Breaking! Uhuru, Ruto, Mudavadi in new coalition pact

TNA, URP and UDF deposit new pre-election coalition deal with the Registrar of Political Parties bringing together Uhuru, Ruto and Mudavadi.  

TNA, URP and UDF deposit new pre-election coalition deal with the Registrar of Political Parties bringing together Uhuru, Ruto and Mudavadi.  …

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  1. And here comes another pundit talking in tongues to camouflage his otherwise overt prediction of Raila’s political death in Western to be occasioned by none other than our ‘star’ of the last one month bwana Muda! He seems to attribute most of Muda’s political woes to Raila and less to Uhuru. And to hide his real intention in writing this opinion piece, the in-tongues-talking-pundit cleverly and very briefly touches on Uhuru! But hey, I think the guy is aligned to Abdikadir of UDF and hence no wonder at all

    Mudavadi to settle scores with Raila and Uhuru



    Critical factor: The Amani coalition leader’s candidature is critical in how the two million Luhya votes will be cast

    In the past few months, Mr Musalia Mudavadi, the leader of UDF party, has assumed a very critical role in the forthcoming presidential election.

    He is seen by a critical mass in the country as a viable alternative to the polarising candidature of Mr Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr Raila Odinga. He represents the mild, cool, safe and the detribalisation of politics in Kenya.

    By launching the Amani coalition as his vehicle for the presidency and with the support of the leaders like Eugene Wamalwa and Gideon Moi of Kanu, Mr Mudavadi has once again thrust himself to the front and is set to play the most critical role in the presidential election on March 4.

    The kingmaker has entered the ring, and both Raila and Uhuru must bow to the king or face the consequence. Equally important, the launch of the Amani coalition is the biggest attempt by the Luhya community in western Kenya to assert themselves and rally behind one of their own sons.

    The presidency will probably be won by either Raila or Uhuru, but it is Mr Mudavidi who will decide who wins between the two. This he won’t do by endorsing either of the two candidatures. This he will do by either running a credible or a lacklustre campaign.

    The entry of Mr Mudavadi into the presidential contest will recast it in a most profound manner and force both Raila and Uhuru to the drawing board.

    Mr Mudavadi has been insulted and slighted by both camps. Raila’s group has, over the years, failed to accord him the respect, stature and dignity Mr Mudavadi so obviously deserves.

    Raila has always assumed that Mr Mudavadi has no option but to stick with him. He has also assumed that he doesn’t need Mr Mudavadi to get the votes in western Kenya.

    His candidature addresses the historic grievances of both Mr Mudavadi and his people against Raila. It gives Mr Mudavadi an opportunity to square off with Raila in his home turf and address the issues that have hitherto remained unresolved.

    Mr Mudavadi has also been wronged and slighted by the Uhuru camp. The Jubilee team went to him of their own volition and handed him the presidency, literally on a silver platter. They signed an agreement to this effect.

    Then, suddenly, Uhuru reneged on the agreement and left Mr Mudavadi stranded. It is time for Mr Mudavadi to square off with Uhuru and settle the scores.

    Mr Mudavadi’s candidature is critical in how the two million Luhya votes will be cast in the coming election. Between Uhuru and Raila, the latter has a lot to lose from Mr Mudavadi’s candidature.

    Mr Mudavadi will also make western Kenya the most critical vote bloc in the entire country. For his candidature to be noticed and feared, Mr Mudavadi must rally his base and galvanise the community.

    He is greatly helped in this regard by Mr Wamalwa who can rally a critical mass to the new cause. Their rallying call is simply to tell the community that Mr Mudavadi’s candidature provides the best opportunity to end the political bridesmaid role that community has historically been assigned to.

    For Raila, Mr Mudavadi poses the greatest obstacle on the path to State House. Mr Odinga will be forced to spend a lot of time and resources on a region that was previously considered his political backyard.

    The presidential election will narrow down to a contest over western Kenya between Mr Mudavadi and Mr Odinga. Mr Mudavadi now becomes the fulcrum around whom all rotate in western Kenya.

    Mr Odinga has critical support there and, at the end, it all depends on the percentage. If Mr Mudavadi gets just 50 per cent of the western vote, Mr Odinga will have an uphill task on March 4.

    Ahmednasir, SC, is publisher, Nairobi Law Monthly:


    • How exactly does this “Amani Coalition” come about and given that the time for alliance forming has long expired? Can they legally present a presidential candidate under this coalition or is it one of those gentlemen s agreement like the one Uhuru and MM had?


    • Uhuru’s three day camping in his favourite part of Nyanza seems to have been a complete flop.

      Nothing is working. The crowd is pathetic. The neat part is when they brought Raila’s brother Mr. Omondi Oginga to address voters and when the dude started talking about Raila he was heckled and forced to shut up. I know this guy. I met him in Bondo in August last year. He was at the matatu stand in the town. The touts were laughing at him and teasing him. They know he is an idiot being used by Ruto. How Ruto thinks this is an asset baffles me. At the Bondo matatu stand Omondi told the laughing touts that he is the Delilah for ODM. He told them it took a woman to destroy Samson. He said he is that woman and that is why he is with Ruto. Of course the guy is a joke.

      This Jubilee fellas are going to have nightmares. With luminaries like Mike Sonko, Duale, Ongeri and Shebesh they are very shallow. Uhuru has very limited skills in public mobilization outside Central province and it shows. It is going to hurt them. And then Uhuru tells us everybody is a reformer. Come’on now. At least try to make a little sense. These guys can be beat in the first round. I am confident about that. Once things clear up we are going to get to work. It is coming.


      • Kama haiko haiko!!!! The Jubilee-friendly media are trying to camouflage what really went down with little success.

        What they are not reporting from inside the lion’s belly:

        1) This is solid CORD territory and a panicked Ongeri dragged the ICC accused duo to try stemming the CORD tsunami sweeping across the entire region…a wave likely to sweep him into oblivion.
        2) The trip was a colossal disaster…poor attendance, heckling, and mass rebuke is what these fellas got.

        3) Uhuru Kenyatta was forced to abandon his rally at Etago Market, Bomachoge Constituency after residents heckled him complaining of his favouritism regarding IDP resettlement. The Abagusii evicted from RVP were largely ignored in the resettlement program save for the Sh 10,000 handouts. They never benefited from land and rebuilding costs handed to many Agikuyu IDPs. This topic dominated Uhuru’s backfired tour, yet media is mum on it!

        4) At Sameta and Etago, the crowd was quite agitated with Ruto, specifically blaming the latter for the torment suffered by the Abagusii during PEV…murders and rapes, mass displacements, looting and property destruction/confiscation…to their faces live live…they promised NOT to put Ruto a heart-beat away from the Presidency.

        5) Jubilee’s ostentatious display of wealth…3 overhead choppers, gas guzzling SUVs and limos attracted chants of “mali yetu!” across many markets!!!

        6) Red T-shirt adorning TNA operatives were harassed for pocketing cash handouts meant for ‘wananchi’…including a thick wad unleashed by Sonko which was never disbursed. It is clear the few folks who graced these poorly attended rallies went there to get a share of ‘mali ya umma’ and were instantly disappointed when none was doled.

        7) The 3 choppers tried to circle around market centers to attract crowds but the return on fuel investment was quite poor. Folks just gazed at the waste from their various vantage points…gloomy faces of wakina Rachel Shebesh and Sonko looked in disbelief and embarrassment.

        8) After all the flop, two kids were sadly injured seriously at Sameta by the luxury convoy…ending up at Kisii level 5 hospital while the aristocrats flew back to their taxpayer-funded mansions.

        9) Raila’s step-brother Omondi (currently on Ruto’s leash) was shut down precisely because the crowds neither wanted to hear anything negative about Raila, nor any family porojo coming from Ruto. Both were heckled into silence. What a trip around these beautiful hills in CORD country!

        10) The writing is clearly on the wall. Wananchi will eat all doled out by the Jubilee looters BUT when it comes to voting, it will be quite a wise decision…it looks the country is not ready for fugitive President & Deputy…plus the associated baggage of painful economic sanctions.


      • Adongo,
        Things are getting hotter by the day.
        Kenyans have realized that the Hague crew will not add any value to their lives. Kenyans are not stupid to accept to be sanctioned and face untold suffering because of two fat cats who have nothing to offer but save themselves from facing the law. Ruto and Uhuru are scared to death of The Hague and will not spare anything to avoid been locked up. The mere fact that they are fighting so hard to avoid appearing at The Hague to answer charges tell me that they actually did what they are said to have done. Namely raping, deporting and murdering other Kenyans. In this age of internet, more and more Kenyans have come to understand the consequence of Uhuruto presidency hence the lukewarm reception for the coalition of the accused outside parts of central and rift valley.

        That these guys can win the elections is only a figment of their own fertile imagination. I understand Uhuru Kenyatta has put aside 10 billion shillings for the elections. I say good for Kenya, at least we get to spend the stolen loot.

        As for Omondi Odinga, he lives at the Jaramogi home in Kisumu and is therefore a neighbor. All I know that he is a big time conman and tried to conning me out of my money. This is however a story for another day. For now I will only suggest that the Uhuruto crew look for someone else for the young man has no political clout in Nyanza.


      • Smart move by Mudavadi and CORD:–Raila,-Mudavadi-target-Jubilee-vote-basket-

        Time to get busy and leave the makeleles of nomination behind. Election is less than a month and a half away. It will be here in a flash.

        Mudavadi is moving into Rift Valley after camping in Western for months literally. That is a smart move on his part. There are those who wanted him tied to a log of “mugumo” tree in Kakamega. He would ran out of markets to visit. Of course we know what the plans were for him there. It has failed this far.

        Rift Valley is ripe for other parties. Mudavadi will get his cut there. Most of his votes there will be those who don’t trust Uhuru (there are many in the Kalenjin territory) but also do not want to vote for Raila. Those were the voters who were going to close their noses and vote for Uhuru despite their misgivings. Now they will willingly go to Mudavadi.

        CORD’s move into North Rift is also very strategic. CORD’s rally in Kericho on Jan 20, 2013 which was splashed here was quiet impressive. I saw somewhere the tribalists obssesed with tribal arithmetic on voters and Raila hatred as a religion claiming that the Kericho rally was so big because Luos were transported from Kisumu to Kericho for two days. Poor things. They wil not know what hit them come March 4, 2013. It is coming.

        So far the much advertised migration of all Kalenjin ODM members of parliament and aspirants failed to materialize. ODM is featuring many candidates at all levels in the Kalenjin territory. With CORD bringing in Kalonzo and Wetangula working with the ODM candidates and the grassroot support there will be a good chunk of votes going to CORD from the area.

        The land issue that Uhuru doesn’t even want to be talked about because allegedly it amounts to hate speech is a big deal in that region. I think CORD should bring this to the table and ask voters how the land issue can be resolved when TNA and Uhuru want any talk on land grabbing banned from national discourse.

        Any talk about land and Uhuru goes into a fit asking CORD to talk about issues and not personalities. Godamn it land grabbing is a national disaster and a huge issue that must be brought out in the open. This is a low ball Uhuru is giving to CORD and they should whack it out of the park. We are going to push it.

        If CORD can move the stakes in Kalenjin Rift Valley and also get their share in other parts of Rift Valley Jubilee could be floored in the first round. Like I have said elsewhere even if CORD does not get this election settled in the first round they will be home in round two but the battle is in Rift Valley.

        I don’t know if people noticed but Jubilee has panicked badly after their debacle in Gussiland where Ruto was literally booed out of town and Jubilee had to skip a couple of rallies.

        A few days ago Uhuru and Ruto staged some gimick peace accord between Kipsigis and Kisii folks. They realised their idea of boxing Raila into Luo Nyanza was dead in the water.

        Today they gave their thug Waititu Robin Achoki as a running mate eti as a request from Kisii elde. These are acts of desperation which will yield zero fruits but they tell you that the Jubilee game plan is back to the drawing board. Good. CORD should proceed to Gussiland right from Rift Valley and then take charge of the Coast and start shaping this thing up. The war is on. I have personal suggestions that I will pass to the folks down there but it is time to go to work. There is no time to waste.


  2. happy new year to all!

    tnk, mzee,

    Of course it’s not always a good idea to renege on a contract. i think it all depends on the circumstances and type of contract. in this case, someone obviously has no qualms about burning one more bridge. after all their polls give him a 52% win minus the luhyia vote 🙂

    all am saying is that there’s the issue of uhuru’s personal credibility and reputation on one hand, then there’s the legal angle. I have a feeling that muthamaki was reasonably certain that phandom wouldn’t pursue the legal option (if it exists). question is, do we have a legal framework to enforce such gentlemen’s agreements?

    what are the legal ramifications for reneging on this type of contract? monetary compensation? taking muthamaki to court and ordering him to do as pledged? am not a legal expert but i think commercial contracts such as those involving real estate or large sums of money are enforceable if one party breaches the contract. what about domestic, social or gentlemen’s agreement like the one in question?


    • Folks,

      The circus continues. Mudavadi has now minted a brand new coalition called Amani Coalition with Eugene Wamalwa and Biwott. Don’t laugh now this is serious business.

      It seems poor Mudavadi has no clue about the laws of the republic of Kenya specifically the Political Parties Act. Under that law the only viable and recognised coalitions must have submitted their agreements and even new names to the Registrar by Dec. 4, 2012. That is exactly one month ago today. Any other coalitions are only allowed after the elections. Anything else is fiction. I am sure the Kibaki’s mashetani boys have assured Muda that they can work magic with Lucy Ndung’u the Registrar. They are lying to him. Again.

      Here is the deal. Mudavadi can run for the presidency as a candidate of the UDF and if he does, his running mate must be from the same party. If Mudavadi wants Biwott top be his running mate then Biwott must immediately quit his party and join UDF. If the tantrun boy Wamalwa is to be Mudavadi’s running mate he has to quit New Ford Kenya and join UDF. That is drama enough. Also they must go to the election as UDF since that is the only name the IEBC is allowed to put on the ballot papers. These kikamimi phony stuff called Amani does not exist in law. They can use it in their campaigns if they so wish but that is about it.

      Now I just had a chat with my buddy who is a pharmacist in Bungoma Town and I was asking him how their Wamalwa boy is doing and how the new Amani thing will come along. He laughed and told me to stop reading the internet too much. He told me Wamalwa does not exist in Bungoma. He has run his cause and only people like me even follow what he does because of Mr. Internet. Of course I took offense at this accusation. hehehehehehehe. He was damn right. These are entertainment politics of desperate forces who have lost the train by a week. They are now taking a bike to chase the train. You know how fruitless that can be. And tiring.

      Ok. This is what I am talking about:


      • And mainstream media reports these illegalities are part of normal political ‘developments’…with Daily Nation splashing it as headline news and all TV stations covering the Bomas charade live. Media is thus helping propagate impunity by serious omission.

        The shetani crew have made sure their divide-and-rule tactics supersede any laws of the land, and Mudavadi and Eugene are willfully playing along. The good news is that Kenyans see all these gimmicks notwithstanding the deliberate media omission – which refuses to report facts.


      • Adongo wrote:

        “Here is the deal. Mudavadi can run for the presidency as a candidate of the UDF and if he does, his running mate must be from the same party. If Mudavadi wants Biwott top be his running mate then Biwott must immediately quit his party and join UDF. If the tantrum boy Wamalwa is to be Mudavadi’s running mate he has to quit New Ford Kenya and join UDF. “


        You are so right! I think what you state above is the reason that stopped the Amani Coallition/Muda from naming a running mate. Heheheee! I remember you terming such moves as ‘walking and crawling at the same time’ and ‘chasing a speeding train on a bicycle’! Adongo, please stop ‘killing me with laughter’!!

        And remember, Wamalwa is at the same time still a member of the Eagle Coalition. I suspect their next move will be to form the Grand Coalition of the Amani Eagle aka GRANCOTAME to spice up the whole circus!


      • In the belatedly formed Amani coalition line-up, I suspect KANU’s Gideon Moi will be Musalia’s running mate. Folks might end up with 2 Kalenjin running mates…one in the ICC (& land-grabbing) TNA/URP coalition..another in the Musalia’s UDF/KANU/New FORD-K/ NPK coalition.

        What is still bizarre is the deafening silence on the expired deadline for pre-election coalitions. Is it that State House and monied backers like Gideon Moi and Biwott have a different set of laws?


    • @Mzee

      I have a feeling we have not heard the end of this thing. I am sure the “mashetani” crew are back to the drawing board to continue with the next plot since plan A backfired. We are in agreement that not much was to be expected of Weak-liff since he has no backbone but a project of the “Mashetani” who have invested a lot of money Due to the money, he cannot leave even if he wanted too) in him all in the hopes of stopping RAO. Since Weakliff is now running on his own, could this be an attempt to take away votes from CORD? And where is Khalwale the bull-fighter in all this….. he had a lot to say when MM bolted from ODM due to his perceived ‘mistreatment’…… how come he is silent now?


      • well moesha you are right, but now the events unfolding are totally out of whack

        the worst thing that ever happened to kenya (apart from the twilight ceremony of 2007) was the appointment of lucy ndungu as the RPP. the leadership vacuum in this office is squarely to blame for the lack of discipline in political parties's-revenge-against-Uhuru,-Ruto

        amusing to read in that story that now nobody wants to commit any signature to anything – once bitten twice shy

        but even more interesting is the status in law, UDF claim, rightly so, the new agreement between URP, UDF and TNA superseded that earlier one between URP and TNA. therefore the dispute resolution to apply is that in their agreeement which effectively splits the three into their individual parties. well the RPP has the two agreements lodged and needs to apply the law. one way or the other she will have to make a decision, hehehehe finally the games will have to end

        TNA and URP must “disengage” UDF, but their agreement does not allow for one party to pull out, but that the coalition is dissolved. meaning they have to re-register a new coalition. but that window closed Dec 4 2012

        which brings me to this other crazy

        what coalition are these guys forming when the window for that is closed? who are these guys fooling?

        if only we had a functional RPP this mess would simply not be there. either IEBC complies and applies the law or expect utter chaos as political parties and politicians perpetuate anarchy. this slips and ambiguous stances are stoking fires that will be very difficult to put off when litigation begins.

        i also thought pambazuko was dissolved and eugene wamalwa kicked out of it altogether

        is there any real position that we can look up to. guys sign documents and then flee from the commitments, guys break a coalition, and yet hold more coalitions with guys who are yet to exit from their other alliance . geez people


      • I think Mudavadi is going to hang on to his UDF ticket and wait to see what happens with the Hague boys. Smart money in the Kibaki inner circle are worried about two things. They are nervous about a possible Raila presidency. They are going to send their mashetani boys to go meet him and they have connections to him but they cannot trust him to cover up the massive “skeletons” Kibaki is leaving behind.

        The second problem for those guys is that unlike the nutcase folks running around Uhuru these people are smart enough to know an Uhuru presidency is impossible in 2013. In fact part of their worry is that Uhuru and Ruto being on the ticket gives Raila a pretty good shot. The tribal head counters are busy with their Kikuyu Kalenjin math but as the date approaches and the pariah option stares the country in the face someone is going to blink and it won’t be the ICC. The heartless ICC machine is going to roll on and the luggage will have to be delivered as scheduled or else. So the Kibaki boys are not going to sit there and pray for the best. Those are cold blooded operatives and they have too much at stake to gamble with someone they know is dead meat at least for now. They rae going to make another move.

        So far I think they may just ask Mudavadi to hibernate a little and go with the UDF and they will cling to two hopes. One is that the courts deliver TKO to Uhuru and Ruto and make Mudavadi the natural choice for Uhuru and Ruto to support. These guys know very well that a Mudavadi supported by Uhuru and Ruto was going to be a tough case for CORD but the courts are not going to help them. Even Uhuru would love some help from the court so he can wash his hands off this and negotiate for salvation from the ICC witjpur the nightmare of holding the country hostage. The constitution is clear so that help is not coming.

        But the real hope for the big mashetani boys is that the courts issue a clear message that even though the courts cannot stop anybody from running the situation changes if such a person was to hold office. If that were to happen Uhuru is probably going to look for a way out since it would make whoever is running against him almost have a free ride. Ruto may be another matter altogether. Ruto sometimes get obssessed with his own sense of self-importance. But under this scenario Uhuru can put his weight behind Mudavadi and direct traffic over there. That is a hard way to achieve much but these chaps are basically out of options and they blew the chance when they had one.

        If everything fails and it becomes obvious that the ICC chaps are either going down with the country or have to be whacked by Raila and the new CORD group, don’t be surprised if the meshetani miracle workers turn to Raila. That is what we have to be very careful about. They are going to come and they know how to get to him.

        It is like the old godfather movie when the new boss with his dad gone knew it was just a matter of time before his enemies get one of his close fellow mobsters to take him out. He had to wait patiently and as soon as they made their moves they were past tense.

        Raila has to be given pressure from Kenyans who are fed up with impunity and need a break from the past. When things really start falling apart and Hague is at the door strange things are going to happen in that country and one of them is going to be an attempt to recruit Raila to work with the devils and it is going to start with another deferral fiasco where Raila promises to use all his weight(and he has plenty internationally) to have the case taken back to the UNSC and the veto powers pleaded with not to use veto and leave the matter to a simple vote. We know even that is impossible because you need 9 of the 15 votes in the UNSC. Remember Raila is the best candidate for that deferral nonsense. Uhuru and Ruto can’t ask for their own deferral, the judges will laugh them out of town. Mudavadi can’t do it either. He is an obvious puppet and Bensouda would have him for launch. That makes Raila very lethal.

        People keep yapping about the West somehow just finding away to work with Uhuru and Ruto should they get elected and somehow the ICC cases will just be pushed on the roadside. That is dangerous fantasy. That court is like crazy pit bull dogs. Once it grabs its prey it is trouble. Here in Toronto they had a crazy case sometime back when a pit bull grabbed a man’s leg. They shot the dog and even then it had to be completely dead before releasing the man’s leg almost in pieces. Today pit bulls are banned from the province. Now ICC is a million times worse than a pit bull. When a pit bull got you on the neck and you keep fantasizing how they are just going to have some love for you and leave you alone you need help rather quickly. That is not a strategy. It is a death wish. Those Kibaki mashetanis are not done yet, they are coming back. Too bad the pit bull is on the loose.


      • @Moesha, tnk and AO,
        This MM thing is getting weird by the day.
        MM does not want to come out and say that he wants Jubilee dissolved. Se he leaves that job to Ndungu. But Ndungu being Uhurus lap dog will not make such decision. She will take MM is circles past the election day.

        Imagine that this was Jirongo being played, I believe he would have shown some muscle. But here is UDF stuck with the weak Musalia Mudamb Mudavadi.


      • Adongo,

        Quite plausible…the shetani crew would start by insisting on having Mudavadi on the ballot at all cost. At least the State House folks are more politically astute compared to the cantankerous Uhuruto lot who exhibit reactionary and dim political acumen. The best examples of the latter’s political immaturity are (i) how casual they keep treating the ICC case (& international community in general), (ii) their clumsy handling of, and indecisiveness towards Mudavadi, and (iii) the fantastic illusions they release as landslide vote projections (aka internal Jubilee polls).

        I saw with my own eyes, these fellas excitedly counting Kajiado, Nairobi, Wajir, Mandera, Garissa, Kwale, Kilifi, Kisii, Nyamira and many parts of the former Rift Valley as Jubilee vote havens. Their direct assumption is that any Maasai vote for TNA’s Ole Sakuda or Mositet in Kajiado automatically translates into a Uhuru/Jubilee vote at the Presidency level in Kajiado county. The same assumption is held for wakina Ongeri, Abdikadir, Mwakwere, Ngilu, Balala, Haji, et al. Even the 19% Kamba vote in Nairobi has been counted in Jubilee’s column.

        These fellas have arrogantly dismissed all non-party polls showing CORD waking towards a clear victory…instead coming up with their own ‘spectacular’ versions of a chimera suggesting how Kenyans really crave for ICC suspects to lead them towards economic sanctions…..sanctions that have been well enumerated by Uhuru himself. These matters I deliberately leave to sort themselves out as the ICC and election date countdowns evolve. Reality will surely set in, like it did to Mitt Romney on election night.

        Coming back to the shetani crew …at least they appreciate the international gravitas that RAO wields… and will never rule out making overtures to Raila when cornered.

        This is exactly why we (already) warned RAO about possible wringing of his neck from us (figuratively), were he to sell out PEV victims. The deferral circus we saw from Kibaki must be a thing of the past should CORD come to power. Raila must never make any promises or pacts with devils regarding PEV.

        The shetani crew also know what is politically urgent. Right now, they want to resuscitate Mudavadi’s candidacy upon which Uhuru poured cold water. This is why they are walking Mudavadi out of potential legal minefields that might end the latter’s presidential run even outside Jubilee.,-Ruto

        The truth is that among the shetani crew and wakina Uhuruto… there is no honour among thieves. After cooperating towards a heist, they will kill each other come time for dividing the spoils. After mercilessly screwing Mudavadi, the Uhuruto crew aren’t done. Uhuru’s party is hell bent on literally eviscerating UDF from the political scene altogether with little help from the Registrar of Political Parties, Lucy Ndung’u.

        The shetani crew who own UDF are in return determined to kill Jubilee altogether and have both teams run separately. That’s their calculus. UDF owners want to protract the dissolution dispute through arbitration in a tribunal. They are in fact spoiling for total dissolution of the Jubilee coalition whether at the tribunal or courts. It’s clear this is a proxy battle.

        The chief contention here is the right to use of the coalition name “Jubilee”.
        Once bitten (by sharp teeth), twice shy! UDF has seen the risk of ceding the Jubilee name to TNA/URP precisely because they realize Mudavadi’s candidature can be simply nullified should any challenger prove he (Mudavadi) is technically still a member of Jubilee coalition (something quite easy to prove in court).

        After all, UDF did not give 3 months notice to pull out of the coalition – which is the law.

        You see, the legal pre-election coalition agreement deposited at the Registrar’s office indicates that UDF is still part of Jubilee coalition. An addendum to the agreement stipulates that should there be dispute/inconsistency between the original document signed between TNA/URP; and the latter one between TNA/URP and UDF…then the latter supersedes. In that latter document, mutual dissolution can be hastened by activating cessation of the TNA/URP/UDF coalition instruments altogether – including the slogan “Jubilee”. This is what the shetani crew are drumming hard…in readiness for a tribunal or court hearing. It is not a simple fight..for those who’ve seen ahead.
        Without the legal death of Jubilee, UDF/Mudavadi remains a bona fide Jubilee member… not unless 3 months pass after giving due notice to quit. In short, if Mudavadi casually hands down Jubilee to TNA/URP, it is only him (Mudavadi) who is likely to be locked out of running by courts or IEBC.

        Mudavadi is thus cornered yet again! But his shetani godfathers won’t let him fight alone. They realize the only guarantee to Mudavadi’s unhinged candidature is to ensure there is no more Jubilee coalition. Wakina Uhuruto (TNA/URP) have made Jubilee their campaign vehicle…they insist on running on it to also ensure that the jilted Mudavadi is legally knocked out of the race.

        Right now at the RPP Office, Uhuruto have an upper hand in the dispute. The shetani crew know this might change should the matter end up at the Political Disputes Tribunal or in courts.
        Contrary to popular opinion, a Mudavadi run would be disastrous for Uhuruto’s prospects in a number of ways. (a) Uhuruto want to end this thing in round 1 (March 2013) before ICC cases start (April 2013). Mudavadi’s presence increases the chance the race goes to a run-off which occurs when Uhuruto are already at the Hague, (b) TNA/Uhuru remains eternally suspicious of the insistence by the shetani crew to sponsor UDF/Mudavadi all the way – NSIS could release very damning negative dossier on Uhuruto prior to the elections…making Mudavadi a viable alternative for discontented Jubilee voters…Uhuruto therefore want to kill Mudavadi’s prospects permanently (the more reason they keep their surrogate Eugene Wamalwa close to Mudavadi), (c) URP’s game plan for the Rift is complicated by the UDF/KANU cooperation which offers a hot alternative for Kalenjin voters neither willing to support Uhuru or Raila. Ruto therefore doesn’t want Mudavadi in this race.

        In a nutshell, whereas some might assume Mudavadi is merely a sour loser bent on paying back cruelty, the truth is that poor Mudavadi and his powerful backers are actually still fighting for the latter’s political life after the Uhuru screw-up.



      • mzee,

        Mudavadi is going to look foolish trying to cling to Jubilee or asking the Registrar to do the right thing and declare the Jubilee alliance dissolved since the parties which constituted it have decided to dissolve it. Ndungu is going to allow Uhuru and co to abuse the law as much as they want. It is possible that some UDF member and not Mudavadi may go to court and demand that Jubilee alliance be dissolved. That could be funny. Technically the Mudavadi people are right that once they joined the “marriage” the previous one ceased to exist. So if that ever ends up in court it could be a lot of headache for Uhuruto.

        The real problem Mudavadi has is exactly the same as that of Uhuru and Ruto. Mudavadi can see the presidency so close. He never imagined that before but here it is. If only Uhuru can give him the ticket he has a very good chance of being Kenya’s next president. He can smell it and he can see it slipping away just like that. That is painful.

        Uhuru and Ruto have the same nightmare. They can see the presidency right before their noses and then they have to deal with this little matter of 1,300 dead Kenyans, 650,000 forcefully removed from their homes and tens of thousands of women and young girls raped in the republic and they(Uhuru and Ruto) are being held accountable for that and they just can’t loosen the grip. That is misery 24/7. They ask themselves: what if we had a different set of circumstances? Well it is what it is and it annoys them into madness. Too bad.

        That is why Mudavadi is trying to find something to hang on to and hope that Uhuru gains his senses and ropes him back. That will not happen. Came and went. So Mudavadi now risks being another Moody Awori. Nice guy, whatever but no clue as to where things are going. Mudavadi will tanga tanga a little and then make a decision by end of the month. He knows without the ICC duo his candidacy is a practical joke.

        What is even a worse joke is Mudavadi having another pre-election deal with Wamalwa etc. They are just fooling around unless Mudavadi wants to quit UDF and join New Ford Kenya. NO new alliance can be cooked up now even with the disgaceful Ms Ndungu as the registrar. So Mudavadi is lost and is in lala land. He just can’t believe he lost his jackpot ticket and he is aware the guy who grabbed the loto ticket from him can’t do anything with it. That is what is eating Mudavadi up. Itapoa. The other guy is not happy either. He has a loto ticket and is threatening to wash it with his clothes since he can’t cash it. You think you have problems? You are kidding. These guys know what a problem looks like. Na bado.


      • @Job,
        Great reflections as always.
        Even if the Hague crew were knocked off the race at this point in time, I’m not confident that their so called votes would end up in Mudavadis basket. This could have happened a few weeks back before they screwed MM. As things stand there is just too much bad blood between The Hague crew and MM. Can you imagine a situation in which Ruto and Uhuru are campaigning for the Mulembe man heart and soul? Well, Ruto is known for greed and lust for power and might just do that but Uhuru and more so his followers would never ever vote for MM. So as much as the shetani crew are keen on reviving the MM journey to state house, that route is filled with mines and boby-traps.

        The projections being made by Uhuruto are a sign of desperation. They make assumptions that are pedestrian and sometimes outright foolish. Either they are out of their minds or they don’t know what they are doing. As Adongo has previously warned, fighting Raila is an expensive business which can make one end up in mental asylum. Look, these guys started campaigning three years ago, if they were meant to win this thing, the scientific opinion polls and even Kenyans general perception would have had them way ahead of all contenders. But they are struggling in spite of all the money and time spent. The tribally stacked up votes will come tumbling down like a house of cards on the D-Day. These elections will not be won on the basis of tribal arithmetic. National appeal is the key which the Jubilee leaders don’t have.

        Then there is the small issue pushing Kenya into a pariah state. Many business people are wondering how they will sell their goods once Uhuruto make Kenya a pariah state. Those who trade in tea, coffee, horticulture, manufacturing etc. are worried to death for they are wholly dependent on foreign markets. Uhuru and Ruto will not channel all these goods to China and Sudan.
        As Prof Makau Mutua put it in one of his recent articles
        • “…Kenya’s coffee, tea, minerals, flowers, and other valuable exports will be banned.
        • Investors and foreign banks will flee, and local ones won’t be allowed to transact with their counterparts abroad.
        • Kenyans in the diaspora may be prevented from making remittances. International hotel chains may shutter.
        • Foreign airlines will desert Kenya and tourists may dry up.
        • Kenyans related to government officials won’t be allowed to either travel, or study abroad. …
        • Foreign aid, the United Nations, and World Bank largesse could be pulled. Diplomatic missions are likely to get out of Nairobi”
        No Kenyan is his rightful mind would like to see these happen to their beloved country just to save two selfish individuals from facing the law.

        There is no doubt in my mind that this is CORDS time. It was meant to be for how else could Uhuruto make such grave mistakes like literally chasing away Kalonzo from their group. How could they be so stupid as to pull the Mudavadi stunt? Sometimes, things are just not meant to be. The only way for Jubilee to win the elections is to steal it with the help of Isaack Hassan. I’m sure that they are already working on that.


      • @Adongo,
        UDF/TNA/URP thought they had it in the bag until everything fell apart spectacularly. Now they wish they knew. Perhaps they could have acted differently. But that is past tense now.

        Mudavadi might wish, until kingdom come that Uhuru ropes him back but since the door is already shut, the only way for the successful run for Mudavadi is to convince the Uhuruto gang via the meshetani to drop out of sight. But that would be doing only half of the job. They also need to make sure the followers of Uhuru and Ruto have no one else to turn to. That would mean knocking out Peter Kenneth and possibly Martha Karua. It’s a task of monumental proportions that even the shetani would not accomplish.

        It’s an emotional rollercoaster for Mudavadi. He is now running around like a headless chicken not sure what to do next. His fight with Jubilee is still keeping him busy while his shetani masters are plotting the next move.

        This is a fight they could have won if Kenyans were not aware of the on goings. But it’s too late now. The cat is out of the bag.


    • Mzee, Tnk, Adongo and all…

      From the scenario mapping implicating the jubilee alliance, it is clear that this should be an odd time indeed for Uhuruto an their followers to feel smug as they do. Yet they continue to insist (including voter tally permutations) that jubilee has all the momentum and their adversaries are idiots. The supposed Jubilee Kalenjni and Kikuyu support base to a degree surpassing the rest seem committed to the proposition that their views and their inevitability are self evident and legitimate while that of their adversaries are unworthy of legitimacy.

      I find the smugness unsettling for the reason that it is founded on, among other reasons, the overblown sense of entitlement among the two communities-particularly amongst a significant portion of TNA’s ethnic support base. That this entitlement has historical origins cannot be gainsaid. That it has been buttressed by Kibaki’s tacit nod to ethnic based distribution of national resources and the legitimation of the same cannot be disputed. What worries me is the fact that it holds a significant portion of the voting population ignorantly captive to Jubilee’s machinations thus creating a scenario where, Jubilee’s triumph is very, very probable. It is a probable triumph fueled by IEBC’s (and other duty bearer’s) failure to match electoral campaigns with civic awareness which failure has led to the legitimization uninformed political mobilization as the default campaign strategy.

      Your analysis and those of Adongo and Job would make lots of sense if we were dealing with well informed and conscientious voting population immune to historically institutionalized ethnic entitlements or lack there-of. But are we dealing with such voting population right now? I have been in Kenya for close to one ear now and actively interacting with the intellectual elite across the ethnic divide and I can tell you that disappointment would be an understatement in framing my assessment of objectivity when it comes to political loyalties. From Dr Mukhisa Kituyi’s pedestrian comments to Joyce Nyairo’s disguised TNA-friendly opinions to obvious Macharia Munene’s biased analyses to Adam Oloo’ banal statements in the name of expert opinions among others….. name it. I have been left with one conclusion that the conscientiousness I am looking for is way out of reach even for the supposed best brains. THIS S WORRYING.

      The registration of voter numbers has not helped matters by having specific ethnic groups far outdoing others as to make the the fore-triumph of Jubilee a fiat-accompli. These figures make manipulation highly possible. Instead of dismissing them, we should be elevated to higher levels of vigilance against any monkey business by no just the Mashetani, but Jubilee as well as IEBC.


      • Nalinali,
        You are right in many aspects of your assessment especially when you stack up the tribal votes and ethnically apportion to given candidates. For example, if we assume that ALL the former RVP votes will go to Ruto and Central plus Nairobi plus parts of Eastern to Uhuru then the Jubilee group needs not even campaign much. The reality is somehow different.

        I want you to forget the so called intellectual for a moment because they are some of the most bigoted individuals in our county. After all they have gained the most from being tribalist and are willing to do everything to retain and maintain their gains. A new and “unknown” government would interfere and perhaps cut their gains.

        Let’s also not forget that there are those who are genuinely concerned about the Uhuruto presidency regardless of tribe. These are people who have invested their hard earned cash in the country and are not willing to lose it because of the couple. It’s such people who will actually change the direction of the election results. The country cannot do anything about those who have decided to vote for the duo just to spite CORD.

        The numbers Jubilee is putting out there are ridiculous and must be challenged unless the same fake numbers are used to rig the elections. For example they say that a combined central/rvp votes > 50% (>7M+) of all registered voters. My calculation from the IEBC list puts the number well below 50% by more than two million votes. My point is that the million ghost voters could be used by the gang to legitimize election theft.

        Bottom line is that CORD has to mount a campaign like no other to beat these people squarely and clearly for they will use any means necessary to win including rigging. The tide is on CORDS side


      • Nalinali,

        One thing I agree with you regards the mind-boggling droopiness and laziness exhibited by the intellectual elite. Baring paid surrogates (propagandists) like the Mutahi Ngunyis, Moses Kurias, or Joyce Nyairos, most elites are stuck to old parochialism that never goes beyond their immediate ethnic-linked interests.

        A nuanced scrutiny of the registration numbers shatters traditional myths that Jubilee supporters want to falsely instill into the general populace. They want to peddle a fake behemoth to create a false aura of an indomitable alliance.

        The first myth regards the invincibility in numbers between the Kikuyu and Kalenjin – the only 2 communities that have wielded presidential authority for the last 50 years of Kenya’s independence. It is this very misguided assumption that probably motivated the ill treatment of Kalonzo Musyoka (Kamba), Musalia Mudavadi (Luhya), and other wannabe partners by the Uhuruto bosses of the Jubilee coalition.

        But the IEBC data easily debunks this myth by revealing the combined vote from the two blocs (including the Embu, Tharaka, Meru, and Mbeere) at 5.6 million, an equivalent of 39% of the vote. This is notwithstanding the super-skewed registration of Kikuyu voters beyond 100% projections. I deliberately leave out Nairobi which will be a battle ground county with CORD enjoying comfortable lead – thanks to Wiper’s significant input. To actually think Kenyatta will get 100% Kalenjin vote is also injudicious.

        Folks who actually misconstrued the immense numbers of the former Rift Valley as being synonymous with the Kalenjin vote may probably face a rude shock. Kalenjin account for just 1.4 million of the more than 3 million RV vote. I have gone ahead to estimate a conservative collation of CORD projections based on reasonable assumptions (@ Coast, NEP, Western, Nyanza including Kisii and Kuria, Ukambani, Trans Nzoia, Narok/Kajiado, Turkana, cosmopolitan towns of RV – Nakuru, Eldoret, Kericho, Naivasha, Kitale etc) and it comfortably surpasses the 50% + 1 threshold. Thus the apparently lopsided outlooks reveals ‘inconvenient’ truths underneath the surface.

        The second asinine assumption is that the Maasai, Turkana and Samburu will simply Kow-tow to the whims of Uhuruto. All evidence indicates the very contrary.

        The Third myth is that assembling ethnic figureheads like Balala, Ngilu, Sonko, Duale, and Mwakwere translates to respective ethnic votes. Does anyone seriously think an ordinary Kamba will vote for Uhuruto and shun a VP called Kalonzo Musyoka – whom they actually voted for last time? Talk of over-inflated political values of the Ngilus and Sonkos! Balala will not even be elected anything in the new dispensation, so let’s puncture this false bubble right away.

        The other thing to consider is that this is not going to be a conventional election (like the 2007 one) thanks to the new Constitution. Traditional assumptions like typically voter apathy among the Abaluhya may be shattered by the necessity of voting to safeguard sub-tribal interests under devolution. In Busia county for example, as much as the Abanyala will want to turn out to vote, the Samia and others will want to also competitively exert their political muscle within the county. Turnout may be unexpectedly high in the former Western. This will apply in other areas traditionally expected to show poor numbers. If only IEBC allowed more time for registration numbers to reach projected thresholds!

        Other departures from a traditional election will similarly apply, for instance the issue of ‘interest’ voting necessitated by complexities of devolution. In places such as Nyanza, this has literally taken root. This is why the Migori Senate seat is likely to go to the Kuria – whose interests are permanently intertwined with those of the rest of Migori inhabitants. The usual divide-and-rule from Nairobi may not apply here. The same applies to neighbouring Kisii and Nyamira counties – heavily intertwined by common devolution and economic interests.

        Coming to the two big elephants in the tent – the ICC issue and a 50-year dominance by two tribes…I’ll let this pan itself out during the campaigns. Your guess is as good as mine who is likely to win these two debates. Whether Kenya should risk severe economic sanctions in the name of illusionary loyalty to two individuals; or whether the rest of the nation chooses the same beaten path of the last 50 years (controlled by the same land grabbing dynasties) is open to your own interpretation. There are folks who are waiting for nothing short of land reforms under the new Constitution…reforms which can’t start now because the land oligarchs including Kenyatta’s family are still in power. This election may not be close as some predict. Watch this space Nalinali.



  3. TNK aka Orange….
    you are onto something here need i say you have unearthed the real is a legal problem which can only be resloved legally.
    It is upto to Mudamb to figure ( but oh my he can never figure a thing for himself , * ) how far he wants to roll his sleeves and take this not withstanding the aftermarth involved


    • kipfirimbi welcome aboard good to see you here

      the greed and lack of foresight from this duo is amazing

      if you read the posts up above by job, adongo, mzee and others you can see the quagmire these fellows have put themselves in. will repeat the issues below

      as we speak there is a document lodged with the RPP. if that document remains valid, then the signed document from uhuru, ruto and mudavadi must feature somewhere.

      they do not want that document to feature so they want to dissolve their partnership. but that document stipulates how they can do that which means break into individual unit party and kill jubilee. they cannot afford that. talk about being too clever for one’s own good. what a bunch of short sighted fellows. reminds when shikuku once said in parliament when guys were amending constitution to create the imperial presidency, he warned fellow legislators to be careful the kind of whip they were creating because come tomorrow you might face the business end of that whip.

      by the way, how come ngilu’s party (NARC) is not being represented in these talk shows? is she not a member/party to this deal or is she relying on the good graces of URP/TNA hehehe maybe just like jelimo she is now a registered member of URP.


  4. there are some very interesting developments emerging,-Jubilee-coalition-leaders-over-pact-deal

    i would like to hear how justin muturi is going to frame this assertion
    The addendum that Mudavadi signed with TNA/URP had a clause that agrees to a mutual consent disengagement and that is what UDF presidential aspirant did.”

    The former legislator said Mudavadi publicly stated he took a walk from the Jubilee team, a move that translated to his consent to quit the coalition.

    considering that uhuru, ruto and the rest of their choir have been talking of belonging to URP and TNA for over three months and yet never left their parties, and now just like that, when musalia took a walk, it becomes legally binding

    will wait for our wise molosonic 😮 ndung’u’s luring on mad-day

    ooops plobrematic keyboard this morning 🙂


    • TNK,
      Mudavadi is wasting time by seeking useless attention. What he is trying to pull does not shake the Coalition of the accused or help Musalia Mudumb in anyway. The guys should man up and move on if he cannot face the accused head on. If he were man enough, he should have wrecked their chances of contesting by insisting that he was not involved in the nominations as per their agreement. But a wimp will always be that.


    • mzee

      following this mudavadi / uhuru saga is purely for fun, as expected they achieved absolutely nothing at the RPP office

      first of all, going to the RPP (one lucy ndungu) expecting some kind of resolution is like is like asking a goat to solve a mathematical puzzle, either you are nuts or you are nuts. they will go back on wednesday, next week until kingdom come. if they dont have solutions, they will come out empty handed, that is one office occupied by a total air-head

      secondly, these two positions are irreconcilable, uhuru breached the agreement that brought mudavadi on board, mudavadi was conned, neither of these guys can back out of their current position i.e uhuru as head of jubilee and mudavadi cannot join jubilee. so what UDF is trying to achieve is a legal exit strategy so that mudavadi can still pursue his presidential bid. if TNA is smart they need to cut him loose, problem is only way to cut him loose is to also prepare for some backlash. i really dont see why this is so complicated, just dip your hand into the cookie jar once more and show someone the money.

      meanwhile here are some very interesting clips from makosewe’s Red Alliance


      • Musalia should continue flogging this thing kabisa till it turns into pulp. If a credible Political Parties Disputes Tribunal opens the records with the Registrar of Political Parties (RPP), I guess a lot of hanky panky shenanigans displaying impunity at the RPP Office will be exposed…all contravening the Political parties Act, and the new Constitution.

        This Jubilee was a still-birth right from the time KANU got mistreated inside the RPP Office. That warning shot was a sign of things to come. Mudavadi has now seen it. I would kick in some teeth in return…flogging this issue mpaka the superior Courts if necessary… then pulling out at the last minute to support the rival coalition. That’s what political payback is all about! Yes you can Musalia! Kick teeth bwana!


      • Job

        I think UDF should pursue the issue to its logical end. Although it was pure naivety on musalia’s part, the man did enter into an agreement and signed documents to the effect. if uhuru’s signature means nothing and can rescind decisions then that needs to be out in the public domain. secondly if people can pressure uhuru into making a bad decision to which he appends his signature means the guy is a fool
        in fact isn’t that why he is at the Hague? wasn’t he roped into a scheme where he then proceeded to unleash mayhem on folks in naivasha that had nothing to do with the troubles his community was experiencing in rift valley? this shows a guy with very little substance and always trying to please people in his community, sort of like that kid who is always getting into trouble because his friends goad him to do mischief. look at his stint at the treasury where mercifully was cut short by the ICC trials.

        re: musalia, he is too easily appeased, and is not combative, if it weren’t for his lieutenants i think he would just be home sucking it up. plus at this point i think his backers will not like the smell of things. i also wonder whether he has thought this through completely. what if the RPP rule that UDF goes back to jubilee where does that lead to? no way those guys will give him that post. his only real strategy must be to get political revenge other than that he is damaged goods and must face up to that reality. he was played big time and like a gullible person does when about to be conned he went right along with it.


    • i think the main issues surrounding Uhuru reneging on the contract with phandom are more ethical and reputational than ‘legal.’ frankly, i don’t think muthamaki cares.
      he knows he has nothing to lose ie the net effect is zero. he is still revered in certain quarters despite this, the ICC case, typo errors etc. those that don’t think highly of him already did so before this new revelation.

      aside from the side shows and numerous pointless meetings with clueless partisan ndungu and the mashetani does mudavadi have any plans? what if Uhuruto ignore the two demands that he made today? 🙂 eti give a public apology and drop the Jubilee name?

      haiya shauri yake .he chose to ignore RAO’S chicken/maize analogy (kut kut) let him swallow the bitter pill like a man 🙂

      juvenile eugene, the rolling stone that gathers no moss isn’t faring any better. where are the wazees (forget the advisers like kombo and the council of elders who seem totally divided and confused) to provide direction?


      • akinyi

        first of all Happy new year to you and yours, and wish you a great new year 2013

        on the issue of the signature (signed document), i think we need to step away from the casual

        i think the main issues surrounding Uhuru reneging on the contract with phandom are more ethical and reputational than ‘legal.’ frankly, i don’t think muthamaki cares.

        here is the deal

        when you go to a bank and withdraw cash from the teller

        you have a bank slip or cheque book, you have cash in the account, everyone in the bank knows that its your money in the bank or you are entitled to the amount you have filled the slip for, but before you withdraw your money, they need you to tell them how much you want to withdraw and then they will insist on a signature. is this a legal problem or ethical? please kindly consider the work of a notary.

        a signature reflects a commitment. so what is a signature

        a signature provides
        a) proof of identity and
        b) proof of “informed consent” of the subject material – for which the the signature is appended

        that is why law enforcement will want you to “sign” your “statement” which they usually draft “on your behalf”, etc

        and this signature will often feature extensively thereafter


        uhuru, mudavadi and ruto, signed a document, providing, proof of their identities, and their mutually “informed” consent

        uhuru turns around and says he was not fully informed of the implications

        he was in the presence of one of the most highly regarded and influential lawyers of all time (in kenya) D. Oyatsi

        what are we really talking about?

        remember also that as min of finance, this guy must have signed numerous documents “on behalf of the people and the republic of kenya”. how many of these signatures were executed in dumb or dummy mode? what are the implications of that with regard to commitments he made in the past on behalf of kenyans, and what are the implications of that for the future?

        nope. IMHO, this is not a joke and should not be passed off lightly.

        its not an issue of ethics, its a legal problem. only that the RPP (and by extension the IEBC) is a total air-head.

        for some reason, we let these wind bags get away with very serious issues, this needs to end. politically mudavadi goofed, thats a given, but legally a signature has implications. the only signatures that are put aside in law are those resulting from coercion. uhuru must demonstrate that he was coerced (not by the devils) but by real living persons. there are only three people/posts above that of the Uhuru as DPM of the Republic of Kenya who can coerce him into signing a document and they are the VP, PM and the President. We also know that the VP and PM are not part of his political influence or scope.

        Otherwise we have a severe problem with Uhuru signatures dating back to whenever it is that he started using them.

        what about his signature to ICC informing them of his “willingness” to participate in the processes, will the forty MPs also tell him not to attend?


      • akinyi,
        You are right.
        Mudavadi is just wasting time flogging a dead horse. I mean, what can Ndungu do?
        Obviosuly he wants to cause the Muthamaki as much embarrasment as possible but thats just about it. My guess is that TNA will send a Sonko like guy to make an “apology” but retain the name junilee.

        If MM were serious he would have taken the matter to court. But he aint serious, just looking for headlines.

        By the way, Im all for him rolling on the ground and crying like a baby.


  5. Kanu’s link in Mudavadi ouster

    Insiders in Ruto’s party were afraid that DPM’s party would present a challenge to their candidates in the Rift

    Eldoret North MP William Ruto grew cold towards Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi’s presence in the Jubilee Alliance because of Kanu.

    Insiders in his camp feared Mudavadi’s pact with Kanu would complicate plans by Ruto’s United Republican Party (URP) to field candidates in the Rift Valley.

    Most affected is Information minister Samuel Poghisio who is likely to face a strong challenge from PS John Lonyangapuo who is eyeing the Kanu nomination to run for the West Pokot Governor’s seat.

    With Mudavadi out of the Jubilee Alliance that includes Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta’s The National Alliance (TNA), an intriguing battle for votes in the Rift Valley is shaping up.

    Kanu’s backing for Mudavadi’s United Democratic Forum (UDF) has created another front besides the main threat by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to take on William Ruto’s URP candidates.

    Prime minister Raila Odinga’s ODM will also be fielding candidates under the stewardship of Tinderet MP and Industrialisation minister Henry Kosgey.

    Sources told The Standard that among the issues that led to Mudavadi being “dropped” by the Jubilee coalition was Ruto’s demand that UDF disengages with Kanu because the former ruling party was not part of the agreement TNA-URP and UDF signed.

    But it is the URP and Kanu battle that appears to be drawing keen interest from political players in the region and across the country.

    URP leaders openly voiced their opposition to the inclusion of Kanu in the Jubilee Coalition, saying the Independence party wants to reap where it has not sown.

    Mudavadi left the Jubilee Alliance after Uhuru marshalled his troops to reject an agreement he had earlier signed giving away the presidential ticket to Mudavadi.

    While Uhuru blamed “dark forces” as having forced him to sign the deal with Mudavadi, it turns out Ruto and MPs from Rift Valley were not keen on facing stiff nomination contests with their Kanu counterparts in the expansive province.

    READ MORE BELOW:'s-link-in-Mudavadi-ouster-


  6. it is unfortunate, but these two guys wamalwa and mudavadi are the worst possible leaders for western and have allowed themselves to be (ab)used and cause confusion to split the vote not for any gain but for the heck of it

    separately and in any coalition other than the two main coalitions they will achieve nothing. if they cannot bring themselves jointly to join one of the two then the net effect is zero with split votes.

    like the other provinces western has borne the brunt of skewed policies from past regimes and stands to gain immensely from a reformist and devolved government, why these two guys are still pretending or dreaming that they still have a chance at the big post is pathetic. real men know when the game is up and reassess the situation and move on.

    their absolute lack of any form of strategy and indecision/waffling especially on the part of mudavadi is best captured in the statement below. at least we know for a fact that wamalwa is only being used by the G7 as a spoiler and by their arithmetic he will have a more significant impact under the Eagle alliance.

    Before the December 4 deadline for filing of pre-election coalition agreements with the Registrar of Political Parties, there had been reports that Mudavadi, Wamalwa, Kenneth, and Tuju were to sign a pre-election deal. However, Mudavadi ended up in Jubilee, Wamalwa in Pambazuka, while Kenneth and Tuju paired up. Two weeks later and Mudavadi is out of Jubilee and Wamalwa joining Kenneth and Tuju.


    • TNK,
      I more than ever believe Jirongo when he says ”tunapangwa”. That MM was a project is now in the public domain but I have a suspicion that this new group called “Eagle” composed of Tuju, Kenneth and Wamalwa are currently the main project after MM was discovered, exposed and spat out.

      We all know that Tuju was a project from the word go but the one project that has surprised me most is Peter Kenneth. He looked like he was his own man until I read events that led to the bringing in and ousting Mudavadi from Jubilee.

      The papers reported that Mudavadi called Kenneth on several occasions on the fateful day to sign a coalition agreement without success. In the interim he (MDVD) has been receiving calls from Uhuru Kenyatta which he had refused to pick up. Upon noticing that Kenneth had probably dodged him (probably detained by the big satan) he called Uhuru who agreed to come over to his house together with Ruto, Balala and Mwakwere. Moments after he had talked to Uhuru and agreed on the “hand over” Kenneth telephoned him to apologize that he had gone for lunch hence the mteja situation. Then Gideon Moi and his Kanu crowd also arrived unannounced. By then the handover had occurred.

      The fact that Kenneth called immediately after the agreement tells me that he knew what was going on and was just waiting for the right moment to call MDVD to pretend to apologise. He was in actual sense letting Uhuru do the “deal”. Perhaps the big shetani told him to back off and give room to the Muthamaki. That kanu was also there to be part of the deal tells me the thing was well orchestrated by the mashetani.

      Then we have the other project called wamalwa that Jirongo has told us about. I need to repeat that here.
      In a nutshell, the so called eagle coalition is a project from top to bottom.


    • DC,
      Mudavadi seem to have decided to go for an all-out war with the Hague crew. He is telling them off and calling them liars at every opportunity. I guess by the time he is done with them the jubilee house will be in tatters.

      Buts it’s interesting that Mudavadi is now telling Uhuru to “stop blaming communities that support him for the mistakes he had committed and instead, shoulder the blame himself”. What he seems to be telling Uhuru is that you went and killed people and for that you landed at The Hague, fight that fight alone and stop blaming others.

      I think that Mudavadi is one pissed off guy. Was it not a few months ago that he was urging Kenyans to commit collective hara-kiri on behalf of the Hague duo? Was it’s not right here in DC that we told him that we will not be part of his so called collective responsibility? Did we not tell him that we will not defend any person who deported, raped and murdered Kenyans? What has changed since then? When did he see the light? It’s time to reap where he sow.

      All Kenyans now know that Uhuru and his buddy Ruto are the worst kind of liars. If they could lie for Mudavadi in the manner they did, which Kenyan is going to believe their denial about murdering, raping and deporting Kenyans? These are pathological liars who cannot/must not be trusted with the reins of power.

      At the endorsement of Uhuru for the flag bearer of jubilee, speaker after speaker took a jab at Raila Odinga with speeches that bordered on insult. If this is the way these thugs think they will win elections then they have another thing coming. They have broken their very own promise to conduct a campaign devoid of insults. But again, we are dealing with complete liars, so it’s probably not strange.


      • mzee & others,

        Now that the dust has setttled we can see some new desperate moves mainly by the same forces who dragged Mudavadi out of ODM and cheered wildly when he left promising us for the umpteenth time that Raila was now finished kabisa.

        One thing we have always told the “Raila is finished society” is that the mission to finish Raila has left the political landscape in Kenya littered with endless unmarked political graves. It is a frightening graveyard. Fighting Raila can be a thankless and very frustrating job. If I was ever asked by anybody to finish Raila for them I would ask to be paid fully in advance and it would have to be in cash. I am not accepting anything like half payment now and the rest after I have finished the man. I am not taking any chances considering th number of people who have promised us time and again that they are now about to finish Raila kabisa. Next thing it is the fire breathing finishers who end up finished.

        Mudavadi was dragged out of ODM handed over a brand new party UDF, then at the last minute they cheated him with a phony offer right in his own house signed secret papers with him then put him up to be flogged by loud mouth Central Kenya M.Ps for two whole weeks. At the end of it all Uhuru officially told the country “the devil” tricked him to hand over the ticket to Mudavadi. We have all known Mudavadi was a project but Uhuru now told us he was not just a project, he was indeed the devil’s own project. That is scary stuff.

        Humiliated. embarrassed and reduced to a footnote, Mudavadi has retreated to Kakamega after an embarrassing visit to Nyeri town where the pictures showed him waving from his limo to buildings with nobody in sight. Good Lord!

        So what do those who have been cheating Mudavadi preach now? They are cheering him on. Again. This time they are telling him he has a future if he can just bare the pain and humiliation and run for the presidency anyway knowing fully well that he will lose but he should run so that he becomes the new king of the Luhya so that in future he will stand a better chance of winning the presidency. They are not satisfied making an idiot out of Mudavadi. They want to go further. Under the new katiba, you run and lose you are going home and will sit there for five years. If you think Kenyans will sit around waiting for you to come back in 2017, then you are probably too foolish to bother with.

        But what the new Mudavadi “friends” allied to Jubilee are really praying rather so desperately for is that Mudavadi still finds away to take some votes from Western from their nemisis, Raila Odinga. That is what the new found “love” for Mudavadi to run is all about. These people wouldn’t give a rat’s tail about Mudavadi but they are terrified that the whole jubilee debacle with Mudavadi may have inadvertently handed Raila a very huge chunck of votes. Yes it has and there is not much Jubilee and their friends can do about that. These people may take Mudavadi for a fool, but they are cheating themselves if they think the folks of Western Kenya will waste their votes and by so doing help Uhuru. Those guys are very mad with Uhuru. Wishful thinking is not going to fool them.

        The other thing doing the rounds is that parties are still building new alliance and Mudavadi can be the candidate for the mythical third force. That is nonsense. Parties submitted their alliances on Dec. 4, 2012. That was the last day to do so legally. Mudavadi for example cannot be the candidate for the PK/Tuju alliance unless Mudavadi quits UDF and becomes a member of one of the parties in the coalition. Imagine that. Wouldn’t that make Mudavdi a worse laughing stock than he already is? Same with the Wamalwa group. If Mudavadi wants to work with them he has to first quit his party and join New Ford Kenya. That is the law. All these loose talk about new alliances are more of gossip and romours, the Kenyan stle which never ends.

        Mudavadi’s main concern should be how to legally dissolve his deal with TNA/URP so that he can even submit his name to run for UDF otherwise the IEBC will be obliged to deny him nomination unless he can prove that deal has been legally rescinded. Ndungu’s can fool around at the Registrar’s office and cook things for her friends but the IEBC has to follow the law. It is not going to be funny.


      • Adongo,
        Interestingly enough, the other project group, led by Peter Kenneth and Tuju have rejected the idea of Mudavadi joining them. Kenneth says that Mudavadi is a “liar”, the very charge Mudavadi levels against Uhuru Kenyatta.
        Have a look

        Presidential aspirant Peter Kenneth has demanded that United Democratic Forum (UDF) leader Musalia Mudavadi acknowledge his candidature before they can engage in alliance talks.

        Mr Kenneth, however, said he was not involved in talks with the Sabatia MP at the moment.

        Earlier attempts to form a coalition with Mr Mudavadi collapsed on December 4 after Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto convinced him to join their Jubilee alliance. (Read: Jubilee collapses over nomination row)

        “The Eagle alliance comprising Raphael Tuju and myself has been talking to New Ford Kenya of Eugene Wamalwa. The three of us are presidential candidates and anyone planning to join us must understand he is coming to join serious and stable candidates who are already in the middle of their campaigns,” Mr Kenneth said.

        He said talks between Mr Wamalwa and Mr Mudavadi must be based on the fact that “three very stable presidential aspirants already exist”.

        Mr Kenneth dismissed statements attributed to Mr Wamalwa about a third force as having been made in a non-neutral territory to appease the target audience.

        “You must understand that Mr Wamalwa made those statements in Maragoli. He had made us aware of his trip there,” he said.

        The Gatanga MP insisted he had already moved on after initial attempts to form a coalition with Mr Mudavadi collapsed. (Read: UDF leader’s three tricky and painful options)

        “On that day, we simply refused to show up at Freedom Corner after we realised that one of us was becoming dishonest,” Mr Kenneth said.

        On Wednesday in Mbale-Vihiga County Mr Wamalwa appeared to be tilting towards Mr Mudavadi when he spoke of a plan to unite with the Deputy Prime Minister and field a single candidate from Western Province for the presidency.


      • Heheheee!
        Muda is in the business of cutting corners!!
        Muda cuts a corner, he is told NO, NO, NO! He cuts another corner, it is still NO, NO, NO! He tries to cut yet another corner, the answer still remains, NO, NO, NO!!

        Oh poor Muda!!! What now???

        Now, this is a monumental embarrassment to Muda’s community. Can’t his fellow community members help him out, just to salvage their own (community’s) reputation?!


        • einstein

          it appears to me that muda has been hit by the same wave that hit ruto

          “achicha wendi kityo” (he goes it alone) 🙂

          these errand boys need to style up


    • At this point, Wamalwa is the more sleek saboteur between the two. He is particularly urging on Mudavadi to play the spoiler role of Kalonzo in 2007; a role which he could step into himself if Mudavadi bulks. Granted, Mudavadi is quite ashamed and embarrassed to walk back to ODM/CORD where his place has been taken.

      While it’s not impossible to walk back, Mudavadi is being jealously guarded by the shetani tag team embedded in UDF against going back. In similar fashion, Jubilee’s Uhuru is not done extracting political capital out of Mudavadi. Uhuru is using Wamalwa to ensure Mudavadi stands and drives away as many Luhya votes as possible away from CORD.

      The question is – will it work? Will the pawns (Luhya electorate) in Uhuru’s game of numbers realize the ploy and call him for his bluff?

      Raila is doing everything possible, including paying pilgrimage to wakina Mzee Atwoli, to kneel down before the folk of Mulembe begging for their vote. The tag team of shetani folks and Uhuru’s surrogate Wamalwa are working overtime to convince the same voters to play a redux of Musyoka 2007. It’s the classic divide-and-rule tactic which Kenyatta and Moi thrived in during the Ugali days.

      According to my shemejis from the region, what is being fiercely contested is a fraction of the Luhya vote from Vihiga and parts of Kakamega. Folks like Khalwale, Shitanda, Kizito, Khaniri and Chanzu are all hoping to ride on the excitement of a Mudavadi candidacy…to give them firewall against possible ODM/CORD onslaught.

      They are selling the whisper that Mudavadi should get the home vote in round 1; with the Raila consideration only coming in 2nd round. That way, the MPs, Governors, Senators, will have already been elected…and would thus care less whichever way the vote goes.

      It is also purported that serious money has been poured into the pockets of wakina Shitanda and Khalwale from the shetani corner…to ensure that an ODM/CORD wave doesn’t sweep Western…a scenario that would automatically give Raila the job in round 1. But Shitanda and Khalwale are playing very cautiously to avoid getting permanently tagged as shetani surrogates…something that spoils their chances for countywide (Kakamega) office ambitions.

      Raila has vowed even if it means knocking door to door he is willing to beat the tarmac in Western to beg for this vote…and the grassroots seem to be sympathetic. The shetani folks have built a fortress around Mudavadi – away from Tinga’s reach – which wakina Atwoli and some Maragoli elders are trying to break. By mid January, the picture gets much clearer.


      • job,

        May be you or somebody else can explain something to me. Actually a few things.

        1. Can any candidate at this stage just jump into another party and be nominated for that party if the same person was already submitted as a member of another party. Remember the party members list was submitted to the Registrar sometimes back. So if mr X was submitted as a member of TNA and Mr. X now wants to ditch TNA and run as a member of Kanu isn’t that illegal? Do these makelele politicians really have even some minimal grasp of what the Political Parties Act is all about?

        My understanding is that all candidates can only be nominated to run for the party in which they were members at the deadline of party registration list. That was months ago. Independents are allowed to run but only if they do not appear in any party membership list. The only thing the M.Ps achieved by extending the dates of party hoping to January 4 and now to January 14 was to allow M.Ps who are now members of a different party from the one which sponsored them to the current parliament was to allow them to keep their seats till then. It does not mean M.Ps are free to just choose whichever party they want to nominate them. M.Ps can only be nominated by the parties in which they were members at the deadline of party membership which is long gone. Our lazy media as usual are confusing everybody claiming M.Ps have a couple more weeks to hop from one party to the other. They don’t.

        2.Arising from 1 above, how is the IEBC going to ensure that the requirements of the Political Parties Act are adhered to or are they going to pretend that it is just business as usual? It can’t be. If the IEBC screws up and allows bogus nominations there are going to be hundreds of law suits and the entire 2013 General Election will turn into a big farce.

        To make matters worse the M.Ps have now pushed the nomination date to the very last day, jan 14. On that day M.Ps and all candidates will hand in their nominations and the IEBC will have to weed out all the bogus nominations or face endless lawsuits. My estimation is that there is going to be at least hundreds of nominees who are nominated by one party and who are also members of a different party. Never mind that the nominations are going to be a blood bath as M.Ps and politicians fight their way into nomination by beating the crap out of their oppenents with rungus and chairs(in Kiambu), others coughing out millions to party honchos and all sorts of chaos. Is the IEBC really prepared for that. I doubt it. That storm is coming at full strength.

        3. Now this talk of kina Wamalwa, Mudavadi and even Peter Kenneth who was sitting on the high chair as the man of ideas and is now being exposed as just another project jumping from Mudavadi to Wamalwa, where exactly can this petty dance end? Can political parties form political alliances now or even merge as Wamalwa has been talking about? Isn’t the time for alliances, merger etc over? Does the December 4, deadline mean anything to these politicians?

        To the best of my knowledge Mudavadi can only run for the presidency on a UDF ticket and even that must be cleared by the IEBC based on the deal UDF signed with TNA & URP which is stored with the Registrar. If that is not cleared up a Mudavadi nomination could very well be illegal. In any event, if Wamalwa wants to help him he can only do so as an individual not as part of a coalition because Mudavadi is not a member of his coalition. If Peter Kenneth wants to help Mudavadi all he can do is to ask his coalition not to sponsor a candidate and to rally behind Mudavadi. I know the mashetani chaps have money and they can buy a whole bunch of folks but they have a lot of hoops to jump over. Essentially any talk of new coalitions is a heap of rubbish.

        Will Mudavadi run? I think he will but the idea that he can be used to deny Raila a million votes or so is wishful thinking. That train left the station the moment Uhuru and Ruto kicked Mudavadi both ways coming and going. That was the end of the Mudavadi dream everything else now is just a nightmare but Raila and Kalonzo should take the battle to Mudavadi and get those votes. Nothing comes for free. Ask Mudavadi.


        • adongo

          regarding party hopping,

          the MPs have in effect legalised chaos. assuming kibaki assents to it, it is going to be exploited to its full breadth and depth and will explode dramatically

          right now the effective date is Jan 4 for party hopping and Jan 18 for nominations, but if the MPs have their way, party hopping and nominations deadline is same day i.e Jan 18. (there is however one small issue but I will come back to it further down), for now lets play along with this

          as the law stands, (lets leave out president and deputy for now) last day for MPs to belong to a party is Jan 4 they must resign from current party and join party of choice on this day, resign from parliament etc. then proceed for party primaries and nominations in other words its party lockdown time. hehehe this frightens the life out of every single one of them. here is why, they need to be in the “most popular party or coalition” regionally to stand any chance. this means that there most likely will be other rivals for the same post. in this scenario its win or burst, once they fail to secure nominations, they are out.

          enter the trash can amendments or political imbeciles party amendments (PIPA) acts, what this extension of 14 days is supposed to do is cushion candidates and allow them a defection window out of primaries. i.e lets say a candidate fails to secure nomination on Jan 14 during the political party or coalition primaries, all he or she has to do is turn up on the Jan 18th, at the IEBC with a pre-prepared list of nominees from a briefcase party. so therefore this is a landmine for all popular parties and/or coalitions.

          sure, in this scenario, we can expect a candidate to appear on more than one party/coalition list simply because of the confusion and chaos that normally happen at these primaries, but if the MPs get their way, this is what will happen.

          the only unclear thing here (that small issue), is that all political parties or partnerships, should have deposited with the RPP on Dec 4, the nomination rules i.e the where, when, who and how they will conduct their nominations individually or jointly. we need public access to this information asap. so whereas they can change parties up to Jan 18, they should still be bound by the party/coalition nomination rules deposited on Dec 4. i think, the MPs can only prolong their sitting on the red seats right up to Jan 18, but as far as nominations, its for their own good, to settle down in their parties and participate in the primaries when they take place according to the rules deposited. technically if a party did not individually deposit such rules with the RPP, they cannot participate in this election unless they are part of a coalition, where the rules of the coalition will be applied.

          of course we still have to consider what happens when the party/coalition writes to the RPP requesting extension of time like in Jubilee or when the coalition implodes like Pambazuko and then we have a total imbecile sitting as the RPP who when asked to state, quote and apply the law like in UDF and Jubilee spat or rather breach of contract between principals, decides to take on a role of marriage counselor what an idiot is this really her role? is that what she will be doing with all the cases between Jan 18 and Jan 29? wow

          [ will come back to this later ]



          exactly as predicted, doing last minute things has a way of backfiring or turning up to be extremelly messy.

          this is only the beginning

          expect more chaos as results are rejected, with little time to transmit results, compile final lists, address grievances and errors

          with no time left to find out whether one has secured nomination or not, the guys with plan B will submit their plan B nominations only to realise that they may have been nominated by main party

          also, some plan B nominees will not have observed the party rules deposited with the IEBC on Dec 4

          this is a very idiotic approach to an extremely important activity. for as long as these politicians are allowed to behave this way, then expect no order in govt

          am equally surprised that even eagle alliance and NARC-K and the Kiyiapi party did not conduct their primaries yet they claim to be of a different cloth

          i would really have liked to see a party or coalition show organisation by not waiting for the last possible date, and conduct their nomination exercise in good time and in an orderly manner devoid of these mad last minute scramble, but oh well, its the nature of the game. win first, jipange baadaye


      • Adongo,
        You’re right in that no presidential candidate can (at this stage) jump from their party into a different party and be nominated. Mudavadi and the shetani crew have already signaled existence of “exit clauses” under Jubilee alliance – through which Musalia wants to bolt and base his UDF solo run.

        The secondary argument is that Musalia’s solo run has only one marginal value in politics – since for all practical purposes he can’t win. By distracting some Vihiga and Kakamega votes (irrespective of the number), away from ODM/CORD, that solo run only serves favourable interest to Jubilee’s Uhuru Kenyatta, ultimately.
        The reality is that the Jubilee coalition of suspects – Uhuru and Ruto – have literally discombobulated Musalia’s political career. Musalia’s insistence on a solo run can’t salvage his scattered smithereens…and now implanted image as a nomination-fearing and naïve thespian who still believes in reaping where they didn’t sow.
        It is thus foolhardy for Musalia to insist on running when his candidature only helps boost those who kicked him in the teeth.
        Agwambo’s overture to Musalia shouldn’t be misconstrued to mean the former’s path to winning majority Luhya vote depends on the latter. Absolutely not! It is a calculated gesture that integrates a soft political landing for Musalia post-elections – were the latter to drop his hotheaded run (in Karma style). He could even pragmatically run for Governor or Senator if he were to shake off shetani’s grip.
        If Musalia would see the wisdom in kicking back Uhuru in the teeth – by not running for President & even campaigning for Agwambo – the former would in essence get the bonus of a second resuscitation of his otherwise premature political demise. Musalia would have killed two birds with one stone – paying back Uhuru in kind (a dental smackdown) and guaranteeing himself a collaborative slot (albeit low-ranking) in the winning team.
        More political dances with wakina Eugene (Uhuru’s spanner boy) only reinforces the perception that Musalia still doesn’t get it. Musalia keeps walking into Uhuru’s webs…he might soon roll into a ball of wax.


  7. Finally back to Nairobi from my long project. I got back just in time to register as a voter at Kongoni primary, South C in Langata constituency and I have been following the drama unfolding in Jubilee with amazement. My take on the issue is that there are no easy answers for Uhuru on this issue. With all the belligerent talk against the donors & the West, he can’t avoid the fact that some of their businesses e.g. Del Monte & other agricultural concerns rely a lot on trade with the west. China & India are not going to buy their pineapples & their juices. But then again, if the case proceeds and Uhuru’s wealth is frozen, that doesn’t sound like much of an option. So, what does he do? There are no easy answers, but I think he has engaged the Western banking crooks to help him cover his tracks. Uhuru doesn’t look comfortable and he looked rather drunk in his Multimedia university speech. He is no longer as cocky & confident as he was just a few months ago.

    There is the small matter of Musalia Mudavadi. The media was at the forefront of presenting Musalia as a sober, less polarising & moderate leader. They were even able to sell the idea that Musalia was actually the most popular leader in Kenyan politics. With the statistics that are getting through and with Musalia’s behaviour over the past few weeks taken into consideration, that was wishful thinking. He signed the agreement with the Jubilee coalition but his constituency was not energised at all. His signing of the deal without thinking it through brought his judgement into question. The latest poll shows that he is the least electable member of the jubilee coalition. With those factors in mind, he is appearing more & more expendable. The other problem was with the people fronting Musalia, most of them are not strong in the grassroots in his core constituency. Khalwale seems to be on his way out, so is Chanzu, Khaniri was forced on the electorate in 2007 despite losing the nominations.

    For some comic relief we have Mungatana. This is one dude who was broke. I don’t know the exact deal that he had with Uhuru. Whether his payments were going to be paid in bits based on the loyalty he overtly displays or whether he was paid upfront and is therefore showing his appreciation. He has been nothing short of an embarrassment over the past few days. He has been trying to show himself as the loyal lieutenant, his displays have however been over the top. His off key singing yesterday mocking Musalia topped it off for me. I hope he has secured enough money to pay the loan sharks.

    Finally, with all the shifting positions the Jubilee coalition is taking, it seems like desperation is now setting in. The next few days will be key.


    • Thanks Admin. for fixing the video clips.


      The intra-Jubilee war rages…it’s now an attrition battle. UDF’s Jeremiah Kioni has gone to cut Uhuru’s back with a thousand razor blades at KASS FM…where he accuses the latter of being untruthful and conniving. It’s anyone’s guess why he targeted the KASS FM audience…Uhuru is being covered with sewage and painted as the dishonest crook he is (by his fellow Kyuk) to the Kalenjin audience/voters…

      UDF has taken this battle to the airwaves (Musalia’s TV interview at Citizen; choreographed defections to CORD on TV; and now Kioni’s detour to KASS FM.) It’s no wonder UDF is not even aware of the delegates conference by TNA and URP. They are busy tarnishing Uhuru’s name in media.

      The question is – will Uhuru realize his image has been so tarnished to the point of giving up? And in reverse, should he surrender, would Mudavadi reap votes from Uhuru’s constituency? Does Musalia also realize he is damaged goods himself? People neither que to vote for conniving liars/frauds nor naive and weak weaklings who never break a sweat.

      Forming and building parties is hard work…one must dirty their hands in the trenches…this business of chilling and expecting to be handed things on a silver platter is detested by hardworking folks…especially when it blends with the image of an obese beneficiary…..the optics don’t look good. Let the battle of attrition continue..who will blink first?

      If I were in Muda’s shoes…were Uhuru to outwit his guts, I just sit put and play dead before wrecking the godarn Jubilee thing at the eleventh hour. A handy textbook is to revise Raila’s wreckage of KANU from within – at the very last minute of the Rainbow euphoria.


      • Job,
        Its a not holds barred bare knuckle fight. Check this out from Mudavadi corner.
        “It is the mark of their traditional dishonourable ways that these fellows find fun in lying to the public.”

        “If the issue was ‘democratic’ for Mudavadi to be nominated through ‘delegates’, how democratic is it to ‘endorse’ Uhuru at a makeshift unknown delegates’ conference?”

        “It should be on record that Hon Mudavadi had already informed the couple of his decision to severe ties on serious grounds of dishonour, and lack integrity and commitment by the couple,” said a statement from UDF.

        AND…read on


      • hehehehehehe. This is fun.

        I like this version from Standard:

        My good friend Kabatesi is busy. The mashetani boys decided to pull their lies to its logical end by claiming that they have mutually agreed to part ways with Mudavadi. Well “mutually” usually means both parties have consented. With the coalition of the liars “mutual agreement” has a whole new meaning. Mudavadi wasn’t going to take that and he is hurling a few more grenades as he exits the den of the wakoras and devil worshippers. Good for him. Keep wrecking that house. And we are coming.

        On the ground expect M.Ps originally allied to Mudavadi and UDF to be the first to move to CORD. That is happening as we speak. This is a tectonic shift in the political landscape in the country. How ironic that the Mudavadi they fought so hard to pull out from ODM is now the one putting the last nail in their coffin. Na bado.


  8. have just downed the mbili from akinyi… nex! 🙂

    ok the spin doctors are out in full swing ebu listen to this yarn here

    some interesting story urging mudavadi not to join CORD hehehe

    but somewhere at the end about uhuru sponsoring Wamalwa for president. hehehehe

    they just dont give up these guys, do they?

    next they’ll tell us it was a genius plot and that uhuru has been sponsoring CORD or something

    maybe we should start a thread where we list these crazy spins

    for now all loaneds read to mbodoo


    • As TNK said elsewhere, if this was Jirongo being treated this way by Jubilee we would be seeing fireworks plus he could have long abandoned the coalition. But Mudavadi being the weak fellow he is might wimp his way back to Jubilee and be handed a thorough beating by Uhuru. At this point it does not matter what Uhuru Kenyatta say, the delegates have made up their minds, and they don’t want to hear about the Johnny come lately called Mudavadi. As one Uhuru delegate put it, TNA is Uhurus wife and no one else (read Mudavadi) should sleep with her simply because Muthamaki has a headache.

      On the other hand Ruto jeered at Mudavadi claiming in many words that they had the man by his balls and that he is going nowhere.
      How long and often can a Mudavadi take such humiliation? Only time will tell. I real man would simply say to hell with jubilee.

      More interesting is that the registrar of political parties who never says a word even when things are going wrong is now speaking and urging Mudavadi to go it alone. I wonder if it’s the state house or Uhuru group pushing her to let Mudavadi know that all is not lost or is she just being cheeky.

      Then there is talk by Mudavadi supporters and hang arounds of going it alone. I think that this is another uphill task since he has lost all momentum after abandoning that route to pursue the NSIS/SH sponsored avenue.

      Personally, I wish that he goes back to Jubilee. CORD will then have a walkover in Western Province wether Uhuru sponsors Wamalwa and Jirongo or not.


        • Mzee,

          Here is the deal:

          The nascent steps of the Great Omulembe Migration begins!

          Musalia is also fighting back! This is frankly the first time I’m witnessing son of Budamba take on the bull’s horn in this rough game of Kenyan politics.

          In Musalia’s own words – “I’m not naïve”… “it was not a gentleman’s agreement; it was a legally-binding contract witnessed by my lawyer, Uhuru’s lawyer, and William Ruto”… “this incident exposes the caliber of leaders we want to entrust with power”… “Kenyans should judge for themselves”


        • Listening to that interview by Mudavadi, Blog-Admin makes the observation that an email communication submitted to the RPP has definitely been received namely that, none of the three Musalia, Ruto or Uhuru can participate in a delegates conference neither as delegates nor offer themselves as candidates at this point in time because technically they are still members of ODM, ODM and KANU respectively. And the Political Parties Act as well as the Elections Act 2011 both specifically state that no person can be member of more than one political party, and it also stipulates the provision for resigning from a party and finally that elected officials can only be members of that party.

          The Jubilee coalition is formed of three main parties URP, UDF and TNA, these amigos are as of today strangers in those parties, and I bet a number of MPs too.

          If they already resigned, we need to know when they resigned, and for how long they have been swindling Kenyans because resignation implies automatic vacation of MP seat and its associated frills such as salary, DPM or cabinet post.

          Now for laughs, we are where we are at now because, Uhuru and Madavadi signed a document that Uhuru has dishonored. Note, signed document with witnesses. And now Mudavadi tells us, they are in discussion and will have or have verbal agreement and who knows another yet again signed document. Good grief, running into the brick wall over and over again expecting different outcome. How many signed documents are required to move this along?

          Overall, this is a clear demonstration of what many of us have said for a long time, it is so easy to find something and break it, but true genius are those that make and build things

          The strategy of KKK, G7 and Uhuruto Alliances and their supporters have been premised on breaking the core of ODM and affiliated support. Ruto peeled off right at the beginning whether on his own or PNU is not clear, followed by many others, earlier this year we had the sensational Miguna.

          But the problem here is evident, they are masters of destruction, but cannot build simple relationships amongst themselves. From KKK to G7 to Jubilee, the disCORD continues. Even over at Pambazuko, Wamalwa has fled the coalition that he himself formed.

          What a bunch of Kindergartners

          And has anyone noticed how everyone has gone biblical


        • In a nutshell, Mudavadi is till trying to pin Uhuru to his word on the MoU, something that has frankly been overtaken by events. And he chooses to do it on public TV.

          Uhuru has taken a flak – for being exposed as an untrustworthy and blatant conman – and has moved on.

          Mudavadi’s continued flogging of a dead horse only alienates him more from Uhuru’s supporters. The latter can’t be forced to vote for Mudavadi, especially when alternatives like Peter Kenneth ans Karua are waiting in the wings. Which tells me Mudavadi has probably figured he is on his way out…but wants to first maximize damage to Jubilee before bolting out.

          When challenged that he is locked in Jubilee until elections..because of the legal clause in PPA requiring 3 months notice prior to exit…Mudavadi gets testy and strongly argues that if there is “material breach; ab initio” such as what Uhuru did, there is justifiable and existent room for leaving.

          Musalia’s admission that the ‘devils’ deal with Uhuru was going to hand him just the presidency with only 25% control of public appointments (while Uhuru/TNA having 40% control; and Ruto 35% control) is the best admission of being set up for a LAME-DUCK PRESIDENCY.

          This snake oil deal from the devil was going to turn sour whether Musalia liked it or not. It means Uhuru was to remote-control Mudavadi throughout his tenure – with Kenyatta controlling the levers of power (Trasury, Security, Foreign Affairs etc) which guarantee his protection from ICC. How naive and how stupid!

          Musalia has revealed an unbelievable level of naivety and political myopia bordering on outright stupidity. I also find his denial that he didn’t meet the PM on Wednesday night also unconvincing. He too is damaged goods, just like the conniving fraudsters, Uhuru and Ruto.



        • Job,
          I think that you are right when you say that Mudavadi is annoyed and wants to make sure that he exposes the fraudsters before he hits the road back to Kakamega.

          There is too much bad blood for these guys to work together again.

          Its looks as if a decision has been made by the Mudavadi team to quit JUBL, otherwise he could not have openly said what he was saying. Apart from that Ruto would not be arrogantly talking down on Mudavadi the way he did. Ati he has has nowhere to go.

          The fact that the grass-roots are already moving to CORD tells us about what is to follow.

          My bet is that Mudavadi will probably drop out of the race all together.

          I’m told that Uhuru is currently sponsoring his other pet Eugene Wamalwa to split the the luhya vote. Lets wait and see where he gets with that.

          Another rumour is that Uhuru Kenyatta will drop out of the race thereby opening the door for Peter Kenneth. Remember that the only mission in Uhurus mind is to stop Raila and nothing else. Ruto should be very careful with muthamaki. He might find himself out of the race too.

          What I gather is that Ruto wants this thing more than Uhuru which is really strange. Tell me, who is fool who among the two.


        • ** Job / Mzee ***

          There’s a glitch when linking to CitizenTV youtube clips, am not sure whether its by design from Citizen or by error. Check you emails on how to link those clips. I’ve fixed the links above, verify that these were the clips you had in mind


        • folks,

          Mudavadi made his move today when he got his Vihiga and Kakamega officials, no less to move to ODM and CORD. This was to send a message to the mashetani boys that things were getting bad and it was Raila and CORD who were going to gain. This was intended to send Uhuru and Ruto running to Riverside to cajole him and hand over what the “dark forces” had asked for. Instead the mashetani boys decided it is time to dump Mudavdi kabisa and try to repair their coalition which is becoming a laughing stock in the country.

          By calling the delagates conference for Sunday and not even having the courtesy to inform UDF, the boys are telling Muda to f-off. They will have some nonsense delegates election where Ngilu will be given a chance to be the graceful loser and then the mashetani chaps will declare a complete war on Mudavadi portraying him as a political coward who is afraid of democratic competition and wanted to bring dictatorship in the jubilee.

          They know the damage is already done but they have to salvage whatever is left and move on. They also hope they can get some votes from Ngilu’s backyard to compensate for what they will lose in Western. Of course they are deluding themselves but that is what these chaps do for a living. They are a delusional mob. It is their profession.

          But never ever underestimate the stamina of the devil. State House is going to put some screws on Uhuru between now and Sunday and one thing they are going to let Uhuru know is that he will be on his own as far as ICC is concerned. Uhuru knows what the NSIS has been trying to hide stuff from the OTP at the Hague to help him. They are going to lay that on the table. The devil never sleeps in normal times. Consider what the devil will do when the times get really rougher on them and it has never been this rough for them since 2002. People are shitting bricks at State House as they see their well laid out plans fall apart.

          We are at the tip of the political cliff in the nation. Tighten your belts and lets see what happens at the other end. The show is on at full blast.


        • adongo23456, are you trying to say that Mudavadi encouraged his Luhya elders to defect to ODM/CORD? I doubt it – even though the defectors themselves seemed fairly confused. While they had defected to CORD, they were still crying the mistreatment of MM in Jubilee
          Anyways, if anything, word around is that Uhuru has visited Mudavadi’s residence at Riverside once again….And this time around, it doesn’t seem to be dark forces at work, but rather the angelic voice …only time will tell
          As for Eugene, he is no longer Uhuru’s project? The guy is so irked by Uhuru, that i dont think he will allow any further play. He complains of Uhuru’s arrogance and lordliness:…how Uhuru can keep you waiting at his office….(more like job seeking sessions with the Boss/potential employer not letting you in)
          Notwithstanding, Eugene continues to have a soft spot for Uhuru…he claims that his exit from Jubilee or TNA was only because the Bulldozing Ruto came around


        • gemagema,

          I don’t know if this will appear in the right order on the thread. I am still learning how to use do stuff in this forum. But you did ask me based on my post before this if I was suggesting that Mudavadi asked “Luhya Elders” to defect from UDF and support CORD and Raila. The answer is No. Infact when I put that post just a few hours ago I didn’t even know some Luhya Elders had also defected to Raila and his crew.

          What I was referring to was the news this morning already posted on this thread complete with video clips that the branch chairs of UDF in Vihiga and Kakamega have dumped UDF and joined Raila and CORD. They held a press conference in Nairobi and the Kakamega UDF chairman Mr. Linus Muchenya as well as the Vihiga UDF chairman Mr. Joash Mbuluika both spoke very bitterly about the betrayal of their leader, Musalia Mudavadi and announced they are joining forces with Raila.

          Now, Vihiga and Kakamega is Mudavadi’s house. Those UDF leaders must have been his own personal choices. They were not going to move without the godfather’s nod. So they got it and moved. Uhuru was supposed to be scared and come to Riverside with another devil’s brew for a drink so Mudavadi could still be annointed as the official “devil’s project” for Kenya. Did that happen? I have no idea, but we know this much.

          1.Uhuru and Ruto have called a delegates conference in Nairobi on Sunday to pick the presidential candidate. Will Mudavadi go there? I don’t know. Can the delegates pick Mudavadi? I don’t know. Can the delegates conference be cancelled off altogther and some candidate is announced? I don’t know. All we know is that the devil works in strange ways. Kazi ya mashetani ni mengi. And for nobody’s good if I may add.

          2. We also know that Mudavadi is probably now the most hated politician in Uhuru territory other than Ruto and Raila in that order. That is not funny for the mashetani brewmasters. They are supposed to do their thing quietly behind the scenes. Uhuru pissing on himself on account of these mashetani fellows has scared the shit out of the whole country. The question is: If these mashetani dark forces can scare muthamaki this badly. what else are they going to do to us, poor Kenyans? So are you going to put Mudavadi out there first to fight mad Uhuru supporters and then to face the country as the official “devil’s project”? We will see. Kenyans hate projects and they also hate devil worshippers. How on earth are you going to sell the a project of the devil itself? Try it.

          3. Did Uhuru and Ruto go back to Riverside to console Mudavadi today? I don’t know. I love Riverside. I spent a big chunk of my vacation in Kenya this year, right there. It is just beautiful if they can finish all the construction stuff going on everywhere there. But Uhuru and Ruto going to my “hometown” Riverside to console Muda is not the point. The Uhuruto constituency is on fire. They want their pound of flesh from Mudavadi. They are going to get it from all looks of things. What happens from there on is anybody’s guess. But I think it is good for the country to see all the political forces in action including those that are making a whole ass of themselves. Shauri zao.


  9. tnk, pewa mbili baridi on my bill 🙂 @adongo, after all this, i hope phandom will wisen up, take a chill pill and go for the senate race where he has a more realistic chance. problem is, it may not be any easier unless the moses akarangas, major gen. agoi or whoever had positioned themselves for 2013 is prevailed upon to go along with the plan.
    judging from today’s events it appears that uhuru intends to go all the way ( to hell with foreign aid, tea and horticulture exports).

    i don’t trust jirongo but am almost convinced that the project managers are about to unleash their next plan B, C ?


    • Akinyi,
      When Jirongo first talked of “kupangwa” people thought that he was nuts. But he has now been vindicated. He was telling the truth all along.

      However, this thing seems to have now boiled down to a Nyeri versus Kiambu battle. The river Chania has reared its ugly head again. While other Kenyans genuinely believe that an Uhuru presidency would be bad for the country, Kiabaki`s Nyeri backyard do not want Uhuru to contest simply to prevent power “going back” to Kiambu (if it happens, which I seriously doubt). I did not see this myself until a Kikuyu friend pointed it out and listed Kikuyu MPs who support/oppose Uhuru candidature. It was a clear divide. As we went on discussing we also realized that many well-known kikuyus have developed a wait and see attitude.

      It’s said that Uhuru was forced to change his mind by the Kiambu mafia after it emerged that Nyeri folks were keen on sidelining them. As for Ruto no one really cared about him for he was meant to be offloaded at some point or the other.


      • Folks,

        Here is Ruto trying to take water out of the Titanic using his bare hands. Not very effective.

        Ruto says Uhuru was not forced by “the devil and their forces” to sign his throne to Mudavadi. Really? Uhuru already told the country what happened so why is Ruto trying to cover up for him? One reason. This whole thing has exposed the Jubilee liars as nothing more than a project themselves who are beholden to some “dark forces” whom they know very well and have worked with for a long time now.

        Here is the issue. When Kibaki and his chaps told Uhuru that Uhuruto presidency will mean no foreign aid for Kenya, nowhere for Kenyan farmers to sell their tea(and other exports) as well as a complete economic collapse for the country, was that the first time Uhuru heard such facts thrown at him? The answer is NO. Uhuru has been reading that in the papers everyday as Kenyans urge him to put the country ahead of his selfish interests.

        Uhuru has heard the same from Kofi Annan himself and everytime that happens Uhuru goes bananas and insults kina Annan as useless tourists. Just the other day Uhuru gave a speech from Dubali condemning the international community and insisting that Kenya under his regime will only work with those who will not question any actions that may lead to a pariah state. Uhuru declared war against the West in that speech. Uhuru has a team of writers in his party whose job is to respond to all these concerns which are getting louder and louder as the ICC date comes close.

        So why did Uhuru surrender his throne when the big satan told him the same things that other Kenyans and people like Kofi Annan have been telling him for a while now?. Simple. Uhuru works and is beholden to that big bad Satan and his cabal. That is who matters to Uhuru and Ruto and when they sneeze Uhuru has to tetemeka and give in. The 40 million Kenyans do not matter in the Uhuruto world but the wishes of those develish forces is what matters to them. Kenyans can now all see that in broad daylight and that is what has really set fire in the jubilee tent. Mudavadi left but not before he threw a grenade in their. Uhuru caught the grenade and dumped it in the middle of the floor. It is now chaos and mayhem and kina Ruto are trying to bottle that back. Won’t happen.

        For those who have been looking for Kibaki’s legacy or tyring to invent a fake one for him, now you have it. It is a legacy of deceit of the worst order. A legacy of lying through the teeth even to their friends. A legacy of naked greed for power which almost destroyed our country. It is a devious, dangerous legacy and Mudavadi and/or Uhuruto are merely meant to extend it and the country be damned. I think Kenyans may want to have the last say on that. We will see.


        • Adongo,
          The interesting thing is that everybody in Jubilee knows that Uhuru Kenyatta messed up but nobody dares tell him to his face. He has all these fellas in his pocket and all are singing praises to him. Ruto is now trying to damage control but its rather late. Kenyans have seen the truth about these murderers, con men and devil worshipers.

          By the way when did this satan appear to Uhuru Kenyatta? Thats a question we need an answer to.

          My guess is that he has been worshiping this satan for sometime but he realized that satan does not keep friends and might even consume one of his own.

          I know that he is beholden to the bad big satan but why was he trying to dupe Mudavadi in broad day light? This must have been the silliest move of all time, for sooner or later the guy would discover that he was cheated.

          Now the grenade that Mudavadi threw in the middle of the tent has set everyone scampering for dear life. The whole jubilee family now look like a bunch of rascals with no proper vision. Uhuru talks so arrogantly as if he owns Kenya, yet he in the inside, he is one scared dude. The ICC is tormenting him thats why he is blowing hot and cold,

          I hope that Mudavadi has the fortitude of not going back to that ugly crowd. But I never know what they will promise him next time.

          I heard Mudavadi´s people (UDF) saying that they were now going for the presidency on their own. Has the window of registering to contest not passed? How is he going to get out of this mess?


        • This interview is quite revealing. If Ruto thought he was doing any damage control, it has backfired spectacularly. Furthermore, wise men don’t profess to speak on behalf of two people caught in a tussle…lest one wants to bite back their own words.

          1) Ruto is trying to have his cake and eat it at the same time – speaking through both sides of the mouth – just enough to leave room to fit either into a Uhuru-Ruto ticket or the now untenable Mudavadi-Ruto ticket. But he forgets one thing – the double-standard process of filling that very ticket.

          2) If it is delegates to decide, they decide on all positions. Only a fool would not realize that if TNA’s Uhuru (wrapped as coalition grassroots/delegates) successfully threw to the dustbin, the Uhuru-Mudavadi secret deal, forcing an election at Kasarani – why would there only be election for President and not Deputy President? Why should democracy be restricted only for the top ticket (Uhuru-Mudavadi); but a secret boardroom deal for the deputy (Ruto)? The delegates should also be at liberty to ‘elect’ their deputy. If they elect Uhuru (with ICC baggage) for flag-bearer; what makes Ruto think Mudavadi may not be “elected’ Deputy – to replace him [Ruto] in a bid to dilute the ICC-problem of the ticket?

          3) While each of these players has been exposed for their character flaws – Uhuru (conniving liar); Mudavadi (lazy opportunist, dumb and naïve); Ruto thinks he has escaped scrutiny. Well, he has not! This interview exposes Ruto for unabashed double-standards. Ruto is pushing for a democratic process for the top ticket (Uhuru-Mudavadi contest) yet expecting to ride in UNOPPOSED as Deputy. Who does not see traits of a self-preserving, undemocratic, and grandiose-driven fraudster, who is hungrily driven by self entitlement. Ruto too is trying to ride on Uhuru’s coattail as much as Mudavadi wants.

          4) The URP leader is also an unprincipled rebel without a cause. On one hand, he is praising Uhuru for being selfless (willing to stand down for Mudavadi) – only blaming his constituency (Kikuyu grassroots) for being belligerent – yet questioning Uhuru’s veracity for speaking truth:

          (a) Rebuking Uhuru’s constituency for not going along with their plot: “The only thing that we have a problem with is the constituency that is saying…you may have decided whatever you did…[but we must] go to a process that is democratic…with the participation of a delegates conference,” Ruto said.
          (b) Ruto is directly accusing Uhuru of lying about – whether the latter was forced to step down for Mudavadi, or did it voluntarily. He asserts Uhuru did it voluntarily: “If he [Uhuru] did not want this to happen, he would not have put his signature on a piece of paper” said Ruto.
          5) Ruto’s body is dining with Uhuru yet his soul wines with Mudavadi . Of the two possible ticket arrangements, Ruto alluded to having concurred with Uhuru’s decision to “voluntarily” step down for Mudavadi. Ruto therefore exposed his FIRST preference; it is a Mudavadi-Ruto ticket. This in reality confirms the underlying suspicion that Ruto was having difficulty selling Uhuru to his folks (Kalenjin). This revelation definitely sends a clear message to Uhuru’s constituency – the perception that both Mudavadi and Ruto do not want Uhuru (a Kikuyu with ICC baggage) to lead the ticket. Musalia is saying it directly while cunning Ruto (also with ICC baggage) is only subtly insinuating it.

          6) Simple inference -in this Jubilee laboratory, no matter how hard the tribal point-men try, oil is not mixing with water! Deep suspicions (between the trio) pervade the shaky arrangement. Its center cannot hold. And Ruto cannot lie through his teeth and pretend all is well.


        • Some folks actually believe that crime pays big time – even rewarding them with the Presidency or Deputy Presidency.

          From the Cheche interview, something interesting has emerged that’s now doing rounds in street and village talk. Kenyans are aware there will be 2 cases at the Hague come April 2013…and each one will respectively take a long duration through the trial…probably a couple of months for each case…

          Here (below) is what Ruto was asked. Pay attention to his answer where he lets the cat out of the bag – revealing his greatest dream he deems not being far way.

          QUESTION: Is it responsible to go into an election which could result in both the President and Deputy President being away at the Hague attending to their respective cases?

          RUTO: “Uhuru Kenyatta will go to court, and I I WILL RUN THIS COUNTRY…when he comes back I go to court and he runs it…because it is the same court listening to the two cases”

          Hear it from Ruto’s own mouth @ time 19:24 and 20:54 in the Cheche interview.

          Someone thinks running as Deputy is the best pretext to shield away from the ICC…and be rewarded big in the process. What a gamble!!!


        • wow listened to ruto in that cheche interview and i think he should be brought back more and more, he has finally cracked. he was mostly arrogant and sneering almost like uhuru on that british program interview a few years back. lots of impatience and its clear he does not believe anymore what he is saying. the ICC issue is beginning to take its toll

          and i like the assertion that someone found unfit to hold an appointed position can still be fit to hold the same post by an election. for this guy (he no longer has common sense but is totally immersed in politics), its the method that counts i.e appointment vs election. its not that the credentials of the individual are what’s being evaluated and these do not change an account of method used. utter idiocy

          lets draw some parallels
          a well known gangster cannot be appointed to head the CBK, but he can be elected to the same position. and that way chapter 6 is covered as well as the other provisions of the constitution. and he says this like its duh! obvious

          the perfect mindset of a crook. if door is locked, break the window, if no window access tear down the roof.

          its going to require the concerted effort of every kenyan of goodwill, to keep these crooks out of leadership


  10. It looks as if these guys have decided that they have enough tribal votes to do away with Mudavadi. They now want to conduct some sham nomination in which Uhuru is annointed. Mudavadi will then be asked to go to hell if he wants.

    Uhuru allies have meanwhile settled on the very system that Mudavadi does not want.

    Mudvadi must either put up of ship out. If he stays in he might get crumbs but if he walks away he will go away empty handed. This man is in big Sh?t.

    More than 15 hours of deliberation have yielded nothing and I don’t think there is much to expect.

    Mudavadi being the political fool he is was actually thinking Uhuru of all the people would step down for him. Little did he know that he was being led astray and duped.

    Now he has boycotted all joint rallies until Uhuru declares him tosha. What a joke of a man.


    • And the joke on Mudavadi continues


      Eldoret North MP William Ruto moved to forestall a fallout within the Jubilee Coalition when he declared that he will abstain from voting for either UDF leader Musalia Mudavadi or TNA leader Uhuru Kenyatta.

      Ruto reached the decision after both presidential aspirants said he could swing the vote either side using his 1,500 URP delegates. “Ruto will go public today to say that he will not vote for either and will also not influence his URP delegates to vote for one of the two,” said a source.

      Jubilee is due to hold its nomination at Kasarani Sports Centre ahead of the March 4 general election . Ruto, Uhuru and Mudavadi met yesterday for close to four hours in an attempt to deal with the issues affecting their union.

      In the meeting held at Uhuru’s home, and where they were joined by their aides, the three are said to have agreed to focus on keeping the coalition intact regardless of the outcome of the Tuesday vote.

      Mudavadi’s side was by last evening still drawing up the list of delegates to participate in the exercise with those in the know claiming that UDF, which has been asking for a boardroom deal, has 1,000 delegates and needs time to get 500 more.

      A joint URP, UDF and TNA meeting last evening agreed to reschedule the convention to tomorrow and instead hold a rally at Kitui Municipal Stadium to be hosted by Water minister Charity Ngilu.

      The technical team that has been tasked with coming up with the nomination rules held a meeting with the officials of the three parties in the afternoon.

      During the meeting, URP and TNA are said to have expressed disappointment at UDF’s request for postponement yet some delegates had already arrived in Nairobi for the Monday nomination convention.

      The meeting was attended by Abdikadir Mohammed, Dan Ameyo and Hassan Osman of UDF, Johnson Sakaja, Jasper Mbiuki and Onyango Oloo of TNA and Aden Duale, Kipchumba Murkomen and Nixon Korir of URP.

      The decision to postpone was also reached at to allow the three principals to continue with consultations and help deal with the deadlock created by the scheduled nomination exercise.

      For two weeks now, UDF and TNA hardliners have differed over the mode to be used for nominating the coalition’s presidential candidate. This impasse continued into last evening as differences continued to manifest.

      This has caused anxiety in the alliance which is to use the Tuesday convention to choose who between Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi will be the flag-bearer.

      The Jubilee team called off a rally that was scheduled to take place in Murang’a yesterday in order to deal with “some house-keeping matters.”

      While the three parties signed an agreement on December 4 indicating that there would be a presidential nomination exercise within 14 days, some of Mudavadi’s supporters have been urging for consensus instead of the primaries.

      On Saturday during a joint rally in Malava, MPs allied to Mudavadi drummed up support for the DPM urging Uhuru to support him and even asked the two to strike a boardroom deal.

      “The two of you should go into a room even if it is as far as Sagana, talk and decide who will lead us. Then you can come and tell us who will be the one (flag-bearer) and I can assure you we will all support you and take the route you tell us,” Ikolomani MP Boni Khalwale told the two.

      Vihiga MP Yusuf Chanzu said UDF is considering proposing amendments to the coalition agreement including the clauses on how the partners can part ways.

      “As UDF we will consult our legal experts with the view of re-looking at the coalition document we entered with our TNA and URP partners. UDF believes that consensus should be the best approach in arriving at the presidential candidate. Uhuru, Ruto and Mudavadi must emulate what Cord has done. I believe by the end of the week we will have agreed as partners,” said Chanzu.

      But speaking to the Star, MPs allied to Uhuru maintained that the only way out was for the coalition to hold the delegates convention to select the candidate.

      Garsen MP Danson Mungatana who recently joined the TNA camp said “let us just vote” when asked what options remained for the alliance.

      Nithi MP Kareke Mbiuki, a close ally of Uhuru, said that the parties should respect the agreement signed adding that Uhuru and Mudavadi would have to explain the rationale of their boardroom deal if it happens.

      “If they go for consensus, then they will have to come to us and explain why. Then it will be up to we as their supporters to respond accordingly,” Mbiuki, who has been opposed to consensus, said.

      It also emerged that UDF is facing a legal dilemma if Mudavadi opts out as the coalition agreement requires that the aggrieved party serves a three-month notice before leaving the alliance.

      Sources within Uhuru’s TNA told the Star that, two weeks ago, they had to compel their leader to back-track on a boardroom deal they had reached with Mudavadi and Ruto which UDF appears to be holding to.

      “The two had promised Mudavadi that he would be the coalition’s flag-bearer but we told Uhuru that this was not his decision to make. He has to go through the necessary party structures and procedures. Only TNA and its supporters can make such as decision,” a top official of the party, who sought anonymity, said.


      • Mudavadi says Uhuru signed deal to support him

        The United Democratic Forum (UDF) party leader Musalia Mudavadi has said Uhuru Kenyatta had agreed to withdraw his presidential candidature in his favour.

        Mr Mudavadi said he had signed an agreement with The National Alliance (TNA) leader in the presence of their lawyers. Also present was Eldoret North MP William Ruto, the third pillar of the Jubilee Alliance.

        He said negotiations to settle on the Alliance’s flagbearer were ongoing and he was confident an amicable solution would be found.

        “We will make every effort to nurture this young coalition,” he said during a news conference in Nairobi Tuesday.

        Mr Mudavadi said UDF had acceded to Mr Kenyatta’s request to explain to his supporters the nature of the agreement and make it public.

        The Sabatia’s MP position comes just hours after TNA delegates rejected the agreement between Mr Kenyatta and himself.

        Source:- DNA


        • mzee & others,

          The whole truth is now out in open. Uhuru has also revealed hi side of the story.

          Here it is:

          You folks here read this very well all along.

          So where do we go from here.

          1. This is great news for CORD. All the three pretenders are now running naked in the market place for all to see. It makes all of them look terrible individually and collectively they look worse.

          2. Uhuru has confirmed he lied to Mudavadi because he was under pressure and he needed a lie to win over the gullible Mudavadi who swallowed the lie line, hook and sinker. Oh boy. So this liar wants to be your president. If they can lie so mercillesly to each other and they are friends, how much more are they lying to us and to the nation so as to get power? I will come back to that shortly.

          3. Mudavadi digned some secret MoU with Uhuru to the effect that Uhuru will step down for him. Big blunder. Couldn’t Mudavadi remember the MoU between Raila and Kibaki in 2002. What happened to that? This is what happened.

          Raila not only toshad Kibaki, he also bursted his ass off campaigning for a comatose Kibaki but as soon as Kibaki was in State House, the same Nick Wanjohi now babysitting Mudavadi locked the doors of State House and Kibaki was instructed never even to talk to Raila and to declare a cold war on him. They told Kibaki he was now the president and any MoU he signed with Raila can be thrown in the toilet and he can shit on it three times and flash the toilet.

          This plays two fold. One it is foolish to make secret MoUs with the Kibakis and the Uhurus of this world. They will dupe you and eat you alive. That we have seen live live.

          Secondly Uhuru knows that the Wanjohis who are the real owners of Mudavadi only needs them to get Mudavadi elected and once Mudavadi is in office they will lock him up there as their puppet and even the Uhurus can be dumped. The Wanjohis are merciless operatives addicted to power. These are the folks who engineering the PEV after keeping Kibaki in power by force. Now when the ICC Tick Tock is at the door they are asking Uhuru to be patient. Uhuru doesn’t trust them so he gave them a curve ball and Mudavadi was the double victim.

          4.After Mudavadi was fooled to accept a bogus deal, Uhuru pulled a very first one on him. First Uhuru sent his M.Ps to go denounce the deal and even to expose the State House machinations. Uhuru made it look like those were rogue M.Ps. They weren’t. That was Uhuru speaking.

          What shocked Mudavadi was that the same “rogue” M.Ps were the ones Uhuru chose to be his reps in the negotiations with Shebesh as a key member there and kina Kabogo with Jamleck Kamau. These are Uhuru cult followers. Having them as members of the negotiating team meant the position of the 40 loud M.Ps who denounced the Mudavadi deal was not the voice of extremists in TNA but the voice of their leader himself. Now they have spoken clearly. Mudavadi comes for elective nominations or he can go to hell in an a basket

          5. For Mudavadi, this is the worst case scenario. All the fears Kenyans have of him are being exposed in a brutal way. That he has no stand on anything. That he waits for freebies. That he has no spine and is a political coward of the worst kind. That is a toy of the status quo being fattaned to serve them and be toast when necessary. All that and more. How the heck to you vote for such a person to be your president when the country faces so many challenges. Ruto meanwhile is just going along with anything as long as it is good for him as William Ruto. Kenya be damned.

          That is where we are as we speak.


    • akinyi & others,

      From the look of things Kibaki has done what he always does to those whose help he needs from time to time. He has now seen the tide against his little project and has pretty much thrown Mudavadi under the bus as Mzee pointed out.

      Kibaki’s problem is that he still thinks Kenya is in the 1970s and 80s when the president got anything and everything he wanted. Moi used to treat them like dirt and throw them around and all they had to say was “Yes Sir”. That is why Kibaki in singing for his then god Moi told Kenyans that removing Kanu from power was like cutting a migumu tree with a razor blade. Well times have changed and the one man who has a lot to do with that is Raila Odinga the same man giving Kibaki sleepless nights pretty much for the last 10 years and more so today than at any other time.

      Kibaki did the unthinkable when he tried to impose Mudavadi on the TNA/URP alliance. He acted like a sorrounded king who decided to test his last weapon, a nuclear bomb in his own house to see if it works. That is as dumb as it gets. If the weapon detonates as proof that it works you are dead. The damn thing is in your house for christ’s sake. If it fails to work you know you are helpless. Then what.

      Let me explain. If Mudavadi was to be imposed on TNA it would be a civil war in the house of mumbi. Forget the annoyed 40 M.Ps and for a minute think about the streets in Kiambu, in Kerugoya, Murang’a etc. They would spit on Mudavadi if he was to kick out Uhuru from his house. They would be mad and everything would disintegrate from there. That is what would happen if the nuclear bomb worked. Well now it has failed. What next for Kibaki? He has handed over 1 million of votes to CORD by the humiliation visited on Mudavadi. After all the work or removing him from ODM, baby sitting him and giving him all the resources he needed they have now completely destroyed him. It is back to Uhuruto and the toxicity is overwhelming. We all know where this is heading, forget the tribal mathematicians. There is a reason the Kibaki guys wanted Mudavadi. They know what they have with Uhuruto. Well that is all they got now.

      Secondly the nasty fistfights we saw in TNA and even URP with Kanu has removed any hopes that the coalition of the accused would harvest disenchanted ODM leaders who may have had problems with the emerging CORD. All the talk about Henry Kosgey etc flocking to that toxic group has evaporated. I mean who wants to get into that mad house to be flogged in every market place. People are not nuts.

      So that is the weather as we can see it. After the series of conventions of ODM taday and the wiper group monday we will see how CORD is and get to work as we always do. I personally refuse to sit on the sideline and complain and wait for manna from heaven. Cynicism is a luxury we cannot afford. We just work with what we got. That is what my mom taught me. God bless her.


    • Folks,

      All indications are that Uhuru is withering the storm generated from State House and is likely to prevail as the TNA/UDF/URP coalition flag bearer.

      1) This report in the Daily Nation captures the intrigues and developments:

      A) The Jubilee coalition met yesterday (7th December, 2012) has announced the team to oversee the joint-nomination “contest” between Uhuru and Mudavadi.
      • The team of 6 members has been selected equally from the three partners – 2 members each from TNA, UDF, and URP; with notable EXCLUSION of KANU representation.
      TNA – Justice (rtd) Aaron Ringera and Mr Jasper Mbiuki
      URP – Mr Kipchumba Murkommen and Mr Davis Chirchir
      UDF – Abdikadir Mohammed and Nderitu Mureithi
      KANU – No representation!
      • It is clear Ringera, Mbiuki (TNA), Murkommen and Chirchir (URP) all owe direct allegiance to the tag-duo of Uhuru-Ruto.
      • This is the first sign UDF’s Mudavadi is walking into an unmatched contest; already under-represented in the nomination team.
      B) The Jubilee coalition has also announced the date for the joint-nomination exercise:
      • Tentative date set for December 18th, 2012
      • This gives delegates only 10 days to prepare and travel for the joint delegates conference in Nairobi
      • Without any shred of doubt, TNA and URP delegates have both been prepped and funds are handily available for the rubber-stamping trip.
      • URP’s William Ruto and his hand-picked delegates are going for nothing short but support of Uhuru Kenyatta; despite the reality that URP grassroots overwhelmingly prefer Mudavadi.
      C) The Jubilee coalition has consequently laid ground rules requiring TNA, UDF, URP to respectively send 1/3 of delegates expected on December 18th, 2012.
      • That means NO KANU delegates; despite the fact that UDF already had a prior pact with KANU in the same way TNA had one with URP.
      • In short, Mudavadi is walking into this contest as an underdog…with half as likely delegates as Kenyatta’s.

      D) In response, KANU is making noise (ironically, Mudavadi is quiet).
      Excerpt from the Daily Nation:

      “But on Saturday, Kanu secretary-general Nick Salat said the party was part and parcel of the alliance by virtue of it having signed a pre-election agreement with Mr Mudavadi before he did with URP and TNA. Mr Salat said that his party would be supporting Mr Mudavadi for the Jubilee Alliance’s presidential ticket.
      However, the Dujis MP, who is allied to URP, rejected Mr Salat’s position and instead accused Mr Mudavadi of being behind the party’s [back door attempt to] enter into the coalition.”
      The script is proceeding (to the dot) as predicted here at Deep Cogitation.


      • .
        “The devil forced me to sign it!” says Uhuru Kenyatta.

        Salalalalala!!!!…Is Kibaki the devil here or Uhuru got counsel from Saitan himself…Holy Molly!!!!This is some freakin’ scary stuff here…
        In a panic, Uhuru now confesses he rushed to the devil for counsel….(either Kibaki or lucifer)… who declared to him the latter’s preferred candidate.

        According to Uhuru, the devil’s choice is Mudavadi…so Jomo’s son was forced to sign his stepping down for Mudavadi.

        What a chilling revelation!

        This volcanic eruption all started with one little move by RAO, Kalonzo and Wetangula – the surprise unveiling of CORD at KICC. Contrast the CORD adults quiet handling of business like statesmen…while the Hague-bound chipukizi warlords have been all over….mara playing Mudavadi at the latter’s own home…pretending to show fake unity…mara moonlighting at Uhuru’s house…or breakfast at Rutos…mara dancing with conference here…counter-conference there….Gud lawd!!!!!!

        Can Weakleaf pretend now to be demanding consensus in lieu of elections? After ditching ODM in the name of undemocratic practices!!!!

        You will notice one person comfortably perched in this devil’s pact – William Ruto. After negotiating for himself what he thought was the mother-of-all deals…the Jubilee sand castle is crumbling right in front of his eyes.

        Who didn’t see this fallout coming. As stated here, if Musalia is not Jubilee.s flag-bearer, all votes from the house of Mulembe head into CORD enmasse. What else is new?

        I will sit baaaaack and enjoy these projects of the devil destroy each other before the ultimate fallout. What a day!


      • hehehe

        i think uhuru is interpreting the term “the devil is in the details” a little too literally. anyway this is fascinating but hardly surprising.

        its been stated here on this forum that a good national leader and statesman does not need to sign these nightime boardroom deals and MOUs. such a leader is already well aware of his duty to serve the entire nation with out special favor to special groups and all are served equally and fairly. MOUs generally instantly imply mistrust and therefore the integrity and credibility of the person is put to the spotlight. One cannot legislate morality and to a large extent fidelity as we have seen. if you cannot trust your partner(s), why the charade. Really I cant get how an agreement is about nominations, elections etc, why didnt these guys use their common / coalition values as the benchmark for chosing candidates?

        these guys have no agenda for Kenya and will continually haggle and harp over distribution of leadership positions. Can anyone remember in all this time they have been talking from KK through KKK through G7 to ICC-2 and now finally to Jubilee UhuRuto, to Jubilee UhuRuto and UDF, to Jubilee UhuRuto and UDF (and NARC, the Devil and any other out there) has there been any other theme other than the share/distribution of national posts? from when balala pointed at a table and declared this will be the new leadership of kenya to the “prayer” rallies to the many boardroom meetings where like children they come out holding hands (i always thought this was a sign of unity, seems to me now it was to hang on to some to stop them from bolting out 🙂 ) the message remains the same, i.e we have decided how we will share and distribute leadership positions among us.

        one cant help but wonder, if these guys have already worked out the power sharing formula, why are kenyans being required to participate in an election?

        and then there is the issue of how many engineers are required to change a light bulb. i mean how can people meet for 3 days to determine how to select/nominate two individuals. really is that what we call lock-it science (i.e locking out competition 🙂 ) or what? what happens when we have real problems to deal with, will it take decades of boardroom deals? didn’t these guys have any structure to begin with?

        also am not clear on two issues
        a) UhuRuto drafted an agreement, presumably printed it, proof-read, checked with their advisors, lawyers etc. and the devil only appeared at uhuru’s side when he was signing. yeah right!
        b) who is the devil – is it the mysterious/shadowy state house operatives, is it mudavadi, is it ruto (only these two were present when the saintly uhuru was signing) or was it some apparition that came by as the three went to voluntarily sign the document.
        my question is, if the devil (pepo mbaya ashindwe) was removed from the equation, would uhuru not have signed, or would the agreement have been different. its not like the devil wrote a new agreement

        until we obtain clarity on the issue am going to assume that uhuru’s devils that are currently haunting him are many. maybe he can go to church to exorcise or perhaps conduct another series of prayer rallies


        anyway jokes aside, i agree with adongo, musalia is on the way to self redemption by exposing the secret deals and betrayal, like pointed out before, betrayal from certain quarter of kenya is as easy as breathing. no surprise. just like the fool that goes and does the same thing over and over expecting different outcome.

        strangely enough musalia still thinks of running back into the outfit even though his close handlers are suggesting he go it alone. bunch of dumb idiots. adongo has spelt out the law on that. what mudavadi has to acknowledge is that he has nothing, and has been duped. he must therefore make the choice of tuck in his tail and whimper into jubilee and accept whatever crumbs come his way. or he must discharge himself and exert his revenge on being conned knowing fully well that he is exiting the political scene at least for now.


    • Adongo

      Mudavadi is officially a national embarrassment. You should get hold of the clip where an arrogant and sneering Uhuru addressed his well fed TNA delegates at Multi-Media University today. Gosh, this guys have nerve!

      We in ODM are saying that the door is till open for Mudavadi to return to ODM, and whats more, he can return to the party with his UDF party (if he trully owns it).

      Technically he still is a member of ODM. But that is HIS problem. He left ODM on his own volition.

      My concern is more about the attitude being exhibited by TNA in this saga. Does it offer any lessons for Ruto and Ngilu? These guys are shameless about putting pen to paper and then trashing all that two days later. With tha hindsight, what is President Uhuru (GOD FORBID!) under pressure from ICC likely to do should he assume power in 2013, with a sizeable group of MPs and Senators?

      It rained heavily in Nairobi this morning and while TNA delegates had booked accomodation and enjoying hot meals at MMU in Rongai, UDF delegates and those from URP were being rained on Machakos Airport (Bus Terminus) waiting for transport back home after the joint NDC aborted. And by the look of things, these delegates wont be coming back to Nairobi soon.

      I would have imagined Ruto to take precautions. As swahili saying goes, ukiona mwenzako ana nyolewa, chako kitiye maji.

      I mean, wembe ni ulele and I fear for URP in Jubilee whatever position they occupy in the next parliament. Watch this space. There is going to be a lot of political instability because of Uhuruto.


      • phil,

        CORD should not touch Mudavadi with a ten yard pole. He will just bring confusion and chaos in CORD. You don’t need him. What CORD should do is to postpone their Uhuru Park Rally until the new year just shortly before the official nomination day which I believe is January 4, 2013. Mudavadi has showed Kenyans what he is and it is disgusting. CORD should not join the Jubilee yoyo dance. That whole crew is destroying whatever little credibility they have. Give them time to fry in their own fat and that is what I am saying call CORD should call off the Dec 22, rally and enjoy the free show.

        Secondly those Dec 4, 2012 agreements mean something even if the Regstrar is a joke and works for kina Uhuru. People like Ngilu missed the boat. They are just entertaining her to avoid her tuntrums. They have no value and no use for her. Mudavadi can try to smuggle himself out of deal but it must be by mutual consent or they will have a long legal battle and if Mudavadi ignores that and just tries to go it alone before he becomes past tense politically any UDF, URP or TNA member can take him to court and have him barred from contesting. There are nor other deals being signed now. Uhuru conned Mudavadi and the only deal relevant is the one clearly indicating Mudavadi and Uhuru will run for joint nominations. Mudavadi is toast and it is happening in the most shameful way possible for him.

        CORD is sitting pretty as the conmen and liars in the coalition of the accused tear each other up. Just sit back and take in the show then hit them with a sledge hammer and get moving.


      • Holy smokes! why not say that he has changed his mind because his earlier decision didn’t resonate with his supporters? where is the devil to tell us his version of the story. 🙂 🙂 i bet the same devil should be blamed for muthamaki’s ICC nightmare.

        Anyway, uhuru has bigger problems and anyone caught between the devil and the deep blue sea would understandably say or do crazy things.

        this is turning out worse than i imagined for phandom. he truly is beginning to sound and look like a scheming, selfish freeloader. What does he hope to gain by telling the whole world about this so called MOU? sympathy votes?


        • akinyi,

          Mudavadi for his misery and failed free loading scheme has done something good by exposing the lies Uhuru fed him and how he was lured to the slaughter house where he now faces death by a thousand cuts(from TNA delegates!) hehehehe. How painful. But Mudavadi decided not to die in silence. He let the country know how a lying Uhuru tricked him. It is like being lured with freebies into the house of a serial mass killer and you realise you are dead and you also ashamed for having been cheaply tricked. If you get a chance warn others even at your own eternal shame so they do not fall for the same trick. That is what Mudavadi has done. He got mad and spilled the beans. Then Muthamaki seeing he has been exposed as a liar went public too and told the country how he was also coerced by the Liar in Chief at State House, the man Uhuru now refers to as “the devil”. Uhuru should know, he has worked with Kibaki and his cabal for years now.

          Uhuru knows Kibaki and he knows Nick Wanjohi very well. Those are professional liars and cheats. Uhuru suspects those people only want him tp help their Mudavdi and once he does that they will not mind throwing Uhuru under the bus as long as they know the ICC will not rope in Kibaki.

          Those are the people who sent Uhuru to go kill people in Naivasha and Nakuru and they have been promising action to save him for years now and ICC is now around the corner. Now they are lying to Uhuru that Mudavadi will pull the trigger and can manage the aftermath without sanctions and yet they do not want Uhuru to get into office and do the same. Uhuru doesn’t trust them as he knows very well that there is no honour among thieves. So they are playing Uhuru and Uhuru is playing them plus Mudavadi. Meanwhile they are losing the country with everyone of these revelations and on that Mudavadi did a good thing not to die in silence. R.I.P muda but next time never ever test the depth of the river with both feet. Are you nuts? Use one foot first and if you can’t feel the bottom, run.

          Now I know there is a lot of work a head for CORD but I was wondering what happened to the parade route that the Uhuruto mob were lining up with cut banana stems after they declared a landslide victory in round one. Are the banana stems already dried up and no parade yet? Well the coalition of the liars, the coarced and the accused seems to be having some teething problems. Imagine you go check your kid up to see how the teething problems are coming along and you find them slugging around with elephant tusks for teeth emerging out of the terrified kid’s mouth. That is way more than a teething problem isn’t it?. That is what we got here with this Jubilee madness. na bado.


        • akinyi

          lets not forget the greatest oxymoron in this saga as it unfolds is that we are being made to believe that “the leader” of TNA is being led by “the followers” not sure which way to put it, the followers are the leaders or the leader is a follower.

          another way of saying inept leadership. some kibaki terms are beginning to come up … bure …


          one thing is clear though, this is the kind of stuff the media likes and creates when none exists

          hehehehe but why do these guys sign deals in secret, like mzee says, then when the deal goes sour, they come back to the public saying they were cheated yada yada and now want it to be a public’s problem. and then go on to make the contents public. why not just do these things in broad daylight in the first palce

          even better why do they keep signing these deals when they can just wave a copy of COnstitution 2010 together with Party manifesto and thats it.


      • Whaaaaaattttt!!????

        Looks like the devil has two heads! A State House tenant and an ex-tenant! Kumbe Mudavadi was not only Kibaki’s pet but also Moi’s project…with a secret MOU to have Gideon his running mate? There is really no honour among thieves.


        The situation seems to have been further complicated with reports that Mudavadi had privately and separately entered a deal with retired President Daniel Moi to name former Baringo central MP Gideon Moi as his running mate if he got the Jubilee ticket.

        This deal is apparently contained in a coalition agreement signed between UDF and Kanu before Mudavadi joined the Uhuru-Ruto team at the last minute. Allegedly because of this deal, Kanu has been gaining ground in Baringo and Pokot areas which has irked Ruto’s URP.


        Mudavadi’s party also demanded that TNA’s Uhuru Kenyatta honours the informal pact they made in which the latter promised to drop his bid if Mudavadi joined the TNA-URP coalition. They said they would make public the December 4 pre-poll agreement which Uhuru and Ruto signed with Mudavadi during which they announced that the Coalition would hold its nomination within 14 days.

        “It is good for the public to know that it was not Hon Musalia Mudavadi who went to look for these people (Uhuru and Ruto). It was the other way round. It would be safe for the public to know what was agreed,” Chanzu said yesterday. Last evening, TNA allied MPs who held a meeting at Jacaranda hotel said ‘divorce’ was inevitable. They alleged that Mudavadi was ‘dishonest and wanted the Jubilee presidential nominee ticket handed to him on a silver platter.”



        Is it possible to post that clip of the TNA mbuzi-fest (while URP and UDF delegates were kularing the rain)?


        • Job i read that story on Gideon Moi and think that the Uhuru camp is generating propaganda to explain why they are backing out of a written deal. I cannot see Mudavadi coming into Jubilee like the proverbial camel asking only for shelter for the head, and then comes in with own team to take over. Mudavadi is not that shrewd or conniving. This is basically a thief pointing at another person and shouting thief hoping to deflect attention.

          Regarding the delegate situation, this is a “delegate” (delicate) situation because logistics for the three groups are different. TNA draws 80% of delegates from within max of 2-3 hours drive of Nairobi (shorter when car pooled/hired transport). URP and UDF core support can be as far as 8 hours. URP and UDF need significant mobilisation time and lots of logistical support for travel time, accomodation etc, whereas TNA delegates can self fund and get reimbursed later if need be. URP and UDF should advocate for the delegate conference to be held in a neutral and geographically central location like Eldoret North 🙂


        • job and others,

          I just saw the latest DN. It seems Uhuru has decided to disclose everything including what we have been saying here, namely that the State House devils did not just want Uhuru to step down for Mudavadi, they also asked Uhuru to put pressure on Ruto to also step down. Uhuru resisted that part about Ruto but of course must have told Ruto they want him out too. That is why the fox in Ruto told him to fully secure his DPORK place. But that is what we thought. Ruto was going to be thrown out in round two after the elections by being asked to step aside for an acting DPORK as the ICC matter is cleared. That would have been the end of him.

          Here is the story:

          A few things we need to keep in mind..

          1. These revelations now mean any chance of Mudavadi getting the ticket is gone kabisa. The Kikuyu voters who supported Uhuru cannot touch him after this. His is the new main apostle of the devil sent to mess with their muthamaki. Pepo mbaya. He is gone. They would rather vote for Nguyai’s dogs than Mudavadi after this even if Uhuru is still coerced to give in. That project is dead.

          2. Mudavadi cannot bring up the secret deal as legit even if it was attached to the agreement they signed. Every agreement signed by the parties have to be approved and accepted by the national leadership of both parties. This particular deal was not even discussed by either party. Mudavadi was sitting on a dead rat.

          3. TNA have announced they will present their candidates tomorrow at Tononoka. Expect all night meetings to calm the waters but the bad blood today has ruined everything. TNA members are going to take up the agenda and Uhuru who played his game on Mudavadi by inciting them will say he is simply following the wishes of his party members.

          4. Mudavadi will have a time out for a while. By spilling the beans he has gone and offloaded the big stink in the kings house before being thrown out. He will get some sympathy for that but he has come out of it all empty handed. Life must go on. Mudavadi should try for a senator’s gig or something.

          5. CORD should now roll out its plan for the country. Let’s shame the devil and all its apostles. Tuende kazi.


        • Adongo et al.,

          Uhuru’s spillage of the beans has fired another warning shot…the devil also wants URP’s William Ruto out of the ticket. Ruto must watch his back 24 hours a day; 7 days a week! It is now clear he was only being used…ready to be released into the shark-infested waters. Watch this space.

          As Ruto dances with Ngilu on stage at Tononoka, he must really keep an open mind. He could be break’n it down (on stage) with his very replacement. This is how fools are repeatedly played.

          The BOSSES of the tent he walked into do not want him as DPORK. We’ve always suspected even in the very unlikely scenario Ruto’s boss in Jubilee wins the presidency, Ruto himself wouldn’t be sworn in as DPORK. Of course he can’t see it coming…he is expected to first deliver the votes. Whether he sees it or not, shauri yake…some learn the sting of fire by touching it…others from being told.

          Uhuru’s passionate revelation confirms that these Jubilee pretenders are all being remote-controlled from the shadows… most likely at taxpayer’s expense. This is story for another day. Watalipa mali ya umma.

          Looking at chubby-cheeked Musalia, one wonders if he’s ever thought for himself before. Adongo aptly described his signing into the Jubilee coalition as the act of either someone very brave, or very stupid. This has come to pass, right before our eyes. We now confirm which one he is. The first time he did this was walking out of the Rainbow alliance in 2002, to join the same Uhuruto duo which lost to Narc in a landslide. History is repeating itself…

          Mudavadi will rue the day he got lured out of ODM into the devil’s den. These folks don’t seem to learn. They make fools of themselves…remember Ruto and the Presidential Land Rover rides….Musalia and the momentary “Karibu mtukufu Rais”…this is how greedy simpletons are played. They walk into arrangements thinking they’re valued and loved…only to find out later they are being used in deadly divide-and-rule schemes that Jirongo kept warning about…This is the kupangwa Mobutu style that Jirongo talked about…all in the fear of one Raila Odinga. It is a very costly exercise. It has ended many careers. Peter Kenneth who was snubbed by Mudavadi must be laughing hard.

          Then come Ruto who walked out of ODM with the Kalenjin…working very hard to drive a wedge between his folks and ODM….a job that has been quickly forgotten by the “devil” as Uhuru has revealed today. He will soon be finished kabisa after delivering the Kalenjin vote. It won’t be the first. Kalonzo was used and dumped. Eugene played and dumped. Musalia has joined the ranks. In reverse direction, Ngilu is joining in for her own share of the momentary flair. The end result will be the same…what more is new.

          Cantankerous Ruto walked into this den with his entire community on his back (boy…did you hear the forthcoming promises Ruto lied to his folks about…ati Min of Finance, Min of Defense sijui gani…)…even fantasy and stupidity should have limits. Which president would let his Deputy pick their Finance Minister? Can you imagine Jubilee successfully kicking out Ruto from DPORK? Where will his folks vote?

          Luckily for Mudavadi, he went alone (save for a few carpetbaggers and journeymen like Khalwale, Chanzu, Kizito, Mukhisa) …his folks cautiously stood away at a good distance waiting for things to unfold. Well, they’ve indeed figured what this is all about. Trust me, they will have their final word on election day.



        • uhuru and his delegates did not mince words. meanwhile ruto is still in lalaland talking of unveiling a formidable team once the flagbearer is determined.


        • great clip akinyi thanks

          first is uhuru’s thinly veiled xenophobic attack against “whites” – this was unnecessary and in poor taste. cultivating ground for a backlash, which he himself cannot directly encounter but for the ordinary kenyan traveller may not be so great

          second – musalia is politically dead, eti project. he’s done. am curious to see whether he folds up and runs or folds up and stay like a puppy in the corner (roll over and play dead type)

          third – one must give ruto his due credit, the guy is selling rotten eggs with great skills. it almost sounds like this is all part of the game plan

          i guess the real move to watch for now is what will mudavadi (and the devil) do next. ball is in their court. i bet the devil is going to join camp TNA, its mudavadi that puzzles me. i need a cold beer ……


        • job,

          You are very right about State House and the cabal of Kikuyu chauvinists who forced Uhuru to drink the devil’s brew having William Ruto as their primary target.

          Check Uhuru’s own statement here:

          In the video clip when Uhuru toboad his dealings with State House apostles of Satan Uhuru says after they told him about the dangers of becoming a pariah state (just everything we have been saying here and they have been pretending are lies) Uhuru was asked specificcally to leave the presidential ticket to Mudavadi, ask Ruto to vacate the DPORK spot and let Uhuru take that instead.

          Basically wenye inchi were OK with Mudavadi taking the top seat and Uhuru being the DPORK and Ruto being lured to accept the non existent job of Majority Leader. That was the grand plan. That way Mudavadi secures the presidency and if things get too tough to do the pariah state gig for Mudavadi, Ruto is shipped to the Hague first and Uhuru hangs around until a DPORK is manufactured and someone is put in acting position and kaboom everything is secure.

          ODM should be taking very meticulous notes as these confessions pour in. It is a goldmine for their campaign. No don’t bombard the country with this stuff since it is already free information but find a way to use it when appropriate. Like Uhuru being asked to edge out Ruto just one day to the deadline. Talk about bringing in the Kalenjins to the government. It is more like roping Ruto in, get the votes and then getting rid of him. Then we have Ruto and his 50% slots and all those fancy ministries. Uhuru reduced that to 33% in a heartbeat. Were the Kalenjin folksconsulted about that.

          The real goldmine is Uhuru’s own account of how he was told the country will be messed up should he be president. No foreign aid. Sanctions all over. Nowhere to export the tea. Even Uhuru got scared listening to all that. Guess what, that is the only true thing his devils told him. We are going to remind every Kenyan about that as things heat up.


    • akinyi,

      Apart from the tragic demise of Mudavadi from the political landscape after being herded like a goat to sign an “agreement” prepared by Uhuruto and the Kibaki oligarchy and delivered to him his in house, this whole fiasco has exposed the TNA/URP allaince for what it really is. An intolerant band of tribalist outfit controlled by the money bags who have ruined Kenya for the last 50 years. Their time is up.

      They brought Mudavadi in to create the illusion that TNA/URP alliance is a broad national outfit and they have ended up showing Kenyans they are the exact opposite. Publicly harrassing Mudavadi in the way they have done shows these tribal outfit is seeking power to preserve the Kikuyu hegemony, end of story. That is going to backfire mightily. Even the wavering Kalenjins within ODM have seen what Mudavadi got by waving the surrender flag. He is being flogged like a pinata. This whole charade is sending shockwaves across the country.

      On the other hand we have the conciliatory mood in CORD where arch enemies of yesterday are coming together with reasonable harmony for the sake of the country under the inspiring “Putting Our Country First” motto. No threats, no “or else” orders just Kenyans talking to each other. That sharp contrast will serve CORD very well.

      Meanwhile political quacks are running amok with all sorts of fake predictions and premature celebrations. What else is new? I saw Mathu in DN handing over 1.1 million Mudavadi votes to TNA/URP/UDF. Mudavadi will bring one vote to that group unless of course he is the candidate on top and if he is the muthamaki flock will implode and the whole alliance will explode. I see all sorts of bizarre predictions in my old forum. Completely misinformed and embarrassing. I guess it is quack time before reality settles in. It will and we be be hapa hapa.


      • Adongo,
        Hon Rachael Shebesh just confirmed on Citizen TV live interview that State House is arm twisting Uhuru to step down for Mudavadi. In other words, Shebesh told us on national TV what we have suspected all along. That Mudavadi is Kibaki’s project and Kibaki does not want a Kikuyu succeeding a Kikuyu. The pressure on Uhuru to step down is so high and from very powerful group of people in this country.
        Look out for that interview on YouTube


        • phil,

          That is powerful “news” and that is why it is good to have loose cannons like Rachel Shebesh and those crazies in TNA. That is an uncontrollable mob. They are going to spill the beans all the way to River Road. As you said they are now telling the whole country what we all suspected namely that Kibaki is trying to impose Mudamba on Kenyans. How is that going to work with Ruto and the Rift Valley voters? Even if muthamaki is whacked to the ground will Ruto and the Rift Valley voters accept a Kibaki imposed “protector” whose first job would be to keep them on check in RV(read land issues)? Nope.

          Kibaki cannot have his Mudamba and still keep the TNA/URP intact. It will fall apart and there is no time to cook up anything else. Without muthamaki TNA explodes and the rebellion against Kibaki will be nasty. Of course all these self-destruction will confirm one thing. We have a tribal mob that can’t even gets its act together. What are they going to do to us poor Kenyans when they are finished blowing each other up. This is the tribal jingoism that revolted Kenyans in 2007 and brought our country to its knees. Kenyans will not accept it. A Kibaki imposed Mudamba is going nowhere and Kibaki Uhuruto experiment is going nowhere either. They will have to choose their poison wisely if you get my drift.

          If Kibaki was smart he should have simply gone for Mudamba from day one and worked with Uhuru to be his deputy. They would have a chance. That panya route is now closed. Kibaki needed Ruto to help destroy Raila first and when Ruto and Uhuru got married seperation is now not possible. They have produced kids with special needs and they have to stay together to take of those kids. Look at those kina Kabando, Mbuiki and the Kutunys. How do you control those monsters. They have no manners and are going to blast Kibaki to his face. Na Hague ina ngoja. Messi is an a mess. Shauri yake. Do we need popcorns to watch this movie? No. You could end up with a pop corn constipation, plus this is a horror show with headless creatures running amok. It is hard to watch. Na bado.


        • As Adongo has captured well, this is great great news that Uhuru’s so called ‘catch’ from ODM (Shebesh) is spilling the beans.

          The conversation is now moving from blogs and street anecdotes to mainstream media – on live TV.

          1) There is now no more question that Musalia is Kibaki’s project. It will be buried and stopped on its tracks.

          2) Kibaki’s morbid fear of a Raila presidency trumps his wish not to throw Uhuru Kenyatta under the bus. He has indeed thrown son of Jomo under the bus.

          3) Yet another evidence that Kibaki is indeed one ungrateful character…adept at using and dumping allies…from Raila (2002-7), Kalonzo (2008-12) and now Uhuru Kenyatta (2012-future).

          4) It is easy to predict that Uhuru will not easily bow down amidst the humongous coundrum facing him at the Hague. Only President Uhuru and Vice President Ruto can save Uhuru and Ruto, period!

          5) The political establishment in Mt. Kenya (outside the lame duck and detached State House) is anticipating riding on a TNA voting euphoria across the region. The political who-is-who are all angling for space within TNA to ride the easy wave. Without Uhuru atop the coalition (of suspects) ticket; the entire block comes down….and Narc-K’s Martha Karua and KNC’s Peter Kenneth start becoming relevant.

          6) A Mudavadi-Ruto anti-ICC project sold by a Raila-fearing Kibaki and a sulking Uhuru will still lose in round 1…with the vote hemorrhage starting right in Mt.Kenya. My crystal ball tells me many Kikuyu angry with Kibaki’s mistreatment of Uhuru (& earlier failure to protect them in 2008) will swing towards Karua or Kenneth just to get at Kibaki. The mere thought that Ruto could be VP and boss of all Mt. Kenya including Uhuru (under the new Constitution dispensation whereby a VP can’t be sacked) may actually throw the GEMA vote into disarray.

          7) The stars are perfectly lining for CORD. They need to focus on voter registration in the meantime.


        • Even more interesting.
          Kibaki has also joined Uhuruto to throw Musalia Mudumb Mudavadi under the bus. Check this out. The man is writhing in pain but who cares?

          President Kibaki has said he is not interested in coalition building among political parties.

          The President said he was a “democrat” and had no role in the heightened political activity that has seen various parties seal pre-election coalition deals.

          “We (State House) wish to state that President Kibaki remains focused on his service to the nation and peaceful elections and transition and should not be dragged in ongoing political activities,” said a statement from the Presidential Press Service Friday.

          “President Kibaki is a democrat and will respect the wishes of the Kenyan people now and after the March 2013 General Election.”

          President Kibaki said “elections come and go” and urged Kenyans to continue to “enjoy better and greater development, peace and security now and after 04/03/2012”.

          The President said media reports that State House was involved in crafting a deal that would see Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta shelve his presidential ambitions for his counterpart Musalia Mudavadi were misleading.

          On Thursday, a group of 40 MPs allied to Mr Kenyatta’s The National Alliance (TNA) said they would not entertain that notion.

          The legislators accused a senior President Kibaki aide of fronting Mr Mudavadi.

          “Any attempt to impose [a candidate in the] Kibaki succession will boomerang. Shadowy mandarins exacting proxy State power to inherit themselves must be rejected,” said Assistant minister Kabando wa Kabando.

          “We know that there are some forces trying to scuttle this alliance and we are not going to entertain their blackmail, intimidation or threats.”


        • tnk
          Yes flogged kabisa.

          But lets look at the sequel of events

          Kibaki and company snatch Musalia Mudavadi from ODM.

          He starts putting unnecessary demands on ODM e.g. doing nominations at county level.

          ODM gives in to all his demands and goes even further by allowing the nominations at ward level.

          He bolts out of ODM anyways, claiming lack of internal democracy yada yada yada.

          Kibaki and co provides him with big money, cars and helicopters to conduct campaign against ODM.

          He with a gusto calling Raila/ODM all manner of names.

          To massage Mudavadis ego even more Kibaki lets him stand in for him during some public events.

          He accompanies Kibaki to the UN and is now feeling good and confident. The old man is whispering sweet nothings in his ears.

          Meanwhile, Kibaki starts bullshitting Uhuru Kenyatta by asking him to support Mudavadi.

          Uhuru Kenyatta gives Kibaki the middle finger and builds TNA.

          Kenyatta vows to work with Ruto and forms a coalition of suspects. The two sign a pact and Mudavadi is left hanging.

          CORD is formed and puts up a show of might.

          Panic sets in in TNA/URP/Kibaki axis.

          Kibaki calls Uhuru and Ruto and asks them to accommodate Mudavadi.
          Mudavadi blindly signs a pact with Uhuruto with a promise of contesting the nomination for president with Uhuru. He is even fed the propaganda that Uhuru is about to step down in his favor.

          Uhuru folks having locked Mudavadi in and threw the keys away tell him to either support Uhuru or go to hell. They tell him that they will deregister UDF if he does not follow their nyayo.

          Uhuru supporters tell Kibaki that the mbuss will be going to Mbondo if he blocks Uhuru Kenyatta.

          At this point Mudavadi has been fooled completely.

          Uhuru must be the flag bearer they tell him. And Ruto must be Uhurus deputy.

          Uhuru crew goes public to deny Mudavadi Judas Iscariot style.

          Mudavadi supporters can’t believe it but they are paralyzed and cannot react.
          “Mkia” is not “nyama” afterall. Just some cartilages

          A playa has finally been plaid.


    • hehehe

      one thing i was certain about is the the RV dynamics cannot simply handle a KANU and URP joint front. they have a completely different approach and “values” (for lack of a better word) and the issue of complementary roles cannot even arise.

      as Job and Adongo state, the Uhuru for president or “mbondo” clarion call is simply a cry in the wild that the free-loaders through pass is in jeopardy.

      but whats is interesting is that even an intelligent fellow like mutava musyimi can in the same space of time make two contradictory statements

      a) that the UDF/TNA pact states that Uhuru and Mudavadi will contest the presidential nominations
      then proceeds to state that
      b) if Uhuru is not the presidential nominee …. yada yada yada

      in other words the nomination exercise is simply formality and a mockery of due process, otherwise the position is non negotiable and pre-determined. hehehe democracy TNA style

      and folks this is only day 3 after signing the pacts.

      eti – blackmail, white mail, sijui nini -….. i’ve run out of popcorn

      by the way, has anyone asked mudavadi about what he thinks of the TNA / UDF nomination process vis-a-vis what he had in ODM and how he went about 47 counties claiming he’s been shut out of “open competition”. hehehehe from the frying pan, and bham!! into the raging furnace …. its getting hot in here ….


    • Heheheee, some roads are already leading to Tseikuru or is it Mbondo??!! Poor souls!!

      Uhuru’s allies attend Raila, Kalonzo meeting

      Two MPs allied to Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA attended a strategy meeting between Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka held at Jogoo house on Thursday afternoon.

      Makadara MP Gideon Mbuvi and nominated MP Rachel Shebesh were the surprise attendants of the closed door meeting.

      Mr Sonko and Ms Shebesh told journalists that they had visited the Vice President for a cup of tea after the meeting…………………………………


      • The fallout notwithstanding, I think Shebesh is one who should be kept at arms length. Isn’t she the same one who was shouting at the top of her voice that Uhuru must be on the ballot or else…..If she is making overtures towards CORD then it should end at that. She has proven to be a volatile character


    • Whoaaa!!!! Isaac Ruto has decided to kick the KANU party that made him (right from UoN to a cabinet slot in his 20s) right in the teeth.

      He is accusing KANU of still harbouring “the same old habits of ‘creating confusion’ everywhere they go.” He is even warning Gideon Moi to “keep off coalition issues in which they are not party to”…and to basically “keep his wishful thinking to himself”.

      What Chepalungu’s Isaac Ruto is not telling us is the morbid fear he (& others in URP) have over likely opponents like KANU’s Nick Salat who may be harboring similar ambitions under the new dispensation.

      Ruto does not want KANU politicians competing for coalition tickets with URP. Some tough and moneyed KANU operatives will definitely make it (win) if joint coalition nominations are held….then ride the same wave with URP in the general election.

      This battle by Ruto and Uhuru to keep off KANU will create bruises within the former RVP; which expose the scary dictatorial edicts of the wakina Rutos and Kenyattas.

      Guess who should have answered this back?


      But Weakleaf has instead remained silent as his KANU arm is chopped off, right before a joint nomination fight. In the anticipated nomination duel between UDF/KANU (Musalia) vs. TNA/URP (Uhuru), the dogs have been unleashed to lob off KANU delegates before Musalia enters the primary race. Musalia will be facing Uhuru while handicapped (without KANU delegates).


    • Some 40 MPs allied to the The National Alliance (TNA) have accused unnamed “forces” of spreading the “rumour” that Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta was planning to drop out of the presidential race.

      The MPs dismissed the reports that Mr Kenyatta was ready to step-down in favour of United Democratic Forum (UDF) presidential aspirants Musalia Mudavadi.

      The MPs, who were addressing the media after a Parliamentary Group meeting at the Boulevard Hotel, asked Mr Kenyatta and United Republican Party (URP) leader William Ruto to assure their supporters that they were still on a joint ticket.

      “We note with deep concern that the agreement stating clearly that there will be a nomination between Mr Kenyatta and Mr Mudavadi, there are a lot of rumours circulating that Uhuru is to step down. We dismiss this notion and categorically state that our candidate is Uhuru,” Gachoka MP Mutava Musyimi said on behalf of the group.

      Nithi MP Kareke Mbiuki and nominated MP Rachel Shebesh threatened to mobilise their supporters out of the “Jubilee coalition” if Mr Kenyatta stepped down.

      They added that Mr Kenyatta cannot make such a decision without consulting with the party and its supporters.

      “If we are not given a chance to have Mr Kenyatta on the ballot through such deals that are being claimed, then the people of Nithi would rather vote for ODM,” Mr Mbiuki said.

      Mr Musyimi also said that they expect a “free and fair” nomination process between Mr Kenyatta and Mr Mudavadi, adding that anything short of this will lead them to abandoning the coalition.
      “We know that there are some forces trying to scuttle this alliance and we are not going to entertain their blackmail, intimidation or threats,” assistant minister Kabando wa Kabando said.

      Nominated MP Amina Abdallah added that there were already reports that their supporters were not keen on continuing to register as voters over the “uncertainty of Mr Kenyatta being on the ballot.”

      The TNA-URP-UDF agreement signed on Tuesday evening states that Mr Kenyatta and Mr Mudavadi are to fight it out for the coalition’s presidential ticket by December 18.

      The agreement however does not indicate how this nomination process will be conducted.

      The TNA MPs also expressed outrage with the inclusion on Kanu in the deal, though the former ruling party has a separate deal with UDF.

      They said that they were seeing a situation where some people are trying to “revive” Kanu.

      “We are not going to allow this backdoor entry of Kanu. We left Kanu a long time ago and we are not ready to go back,” Mr Kabando said.


    • Mzee & Others,

      Just folks here have been saying so clearly Mudavadi has been welcomed into the house of mumbi (jubilee) as a “House Help” nothing more and nothing less. You know what they do with “house helps” down there in Nairobi. They do all the work. Cook the food. Put everything on the table but they are not allowed to sit with the wenye nyumba at the table. In fact they don’t even eat until everybody else has eaten and they have cleaned after everyone. Then sit in some corner and eat whatever is left. It is brutal but that is Mudavadi’s job in the house. He willingly signed up for it. Sasa aende kazi.

      I mean for Uhuru’s M.Ps to threaten to walk out of the coalition if Mudavadi as much as came close to the leadership! Do they really have to humiliate the man this much. How do they think this is being recieved by the Mudavadi supporters whom they were supposed to be roping in in the first place? How does Mudavadi even go back to Kakamega and hold a rally.

      As I said these people ended up handing over all Mudavadi’s supporters to CORD and kept Mudavadi with his one vote. But CORD should not gloat over it. They should not take it for granted. They have to go to Kakamega and the environs mara moja. They have the leadership there pretty much in ODM already. But now is the time to go down there and talk to folks and even console the Mudavadi supporters and welcome them back with grace and dignity. This is a funeral for them. This is not just a humiliation of Mudavadi. It is a humiliation of the whole community.

      How did this happen? This is what is baffling to everybody and it is the reason there are so many romours of all these grand plans. The regular political quacks are having a field day talking about how Uhuruto played Raila and how there is a complete chess game behind all these. There is nothing. This was a blunder of biblical proportions by Uhuruto. These people who think they are smarter than anybody else panicked when they saw CORD come together. They didn’t really think through anything. They then went and held Mudavadi hostage in his own house with a pre-drafted “agreement”. Then the owners of Mudavadi’s UDF read him the riot act and viola, Mudamba was no more. But what did Uhuruto actually gain. Less than nothing. They scored in their own goal.

      So why panic? Remember the mission of Uhuruto and kina Wanjohi and the other state owners at State House was to isolate Raila and turn him into a Luo leader and than whack him to oblivion. That is why Mudavadi was snatched from ODM. They thought they had executed that plan to its logical conclusion then kaboom here comes CORD and the soon to be Luo leader is looking like the national leader he has always been and it is Uhuruto mob who look like a bunch of tribal hotheads.

      So how do you get Uhuruto mobsters to take a national look. How do you do that? Bring in the Luhyas by force. They did it the only way they know which is to bring in their preferred Luhya leader already beholden to them. They did just that and the rest is history. They lost everything. It is going to sink in slowly even to Mudavadi whose only logical option now is to resign from politics or wait to be humiliated into oblivion. If you looked at the faces of kina Mukhisa Kituyi and Khalwale at that night signing ceremony, you knew they were prisoners.


  11. 🙂 i think the media ‘forgot’ to tell us about the chaos at the registrar’s office. forget the misleading headline and watch the video – musalia has been busted.


    • yaani musalia in the mornng promised to sign up with Tuju/Kenneth, at lunch time he promised the same signature to KANU and by nightfall was signing TNA/URP

      hehehehe, thanks for those clips akinyi

      wow, politicians can be shameless, yaani this guy was going to take anything on offer. anyway we’ll soon know who is who in the line-up pretty soon

      one thing for sure, this KANU entry will not sit well with URP


    • Woooooiiii!!!!!

      This (above) is a MUST WATCH video clip to understand the hidden nuances in this high-stakes game.

      KANU is not wanted – literally being kicked out – of the coalition of the accused (TNA/URP/UDF) and KANU’s Salat is protesting loudly. Take it from me…this is like chopping off one of Musalia’s hands before a boxing match with Uhuru Kenyatta.

      Both Uhuru and Ruto don’t want KANU anywhere near their coalition. Kenyatta knows that KANU wants to pay him back kichapo by their delegates supporting Musalia. He see’s this as a threat to his otherwise automatic securing of the coalition’s nomination. Ruto also fears the influence KANU brings in – with wakina Salat, Gideon Moi sharing any credit for campaigns in RVP….KANU will also want their candidates considered for MPs, Senators, etc under the same coalition…further complicating URP’s game-plan.

      Did Achebe say..”Things Fall Apart”!

      The point is – the entire nation has now watched the TNA/URP/UDF coalition agreement handed to the Registrar of Political Parties – having officially DELETED KANU out of it (final draft).

      Whoever leaked this clip (Daily Nation) did it deliberately to justify KANU’s impending exclusion from the “joint nomination” exercise. In a week or two when the TNA/URP/UDF nomination voting is called (likely through delegates), expect KANU delegates to be locked out…weakening Musalia’s chance.

      It goes without say NTV is bidding for Uhuru Kenyatta…creating alibi with the public in advance that KANU was not part of the coalition deal…these are the partisan but savvy media games that people need to take note of.

      What is the HUGE political implication in all this?

      This is the first kick by Uhuruto into the teeth of Musalia Mudavadi. It indicates quite clearly that Uhuru is going for nothing short of the Presidential ticket as we predicted. Musalia was tricked he would enter into the joint nomination with Kenyatta on equal terms: that is to say UDF & KANU delegates on one hand; battling the nomination with TNA/URP delegates on another.

      But before the duel starts, KANU has already been kicked out. Musalia is being weakened right before the contest even begins. He is being stripped of KANU numbers to give Uhuru a safe pass.

      Therein lies the folly of entering last minute deals with fraudsters and tricksters. Weakleaf will learn the hard way. The so called joint nomination is a farce…it’s an unmatched contest where even Ruto (URP) holds prime disdain for Musalia…the latter will be so humiliated he won’t believe.

      To wrap things in context, if you read the Daily Nation headline, 40 MPs have also protested at “rumours” about Uhuru stepping down in favour of Musalia. Here is what TNA’s Kabando said:

      “We are not going to allow this backdoor entry of Kanu. We left Kanu a long time ago and we are not ready to go back,” Mr Kabando said.

      and here is what TNA hawk Jasper Mbiuki (supported by Shebesh) said:

      “If we are not given a chance to have Mr Kenyatta on the ballot through such deals that are being claimed, then the people of Nithi would rather vote for ODM,” Mr Mbiuki said.

      Here is the real elephant in the tent that these MPs (mostlly from Mt. Kenya) aren’t telling us. THEY ARE BANKING ON A UHURU/TNA WAVE/EUPHORIA to get re-elected in their own backyards. Without Uhuru in the ticket, their automatic re-election hopes immediately crash. It then becomes a free-for-all where all aspirants get equal footing.

      The Mt. Kenya establishment will never allow Musalia a chance to even dream of killing Uhuru Kenyatta’s ambition. And should Musalia prevail on top of the coalition ticket, Mbiuki is lying they would vote for ODM…what he really means is that their electorate will vote for either Martha Karua (for the Kirinyaga, Embu, Mbeere folks) or Kenneth (Muranga, Kiambu lot)…giving CORD a default pass.

      As you can see, Adongo nailed it when he said Uhuru won’t succeed in selling a Musalia/Ruto ticket to his folks….


  12. Updates:

    PHOTO | WILLIAM OERI (From L to R) Deputy Prime Ministers Musalia Mudavadi, Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto after presenting their pre-election coalition agreement to the Registrar of Political Parties on December 4, 2012. NATION MEDIA GROUP

    Deputy Prime Ministers Uhuru Kenyatta, Musalia Mudavadi and Eldoret North MP William Ruto have entered into a new coalition.

    Officials of The National Alliance (TNA), United Republican Party (URP) and United Democratic Forum (UDF) Tuesday evening deposited a new agreement with the Registrar of Political Parties.

    It is understood that under the new deal, Mr Kenyatta and Mr Mudavadi will hold a joint presidential nomination to determine the coalition’s flagbearer. The loser will settle for the Majority Leader position in Parliament. Mr Ruto remains the deputy president designate.

    The presentation was done by party chairmen Johnson Sakaja (TNA), Francis ole Kaparo (URP) and Hassan Osman (UDF).

    The officials were accompanied by MPs allied to the three parties including Abdikadir Mohammed, Joshua Kutuny, Jeremiah Kioni and Nderitu Mureithi.

    Also present was former minister and Mr Mudavadi’s ally Mukhisa Kituyi.


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