Last Chapter

As we bid farewell to the 10th parliament, marking an end to the old order and prepare to usher in a new one

These final days are not for rest but for increased vigilance. We have seen these 220 or so characters sneak in amendments and bills that sweeten their exits or pave paths for their comeback

We need to re-examine the 15 bills they will be “passing” in these final days, review and reflect on the bills that they should have passed in accordance with the new constitution, but also keep a sharp watch on the state house minions that take advantage of any gap.

Not only the bills but also institutions that required new staff or extensions (e.g ethics commission, NCIC etc)

I expect last minute pushes to lock in special posts.

(will fill in detail later …. )

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One comment on “Last Chapter

  1. among the issues we will be reviewing is CDF use for both the 10th and 9th parliament.

    am not clear under the new dispensation whether CDF funds will continue to be disbursed or will be swallowed under county funding but we will know in due course

    for now these two reports remain significant

    Last week outgoing MPs received monies disbursed to the Constituency Development Fund kitties from the Treasury.

    The Sh10.1 billion balance was released just 10 days before accounts, which will be credited with the monies, are frozen.

    It remains questionable why the funds should be released this late to patrons whose terms are expiring.

    This triggered a rush to complete pending projects after learning from experiences where new MPs abandoned programmes started by those they defeated in elections.

    but more importantly is this article,-grant-themselves-more-powers

    Members of Parliament would have more control in the management of the Constituencies Development Fund (CDF).

    This is after the law makers amended the CDF Bill at the Committee of the Whole House to allow MPs to sit in the Constituency Fund Development Committees as ex-officio members.

    The amendment to the Bill was floated by Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo and was supported by the legislators. But Yatta MP Charles Kilonzo warned against the move saying the presence of the MPs in the Committees would intimidate other Committee members.

    “It is very difficult when an MP sits in these committees because their presence intimidates other committee members, so please think twice,” Kilonzo warned.

    CDF Committees play a critical role in prioritising the projects to be funded by the Fund and MPs have not been members but just patrons. Having MPs as patrons was meant to minimise their influence in the management of the kitty.

    Projects funded by the Constituency Development Fund would also be cautioned from any expenses arising from its administration.

    Another amendment by Gumbo would see five per cent of the total allocation for a project go towards catering for the administration expenses of the project. The Project Management Committee shall set aside this sum.

    The MPs also edged out the Senate from oversight of the Fund by giving a Committee of the National Assembly to check the management of the Fund. There had been a proposal to have a joint Committee, which constitutes members of the Senate and from the National Assembly to oversight the Fund. But they voted against this provision saying the function should fall within the National Assembly.


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