Sonko, Waititu to be barred from polls?

Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu and Makadara MP Gidion Mbuvi alias ‘Sonko’ are among public officers Ombudsman office recommends should be barred from contesting in the forthcoming General Election.

The Ombudsman office has also recommended that 22 former ECK commissioners and several senior government officials should also be barred.

I wonder if this will happen. Nothing in Kenya happens until it happens

Why barr the two if Uhuru and Ruto cannot be stopped?????

By Mzee Posted in kenya

One comment on “Sonko, Waititu to be barred from polls?

  1. This is a bold move by the office of the Ombudsman, but it lacks much needed gravitas. It certainly makes the baby steps required to bring attention to the lack of integrity, but does not lay an authoritative foundation. Its more of a feeler process. That explains the broad brush, but carefully leaves the most toxic infamous two at the top of the chain.

    The IEBC on the other hand run through all sorts of circles wanting to avoid the responsibility of the choice, and finally ended up stating that it was for the courts to decide. Well that decision is awaited, but can guarantee, from recent rulings that the courts will not bar them from contesting.

    So as usual, we have criminals running around in our midst and as is typical of our society, no-one is ready to out them. The few brave souls that will make genuine attempt will most likely be named tribalists, living in the past, vindictive and other titles.

    Havent seen the recommendations but they needed to have built a solid case per individual.


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