Raila and ODM paint Mombasa County Orange…

Hey folks,

I’m pressed for time na nimetundika picha za mkutanao wa RAO mita ya Mombasa on this link.

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9 comments on “Raila and ODM paint Mombasa County Orange…

  1. Admin, shukran for reloading the pics for me on here..I was just being lazy…lol. Dada Akinyi, when I get the NDC ones, I will definitely post them as usual. Aluta continua bandugu!!!


      • Adongo,

        My exact sentiment. Was this a funeral or wedding? Ni harusi ama matanga? What a solemn and somber birthday of this coalition!

        The point is…

        Even Ole Kaparo has started fearing the impending campaign pinata that is coming. You can bet that a ticket of two criminal warlords will receive a heavy dose of interrogation from concerned wananchi.

        Back to this harusi…Every Kenyan has witnessed the very tone of this coalition’s birth. It’s going to end with the same somberness it’s launching upon. Rather than a bright start with an exhilarating promise of a prosperous future – the TNA/URP (oil-water mix) is effusing the uncertainty of potential economic sanctions and global isolation..that it promises.

        Let Uhuru and Ruto spend their honeymoon moonlighting over EVD-PT-OTP-ICC mumbo-jumbos. Every the barely literate Kenyans know a President and Vice President mulling international law legal jargon – and how to beat possible conviction – can NEVER focus on the intricate task of nation building at a time of heavy challenges ranging from insecurity, corruption, hunger, famine, chronic unemployment, tribalism and all.

        Even supporters of this harusi ya matanga are as suspicious of each other like never before…wapi the excitement??? Nada!

        I’m reliably informed the demagogic purveyor William Ruto sold to Kalenjin elders the meme that ‘upon election’, all indications are that Uhuru’s case at the ICC is likely heading straight to conviction – while his (Ruto) is definitely heading to acquital..and Bam!!! just like that Uhuru heads to jail while Ruto becomes President by default…..that’s even before the next election (2017/8). This is how Ruto bamboozled the wazee into confusion…and reluctant affirmation…as he pitched tent at Eldoret selling the TNA-URP marriage he was to later unveil at Kapkatet.

        Permutations like these have certainly scared the bejeezus out of some TNA supporters who are cautiously trying to read this forced marriage of convenience. Might Uhuru ACTUALLY end up locked up while Ruto takes over State House? Ngai fafa…they are pondering!!!!! There is a possibility some are weighing pitfalls between Kimundu and Ruto.

        Well, the bigger nation of Kenya wishes to turn a page over such uncertainty…Majority of Kenyans are not stupid to elect criminal warlords only to end up with the kind of economic sanctions witnessed under Moi’s last days….folks don’t want to end up starving like Zimbabwe …all in the name of protecting two ethnic jingoists who are selling the idea that the same same two community-elites (Kenyatta-Nyayo axis) that have ruled Kenya for the last 50 years…should complete the subsequent/last half of the century the same way it started…with another Kenyatta-Nyayo redux… These dreamers should give Kenyans a freeeeaking break and wake up to reality. It ain’t happening!!!

        Kenya is bigger than the deceptive land aristocracy of Kenyattas and their proxies in the former Rift Valley (Moi and now Ruto). That Nyayo business will be thrown to the dustbin as Kenya charts a fresh course for the next 50 years. We already know what the last 50 years yielded in terms of tribalism, mega corruption, poverty, hunger, national disunity, economic disparities, selective marginalization, insecurity, youth unemployment, selective development (with selective concentration of super highways, electricity, water, schools and such in Presidential backyards).

        Devolution must not be left in the hands of another Kenyatta…like Lancaster jimbos were left in the hands of Jomo Kenyatta…Kenyans know what happened.

        These are the real manenos folks want to start discussing in the upcoming campaign season.

        At least on the ICC-economic-sanctions connection…even the State-House cozy Mudavadi has warned voters this past last weekend that the nation risks economic isolation were ‘certain’ people with serious ICC issues get to power. To even contemplate placing an emerging oil economy in the hands of two international pariahs is the most reckless and myopic decision any sane voter would likely engage in. People go to vote for prosperity; not for economic sanctions that starve them!!!!

        As for Kalonzo…I agree that ODM supporters should give him breathing room…as Adongo is wont to say…don’t kick someone when he is still down nursing a painful TKO from the Uhuruto crew. Give him a warm embrace even though he is naturally difficult and indecisive.

        I’ve never seen someone so misused badly…remember January ’08…Kalonzo shuttling Western capitals trying to sell the commander in thief!!!!!!…then came the shuttle diplomacy to wakina hayati Gadafi trying to bring the Uhuruto case to Kenya….this guy was all waiting to hear “Kalonzo Tosha” from the mountains…but what he got..was a double boot in the behind….one from State House who sternly warned him not to misuse the President’s name…another from Uhuru who called him a hyena waiting for limbs-that-never-fell! Gud lawd!!!!! That’s a heck of painful humiliation.


        • Job,
          I watched the thing live on citizen TV and could barely recognize the energy in the two amigos, it was gone. They seemed pressed and subdued. When Uhuru took the microphone to speak he concentrated on the issue of Hague instead of what they were going to do for Kenyans. It looked as if he also knew that Kenya was not buying their nonsense. They went on and on about how they will stop insulting other leaders and asked others not to insult them too. In between the lines they were simply saying “DO NOT BRING THE HAGUE ISSUE UP, ITS EMBARRASSING” but as things stand, there is no way on earth Kenyans are going to stop the discussion. Our future is at stake here and our investments are at risk. We are not ready to be a pariah state. We will not allow ourselves to go the Sudanese way just to protect two billionaires. Lord forbid.

          Even the middle class kikuyus and kalenjins are murmuring. It won’t be long before the ticket explodes. Uhuru Kenyatta just called it a “coalition of suspects” and he was right, that’s what it is.

          As for Kalonzo Musyoka he is his own enemy. He sometimes refuses to see reality and often has bad timing. Had he agreed to be RAO running mate in 2007 Kibaki would have been a one term president. But again its takes a little history to learn ones lesson. Like or hate the man, he has about 1 million votes in his pocket and that makes him a force. Besides, he is truly the king of Kambaland unlike Mudavadi who is unable to control his turf. Now that he is on our side of the divide, let give him the necessary support.


      • hi adongo, mzee and job

        i personally have a hard time with accepting kalonzo. its the same hard issues i have with karua at the height of PEV

        however you have both stated that there is a place in being accomodating

        my question is this

        in order to forgive the past and forge ahead, we are being asked to forgive and forget the past?

        if we use this logic then we must use it to forgive the uhuruto pair

        we cannot apply double standards

        at the same time, i do not want to let the past be a millstone around my neck

        for me. the biggest criteria is finding and defining leaders that have demonstrated reformist agenda,

        we did not cut corners with the CJ

        we did not cut corners with the SNA

        the thorniest issue of a president and deputy

        i suggest that similarly we do not cut corners for political expediency

        i recommend that we forge ahead and still insist on reformists that will implement the reformist constitution

        we have come this far, we can go the final step

        just more effort is required, there is still time


        • tnk,
          You are right but the “crime” kalonzo committed cannot be compared with that of say Uhurus who brutally instigated the murder, rape and displacement of Kalenjins and other tribes.

          Yes, he did go to bed with Kibaki. But this was not to murder anyone but mostly for his own stomach. And he is paying the price. Look at how Kibaki has kicked him in the butt. Thats punishment enough for this man.

          While I can forgive him, I will wait for the ICC´s verdict before I do the same with Uhuru. Uhuru is a brutal murderer and that’s what the ICC has charged him with.


    • mzee,

      That was a hell of a rally and with the old ODM charisma rigth back in the faces of the masses. People can see this thing coming this time if they work for it.

      Now my head is still spinning on the ODM Kalonzo deal. By weekend there was no deal. But it looks like Orengo finally pulled it off with his buddy Kilonzo. I will work the phones again. We need closure on this and move on. If he is in sawa let’s see how that works without distabalizing the party. We want no zoning and nothing like sharing cabinet posts. A united ticket should work as a team and each should have confidence on the other. Just tell Kenyans you will work together to appoint competent Kenyans from all communities that make our nation. I don’t want to hear that Uhuruto zoning madness.


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