CORD endorses Raila for PORK, Kalonzo for DPORK

The great orator Kalonzo Musyoka presented the CORD line up in a fantastic manner. He set the stage for the endorsement of Raila and Wetangula with one marvelous speech. The crowd could hardly contain itself as they waited for Musyoka to make the big announcemt. And when he did the crowd went wild. Great speech Mr. Vice President.——————————————————-

Cord alliance leaders comprising of Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and PM Raila Odinga wave to a jubilant crowd at Uhuru Park, Nairobi on December 22, 2012. Photo/BILLY MUTAI

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka on Saturday announced that he had stepped down in favour of Prime Minister Raila Odinga to be presidential candidate of the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord).

Amid jubilation by the crowd in attendance at Uhuru Park, Mr Musyoka said that in the interest of the nation, he would be PM Odinga’s running mate.

Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula said the decision to endorse PM Odinga was arrived at after lengthy negotiations.

Mr Wetang’ula said he had ambitions to be Kenya’s president but only realised that the dream could only be realised through unity.

While addressing the crowd, PM Odinga asked Kenyans to support his presidential bid.

PM Odinga also urged UDF leader Musalia Mudavadi to join Cord.

He also applauded Mr Musyoka and Mr Wetang’ula for putting the interest of the nation ahead of their personal ambitions in supporting him.

“Kalonzo and Wetang’ula have shown that Kenya is more important than any individual,” he said.

He also said that Cord will ensure that economy grows beyond five per cent from next year.

Earlier, Minister Raila Odinga told Kenyans to elect Cord into government saying the alliance will bring the desired change and redress development. Read (Cord to name election line-up at Uhuru Park)

Saying this is Kenya’s time, Mr Odinga asked Kenyans not to gamble with their future by electing people without reform credentials in office come the General Election.

He was speaking in his office when he received a delegation of grassroots leaders from Tharaka Nithi led by former MP for Tharaka Francis Kagwima who joined ODM.

PM Odinga for sober politicking in the run up to the elections, noting parties and candidates should differ on policies and not personalities.

“We have superior policies than our competitors, and this is what we should demonstrate in our campaigns to win over votes to our alliance,” he added.

Noting that the Cord alliance will seek to bring equality to all regions, Mr Odinga pledged to ensure the operationalisation of the equalization fund that will bring equitable development to the country.

He said, “We do not want to see the glaring differences in development that tend to cosign some regions to perpetual poverty yet others are wallowing in riches.”

He pointed out that a Cord government will strive to exploit the newly discovered oil in Turkana and other mineral resources around the country for the benefit of all Kenyans.

13 comments on “CORD endorses Raila for PORK, Kalonzo for DPORK

  1. tnk,
    Even Jirongo has seen the light and joined the winning team in Western Province. This thing is punning out just the way we thought it would. We will see more and more realignment as we come closer to the nominations.

    I think that he will give Bonny Kwalwale a run for his money. No wonder the bull man has gone mute. The ground has become shaky.

    Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo on Wednesday joined the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (Cord) and exited the presidential race.

    Mr Jirongo was received by Cord leaders Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, and Moses Wetangula at a brief ceremony at the Serena Hotel, Nairobi witnessed by over 20 MPs.

    In an agreement signed between Cord and Mr Jirongo’s Federal Party of Kenya (FPK) the coalition will now support the Lugari MP’s senatorial bid for Kakamega County.

    Mr Jirongo is expected to compete with Ikolomani MP Boni Khalwale of the United Democratic Forum (UDF) in the scramble for support from 12 constituencies in the county.

    “Our opponents are expressing false confidence by dangling bridged figures based on ethnic arithmetic and regionalism. That you come from one community does not mean that everyone in that community is your slave,” Mr Odinga said.

    “Let me take this opportunity to welcome CJ (Cyrus Jirongo) into this coalition of right thinking Kenyans”

    Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka broke into a song and promised that many other prominent leaders are on their way to the coalition.

    “This is the cord that is going to bind us together as a nation,” Mr Musyoka said.

    The VP expressed confidence that the contest ahead of the March 4 election was now clearly defined adding the wind of change Kenyans have been yearning for was on the way.

    Mr Wetangula described Mr Jirongo as a capable campaigner and mobiliser whose entry into Cord had reenergised the outfit ahead of its Western Kenya tour set to begin Friday.

    “To all those who are with us, those who are waiting to join us and those who do not know where to go. I appeal to you to come and join us on our way to victory,” Mr Wetangula stated.

    The Lugari MP said that his party decided to join Cord to help secure equity which he claimed is not guaranteed by the other coalitions.

    “Our analysis show it will be counterproductive to split voices that share common ideals. We will now support the Cord presidential candidate because he recognises that Kenya is made up of more than one community and for restoration of fair play in the sharing of national resources,” Mr Jirongo stated.

    Higher Education minister Prof Margaret Kamar was among several ministers who graced the event.


  2. the emerging strategies against CORD is fairly simple

    1. jubilee to lock down or lock in the central province and hopefully the rift valley province. by fanning mass euphoria strong on tribal link, populistic youth and pseudo reform/development rhetoric although very weak on detail

    2. cause a split in the remaining provinces by sponsoring numerous fronts e.g UDF, Eagle, Pambazuko (see this article by mzee)

    and oh yeah, the ever partisan DN
    (what a bunch of goofballs)

    the key strategy here is cash or crash in on the tribal numerics

    lets wait and see how this unfolds and plays out

    in my view the CORD counter strategy is really very simple

    manifesto, manifesto and manifesto

    no need to engage the jubilee in their hate offensive. its interesting to note that a few weeks back at jevanjee gardens, the jubilee team implored rivals not to engage in abuse (anybody remember that) and then at this endorsement rally where finally uhuru and ruto quit KANU and ODM, they engaged in nothing but abuse and raila this and that.

    freak show

    ladies and gentlemen prepare for 2007 all over again


  3. awesome event

    thanks Mzee and Titchaz, for the presentation

    there is a self confident maturity in CORD thats very endearing. hope they can maintain this not just up to March 2013 but for the next five years in order to truly implement meaningful reforms. march 2013 should merely be the starting block


  4. opinion

    The official launch of CORD has coincided with two momentous events that will shape Kenya’s politics for decades to come.

    The first is that a historic 14.3 million Kenyans registered to vote, many of them travelling very long distances to do so. We know that the thirst for democracy in our country is unquenchable.

    At the same time, we are conscious that there are a few million others who were unable to register. That will never happen again.

    The other event is the approval by Parliament of the first-ever Inspector General of Police, David Kimaiyo, who had been nominated by the President and the Prime Minister. These two events have eased many anxieties that Kenyans felt ahead of the election.

    As all of us know, the upcoming election is the most definitive one of this generation. This is borne out by a level of politicking that is unprecedented in its intensity in our history. The stakes are very high but the choices are also equally clear.

    There are two political currents that are in contention, with diametrically opposed visions for the future of our country.

    One is CORD’s, which stands for fundamental change emphasising national unity, justice for all, and equitable distribution of our nation’s resources. The other side represents the status quo so deeply that it is mired in internal strife, unable to agree on anything except their distaste for those committed to reform.

    Indeed, many leaders who were previously with the other side have already left after discovering there was no room for their diverse views, and that in fact there was little public support for the group’s ideology even among the people they claim to represent.

    It is clear now from the figures just released by the IEBC that CORD will romp to the largest presidential victory of our multi-party era.

    We expect, given the level of support for our various parties, to win the presidential election with more than eight million votes, at least 160 parliamentary seats, and 29 seats each for governorships and the Senate. CORD will also win more than 30 women seats and gain the majority in more than 31 county assemblies.

    But we urge our supporters to come out in large numbers since even this margin of victory will not ensure that we can push the legislative changes that Kenyans are demanding for a better life.

    Ours is a completely open tent which has the capacity and desire to accommodate all Kenyans committed to justice, inclusion, growth and equity.

    We CORD partners ask you to join us tomorrow to celebrate the beginning of a national unity and prosperity anchored for full equality for all Kenyans and their counties.

    (Nyong’o, Kilonzo and Eseli are the Secretaries-General of ODM, WDM and FORD-Kenya)


  5. Watched the live-streaming of this thing from the confines of my abode na kwa kusema ukweli ilikua bomba!…Somebody needs to tell Kalonzo to learn the crowds please…watu watamshiba kirahisi and then he will start blaming Raila again…lol.

    Admin: I don think I have privileges to attach pictures to this thread and I didn’t wanna start a separate one just for pictures. Nina picha kibao katika hii thread and please do the needful in terms of transferring them like you did last time.

    Samahani kwa usumbufu.



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