The revamped ODM MANIFESTO

A snapshot is provided below

 Title: “ODM: Deepening reforms for equity and social justice; our plan for government 2013-2017”


  • Treat all Kenyans equally and ensure equity in distribution of national resources – as a way to end negative ethnicity
  • Create an enabling business environment for local and international investors – as a way to boost job opportunities
  • Promote rural cooperatives and community development for rural cottage industries – to boost rural job opportunities
  • Develop Industrial incubation centers in all 47 counties – to impact job skills on youth not proceeding with higher education
  • Establish enterprise funds for marginalized communities and disadvantaged groups (e.g. disabled)
  • Expand Youth and Women enterprise funds


Top Priority:

  • Job creation



  • To fully implement the Constitution – including Chapter 6 on leadership and integrity

Economic Target:

  • GDP growth of 10% p.a for the next 10 years


 Manifesto is anchored on six core areas of:

  • Rule of law – reforming institutions (Police, EACC and others)
  • Devolution
  • Wealth and job creation
  • Equity and social protection
  • Unity in the country
  • Land reforms

The manifesto describes’ the party’s ideology as that of:

  • Social Democrat

15 Key Pillars:

  • Reforming institutions of governance,
  • Empowering citizens through devolution
  • Ensuring economic growth and stability
  • Investing in infrastructure
  • Promoting equality and social justice
  • .
  • Guaranteeing universal access to health
  • Reforming agriculture, livestock industries and fisheries
  • Saving environment and natural resources
  • Ensuring universal quality education
  • Land reforms
  • .
  • Investing in research, since, technology and innovation
  • Accelerating growth through ICT
  • Improving access to water and sanitation
  • Deepening EAC integration of Pan Africanism
  • Pursuing a progressive foreign policy.


Some Specific Policy and Development Proposals:

ODM government will;

  • Establish an investment criteria centering on job creation, foreign exchange, local inputs and technology transfer
  • Offer incentives to banks to finance industrialization
  • Restructure the Kenya Industrial Estates into a Kenya Industrial and Enterprise Development Agency whose objective is to develop industry incubation centres in each county, to impart specialized skills to small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Develop a free trade zone in the port of Mombasa
  • Create a tourism commission within six months


  • Strengthen the regulatory capacity of Central Bank to manage runaway interest rates


  • Tax idle land to discourage speculation and underutilization
  • Digitalize all land records within a year time
  • Address squatter problems in six months
  • De-emphasize the role of land as collateral in accessing credit


  • Deploy the military to the border
  • Reform Police
  • Delink the CID from the command of Inspector General of Police
  • Establish a Coast Guard Service to secure maritime industry
  • Enhance the powers of the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) by granting it prosecutorial powers



  • Dismantle the monopoly in electricity sector
  • Enhance competition in production of electricity, distribution and sale and encourage private investment through cost-based tariff regulation


  • Stop the transformation of technical, industrial and vocational education and training (TIVET) institutions into universities
  • Abolish the current mean-score grading of school performances
  • Mount internet connection in all schools


  • Invest “at least 10% of GDP” on infrastructure development
  • Re-distribute road infrastructure from high potential area to marginalized areas
  • Expand a light railway transport network for Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu
  • Establish a modern, electric high-speed railway system to link key towns
  • Conduct feasibility on future underground rail system in Nairobi and Mombasa
  • Build three international airports in Lamu, Isiolo and Lokichoggio
  • Upgrade airstrips in all the counties
  • Build stadias and sports facilities in every county
  • Construct dams and water pans in rivers Nzoia, Yala, Athi, Itare and Tana to improve access to water and sanitation
  • Build Irrigation schemes in arid and semi-arid areas
  • Enhance internet affordability and penetration from 6% to 25% (in all counties) by 2017
  • .
  • Increase budgetary allocation to health-care
  • .
  • Re-formulate Kenya’s foreign policy
  • Pursue a Pan African agenda including free movement of people/ by reviewing Kenya’s visa policies towards African citizens
  • .
  • Protect the environment and save Kenya’s forests
  • Introduce a “polluter pays principle” where polluters will pay for their pollution
  • Promises compensation for carbon pricing through cash transfers to promote green energy if taxation permits

10 comments on “ODM MANIFESTO

  1. there is a huge difference between those who pay lip service to the new constitution, and those who truly want to implement the new constitution and reforms, key to this is the devolved govt.

    here is the watermelon bumbling min of finance and micah cheserem saying it as is


    it is these pitfalls that we keep warning ruto and his band that they simply do not just get

    allocation of 6b vs 30b, sheesh, thats less than 20%, considering this is supposed to be a mobilization phase for devolved govt, this is like strangling a new born

    i hope those jubilee supporters in RV are paying attention, if they think they’ll fix this once in power, they got another thing coming to them

    • Phil,

      This is exactly what I was talking about – and I suspected you would likely be the first to post it here. It’s a great manifesto that if implemented will not doubt transform Kenya.

      Let the lazy copycat competitors now start xeroxing this with subtle modifications & belated additions – pulling wool over the gullible. Keep eyes wide open.

      By the way…what’s the latest ground anecdote(s) regarding next week Tuesday (18th) and Saturday (22nd). Any developments or December surprises?

      • I will hold my comments on the manifesto until I complete reading and digesting the comments.

        Super Tuesday aint happening and word is that even Saturday may have to be postponed since Jubilee have conveniently opted to place their nomination on the Sunday after ODM’s big announcement.

      • phil,

        It seems Uhuru’s people are not giving in to State House and Mudavadi is already throwing tantrums. These guys met all night and still couldn’t give Mudavadi his deal. Something is awfully wrong with this picture.

        It seems they want to make sure that if Mudavadi bolts in case Uhuru’s people remain adamant then they want that to happen after CORD has announced their line up. CORD is not going to touch Mudavadi and ruin what they have with new intrigues. They have seen the chaos Mudavadi brought to Uhuru and Ruto. Mudavadi gets the Uhuru ticket or goes home. There is nothing else.

      • Im now told, from a very relialble source that while Ruto not Uhuru was bringing Mudavadi in, he was promised the presidency. The issue of nomination was put out there for media consumption and also for some Uhuru leaning MPs.

        When word finally reached the Uhuru crowd that Mudavadi was to be crowned, they went ballistic with the issue of “mbondo” comming up. Infact many are saying that Mudvadi is not even the “king” of western province and brings “no” votes. They are wondering why he should be handed the ticket.

        No dettered Mudavadi has continued demanding the the deal between him and Uhuruto.

        There are whispers that there is now a near fallout between Ruto and Uhuru. Uhuru is complaining that its Ruto who brought Mudavadi on board and promised him all manner of things except his own position.

        Ladies and gentlmen, sit baaaaack. someone is coming down with a loud thud.

  2. For obvious reasons @Job, I do not believe the ODM manifesto is an entirely public document. There are fears of copy pasting from the other side as well as the prospect of revising it to incorporate CORD Coalition which is poised to be the governing party in 2013.

    • .
      Let me clarify I’m not urging for sharing of the 47 county manifestos YET…I know ODM has one for each county, which others would want to copy…I’m just talking about the national one launched on Friday…which is already being publicly splashed out in media (newspapers and broadcasting).

      Trust me -I know Kenya is filled with lazy, opportunist, and thieving politicians who wait for others to do painstaking research and planning – only to rob the ideas and run with them (as if they originated them in the first place). It is pathetic…very little ethics and professionalism percolates the air. A party like TNA has a well known manifesto – protecting Uhuru from the ICC, period! Ditto URP and Ruto.

      There is a very important role in comparing respective party manifestos during campaigns. It gives voters an idea about policy prioritizations to be likely pursued by political competitors. Issues like the reforms in land being listed by ODM/CORD are music to my ears. TAXING IDLE LAND for instance (as proposed by ODM) is the greatest implementation aspect of this new Constitution that will change the lives of wananchi…Contrasting, these are areas that TNA and URP can never ever touch ….as they want to preserve the status quo that continues benefiting them…(Uhuru and Ruto keep offloading the land they grabbed back to the state itself – for exorbitant amounts in the billions). Taxing their huge land holdings will be very costly for them annually.

      Something has to be done about idle land in a land-starved nation of 40 million and ODM is suggesting life-changing reforms.

      Even a modest tax of SHS 2,000 per acre per year will do…think about it.

      The Kenyatta family has 500,000 acres of land – of which 2/3 is idle. Taxing it will mean they pay (if the rate is @ 2,000/= p/acre p.a)…Shs 666.666,667 /= per year….more than half a billion shillings per year to our coffers. That’s just one family. The land aristocrats could yield money needed to fund many development programs if there is political will. Those who find paying the tax too painful will either have to develop it (creating jobs) or sell it….

      The natural effect would be that most land grabbers and speculators will offload these pieces to the market…lowering the price of land…meaning that land will start being affordable to locals…That is how maendeleo starts.

      Of course, Kenya’s land aristocracy including the Kenyattas (TNA) and Rutos (URP) will never support such idle-land-taxation policies entrenched under the new Constitution (& supported by ODM)…hence the mad jostle by the ICC duo to control levers of powers of the Kenyan state…they specifically intend to STOP such reforms being pushed by ODM/CORD.

      TNA/URP/UDF elites only bank their hopes that ethnic animosities they create (‘prayer rallies’) and tribal allegiances they ratchet up (GEMA/KAMATUSA) will trump most voters leading them to vote against their OWN economic interests in favour of ethnic loyalty.

      These manifestos have meaning when interpreted for public benefit…they help voters choose wisely at the ballot. It would be foolhardy for instance for a voter in Nandi or Kericho to cast their vote for a land-grabbing aristocrat (Uhuru) then expect land reforms. Party manifestos can indicate a lot.

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