Musalia’s Entry a DANGER TO THE NATION!

I cannot help but think that Musalia’s entry into the presidential race as the ‘third force’ (as if), is indeed a danger to the wellbeing of our nation, a danger which can be realised within a few weeks to come!

In his article, Mutua recalls the role Kalonzo played in the 2007 G elections and the subsequent PEV where hundreds lost their lives and hundreds of thousands more became refugees in their own country. Many will be familiar with the fact that a good number of those refugees still live in makeshift camps and are yet to be settled.

One of the very obvious reasons the violence erupted was not only due to the fact that the final results were alleged to have been rigged, but fundamentally, the very close elections results that came about acted as the major source of the fire that errupted from the resultant dispute. In that regard Mutua has made a correct observation on the effects Kalonzo’s ‘third force’ role played in causing about such an outcome.

This time round it is not Kalonzo who has been left out of the main “two horse race”, but rather it is Musalia who is about to play a very similar role, perhaps with the hope that he may subsequently be able to bargain his position should there be no clear winner during the first round and the second round becomes necessary.

I think many observers will agree with me that Musalia does not stand a chance to win the presidential race, leave alone within the first round, but certainly not in the second round, where his name couldn’t be in the ballot!

It is also a fact that Musalia’s image has been damped in the pit out of the events that we are all familiar with during his ‘devilish’ squabbles with Uhuru.

Now then, if Musalia’s chances are remotely very slim, what then becomes the purpose of his eleventh hour candidature if not as a spoiler for an outright winner by one of the two ‘horses’ and the subsequent bargaining chip to be part of the ‘coalition’? As it is, just yesterday, Uhuru has already indicated his desire to “work with others as in a government of national unity”, my reading being a veiled indication to those ‘”others”, who may be able to work with him and their support may become necessary in order to win either in the first round or even the second if needs be:

Politics and selfish deals as this may seem, crucially this approach can be to us another catastrophe in the making, just like during the 2007 elections. As such I am of the opinion that MM’s strategy is not only extremely selfish, but similarly, it is cruel in its reckless desire that MM and his cohorts do not seem to have the interest of our nation at heart and would risk anything, including possible deaths of thousands of innocent potential victims if only for the sake of their personal monetary gains!

By abdulmote Posted in kenya

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