While the Baragoi saga is no doubt unfolding rapidly it is vitally important to remember the valiant and brave men who obeyed orders and marched right into the jaws of death despite their inexperience. While the whole nation awaits the finale  (Including the full list of the fallen, missing & unidentified) millions are wondering how this grisly incident could happen.

Credit is due though to IGoP  and  IPOA for asserting their independence in moving this forward in the right direction. But….one thing we should never ever forget – civilized nations honor their REAL heroes living or brought back in body bags.  All actions  regardless of how well intentioned must begin by showing respect and appreciation to our brave men injured and dead protecting our peace  – some sleeping in a hotel nearby. There is no doubt Baragoi has been a galvanizing trigger and the young men are an ideal group for a start as we progress on the new path. The incidents that we would normally want to forget are the important incidents that’s should be commemorated for the perfectly simple reason that they should never ever be allowed to happen again.

If some burning spears are granted willy-nilly,  surely these brave young men protecting both your peace and mine deserve a minute of silence minimum. They are definitely worth more than that – their families and relatives should be given a chance to move forward with their lives feeling proud that their loved ones did not fall in vain – the alternative is for them living with guilt and burdened by the stigma of the tattered reputation of our police force (brought by a few) and this is growing and traumatic especially now that dirty linen is being washed in public.

IGoP and IPOA and whatever body is supposed to take care of the welfare of our uniformed to take this opportunity to let Kenyans’ show their appreciation and gratitude and let them know that’s as long as they will be doing the service of protecting our collective security, we will always be behind them and will cover their backs as they cover ours.

This is a god sent opportunity to harness the broken bond between our good uniformed and the citizenry. By commemorating these fallen Gentlemen even with a minute of silence – you will let the citizens show their appreciation for their service at the same time showing the good police that Kenyans appreciate their service. Am convinced this will be a good beginning in restoring the self esteem of the good men in uniform. Millions of Kenyans are waiting for just the simple opportunity to say a collective THANK YOU. You will be surprised how much goodwill this will generate on both sides while moving forward with the cleansing.

By 5thEstate Posted in kenya


  1. am sorry to say that the tenth parliament has left the men in uniform guessing due to some bill touching them remaining pending.This actually compromises s
    ecurity especially at this time of elections.


  2. The failure by GOK to begin implementing the National Police Service Act , 2011 has left Kenya without any semblance of internal security capabilities. All MPs I including the President and the PM have been complicit in this incredibly incompetent and fool hardy demonstration of malignant neglect! 54 days and counting? General Elections without a functioning police service borders on insanity!


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