29 comments on “DC Heads Up!!

  1. hehehe

    rigging by any other name is still rigging


    so they lock out URP from participating in the nomination ostensibly because they may vote for mudavadi. so someone answer these questions
    a) isn’t whoever that wins the nomination supposed to be the one favored by all members of this coalition? are tehy already introducing discriminatory practice and denying members their right to chose a candidate? where exactly is the fair play

    b) if they think that within their own party, their members will have a tough decision over uhuru, then how do they think they will fare later?

    good grief – these guys really do not understand the new constitution and the freedom of any person that is a member of a body to make informed choices

    so whats next at the next elections, some counties should be locked out since they wont vote for uhuru

    nice….. i can see where this country will be headed with these two guys at the helm ….. francisco nguema…


  2. Ngilu out of Jubilee presidential nominations

    Narc party leader Charity Ngilu has been locked out of Jubilee Coalition’s presidential nominations set for Tuesday.

    Ms Ngilu had on Monday announced that she had ditched Coalition for Reform and Democracy (Cord) and joined Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Musalia Mudavadi in the Jubilee coalition.

    Her absence from the nominations will leave TNA’s Uhuru Kenyatta and UDF’s Musalia Mudavadi to battle it out for the presidential nomination.



    • Even though it has not been stated, it is obvious that Charity Ngilu was not going to get anything in the so called Jubilee alliance. Her flip flop and running around to put herself in the best possible position on both sides of the divide has eroded her credibility to near zero. Nobody believes her anymore and they perhaps thinks that she brings cosmetic value than anything in either alliance.

      The second thing could be that she already signed with CORD and that makes it technically impossible to accommodate her. Someone could go to court and jeopardize the jubilee alliance.

      Third, the fact that if she stood for nominations would mean bringing delegates. This is scaring the hell out of Uhuru Kenyatta. Supposing her delegates settled for Mudavadi? Being the wheeler dealer she is she could easy make a secret deal with Mudavadi and use her delegates to block Uhurus candidature. Even Ruto would never allow this because his own candidature rests on Uhuru being on the ballot.

      As James Hadley Chase would have said “that’s the way the cookies crumble”.


    • mzee

      this is not surprising and we told her that yesterday. ngilu is one of those unfortunate souls that clamour for reforms and when the reforms happen are caught totally flat footed. its like the hague chorus team in TNA and URP, they ask for something, when its served, they start kicking and cursing

      Dec 4 came and went if she didnt sign a coalition then she must go it alone. she cant even go as an independent hehehe 🙂

      the truth of the matter is that the jubilee team is currently house full. from here on, people sit on the porch. UDF just squeezed past the gate.

      what a terrible state of ngilu, however there is still time and if she regains focus, there are still avenues for inclusion, most gender based posts are still very wide open, i think her problem is that she believes that she has outgrown these posts, but reality is that she will be either in or out.


    • and here is ngilu saying that since ODM has acquired a non reformer (kalonzo) she has gone to the Coalition of the ICC co-accused

      is not just about two wrongs making a right, its about being foolish pride taking away common sense and heading to be eaten by wolves. also deja vu with mudavadi. so both will, like vultures, wait for the meat to rot and then take over and feast.

      i hope uhuruto are generous enough to allow their ICC political carcasses to be enjoyed by these two and any other


  3. KTN is anti Raila. Anti ODM.
    For even as Henry Kosgey sat at the ODM NDC they kept running a subtext on TV to the effect that the chairman of ODM was about to quit the party. I found it completely strange.


    • mzee

      the reaction by the TNA/URP supporters to the CORD tsunami that hit them is one of utter disbelief. most have just coiled back, while others are mumbling incoherently. its what we’ve been saying all along, we haven’t yet started the campaign. there are questions we need to ask and we will be asking. but for now, we just need to know who we have on board, and everyday it keeps looking better.

      we’ve reached the point where money is starting to lose interest (pun unintended) – and no amount of money can repair the “ego-logical” damage. ask “phandom”, his “ego-nomic” purview is critically dented, i don’t think this guy can stand anywhere in western without guys breaking it hysterical laughter, looks like economic windfall can be harmful to “ego-nomic” well being. we need to be careful 🙂

      the silence in blogosphere by the way is deafening 🙂


      • tnk,

        The deafening silence in the blogosphere (from usual suspects) is due to shock and partly denial. Acceptance is soon on the way. One little twitch from ODM and the helter-skelter frenzy began…sleepless nights and red eyes, speed-rides to Riverside, ambush of Eugene, all-night hotel meetings, withdrawal of earlier pacts from Registrar of PP, signing new ones at her doorstep, fights with KANU inside the Registrar’s office, shadow boxing with State House…na kadhalika. What a scene!

        Some like Shebesh are like the proverbial hyena at the crossroad – trying to walk astride two diverging paths. One minute she is addressing TNA’s press briefing; another she is knocking at CORD’s door. For a moment, air was knocked out of the lungs of the TNA brigade that hopes to ride on Uhuru’s euphoric wave in Mt. Kenya – when they were told they will be given Musalia instead. The rebellion was fast and furious.

        For a team that proclaimed Raila (ODM) as “finished kabisa” to engage in such desperate gasps for air is quite a spectacle to watch. Enjoy the show while it lasts. Let them watch their steps lest they break their own legs.

        Talking about money…tonnes already spent indeed (a lot of it taxpayer cash). Weakleaf must have been paid a handsome down-payment for his campaign. Uhuru must have unleashed billions for his run. One of these billion-shilling campaigns is definitely a ‘phandom’. It is anyone’s guess – which it is. The sponsors of the aborted run are looking at billions burnt into smoke. People in the white house in the Nairobi hill must not be happy with the pata potea outcome. Imepotea!


        • Job,
          It’s not only the blogosphere that has turned cold but Mudavadi supporters are all in a deep shock. Where is Bonny Khalwale when you need him? The man has gone underground.

          Even KANU is dumbfounded and are in a paralysis. They thought that they had entered an agreement with” like minded” kumbe wapi. They have been kicked in the butt and told to have their Mudavadi and shove him if they wish.

          I’m sure that everybody has gone back to the drawing board. How are they going to accommodate Mudavadi while giving him nothing? But the million dollar question is how they are going get votes from Mudavadis western province without offering him anything. By the way, there are only two posts to offer PORK and DPORK, the rest are just cosmetic.

          The degradation that Mudavadi has suffered has left him without a chance of recovery. It’s a complete humiliation. Where is the eloquent William Ruto when you need him to put things in perspective and lace it with propaganda?

          As Adongo often say, its expensive to fight Raila.


      • tnk,

        I like what you say below

        “we’ve reached the point where money is starting to lose interest (pun unintended) – and no amount of money can repair the “ego-logical” damage. ask “phandom”, his “ego-nomic” purview is critically dented, i don’t think this guy can stand anywhere in western without guys breaking it hysterical laughter, looks like economic windfall can be harmful to “ego-nomic” well being. we need to be careful :-)”


      • its true that this TNA/URP/UDF/KANU “collision” pact is one heck of a tangled mess. but there are two things that will emerge from this that will be interesting to follow

        first as we have all come to learn, the UhuRuto pair has no shortage of rabbits to pull from the hat

        they continue to dazzle and amaze at the amount of rabbits and array of colors to go with it

        take for instance the list of rabbits ruto appeased the elders in eldoret and kapkatet with as Job listed them on another thread and i reproduce below

        That URP was going to get:

        • Deputy Presidency (reserved for Ruto)
        • Leader of Majority in Parliament
        • Speaker of the Senate
        • Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly

        • Minister/Secretary of Finance and Planning
        • Minister/Secretary of Defence
        • Minister/Secretary of Home Affairs, Immigration and Registration of Persons

        • Minister/Secretary of Roads, Housing and Public Works
        • Minister/Secretary of Energy and Mineral Resources
        • Minister/Secretary of Water, Lands and Natural Resources

        • Minister/Secretary of Devolution
        • Minister/Secretary of Education
        • Minister/Secretary of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

        • And two other Ministries among 4 to be decided

        very impressive indeed.

        now to me, this is why I find this very impressive.

        both Ruto and Uhuru have very vehemently declared that there interest is to serve the people of Kenya and to safeguard and implement the newly promulgated constitution. I’m not even going to suggest that Ruto was a full and bright RED during that period, and now TNA color is a full RED and at the signing ceremony they exchanged party colors. and NO am not even going to talk about how the constitution can be safeguarded and implemented when it comes to handling ICC suspects.

        what am interested in knowing is how URP will get the above positions and TNA the remaining nusu mkate, given that the new constitution specifically states and requires that appointment of cabinet (secretary) positions transition from political to career public service and not be beholden to any party.

        in effect what the TNA/URP collision is telling us that the first order of business is to break all foundations of the new constitution when forming government

        the second order of business will be to break all the foundations of the new constitution when dealing with the hague cases,

        the third order of business will be to break …..

        ….. gosh …. am i repeating myself? …….

        anyway the point is this

        these guys have become incorrigibal liars and will say anything to win this vote

        and that either they dont understand the new constitutions which is why they opposed it or else they dont give a hoot about the constitution and will trash it at the first opportunity they get aka become president


    • Mzee,

      Many people do not understand the implications of the Political Parties Act and the media is the worst culprit. You hear talk about coming fallouts how Kalonzo will soon bolt out of CORD, how Henry Kosgey and Sally Kosgey will soon join Kibaki/Uhuru confused quagmire of an alliance etc. It is rubbish based on ignorance.

      The agreements signed on Dec 4, 2012 regarding party alliances and nominations are legally binding to the parties that signed them. Those documents are not MoUs to be trashed by leaders as they march back and forth.

      In the TNA/URP/UDF forced marriage the presidential candidate can only be either Uhuru or Mudavadi and nobody else. The DPORK is only William Ruto. Any attempt to remove him and replace him with anybody else cannot work. They will have to sign another agreement and that is not possible. If Kosgey was to join the TNA group he cannot even be nominated to run for office because he is not a member of any of those parties and the party’s membership list were submitted sometime back.

      In CORD the presidential candidate will be between the contestants from ODM and Wiper. Neither Raila nor Kalonzo can run away from what they signed until the next general election or until the agreement is desolved. So when you hear folks talking about how Kalonzo will soon bolt from CORD if he is not the presidential candidate that is just plain ignorance and wishful thinking.

      To their credit the CORD group seemed to have fully understood what they were getting into and I am sure they are going to follow through with it. With TNA/URP/UDF nightmare if Mudavadi doesn’t get nominated which is obviously the case his only option is to retire from politics or be nominated to run for a senate position, M.P or governor. Even to eb a Majority Leader you have to be elected to the Senate. With the amount of resentlment he is going to get from his Kakamega base he is better off running for any of those positions in Gatundu or Kiambu or may be Othaya. We all wish him luck there. He can take over from “activist” Wambui whom I understand may be having some paperwork issues with her dozen degrees.

      For the record I fully resent the idea that one needs a university degree to be an M.P. The amount of idiots with university degrees is staggering while there are endless amount of very smart folks who can be very good M.Ps who haven’t seen the inside of a university lecture room but that is another story for another day.

      Now, if you notice some Uhuru big wigs are today trying to undo the damage done yesterday when Muadavadi was flogged in public by some 40 mouthy Uhuru M.P supporters. They know what happened yesterday is really going to hurt them big time. We know they were not going to support Mudavadi but they didn’t have to do it that way but what is done is done.

      Today kina Njeru and others are urging their friends to calm down promising that a team has been formed to establish the nomination procedures and yawning something to the effect that Central folks will support Mudavadi if he beats Uhuru. Mudavadi is in a pickle because the delaagtes wil come from three parties namely TNA, URP and UDF. Both TNA and URP delegates will go for Uhuru and even some UDF delegates since UDF is Wambui’s party will go for Uhuru. Soem of those M.Ps condemning Mudavadi yesterday are from UDF, kina Nderiitu. Even Kabando was in UDF. Those guys control UDF and on such matters Wambui doesn’t listen to Kibaki at all. Good for her.

      Mudavadi is going to try to argue that Kanu delegates should also be included but he will not be allowed to. The TNA/URP folks will point out that the union is between three parties and the other one is not allowed in the building. Essentially Mudavadi acted like a polygamous fellow. Got married to Kanu in the morning and signed the papers. Then got married to TNA/URP at night and signed the papers. Now Kanu says they are part of the new marriage and the new partner is saying your marriage with Mudavadi is your problem with him and don’t bring it in the new house unless you want to ruin everything. Stuff like that can end in fist fights and a lot of acrimony. So Mudavadi is on a rope of 2-1. If anything they are going to tell Mudavadi to select his stream of delegates from UDF and Kanu and merge them in one group which essentially makes no difference. What it is is what it is.



      Narc party leader Charity Ngilu declared that she has ditched Coalition for Reform and Democracy (Cord) and joined Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Musalia Mudavadi in the Jubilee coalition.

      Addressing a rally in Makueni, Ngilu said she decided to join the Jubilee alliance and will contest for the presidential ticket with Uhuru and Mudavadi.



      • mzee

        this news is a little strange

        first its not causing any ripples, which is kind of strange considering the ngilu has been at the front end for reforms for over two decades. it appears in her twilight season, she is making a move that serves no other purpose but to portray herself as too full of herself. its neither a catch for the jubilee team nor a loss for cord. it would appear that all she wants is to feature as a presidential candidate even if it goes nowhere.

        second, what loophole is she using, considering that the deadline for registering with RPP the instruments and terms of coalitions, party membership etc was Dec 4, at which time she was hovering in the CORD neighbourhood

        this is a fairly desperate last minute gesture and is pointless, coz she will get nothing in jubilee, whats more, they think she is the reason kalonzo bolted

        mama rainbow is losing the shine and should have better thought this through and reclaim her space in the reform struggles next year.

        the problem with flying the flag, is that it clouds judgement


        • tnk.
          Will he demand elections at county level, in the county’s the way he did in ODM. Ama he will be satisfied with delegates being ferried to Nairobi. Jesus, this man is messed up. But its the prize of “eating” other peoples money.


      • This is a desperate and belated attempt by Ngilu’s newfound masters in the coalition of suspects to ‘snatch back’ part of the Kamba vote. For refusing to reciprocate Kalonzo’s gesture in 2007, its pretty straightforward….it’s payback time!!!!! The horse already bolted out of the stable and little can change that.
        Ngilu’s presence at KICC on Dec 4th, 2012 was precisely informed from the direction the grassroots was pointing…quite eloquently stated by Johnstone Muthama. It’s time to politically pay back perennial users and tricksters!
        CORD took the most pragmatic decision (for strategic reasons) in refusing to bow down to Ngilu’s outrageous demands. Rather than postpone inevitable fallouts close to an election, it’s better to rid potential loose cannons upfront.
        Ngilu and her briefcase party Narc had demanded:
        • A chance to compete in the CORD presidential primary (just to spite Kalonzo in the face)
        • A fall-back automatic CORD ticket for the Kitui Senate seat
        • Free pass to have her hand-picked (Narc) candidates fielded in Ukambani and other regions
        It is also not a secret she was trying to thrust Kalonzo’s vocal critic Kiema Kilonzo (a close ally of the ICC duo) as Governor of Kitui. All these elements were going to upset the original deal between ODM, Wiper and Ford-K that had painstakingly taken more than a month to meticulously craft.
        Under the CORD pact, Wiper candidates were to be given preference in Ukambani, parts of Nairobi and other select spots where their prospects were bright. To whimsically dismantle such an agreement at the behest of Ngilu would be suicidal. It would create general confusion and open doors for in-unhealthy fighting.
        Ngilu is likely to face off for the Kitui Senate seat with Wiper’s David Musila. To demand that Musila drops his ambition (for Ngilu) is a bit preposterous. Similarly, Ngilu’s allies like Kiema Kilonzo will have to eventually face off with CORD/Wiper’s aspirants like Nzamba Kitonga and others interested.
        What I’m not really sure about is if Ngilu could wear the Jubilee coalition uniform…given that Narc was signatory to the CORD pre-election coalition whose agreement was deposited to the Registrar of Political parties on Dec 4th, 2012. If she was involved in double dealing both sides…the legality of her entire political premise could be challenged in court.
        Whether she’ll run independently or under Jubilee, Charity Ngilu’s political premium has diminished considerably…she should peacefully prepare to face off with CORD’s David Musila in the general election and stop pretending she is part of the TNA/URP/UDF deal. The Constitution and Political Parties Act must be strictly adhered to – otherwise the doors to courts are wide open.


        • Job,

          It seems the “coalition of the accused” has now become the “coalition of the coerced”. Obviously the two accused boys have rejected Mudavadi. It is crazy that since the coalition was announced none of the owners are even talking to Mudavadi who has been left onis own.

          Uhuru and Ruto have one message to their supporters. Uhuru will not step down for Muadavadi. That is the message. Mudavadi will lose next Tuesday and go home. When Uhuru and Ruto talk about not stepping down, they are not speaking to their supporters. They are talking to Kibaki and his henchmen in State House. They are telling them to take their boy back. Fine but forget the Luhya vote you smuggled Mudavadi for. Sawa?

          After Mudavadi is chewed and thrown on the roadside it will be a battle for RV where voters will ask why they are being recruited to support Uhuru when nobody else is willing to. That is next.

          This is what I am talking about.



        • hehehe adongo

          what was the reason that mudavadi gave for bolting from ODM, was it not this delegates voting where he had no chance of winning in a fair contest

          now here not only does he go for the same process, but this time against a guy thats built a party from ground up, he is going with delegates (UDF) whom he does not even know, his KANU backing has been throttled at birth

          this is a gladiator going into a ring with no weapon and no protective gear, and i daresay with no intellectual capacity. in his previous life, he had been offered an army to fight on his behalf, but he turned that down.

          kamilisha ( …mtaka yote …)


        • Adongo and Job,
          Going by the numbers Ngilu brought Raila is the last elections we can say that the impact of her leaving CORD will not be much. She will not add or subtract too much from the coalitions.

          The wave created by CORD will be enormous. I could feel it when Raila gave his speech in the Wiper Convention. He was cheered wildly.


        • Adongo,

          You’re right…the State House project will soon learn that the two ICC amigos are not joking…he’ll soon be dumped by the roadside…and all his perceived constituency will head straight to RAO/CORD.


        • Job,
          Ole Kaparo was right when he said that the lady was time barred. TNA/URP/UDF are not keen on having her on board yet she is too embarrassed to run back to CORD. Now she is forcing her way into Jubilee but sooner or later she will find at that the coalition “ina wenyewe”. Time of “kuregarega” (whatever that means) passed on the 4th of December 2012.

          She should stand in que to escort the two amigos to the polls just as Mudavadi is doing.


  4. Job,

    With 14 or more parties to deal with, a strategy on how to apportion seats, really zoning, might turn out to be the Achilles heel of CORD if not handled properly. The smaller parties, and they are many, may find it intimidating to go through a CORD nomination, however, it looks like the feasible option. I will not be surprised if the smaller ones opt out altogether – but I’m thinking this not knowing what the coalition agreements entail.

    Anyone out there with answers?


    • What you are fearing was problematic under the former Constitution, but remember we have a new one which prohibits defections of primary nomination losers. What a great Katiba this is!!

      Practically, even outside the realm of coalitions, anyone coming with a small party has a less realistic chance of winning the general election (though not impossible).

      But if they can bring their supporters within the coalition primary nominations, and actually beat other party contestants (within the same coalition), it follows that the coalition supporters will support him/her in the general election. This time, the Constitution bars last-minute defectors from vying in the general election. You frankly have little option but to support your coalition partner who beat you….lest you chose the vindictive (sour-loser) avenue of supporting the coalition opponent.


  5. Beth Mugo pulls out of Nairobi senate race

    Public Health Minister and MP for Dagoretti Beth Mugo has dropped her bid to vie for the Nairobi Senatorial seat or any other political seat citing health issues.

    Accompanied by her doctor and family members, Mugo said she will however remain steadfast in the Jubilee coalition presidential campaigns.

    At a press conference held in her office on Thursday, Mugo said that she is stepping down for health reasons.

    According to her Doctor Robert Mathenge, the decision was arrived at after intense consultations with Mugo’s doctors in the US, who recommended that the minister cuts down her working hours in order to remain in good health.

    Gideon “Mike Sonko” Mbuvi is now the only candidate running for the seat on a TNA ticket. Former minister Maina Kamanda (PNU) is also eyeing the seat.

    ODM candidates are Regional minister Fred Gumo, Nairobi Metropolitan assistant minister Elizabeth Ongoro and Housing assistant minister Margaret Wanjiru.

    Mugo returned from the US a few months ago after undergoing treatment for breast cancer.


    • The exit of the Kamba from the Uhuru side has dealt the latter a heavy political blow in Nairobi. It is beginning to be felt by the likes of Beth Mugo who would have otherwise felt entitled to ‘walk’ in casually as Nairobi Senator.

      It is times such as this that you begin to appreciate those (like Kambas) whose backs have been perennially broken to carry-forth and entrench some of these hegemony-clouts and dynasties in Nairobi.

      It is back to the drawing board…Wiper, Ford-K, ODM and the rest of the 14 parties forming the CORD coalition will have to sit down and strategize how to apportion political seats within Nairobi county where they don’t compete against each other. If a Wiper candidate is going for any seat in Nairobi, all members of ODM, Ford-K and the rest TO support just that one candidate…and ditto for ODM, Ford-K and the rest. The terrain is changing fast folks..sit baaaack!


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