Judges Vetting – Final Outcome

FIT Judges Chitembwe and George Dulu cleared. Found suitable
FIT Justice Anyara Emukule suitable to remain.
FIT Justice GBM Kariuki suitable to remain. Asked to work on his temper.
FIT Judge Joseph Karanja suitable to remain.
FIT Judge Luka Kimaru to continue serving
FIT Justice Isaac Lenaola. Fit to continue serving
FIT Judge Milton Makhandia fit to continue in office
FIT Judge Aggrey Muchelule suitable
FIT Judge Florence Muchemi suitable to remain in office
FIT Judge Daniel Musinga to continue serving
FIT Judge John Mwera to continue serving
FIT Judge Philemon Mwilu fit to serve
FIT Judge Leonard Njagi unsuitable to serve.
FIT Judge Fredrick Ochieng suitable to remain in office
FIT Justice Maureen Odero fit to remain in office
FIT Justice Hellen Omondi cleared to continue serving
FIT Judge David Onyancha suitable to remain
FIT Judge William Ouko fit to serve
FIT Justice Roselyne Wendo cleared to continue serving
FIT Judge Ruth Sitati found fit to continue serving
FIT Judge Mohammed Warsame cleared to continue serving
FIT Judge Hatari Waweru suitable to continue serving
UNFIT Murugi Mugo also found unsuitable. Disrespectful to parties in court
UNFIT Judge Joseph Sergon unfit to continue serving over credible allegations of corruption and failing to remit client’s money. Lacks personal integrity
UNFIT Justice Nicholas Ombija unsuitable to continue serving
UNFIT High Court judge Mary Ang’awa found unfit. Her conduct towards lawyer and litigants rigid.
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5 comments on “Judges Vetting – Final Outcome

    • mzee,

      It is great to have Mohamed Ibrahim back at the Supreme Court. We have giant issues coming up and he has a record of a person with conscience and a commitment to social justice. I know Baraza’s position is also coming up soon. I saw the names of the 17 applicants. Hopefully we get someone there leaning towards justice for all Kenyans and not someone scared of shaking the status quo. The SC court ruling on gender representation was a disgrace which set the women’s political struggles in Kenya back big time. They didn’t throw it all out but kicked the can down to 2015. That is another story.

      Nambuye got lucky but Kibaki’s political hatchet woman Abida Ali Aroni who was appointed to the judiciary after helping Kibaki wreck the Bomas process where she was a commissioner is out in the cold. Let her go run for a political office. The erratic Mr.Apondi is also out. Good. Judges are coming next and it may be a blood bath. Wannachi have data on those people.


      • Agreed,

        With little setbacks here and there, we are still making positive strides pole pole. I frankly like the overall forward trajectory. Out Abida Aroni! Out Muga Apondi!…positive direction. In Mohamed Ibrahim! – positive direction.

        Let’s all remember we have a role to play. Let’s not keep (withhold) any information we know about crooked judicial officers only to blame ourselves later. It’s time to dialogue with the Vetting Board! I have been doing my tour of duty in this regards and so far, the effort looks worth it.

        I agree again – the Deputy CJ position is crucial. Vigilance and thorough scrutiny is needed now that we have seen the hidden hand of the establishment – plotting to plant their agent underneath Mutunga. Let’s get to work folks!


      • adongo, we are trying to get away from the culture of rewarding failures with political posts. on second thoughts, she may be a good replacement for abdikadir who like eugene has curiously opted ‘not to run for any elective’ post. what have these people been promised :)?
        anyway phandom, that is my choice for you seeing that nobody wants to be your running mate.


  1. The reason given for dropping Mary Ang’awa is clearly the flimsiest I have seen. Seems like the lawyers want to be treated with kids gloves


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