6 comments on “A picture is worth a thousand words…MaDVD in Nyeri!

  1. phandom must rue the day the devil tempted him to leave ODM. used to riding on RAO’S back the man now finds himself in unfamiliar territory. am sure he’s beginning to appreciate that crowd gathering sio michezo.

    why go to nyeri ( this must be the 3rd or 4th visit in the last 2 months) instead of heading to western to talk to his supporters who must by now be totally confused and dejected? i guess some people just never learn.


    • what about planning does this guy and his handlers not understand. at this rate no one will even want to be even seen near him. a politician without a sizeable crowd and whats more the few that turn up have the “wrong” posters …. eeeiishh!!! … style up mudavadi

      swallow your pride and head on home


  2. hehehehe

    the phandom in ghost town – the devil’s abode

    this guy has zero political strategy

    where were his misadvisors, akina kituyi, bull fighter na kadhalika


    • And that is how to effectively steal, use and dump…Shall we say Nyeri folks are minding their biizzness! This is still muthamaki’s backyard Weakleaf!


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