PCs and PPOs are likely to testify. Minutes of security meetings are likely to surface…because participants will have to state their authorizations for certain actions.

        Basically no one is fooled that Muthaura’s case is crumbling. It is either stupid, or propaganda to say otherwise. Uhuru is trying to minimize the gravity of these cases – as a gimmick to beg for votes. They do not want the unblemished truth to come out. It is dangerous to try playing the sympathy card with this ICC issue –because when voters summon their conscience…they are likely to side with the victims (not perpetrators like Uhuru and Ruto).

        As the case stands right now – if Muthaura’s case goes back to the PTC…he will merely be delaying the inevitable trial. Even under the grim circumstances Kibaki’s government put on the ICC, the OTP has still managed to get crucial evidence. The threshold for evidence at the PTC still remains low. Muthaura would have merely delayed trial by 1 or 2 years. Should CORD come to power – these cases would accelerate due to unprecedented cooperation. I suspect CORD will have Mutula Kilonzo, Moses Wetangula and James Orengo renewing cooperation with the OTP to unprecedented levels – watch this space. Wakina Grace Kaindi will start singing. These ICC suspects should start realistically planning for paying restitution for victims…and jail time…for long periods. With real cooperation, the OTP can actually bring new charges against all of them at any time – moving full-speed from PTC to Trial. The big difference – this time there may be no Kibaki machinery to offer protection or lipstick glossing.


      • job, adongo

        thanks as always for the valuable insight

        i think that the ICC chamber are going to come down hard on these guys. and these guys know it, but at this point in time they know that their supporters are currently high up in the air floating in an over inflated euphoria balloon. any negative news will be too sharp a pin that will explode that balloon and bring their world crashing around them. they are crossing legs, fingers, hands, eyes, eyes, everything hoping that the balloon can survive till march 4.

        there is no way they can tell the truth about the ICC, like Dida says, when you ask a thief if he stole something, do you expect an honest answer? 🙂


      • Adongo, Job;

        The trouble for Uhuruto is that Bensouda is not Ocampo. She has taken this case and reorganised it so that she can win. When she started talking about ‘recharacterizing’ the charges i knew something was a afoot. Ocampo knew he was retiring and was keener on getting the cases to trial. Bensouda is more interested in convicting the indictees. She is systematically cleaning the case of baggage (such as Witness 4) and tightening the evidence… even if that means taking at least one back to the PTC so that fresh evidence can be admitted.

        If I was an indictee, I would be afraid, very afraid.


  1. I think this video clip is very important especially considering that Kenyan’s are going into an election where many are actually contemplating electing two guys accused at the ICC. Whereas I firmly believe that these guys should be rejected solely on account of a lack of reform agenda which should ordinarily suffice, the other side of the coin is to be seized of what will happen to the country if these two guys were to hijack the leadership of the country.

    The documentary says it all, if any of these guys is a president, then there is no telling what state resources will be used to frustrate justice for PEV victims and survivors.

    There are some Kenyans naive enough to think and sell the mistaken belief that this spells piece for the two communities who have been at each other since Kenyatta (the other ones) misappropriated land.

    Reality is that, these two guys are aware that the only way out is to grab the leadership by any means necessary otherwise they are both very wealthy and can afford to mount extensive defense at the ICC. But what they need is unbridled access and control of the armed military and police forces of the country. Period.

    What surprises is the number of gullible Kenyans that follow these guys sweet stories and who will be converging at Afraha later on.

    For those that know and understand human nature, take a look at history and see how african presidents within months, repeal sections of constitution that impede dictatorship and with the assistance of sycophants (remember the TNA slogan of not just three piece but complete wardrobe) proceed to devise laws that entrench them in power unless removed by a coup.

    There are dozens of examples, I’ll only point out one


    This or at least some form of it, is what we are playing Russian roulette with when we seriously consider people who have already been charged with sponsoring mass murders. The question is this, lets suppose that its true and that they can do this and get away with it, when they are not in power, then what can they do if they are in full power? That is the question Kenyans must ask themselves, and whether they want to err on the side of caution, or be fools to see which way the chips fall.

    Nevertheless, I still maintain that the pair should first be knocked out by a popular vote since they do not have the credentials to move forward the reform agenda. After which they can then proceed with no need to carry iPads to the Hague for governance since Kenyans will have decided that they are unfit for office


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