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  1. ION, the list of those(already) planning to oust Ranguma in 2017 is growing…….’japolo’ a tailor in kibuye, Abdulqadir who ‘stepped down’ 🙂 for Ken Obura in the last nominations …..

    I think it’s a little early for this but Ranguma only has himself to blame for failing to take advantage of the political capital in his first year in office.

    mungu saidia.


    • Akinyi
      Governor Ranguma will be beaten handsomely in the next elections. Thats a forgone conclusion. There is no way on earth he will be able to retain the position. Abdulkadir is a force to reckon with. He is a true peoples person and I will not be suprised if he won the seat. Ranguma had a golden opportunity which he has completely lost. The man has done nothing, I mean nothing at all for the residents of Kisumu county. So he has to go.


  2. the issue of clanism once again reared its ugly head. well, we have ended up with Ranguma who probably has a greater attachment to nairobi than kisumu,
    as our likely first governor. as governor, will not be surprised if he takes the morning flight and hops on the evening KQ flight back to nbi.

    He doesn’t inspire much confidence going by what i have seen on his FB page. Ranguma needs to give us specifics. Amongst other generalities, he says his administration will improve road, water, and air transport within the East Africa region and the world….please!

    No mention of agriculture, except the promise (during his campaigns) to provide a dairy cow for every home 🙂

    Any optimists out there?


    • `

      I am frankly disappointed too. My combing for those specific plans (you ask) landed me in a phone conversation with Jack Ranguma himself. The brutal truth is – there is no vision or specific plan(s) for Kisumu County from Ranguma! I have no problem getting that off my chest. My friend Phil may disagree with me, but I know what I’m talking about. If you Akinyi ask Ranguma where he’ll start, he’ll instead ask you to send him an email with your suggestions.

      What we have from Ranguma are lofty copy and paste generalities that he himself has difficulty articulating. The impression is that he hasn’t given a serious thought where to start, apart from knowing who he’ll appoint into certain positions. Too much survivalist politics has consumed his mind. To insulate against too much scrutiny and questions, I’m told he brought in Ruth Odinga as running mate…something he is also cunningly using as a sycophant’s platitude towards Orange House. These are things that frankly irritate many Kisumu residents. Most of Nyanza is rejecting the culture of blind sycophancy – that’s why even Nyong’o and Kajwang are having difficulty addressing any rally today.

      I can also tell you confidently that the Governor in waiting has been busy “seeing” local Indian merchants and Industrial Investors running firms (like Sugar firms) within the County. And that is where my beef with such characters start. It is all about Integrity. This former Commissioner of Income Taxes then Commissioner of Inland Revenue/Domestic Taxes at KRA is among the wealthy Kenyan ex-civil servants. He was schooled in the VAT/KRA tax regimen – the haven for crooked deals with tax-evading merchants. In that KRA environment, you become super wealthy if you are adept at extorting businessmen, diverting taxes into your pocket, and of course sharing it with people who could ‘tell on you’.

      When you voluntarily pick such a person to run your Sh 7 billion annual county kitty – then naively expect diligent services – you must be joking! Such characters have little time thinking about casting a vision or laying a foundation for long term prosperity. They are too consumed by political survival and greed. Awarding of any contracts for services will got to – your guess is as good as mine – themselves. At super-inflated costs…monthly variations…and less service! The same games that have been going on at the national government between State House and Treasury will come closer home. The last question in their mind before they get to bed is not – how much service deficit does my county need. It is instead something like, all my former colleagues at KRA have personal choppers and rental condominiums…what about me? And your guess is right what he’ll be thinking to implement the next morning in office — not delivering service; but probably working towards the chopper and condos.

      There is this thing called Chapter 6 of the Constitution – which stipulates Integrity requirements for Leaders. If we were to enforce this chapter alone – half of Kenya’s problems would be solved rapidly. It would end this vicious cycle where looters and plunderers use stolen wealth to bribe voters and get into power –to perpetrate more looting and plundering. Devolution has now made it possible for the big timer looters to come pilfering from mashinani. Great and visionary leaders with shovel-ready plans but without moneny to bribe the masses will be left out in preference for wolves in sheep skin.

      Some of these folks you see flaunting ill-gotten wealth and throwing handouts to the masses have refused to pay less bigger debts (like $ 40,000 loans) they got from ‘good friends’ here in the U.S. Integrity is important my friend. In short, all I’m saying is that Jack Ranguma must know we’ll hold his feet (& Ruth Odinga’s) in fire if he thinks he’ll entrench the VAT/KRA shake-downs in Kisumu- that’s granted! It would be silly to start salivating over county allocations for Kisumu County without any vision or plan for service delivery.


      • job,
        I think we have set the bar so low (am amazed at some of the choices for mp) and wasted the perfect opportunity to turn things around. no wonder he never appeared for any of the debates. this is a guy who was nearly locked out of the race because he wasn’t aware that he had to get clearance from CHE for his foreign degrees. does he fully understand the duties or demands of his new job? I don’t know. so far he hasn’t convinced me that he’s up to the task.


      • thanks job, akinyi and mzee for the valuable insights

        i think mzee hits the nail on the head when he says a governor is basically the equivalent of a county president. it is a very high profile job. its a pity that the status quo and impunity lords have tried their best to dilute and / or impede true devolution, but it will come one way or another

        one of the things we have to bear in mind is that a president tends to get shielded from many of his/her rivals due to a large number of variables, a governor however will be much closer to events and will have to interact with almost every aspect of the county. what i mean is that for counties that are more or less strongholds of a given party or influence, the governors will have a much easier task working with elected leaders, however counties that have wider diversity in terms of party or party affiliation, will face more challenges due to conflicting ideology.

        i have said before that these aspiring governors do not seem to be fully versed with their roles and are mostly playing it by ear. they are hoping to learn on the job, and this of course will be at the expense of the counties.

        whats worse, the belligerence from OP on restructuring the PA will definitely set the course for severe clashes particularly with hierarchy, service delivery, general cohesion / team play and administration. we have to acknowledge that MPs, senator, governor, the so called county commissioners and don’t know who else will be competing to be top dog running the show. there will be conflicting orders to sub-ordinates and generally i think there will be some big mess initially in some counties as strong personalities clash. many will be asking for intervention from other bodies to cool tempers.

        in my view, realistically i think that the first half of the first government will be focused on establishing structures and mechanisms of operation as well as adjusting to cash starvation from treasury. there will be a lot of mistakes, back stabbing and other ills. its very likely that most first governors will not be re-elected come the next election.

        the one thing i have not seen that puzzles me is why the governors are not yet teaming with senator and conducting joint campaigns, yet the senators will be critical in ensuring that appropriate laws are enacted that provide conducive environment for county governments to operate.

        the new constitution is about building working relationships/synergy between ward reps, senator, MP and governor to make a functional county government. this is no longer about some maverick mp standing his ground solo in parliament.

        i would strongly urge the party and coalition leaders to start impressing on the various candidates the importance of conducting campaigns in a manner that recognizes that at the end of the elections, all of them must come together to build the county.

        can you imagine if the senator has a completely different (ideological) blueprint from that of the governor, the mp has a different one and ward reps as well.

        we cannot continue to live in this chaotic ad-hoc formation and still expect to make progress.

        all CORD affiliated aspirants need to fashion their blueprints on the umbrella harmonized manifesto and only lifting for emphasis the specifics that best represent their regional interests.

        kenyans must begin to learn and appreciate the process of building upon rather than always re-inventing the wheel each and every time. otherwise what is the purpose of all these launches of harmonized manifestos for the coalitions and the individual party manifestos

        ==adongo, job, can you guys talk with your connections==


  3. Things are still fluid but I understand that Jack Raguma has turned out to be the front runner here.
    I hope the disgraceful thing that happened in Siaya will not happen in Kisumu.


  4. overall the aspirants so far for the kisumu governor have demonstrated excellent appreciation of the tasks and responsibilities, a mastery of the local issues as well as have an almost endless supply of solutions.

    i think, just looking at that panel, there is a need to draw from their collective synergy and complementary skills not just for this campaign period but for the long term, i.e because they all have a deep felt appreciation and common desire to work for the county, it would be beneficial after the elections to revisit each other and form discussion committees that work out ways to implement some of their vision.

    the key difference from what i see is that of priority projects and management approach, but I do not perceive any radically divergent ideology.

    i however have one criticism not just for the kisumu governor but most likely applies across the board (even when i hear ruto and uhuru “bringing” jobs to the youth)

    many of these guys are taking the “superman – i have come to rescue you” approach i.e get elected to “power”, and then roll up their sleeves and start creating jobs, kiwanda here, coffee there and what not. like how birds go out to catch worms and bring them back and drop them into the mouths of their offspring

    if we step back a little, it would appear that these fellows want to create govt type industry to feed and employ their constituencies (me personally myself I am bringing you development – aka kumekunjwo 🙂 ) . a big NO NO. soon such ventures will lead to even more bloated civil service, and spill on to mass waste and on to gross inefficiencies etc.

    which brings me to my point, what is the true role of these governors in a modern economy, etc and how can they help improve the counties/constituencies etc?

    my view, the most sustainable industry is commercial and free enterprise. i,e bring in investors and private business who will make profit or a the few handful that will want to bring in industry to help promote the region

    the role of these leaders would be therefore to

    a) create the enabling environment that will attract local (county) and non-local (national and international) investors and business – through incentives or other attractive local features

    b) ensuring that these businesses must employ more than X % ( i would suggest 70%) of the local workforce in lower labor categories, and at least 50% in management in return for other incentives e.g lower local tax and what nots

    c) work out models where profits are taxed less when used in county etc

    d) protect the county residents from harmful impacts resulting from the industry e.g low quality goods, environmental degradation, poor working conditions or pay, etc by setting, applying and enforcing local standards

    e) working out policy for establishment of industry standards e.g residential estate builders must also provide access roads, sufficient parking, water + electricity etc, i.e a complete package

    etc, the list is not exhaustive

    the point is this, the county management moves away from the “doing” and opens the space for businesses to thrive, and then get their revenue from policing the services, while ensuring locals get gainful employment, and local resource are better utilised and managed.

    by setting such models, the county government is not encumbered with high wage bills etc, commercial industry thrives making profit on a true demand/supply model that is sustainable

    of course there are specific services that must be carried out by national government, and others by county government.

    for this reason i get a little concerned when i hear the business models discussed by this panel. although it is well intended, it is synonymous with the “michuki rules” syndrome. i.e personality driven, once the person leaves, the projects die if a rival takes over. the odinga lady is more investor driven in approach, but appears to want to sacrifice locals to accommodate investors which would defeat the purpose of devolution to empower locals. industry and profit must not override or supersede welfare of the locals. an in-efficient , unskilled local labor in industry is a far much better alternative to an unemployed, disenfranchised, xenophobic mob glaring at “foreigners” utilising their resources.

    the model i describe above sets standards and policies and then gives the economic driving keys to entrepreneurs and businesses of course within approved guidelines.

    i would appeal to these new national and county leaders to move away from the colonial mindset of “govt is bringing you goodies” – to a mindset that inventories the local resources and assets, and then prepares a master plan for local and non local business to harness these resources for mutually profitable enterprise.

    establishing goals or policy such as local partnerships etc.

    lastly – i think the sole gentleman in that clip and the lawyer capture this very well,
    there is a need to first fully appraise all the various resources that are already available and work towards more efficient management of these, before or even as new projects are brought in. in some cases more efficiency with existing resources might be even more effective and productive than bringing in new ventures. this will be extremely useful especially if the treasury mandarins still continue the bad habits of delayed or skewed disbursements. and this is an area that i want to hear how these governors plan to engage all the players i.e county governments, national assembly, CRA etc in order to make sure that they get their fair shares due and that these are provided in a timely fashion and fully accounted for.

    all in all i have no doubt that these aspirants have the capacity to achieve all this, but they may need to change/adjust at least some traditional approaches

    having said that, i’d like to say that the interviewer chege is below par and attempts too hard to sound hard hitting but with very little substance asked. its tedious and lame to keep asking an aspirant “are you the man?” why do you think they offered themselves for these posts? is it because “they are NOT the man”? common dude style up, its not kindergarten.

    [almost final draft]


  5. How about Jack Ranguma for Governor? What if the increasingly popular by her own right Ruth Odinga slips in and causes an upset?

    Nyongo is lucky to have attracted weak opposition. He has all the right credentials but I have doubts about some of his performances on the political front.

    By the way @Job @Mzee and @Akinyi, is Pastor George Weda the same person as TNA’s Ambrose Otieno Weda (Nairobi based Lawyer and Aspirant for Kisumu Governor)??


    • Phil,
      There is a likelihood that Ruth Odinga might slip through. She is well spoken and does not have a chip on her shoulders inspite being Railas sister. This is appealing to people. The only problem she has is that as the CEO of molasses she has not employed local people. Its said that majority of those working at the plant come from Bondo. Her opponents are asking why kisumu residents should give hare a job when she has refused to give residents jobs. Personally, I would not like to have her as governor now until after RAO has completed his two terms as president of the republic.


      • First – apology is in order. I mistakenly attributed the saga of grabbed Railway Pension Houses to Ruth rather than Beryl Odinga. I forward my sincere apology to Ruth for any damage that may have caused.

        However, I still support Mrs. Ahonobadha for the seat…precisely for her record, experience and integrity!

        In my view, it would be a sad thing if Ruth would ‘slip through’ as you suggest Mzee. Kisumu voters just need to elect a qualified person of integrity who can adequately be responsible for managing a budget of several billions annually…not on the basis of relationships and kin.

        Let there be a clean contest…where certificates are not traded to allows voters to determine this thing.


    • phil, not sure if okil Ambrose Weda (tna aspirant) is in any way related to the pastor Weda. job might shed more light.

      are you preparing us for something? anyway, there’s no telling the way things will go until the last vote is counted especially with so many strong candidates – sijui we send some of them your way. rhoda still gets my vote still although i understand ruth enjoys a fanatical following among women and youth.
      eti Ranguma? let him come down from that ivory tower, then we can begin to take him seriously. is it true that Sam Wakiaga and Peter Raburu have also thrown their hats in the ring?

      @mzee, the odingas have been unfairly criticized over their failure to employ locals. what i know is that those with the relevant training and skills have always been encouraged to apply. instead, watu wa mikono show up in their hundreds demanding to be given jobs. what exactly is ruth supposed to do given that this, is a PRIVATE business that insn’t labor intensive?


  6. job and mzee,

    It’s a shame that only three women from Nyanza have served in the legislature since Kenya’s independence. we have had a councilor here and there, but surely, we have very many capable women. unbelievable, but old as she is, Grace Onyango is still entrusted with leadership – she manages Kenyatta Sports Ground, i think or is that Olago’s baby? The place has undergone a major transformation from the days we had inter-primary school games, and train travellers/residents used it as a short-cut between ‘stend’ and ‘town’

    Anyway, since Asiyo hang up her boots 16 years ago, women parliamentary aspirants haven’t been lucky (or is it loaded enough?) well, roundi hii, hakuna micheso 🙂 the political landscape is destined to change and Ahonobadha….ndani. seriously, if what am hearing from my contacts is true, then Rhoda is our first Governor.

    For the senate seat, Anyang’ beats the other contenders – apparently the striking nurses don’t think so. my only concern is his health and whether he will effectively handle the rigors of this new office. don’t know much about the nairobi-based engineer otieno odongo. what i remember is seeing his name on every white elephant in town- let him enjoy his loot in piece.

    The three contenders for women’s rep don’t inspire much confidence and i wish Rozah Ochang’ (Buyu) could go for it. unfortunately, she has decided to battle it out with Olago and that is going to be one interesting fight.


    • Folks,

      You seem to have your ears right on the money. It is becoming quite clear by the day that Rhoda Ahonobadha stands above the rest – especially when it comes to INTEGRITY which is the key trait required of Kisumu’s maiden Governor. You do not want to put greedy sharks near a Sh 7 billion annual budget. It will all end up in their pockets.

      Mzee, let’s call a spade a spade. Ruth Adhiambo Odinga has very recent integrity issues. That’s a warning shot right there. Railway Pension houses in Kisumu!!! Helloo!!!! When she talks of bringing investors (employers) to Kisumu, think about Burgess and Dominion in Yala. Investment models that score big for the investor but little for the local stakeholders (workers, local government) doesn’t stir my appetite at all.

      Just think about cheap transfer of local sugar mills to Adhiambo’s cronies… before Kisumu blinks an eye, Muhoroni, Chemelil, Miwani, Kibos, Ahero Rice Scheme et al will all be under ownership of her local and foreign partners. That’s not the kind of economic ‘boost’ and employment creation I’m looking at.

      I see the kind of agri-based, infrastructure-intensive economy being espoused by Ahonobadha the right way. How she transfers water from Lake Victoria into peoples household and farms (irrigation) is her priority. Her experience at Kewaso is invaluable…especially at this time when the French are expanding water and sewage infrastructure for Kisumu. Unlike Ruth Adhiambo’s vision to rush in friends in a quick privatization spree, Rhoda simply wants to push for subsidy and loan write-offs to sugar farmers and these companies – the same kind that was extended to tea and coffee farmers. Written-off loans would free most of these companies from receivership…Trust me – you do not want to rush to privatize these companies while in receivership (& making losses). That way, they’ll be doled out for just a few pieces of silver.

      It is very clear to see Ruth Adhiambo’s interest in investing in these companies herself. She wishes to do so as Governor – wielding local executive powers. That is what we call conflict-of-interest in the civilized world. Let her bid to buy from outside, while clean people of integrity like Mrs Ahonobadha stand in for Kisumu people. It is what it is…we must lay these things out in the open.

      Coming to Mrs. Woigo, well I didn’t suggest she was Mother Teresa in any way. All I did was research about her competitors and found both wanting. She is thus the better compromise. Mrs. Nyamunga should stick to running her hotel chains and grain millers in Juba, Kisumu, Ahero, Nairobi and elsewhere. Her base is Nairobi, period! Kisumu people cant hike to meet her at Karen or South C!

      Akinyi – I think Nyong’o is healthy enough to represent Kisumu in the Senate. I met him recently and he is in fine shape…he only needs a clean shave of his masharubu. A strong national figure is required to safeguard interests of these maiden devolution units. Kenya’s history is too brutal to treat things casually. At Independence, we had devolution…and it took Kenyatta just months to kill jimbos (by denying them funds)… and abolish the Senate altogether. Already today, Kenyatta’s scion Uhuru and his successor at Treasury (Githae) are trying to starve Counties into oblivion – even before their launch. Strong Senators who can even impeach a President need to fill that Upper House and Nyong’o will not only represent Kisumu’s interest… but the entire concept of devolution in Kenya.

      On Maxwell Otieno Odongo…well, two things. The elitist aloofness displayed by the likes of Mrs. Nyamunga comes in. I don’t know whether he has also set up his office for constituents at Karen. Secondly, a deeply entrenched image of KANU damu still persists to date. These were the KANU blue-eyes who acquired wealth under Moi…yet never partook observable interest in social development. Such folks are perceived by voters as merely viewing such seats as retirement nests…from where they can land safely towards their sunset….little to do with serving wananchi. These people only know what being served feels like…they haven’t served anyone in their entire life.

      I agree with your take on Rozah Buyu. The fact that you mention her name brings a stark reminder of the ugly process of nominations. Every Tom, Dick and Harry in Kisumu knows that Rozah beat Olago in the 2007 nomination race. Kisumu people do not want a repeat of the ugly grabs of nomination certificates by losers wielding armies of political thugs.

      I keep reminding the ODM/CORD leadership that even the U.S. State Department has indicated it will have its eyes on the ground during CORD’s 2013 primary nomination process in a matter of days. Any violent certificate grabs will be catastrophic to this coalition’s image, period! I keep reminding these folks not to take things for granted. I’m frankly nervous that a political player – Franklin Bett is leading the process. Let them not even think about dirty shenanigans. If Rozah beats Olago, so be it! If Ahonobadha beats Ruth Odinga, Kisumu people shall have spoken! If Woigo beats Mrs. Nyamunga, let it be! If Nyong’o wins, so be it, period.



  7. mzee

    thanks for these clips

    have only listened to the first two at the top, and must say am very impressed with the way these guys articulate the issues and plans for kisumu as they perceive them, will listen to the rest of them then make an assessment. they are evidently very experienced and have significant academic background too

    this is awesome


      • hehehe akinyi

        here is some more dossier on those vying for nairobi governor our chief stone thrower waititu might be another “fake degree holder” it appears that he forgot his real name

        some things are stranger than fiction

        Embakasi Member of Parliament has denied reports that the TNA’s party’s election board is querying his degree certificate. Speaking at a press conference today, Waititu said there is nothing wrong with the certificate adding that he is still in the race for Nairobi governor.

        The certificates in question bear the name Clifford Waititu rather than Ferdinand Ndung’u Waititu as is stated in his birth certificate and identification cards.


      • hehehe tnk,
        Nairobians need some kind of divine intervention to save them from these thugs masquerading as leaders. Clifford Waititu aka Ferdinand ndung’u, Ferdinand Waititu or whatever else he calls himself isn’t about to give up without a fight, especially when other fraudsters and criminals aren’t getting pressured as much.

        Look at the other one – Sonko the serial jail breaker and fugitive from the law with a rap sheet so long it can only compete wanugu’s and wacucu’s-what became of all those cases? did he not complete his bachelor’s degree (in one year) last year or am i confusing him with another mp? oh, and the little allegation of being a major international drug lord !

        seriously, nairobians deserve better that’s all i can say 🙂


    • I have decided to make publicly known my political endorsements for my home county (Kisumu) for this upcoming season, prior to the nominations slated for January 17th, 2013. I did not base this on ground popularity – but made my own assessment of their suitability.

      In the process, I have carefully glanced at the new Constitution, and reflected deeply over the background and experience of respective candidates. Needless to state, I know some of these candidates in person – which has ironically helped me, strike some of them (out completely) from recommendation.

      Senate Candidates:

      • Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o
      • Pastor George Weda
      • James Ochola Ogoda
      • Maxwell Otieno Odongo

      Considering the paramount duties of the Senator (as per the new Constitution) namely:

      • Representing the interests of the counties and their governments.
      • Participating in law-making by considering, debating and approving Bills concerning counties.
      • Contributing towards the determination of allocation of national revenue among counties.
      • Wielding powers of impeachment over President and Vice-President
      There is no doubt one candidate stands above the rest lined up for Kisumu County. I humbly endorse/support;

      PROF. PETER ANYANG’ NYONG’O – as the most capable to safeguard the interests of Kisumu County, in the Upper House (Senate) of Kenya.


      Gubernatorial candidates:

      • Peter Odoyo
      • Jack Raguma
      • Walter Kitoto Adel
      • Dr. Barrack Abonyo
      • Ojwang Kombudo
      • Jack Ranguma
      • Peter Odoyo
      • Peter Hongo
      • Ruth Adhiambo Odinga
      • Owino Omollo
      • Prof Billy Kariaga
      • David Wayiera
      Considering the crucial power, funds and responsibilities bestowed to a Governor under the new dispensation, the paramount quality required of a Governor (besides education/academic qualifications) is INTEGRITY.
      Going through the line up above, it is quite easy to eliminate obviously questionable characters. I don’t know about most folks but I personally do not wish to entrust KSHS 7 BILLION annually to a former civil servant who became wealthy by merely working at KRA (tax collector). That’s a red flag right there. Whatever they did at KRA they will do to Kisumu County allocations and revenue! You can take that to the bank.

      INTEGRITY, INTEGRITY, INTEGRITY! Someone with a record of having grabbed public utility plots – right in Kisumu- must be quite audacious to run even before the ink has dried. Candidature based on brazen entitlement and royal dynasties must be kicked out!

      The Governorship is also not a trial run office for those barely relocating from the Diaspora – who have been away for decades. Find another job please!

      This is also not a position to choose based on clanism, which is why I precisely reject all 3 interested parties from my home constituency, including one soon to be an octogenarian.

      My pick for the most visionary and integrity-wielding candidate whom I endorse for Kisumu County Governor is therefore:



      Out of the three leading candidates, Rose Nyamunga, Dr Rose Kisia and Ms Grace Woigo, my research and consultations have yielded credible reports of an unmatched record of community activism from just ONE development-minded candidate whom I will endorse. She can effectively help legislate matters of great concern to the people of Kisumu.

      Can you believe one of the ELITE candidates in this race (who has designed a fabulous website with lovely background music, flashy colours and such) has publicly announced that Kisumu County citizens with pertinent questions can catch her at her private office at Mugoya South C Shopping Center! That is her – in her own words, not me!

      This blind elite from the Karen suburbs wants mama Atieno to spend thousands of shillings by boarding a bus from Nyalenda to Nairobi then find her way through the maze of Nairobi streets to Mugoya South C! Maajabu kweli! All because she has name recognition and feels entitled given her husband was a former MP! Gud lawd!

      In my view, the most suitable candidate for this race – no contest really is:

      There it is: Nyongo (Senator); Ahonobadha (Governor); Woigo (Women Rep) is it for me. Let the people of Kisumu decide.


      • Job,
        You are right on PROF. PETER ANYANG’ NYONG’O and MRS. RHODA ATIENO AHONOBADHA but I have doubts about GRACE WOIGO. This is one person who has been in the business of buying and selling votes ever since I was in secondary school. Every election cycle has been a money minting season for her. What she usually does is pretend to want to vie for a parliamentary seat, then get a number of supporters to rally around her. As the elections nominations gets close she simply goes to another candidate and “sells her votes”. Even though she is always active during elections, even campaigning, she has never been on the ballot paper even once. I don’t think that she is serious. But one thing you need to give her is that she is a people’s person and a true Kisumu resident. So the possibility of being nominated is very high.

        The one person who should never be elected as women rep is ROSE NYAMANGU, who is outright rude and full of herself. Now what is this issue of telling the of Kisumu to visit her in Nairob? Does she want to represent the people of Nairobi or Kisumu. Anyway´s that’s what happens when you think you are too important. Her arrogance does not augur well with the electorate. I understand that her sole selling point is that she is the wife of a former MP.

        I don’t know much about DR. ROSE KISIA apart from what she writes about herself. That she has traveled to many countries bla bla bla. There is something about ATIENO OTIENO that makes her not tick for me even though I cant put my fingers on it. But she is seems to be a smart woman too.

        I wish we had many more to choose from. I feel that none fits the bill. But if we must elect one amongst the three then its GRACE WOIGO even though I have serious doubts on her abilities. She is what one can call a busybody.

        Listening to the debate for the position of governor, I’m more impressed by the ladies than the men eyeing the position. All the ladies are articulate, self-assured and seem to know what they want for the people of Kisumu unlike men who are just blubbering and not saying anything intelligent. The two ladies who have impressed me most are RHODA ATIENO AHONOBADHA and RUTH ODINGA. They both seem to have very good ideas on how to take Kisumu forward. I’m however not sure about RUTH ODINGA´s intentions being RAO`S sister. Besides, the only major job she has held is that of CEO of SPECTRE which a family business. I don’t think that she has enough experience to carry the city forward. Even though she claims this and the other thing, this bill is too big for her.

        RHODA ATIENO AHONOBADHA stresses a lot on agriculture which is her field She talks passionately about clean water from Lake Victoria and how she is going to make it available to all. I like her ideas of eradicating poverty. Besides, she seems to understand almost all issues affecting the city and has concrete solutions. I will go with her.

        OBS! Look like every MP in Nyanza, former and current have put their spouses out there to vie for elective positions, especially in South Nyanza, it’s pathetic.

        The others such Ojwang Kombudo, Peter Odoyo, Jack Raguma etc are a waste of our precious time. People such as Dr. Barack Abonyo and Prof Billy Kariaga who are just joking around.


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