Kibaki Blows Own Trumpet

The man cannot wait for historians and Kenyans to judge him. He is judging himself  and putting  ticks everywhere. Did he mention his co-principle? I doubt.

This is what I mean.


President Kibaki has challenged Kenyans to be careful about whom they elect as his successor next March.

In a 64-page pullout on his 10-year legacy published in the Sunday Nation, the Head of State urges Kenyans to remain united and embrace sound leadership as a prerequisite for success.

“We must therefore carefully reflect on the leadership of this country as well as the management of our diversity as a nation,” says Kibaki.

The President also gives some words of advice on what the country must do to continue his legacy.

“To equip ourselves for the journey ahead, we must think smart and plan carefully. We must implement programmes as scheduled and we must also work very hard,” said President Kibaki, who will retire after the March 4, 2013 General Election.

President Kibaki says Kenyans must be ready to pay their taxes to fund the projects and zealously fight corruption so that taxes are used for projects and not the “indulgence of a few corrupt fellows”.

The pullout, titled Building a Working and Caring Nation; Mwai Kibaki and the Transformation of Kenya, carries some never-before seen photos of the President with his family and fellow politicians.

It also has a blow-by-blow account of President Kibaki’s achievements in the past 50 years he has been a leader. Great emphasis is, however, laid on the last 10 years he has served as President.

Top among these achievements is the introduction of free primary education in 2003 that doubled school enrolment from 800,000 in 2002 to the current 1.9 million.

Transition from primary to secondary education has also jumped from 43 pc in 2003 to 73 pc this year.

And of those who make it to high school, 74 pc complete their education compared to 46 pc in 2008. The number of national schools has also grown from 18 in 2002 to 78 this year.

In 2002, only 75,000 students were enrolled in universities compared to the current 252,554. Fifteen new universities have also been launched during his reign.

In the pull-out, the President also reveals that he was sent to school simply because he was of no use on his parents’ farm.

Through investing in agriculture, poverty levels have reduced from 56 pc to 45 pc, the report says.–Kenya-in-10-years-/-/1064/1654068/-/qkg95az/-/index.html

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7 comments on “Kibaki Blows Own Trumpet


    Police in Uganda on Thursday were involved in a scuffle with a retired army officer Brig Kasirye Ggwanga who was accused of residing in a piece of land which is allegedly owned by former President Mwai Kibaki.

    ….“This is my property. Have I gone to Kikuyu land to claim ownership of a house there? How did Kibaki acquire this property?” the Brigadier asked…..


  2. Lipstick on a pig doesn’t make the pig something else. A pig is a pig. Kibaki’s record is his record…a colossal failure to lead…failure to unite…failure to stabilize…and failure to progress. Only success at fleecing public resources…and entrenching institutionalized tribalism.

    Tribalism, insecurity, runaway corruption, the Great Somali Migration into Kenya & terrorism, PEV, extrajudicial assassinations, drug and gun smuggling, the Artur brothers, a rogue police force, impunity, impunity, and impunity ain’t anything to write home about. This fella delayed Kenya’s takeoff by years. It’s a dark legacy. Even former Kibaki stalwart Martha Karua has rated impunity under Kibaki worse than the Moi era impunity – a very fair assessment!

    This goes down in history as the only regime that opened its paramilitary barracks (& uniforms and guns) for PEV operations to kill its own citizens…blood-chilling things that Kenyans previously only read about regarding Idi Amin’s Uganda. Talking about lopsided development is an understatement regarding the Kibaki era.

    If roads were built, they weren’t the priority roads for the nation (Msa-Malaba or Msa-Busia border). If donor funds were restored, most ended up in non-prosecuted corruption. If relations were established with the East, it only brought a flooding of cheap counterfeit goods into our market (with simultaneous smuggling of our exotic resources). Where FPE or AIDS fund were introduced, cash cows were established for connected bureaucrats. Every noble idea was hijacked by the mafia.

    10 years under Kibaki saddled the country with hundreds of billions more in debt…for the Anglo Leasings, Ken Rens, and massive transfer of public wealth into the hands of a few greedy oligarchs (the Trans Century looters)…from our Railways, our Ports, Tana Land, Airport Land, Telecommunications, Grand Regency, Oil Refineries, and almost all other public entities….all skewed to Kibaki’s cronies and connected & corrupt foreign oligarchs.

    These dirty deals leave outstanding debts that Kenyans and their children WILL BE paying into future…paying for the transfer of public wealth into the hands of a few well-connected thieves aka the Shetani crew (as per Uhuru).

    That same enriched shetani crew is now diving the country politically, slicing and dividing voters, in readiness to perpetuate their stranglehold on the country’s resources. After robbing the poor of all their resources (public assets and land), their next agenda is to milk from the budding middle class.

    Kibaki has deliberately timed his exit with yet another resounding warning to landlords who have worked so hard (sometimes in distant lands) to invest in real estate. The handpicked KRA boss (Njiraini) is now arm-twisting tenants (starting 2013) to issue personal details of their landlords for future assessment of more taxes – to be looted by the greedy lot. It’s not as if we are not already paying annual property taxes and land rates! The fraudster in Kibaki wants such misguided economic policies to be effected under the legacy of subsequent President…to justify his current massive borrowing under taxpayers name. Talk of an experienced thief!

    Yet another of Kibaki’s dark legacy is the blurring of state matters with private financial concerns (ala the hanky-panky between Equity, CBA, Family Bank, Coop Bank & CBK), dalliances which depreciated the Kenya shilling massively. Illegal overnight borrowing from CBK’s discount window has minted a few Kibaki-crony billionaires.

    Kibaki and friends at Equity Bank even get to collect Tourism revenues at Kenya’s biggest tourist attraction – Maasai Mara Park. Who the heck is going to know how much cash in reality came in, or how many tourist visitors checked in? They might as well report that no tourists came this year? Ama? These people think Kenyans are a bunch of idiots to be fooled and robbed from mercilessly without consequences. Mta do? That’s their attitude.

    Right now as we speak, Uhuru Kenyatta’s banking concern, Commercial bank of Africa (CBA) has been parachuted a multi-billion shilling deal to be the official Shylock of ordinary Kenyans under a program disguised as – the MShwari savings and loan product (mooted along the MPESA model) – with collaboration with Safaricom. This 7.5% interest loan SHARK mooted under Kenyatta’s tenure as Finance Minister, will virtually wipe out SACCO societies.

    Kenyatta wants to mop up all little change from struggling Kenyans using the State as business anchor. After all that is how they get all their businesses…all tied to the state one way or another…if not supplying VW Passats to the government, loaning Treasury at exorbitant profits, or hosting public bureaucrats in non-essential seminars at their five star resorts. Isn’t this the real reason why they won’t let go the Presidency and levers of State?

    If not thinking how to fleece Treasury… its how to fleece unsuspecting investors (toxic stocks at NSE with crooked brokers stealing investor cash and getting away scot free)…fleecing investors of their life savings at Syokimau…or fleecing folks with pyramid schemes…and now Uhuru plotting to rob jua kali traders with his Mshwari toxic loan….This is one freaking rotten and distressing legacy….as has been the last Jubilee.. It has to give way!!!!!!


    • @Job,
      Great article.
      I think that you have done a thorough reflection on the true legacy of Kibaki. The fabrications and self praise the man in bestowing upon himself is just embarrassing to say the least. Its as if he is afarid that kenyans will judge him for what he actually is. Thats is a TRIBALIST, repeat TRIBALIST. He has commissioned ghost railway stations and a so called super highway leading to nowhere. The fact that Kibaki thinks that a dual carriage is a major achievement tells you that the man is living in the 60`s. Why not build a proper road from Nairobi to Mombasa. Or even new railway line from Busia to Mombasa instead of the so called Thika super highway and a ghost station in syokimau? Gosh!!!

      And how can we forget his main achievment… stealing elections and causing deaths.
      How about exterminating 10 000 “mungiki” youth in Central province.
      Kibakis history is yet to be written and I’m sure it will be written very soon.


    • @Job,
      thanks for this very apt response to Kibaki’s attempt at whitewashing his so called legacy. What makes me angry is Kibaki’s brazen attempt to hijack the achievements of the grand coalition government, including the new constitution, and claim them as his personal projects. Its laughable that someone who was roundly defeated in the 2005 constitutional referendum now claims ownership of a process that was forced upon him by the NARA and AGENDA4. If anything, it is the ODM side that deserves more credit for the broad reforms the country has witnessed in the last three years.

      I will ask your permission to reproduce this (your response) un-edited in our networks!


      • Phil,

        Permission granted as always. On matters Constitution, Kibaki’s legacy is the 2005 failed Mongrel draft…which attempted to impose a hegemony upon Kenya. It failed of course!


  3. It is pathetic that once a vibrant, progressive, independent and authoritative media house NMG has become a mouth piece for the status-qou, propaganda, tribalism, corruption and all the other ills inflected on Kenyans by the kibaki and his criminals. This is to the extent that the NMG is being used by the same thugs to whitewash what seems to me to have been failure of leadership as illustrated by;
    Increase in corruption/tribalism
    Disregard of the rule of law etcetera.


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