1. the evidence is mounting and yet no word from ndung’u who is probably still waiting for a call from the mashetani.

    ……..A random check by Nation staffers revealed that several were registered as members of various political partiers without their consent.

    They include senior editors Macharia Gaitho, Eric Shimoli and Njeri Rugene, who are listed as members of URP and TNA.

    Other journalists who found their names on the registers of parties they never joined include Citizen TV senior editor Alex Chamwada……..



    • Akinyi,

      Now, this is very bad! What are these thugs not capable of doing? God save us please!!

      “Dead woman included in TNA party members’ list”


    • hehehe

      akinyi, you missed the TV interview. lucy ndungu stated categorically in a very strong voice the she has already acted. did i hear you ask what action? well, she wrote a plea to political parties. so there you have it.

      so in the interview she was asked, is that it? and she said no, there is more, if anyone has a grievance, like the dead lady (with apology to her family), that person should go online to see if they are flow-jurentry fraudulently registered and write to the RPP asking to be removed from the list.

      am expecting a lot of internet traffic to emanate from the city and other mortuaries in the next several days, as “ghosts” check their registration status and apply to be deregistered from the party list since I believe most of them have no further intention of voting

      sigh! what a brilliant RPP we have, we need more of such


      • Tnk,

        Radar will definitely focus on this woman- Lucy Ndung’u – for what she is subjecting the country into. She is one Kenyan who never learnt a lesson from Kivuitu’s debacle.


        • Job

          this RPP lucy ndungu, in my mind, is what completely defines the kibaki legacy. people who were given enormous leeway and goodwill with very little encumbrances, to set a path for greater good of the nation, and whom due to myopic reasoning have completely squandered the opportunity and utterly destroyed key institutions and severely fractured public trust in these institutions and in the cohesion of communities. everything else is band-aid to fix these issues. even basic rules of operation/engagement are turned into some viscid spaghetti maze just to give their favored subjects some undue advantage. forgetting completely that this mess will have to get undone with much pain to the very beneficiaries of their corruption and most likely sooner rather than later.

          its hard to believe, but kivuitu in comparison was far more organised aiiishhh!! i dont think am going to spend anymore effort on this RPP ….


      • guys,

        can you believe more than a year after publication of the Political Parties Act we still have a registrar in an acting capacity? where in the world does this happen?anyway, considering the process of appointing a new RPP it looks like we might have to wait a little longer for some sanity to be restored in the political arena.

        ndung’u will be required to apply for the job like any other Kenyan once a selection committee is (eventually) constituted. could this explain why she avoids making tough decisions-to avoid antagonizing those in power? either that or she is one of the many (politically correct) who have landed plum jobs which they neither qualify for nor deserve.

        how did she get the job? what’s her background ? never mind, those are rhetorical questions?


      • What happened to all the lawyers in Kenya who would often run to court at the drop of a pin?

        Why is action not being taken against theTNA thieves?

        Is this not what PNU was doing in 07 and we thought that it was just a small matter?

        We have seen the fraud, we have credible courts, why not take action?

        CORD where are you??????????????????????


      • Mzee,

        Yes indeed! CORD must challenge Jubilee in court about this fraud!! Otherwise they, CORD, should forever keep quiet! There CANNOT be two sets of laws for the same group of citizens!!

        I feel like puking right now!!


    • Akinyi, Einstein et al.,

      The Jubilee coalition of thugs is proving to live exactly what was suspected. This is indeed a coalition of fraudsters, conmen and killers… they are fraudulently inflating their numbers thinking they will dupe an entire nation…they’ve conned their way out of the Mudavadi day-light-duping. These fellas already paraded at the Hague for their mass killing antics…don’t have any shame engaging in more and more illegalities.

      It’s in their DNA. Look at someone like Ruto who, as if something never happened, runs his mouth dry in endless political rallies yet serious court cases hang over his head – the Muteshi land grabbing case (100 acres), the Eldoret Municipality land grabbing case, the ultra-serious ICC cases, and more….They are desperately trying to portray a false sense of wellness so they get into power and rubbish justice…and throw out the new Constitution!

      These incidences of party register fraud are part of the wider scheme to illegally get into power and turn Kenya into a pariah state – all in a quest to escape justice.

      I am not surprised dead people are appearing in TNA’s register. Even public figures are fraudulently appearing in both TNA and URP registers against their will…confirming this coalition’s desperate need to falsely create invincibility of numbers. It’s all porojo tupu!

      Jubilee is a stinking and fraudulent outfit, whose leaders are indicted for mass murder…yet they don’t blink at illegally forcing non-willing citizens to be counted on their side. Forget about those illegally recruited by force, even authentic members have started running away. Reality is hitting close home..The rebellion has started in earnest. People are running away from the stinking vessel.

      With such an alarming scale of fraud, I already have a strong feeling that IEBC voter register itself needs forensic scrutiny. With these serious electronic corruption, nothing should be given the benefit of doubt.

      I did not expect anything different from these so called “digital generation” of thieves…I can bet TNA’s Uhuru will want to excuse this as yet another “computer error”….

      What is most appalling out of this is the Registrars pathetic response so far. Lucy Ndung’u is a great impediment to the implementation of the new Constitution…a woman likely to run this country into serious trouble. She needs to go pronto!!!! Straight into jail!


  2. just to keep this here for future reference


    MARAKWET East MP Linah Kilimo has said she will go to court and sue William Ruto’s URP for transferring her name from TNA to URP without her consent.

    “I will meet my lawyer to find the way forward on this matter,” said Kilimo. “I cannot accept some people who are not happy with my membership at TNA to dictate to the people of Elgeyo/Marakwet county. We are in TNA by choice.”

    Kilimo accused URP of transferring her supporters who had registered in TNA in the Elgeyo/Marakwet county. “URP has breached the law, how can all my supporters who were members of TNA including even my bodyguard become members of URP?” asked the MP.


  3. i’ve listened to those clips on “flowdurent” register and am speechless

    here is the chief custodian and primary enforcer of the political parties act, basically saying that she does not know what to do or how to go about her job

    whats more brings the dubious argument that its across the board. plain dumb and stupid. how do you admit that you hold fraudulent records in your register. so whats the point of the register

    kibaki legacy of inept inefficient office bearers whose only purpose is to perpetuate regional interest.


    • More importantly is why the civil services and other ODM/CORD think tanks are quiet over this issue as Job has pointed out. There should be an uproar over these irregularities and charges being filed against this obviously very incompetent woman for failure to act. The stage is being set for a catastrophic election year…….slowly but surely while we stand by and watch. Its starting to get a little frustrating.


  4. TNA have been caught pants down fradulently registering unsuspecting members of public as their members. Millions of unwilling Kenyans now appear as members of TNA against their wish.

    Under developed and functioning systems, this TNA fraud warrants immediate deregistration of TNA as a party by the Registrar of Political Parties.

    TNA Chairman Sakaja tried to blame other parties for deliberately recruiting members and fraudulently entering them into RPP database as TNA members. Ms Lucy Ndungu termed those allegations an impossibility since each party has a unique code and password to work with.

    We wait to see what action the RPP will take on TNA. There has been suspicions that the RPP is a puppet of TNA. This is her chance to prove us all wrong.


    • Phil,
      CORD cannot wait for Ndungu to do anything for she will do nothing.
      In 07/08 people were aware that Kibaki was trying to steal the elections but waited with the protest until it was too late. CORD must to to court now if this thing is to be resolved.

      Who knows, what will happen on election day. One may tick CORD but through technical manipulation end up voting Jubilee.

      This is a sensitive issue that most politicians do not want to talk about because it involves the ICC suspects. But it is something that must be brought up.


    • .
      It is a dishonourable and ignominious shame that the Registrar of Political Parties (RPP) Lucy Ndung’u has blatantly refused to follow the law by deregistering TNA despite overwhelming evidence of massive fraud.

      Even her TV interviewer (in the NTV clip) and a studio producer found themselves in the TNA register against their own will. How did they fraudulently enter these databases? The law calls for deregistration of such fraud-based parties. The massive scale of the fraud is inexcusable by any means.

      It is clear to the whole world that TNA is desperately trying to project a false sense of invincibility in numbers which do not actually exist. They have been caught pants down – illegally inflating their registration database. But the Registrar of Political Parties has turned a blind eye – clearly abetting the fraud and illegality by TNA.

      This Lucy Ndung’u needs to face the law – for abuse of office. This is one office (RPP) which should have been filled afresh as per the new Constitution – whose transition chapters mandated a fresh replacement back in August 2012. But the impunity-driven Kibaki cronies unconstitutionally stood their ground in retaining this biased and shameless Lucy Ndung’u in that office – precisely to assist them rig elections. All evidence shows Lucy Ndung’u is abetting fraud to justify her continued unconstitutional stay in office. She is definitely on TNA’s payroll.

      Lucy Ndung’u has at her disposal, the identifying code for persons who illegally/fraudulently ‘recruited’ hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting people by entering them into the TNA database. Each time a recruitment is done – the recruiter’s pass code appears in the computer database. Lucy Ndung’u has deliberately chosen to turn a blind eye to this serious CRIME – leaving the sacred cows perpetrating this fraud untouched.

      In fact, Lucy Ndung’u has resorted to the false equivalency argument – claiming that ‘all’ parties are after all affected by such fraud. It was such a shameless display of impunity in that interview. She sub-consciously became the TNA advocate, downplaying if not defending the fraud on national TV.

      She is even brazenly transferring the burden of redressing the fraud to the victims themselves…asking them to individually write to her office…then she will contact TNA and ‘ask them to remove’ those names from their database. What about victims who are illiterate? What about those without internet access – who may not even find out they are fraudulently registered in TNA?

      It is quite disheartening to realize that all political parties in our democracy (under Kibaki) are forced to compete with diehard thieves and fraudsters – with the referees openly siding with the thieving. This smacks of the brazen election thievery of 2007, which resulted in bloodshed and mayhem. Is this surely the country we want to resign into..a country of, by, and for THIEVES?

      The civil society should spring into action and take steps to have this woman face the full force of the law. Kenya must insist on being a country governed by the rule of law…not perpetual fraud and thievery. Other political parties must insist on immediate filling of a new Registrar of Political Parties…because this is a disaster waiting to happen! Let this matter be addressed now! A stitch in time saves nine!


      • Job,

        I have talked to a few people down there and the consensus is to take this thing to court. Lucy Ndung’u is a disgrace but the law is the law. These people are playing with fire and they are going to get what they are asking for.

        The entire electoral process can be ground to a halt. This is an explosion waiting to happen. The consequences may be very grim. Political parties registered through fraud cannot participate in the Kenyan electoral process. That is the law. Lucy Ndung’u may be your next Samuel Kivuitu with disastrous consequences. Impunity has limits. These crooks should have learnt that by now. Obviously they haven’t. We will see where this goes but it doesn’t look good for the country.


      • Adongo,
        Thats the only way to go because this thing might get out of control.
        Last time we thought that Kibaki was just joking about stealing the elections he meant business and the country was set on fire.

        This cannot be allowed to happen again even it means postponing the elections. No elections is worth what happened in 07/08. Lucy Ndungu is the wrong person to ask to arbitrate in this matter as she pretends not to have a clue of whats going on yet she is at the center of all the mess.


  5. tnk,
    I’m afraid that if things start going in wrong in “technology” then its almost impossible to recover without a complete overhaul. Once the kits get things wrong in one, they might simply repeat the same in all. This might occur uniformly in which case, it might be easier to fix but it might also be random, which would be impossible to fix given the short period of time.

    What the IEBC should have done was to get some other independent experts to counter check the output.

    Truth is that a good programmer can fool the kits and make the Kibaki led fraud look like child play. Hassan seem to have too much trust on the collected data. I don’t. The politicians are too busy campaigning to see that this very data will be their downfall.

    TNA is already manipulating the voters register and nobody seems to care. Why ask Lucy Ndungu about the above, she probably has no idea whats happening. The problem is squarely with the IEBC. I can even tell you that Hassan just like Kivuitu before him is being led astray by junior in his own office who are probably in the payroll of TNA.


  6. i have always been more than accomodating and willing to give isaak hassan and IEBC benefit of doubt

    i appreciate that they have a thankless task, fraught with numerous challenges, mostly due to the idiocy from parliament.

    consider that there will soon be a law to stop people from alcohol intake 2 days prior to election

    don’t get me wrong, but am sure these are the same legislators that claimed sharia law was being introduced by the new consitution. IMO mututho is 300 times worse than any sharia law. the man wants the country’s laws to protect him from his own personal grief

    democratic rights are personal, people have a right to chose to vote and also to chose NOT to vote. forcing someone to go vote is just as criminal as blocking someone to vote. its about freedom of choice and freedom to wilfully exercise your choice

    these mututho-ists are insane

    anyway back to IEBC, these guys are under tremendous pressure to perform and deliver in an extraordinary manner. because of this, mistakes have been made and will continue to be made

    top of the potentially dangerous issues is an over-reliance on technology to fix a human caused deliberate tampering of voter tally – i can almost tell you the result of that

    the next area is this single sourcing of BVR kits and now ballot papers

    it seems to me that IEBC’s success in conducting by-elections and the referendum are swiftly overturned or negated by the increasingly suspect management of logistics leading to the 1st general elections

    the complete helplessness and lack of order in political party discipline in just setting and adhering to a few basic guidelines

    the complete botching up of party member lists,

    lack of ability to network with MPs to respect PPA and attendant acts

    of course we appreciate they are working under a very restricted environment but they still have to demonstrate some backbone

    the first word in their title is INDEPENDENT. they are anything but.

    come one Hassan, do us proud. set the ground rules now, for march 4 will be too late, you will watch events you are supposed to manage, with the same incredulity that kivuitu did on 07.

    you can still take control of this process, start by firing lucy ndungu. that post has been vacant from inception.


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