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Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka have sealed a pre-election coalition deal.

The pact involving the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), Wiper Democratic Movement (Wiper) and Ford Kenya led by Trade minister Moses Wetangula was signed at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi Tuesday.

The Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) also brings on board Narc led by Charity Ngilu, who is Mr Musyoka’s rival, UDM among other parties.

The signing ceremony was a culmination of lengthy negotiations just a day ahead of the deadline for lodging of coalition agreements with the Registrar of Political Parties seems to set the stage for a bruising two-horse race between the Odinga-Musyoka pairing and the Uhuru-Ruto come the election next March.

The VP, who has in the past week publicly rejected any attempts by his allies to team up with Mr Odinga, eventually gave in on Sunday night, following talks with the ODM leader.

He met the PM, who had flown back from the Tononoka rally in Mombasa, at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport’s VIP Lounge, where they discussed a coalition document their respective negotiators put together.

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5 comments on “CORD – Coalition for Reform and Democracy – Promises to win elections

  1. well well well

    with a major CORD rally slated for this Saturday

    with Jamboree leading up to its expected melee christmas

    knowing how predictable the “devils” authoring documents and having people sign them

    its evident that sometime before the rally we should expect a major diversionary piece of news or event. its in their DNA.

    knowing how callous and murderous that these people can be, as always be very safe as we wait to see what huge rabbit they pull out of their hats to deflect attention from the rally.


  2. wow!!! looking at those pictures, this was HUGE!!

    and then, who woulda thunk

    kalonzo and ngilu on the same side politically

    anyway this marks the beginning of realpolitik

    also on the other hand

    with mudavadi being sneaked into the TNA/URP coalition expect huge surprises

    watch what happens when the cash flow stops folks

    unlike with matiba who had total control of his war chest, uhuru and ruto’s war chest are not completely free for all. first for uhuru its family wealth, as soon as they realise that this thing is going against a brickwall, the cash flow must and will stop. and then for both of them, they are on the ICC free-funds watch. whatever they spend on the campaign directly or through proxy will be monitored and factored into the freeze-funds when the time comes.

    interesting times ahead.

    and the vulture mudavadi roped into the deal shall wait and bide his time for the cadaver to rot before he feasts


  3. Oh my God, who ever said Raila is like an elephant in matters politics really knew what she/he was talking about! Give it to the man. He is an enigma! Now we have CORD alliance! Who would have thought?!


  4. Statement by RT HON Raila Odinga on the formation of the Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) on December 4, 2012

    At the signing this morning of the largest coalition agreement in our history, Kenyans saw what they had so eagerly been waiting for – the composition of the new government that will usher in the change that our people have yearned, fought and sacrificed so much for over the decades.

    Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka, Hon Moses Wetangula, Hon Charity Ngilu and I – with so many other leaders who appeared at the formation of CORD – have today made a pledge of total commitment to fight for a new future for our beloved country.

    It has been absolutely heart-warming to see the outpouring of support for the new national democratic front which will unite all Kenyans who want a better future for all our people and not just a few. CORD is now poised to deliver a resounding victory on the 4th of March.

    We thought we had achieved the goal of an inclusive government that would finally bring justice, peace and prosperity in 2002, and then again in 2007, only to see our hopes crushed by divisive politics which benefitted a minority. But that dream is now finally within our grasp, and no one can stop us.

    The team that assembled at KICC today with little advance notice is just one segment of an evolving and very broad coalition of Kenyans from every class and nook and cranny of this great nation. In the days to come, numerous other leaders, professionals and activists will come out and support this ticket. All of them realize that this election is by far the most important of our history. If the people do not win it, a future of even greater impunity stares us in the face.

    Our new alliance is a highly symbolic one. It brings together parties – ODM, ODM Kenya (now Wiper), Ford and NARC – which emerged in the ferment for change and justice. Their coming together is proof that we have learned to overcome barriers that have been used to divide us by those running the corrupt and unjust systems that have held sway for decades in our country.

    Today marked the beginning of a wave that will sweep away the power and influence of all entrenched elites.

    Kenyans have already lived through a coalition government for the last five years. While it kept the peace and also delivered the new Constitution that is the guarantee of a better future for us all, it did not meet the aspirations of the vast majority of Kenyans who wanted a complete break from the past.

    But after the disastrous election and the bloodshed that engulfed us for the first time in our history, we had no choice but to accept a forced marriage to save our country.

    The Grand Coalition was a forced marriage – and a marriage without shared values. The two sides had campaigned on completely divergent platforms. One stood proudly for change and the other no less proudly for the status quo. But in this forced marriage, ODM managed to get the minimum it had fought for – the Constitution, Devolution and the entrenchment of Integrity as the essential pre-requisite for leadership.

    To safeguard these gains and rapidly transform our country, we have created the only kind of coalition that can work – a coalition of the willing!

    We are headed for a massive victory in March. Let no one fool Kenyans that such and such region is committed to the other side. Kenyans are too savvy now to be herded like sheep to alliances that serve nothing but their leaders’ interests. The people know what they want. They will not succumb to bribery or intimidation. A few leaders can be bought but not an entire community or country.

    We are now launching a unified, pro-people’s campaign of a kind never before seen in our history. We will fight together for the vote of every single Kenyan in every county, constituency and ward.


  5. According to Phil,

    “Uhuru Kenyatta has reportedly proposed Eugene Wamalwa as Presidential candidate for TNA/URP alliance William Ruto prefers Musalia Mudavadi.

    Both do not mind Sally Kosgey as running mate, although this has not gone down well with other TNA insiders like Shebesh.

    Bottom line is Uhuru and Ruto are apparently giving up their presidential dreams after coming back to their senses and appreciating the gravity of the cases they face at the ICC.

    Bu they have not learnt their lessons because they are apportioning positions thus showing showing their cards to political competitors. March 2013 is still a long way off to do this sort of kindergarten blunders.

    Me thinks whatever combination comes up against the CORD alliance will be the official opposition.”

    Read more:


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