The Resurgence of the “Ngoroko” State in Kenya

EXCLUSIVE – Right from the lion’s belly!

It is now official – we have a parallel police force colloquially referred to as “Ngoroko” which is surreptitiously running illegal activities for the Mt. Kenya ruling class. Their unlawful activities range from:

  • Cattle rustling
  • Poaching – esp. Elephant and Rhino
  • Electoral malpractices
  • Assassination hits
  • Car jackings
  • Extortion of citizens for police and military recruitment
  • Takeover of Mungiki extortions
  • Bank robberies
  • Money laundering
  • Escort and storage of narcotic drugs
  • Escort of looted minerals from Congo
  • Import and escort of looted merchandise from Somali pirates
  • Gun running
  • Protection for wanted fugitives like Felicien Kabuga


The reported police imposter Joshua Waiganjo and his family have admitted that the former was indeed a member of the revived “Ngoroko” squad. The Waiganjo-Baragoi debacle has unearthed stinking rot involving police instigated cattle rustling in the pastoralist areas of Lokitaung, Turkana, West Pokot, Marakwet, Samburu, Keiyo, and partly Laikipia.

It has been officially revealed that the Ngoroko outfit embedded within the KENYA POLICE (Regular Police, AP, GSU, Anti-Stock Theft Unit & CID) have been killing pastoralists and stealing cattle from them. This has then been shrewdly blamed on rival communities (Turkana v Pokot; Samburu v Turkana; Pokot v Tugen etc).

After robbing the pastoralists their source of livelihood, the cattle are then transported across the border into Uganda for fattening, then returned and supplied to Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) for a multi-billion shilling illegal trade. Some of the beef is exported to the Middle East.

The Senior Police Officers in the former Rift Valley, from interdicted PPO John M’Mbijiwe, suspended Anti Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) commandant Remi Ngugi, interdicted Njoro Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Peter Nthiga, and others, including former Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere, are all deeply involved in this earth-shaking scam.

Many Kenyan lawmakers while indicating not an iota of surprise are nevertheless shocked at the deep extent of the rot in this syndicate. The roots of the Ngoroko can be traced back to the period between 1976 and 1978 when a quasi-official police force and private army – exclusively serving ethnic and illegitimate business interests of the Kiambu mafia – was formed. The force reported directly to the Kiambu elite who often surrounded former President Jomo Kenyatta. Ironically, this force was using the dreaded reference of “Anti-Stock Theft Unit” existing today.

Today’s Ngoroko was structured under the wings of the Administration Police (AP), Anti-Stock Theft Unit, and part of the regular police. It has been reported that Ngoroko squad’s informal commander has been James Ephantus Mungai who has been reporting to both the former AP Commandant Kinuthia Mbugua and former Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere.

Evidence is now revealing that this latter-day Ngoroko has been operating the lucrative cattle rustling operation on a massive scale. State resources are being deployed to rob struggling pastoralists their only source of livelihood, leaving a trail of bloody retaliation between and among neighbouring ethnic communities.  While the Pokots, Tugens, Samburu, Turkana, and Marakwets kill each other, the actual culprit in rustling has been the “Ngoroko” force commanded by the likes of M’Mbijiwe and Iteere.

So lucrative has this trade been that a bank employee – linked to the unearthed police imposter Joshua Waiganjo –  recently resigned from his well-paying job to “join” the Ngoroko in Rift Valley, the very epicenter of cattle rustling. It has been reported that Faulu Kenya Nakuru branch manager Michael Njiru Runji confirmed that a Mr. Gerald Maina, who was a credit officer, went with the security team to Baragoi for a fact-finding mission but could not explain what his task was in security matters. Shortly after the trip, the bank employee resigned and purportedly joined the “police” outside the formal recruitment process.

Very embarrassing details have been exposed detailing how the police have been fooling the public regarding security and cattle rustling matters in the Rift. While police helicopters have been regularly deployed in the pretext of aerial surveillance and mapping of cattle rustling routes to Uganda, these have actually been trial runs for the Ngoroko operations themselves.

Whenever the police and paramilitary Ngorokos embark on their actual rustling operations, local scouts have often been involved. The latter are eventually ‘disappeared’. Ngoroko’s mayhem usually results in many deaths and displacement of innocent and poor pastoralists, many being children, women, and the elderly. It has been established that just recently, Ngoroko operations resulted in displacement of more than 3,000 people in Bartabwa division and Kipsaraman in Baringo North. From the Baragoi incident, which now looks more like a botched Ngoroko operation, thousands of Turkana are still trekking northwards away from Samburu County. These security hotspots are indeed artificially created in the name of state agents chasing illegal money.

It is clear that besides lip service, the Kibaki administration which has revived Ngoroko, has placed little priority in ensuring safety of Kenyan pastoralists, whom the Ngorokos are busy robbing using state machinery. Kibaki succession anglers like Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are deliberately mum on these serious security breaches affecting pastoralists whom they are right now inundating with diversionary campaign rhetoric. This entire lot seems to offer dim if not dire prospects for pastoralists in general. The overwhelming evidence now stares at the pastoralists’ right in their eyes.

It is from this Ngoroko context that Kenyans can now start appreciating the current wave of artificially instigated insecurity in targeted hotspots, whether in Tana River, Samburu, Garissa, or Mombasa. There is a general sense of lawlessness and insecurity across the entire country. Good cops and bad cops seem all drawn into making illegal side money, following in the footsteps of their Ngoroko counterparts.

The Mt. Kenya mafia decision to revive Ngoroko was probably motivated by many reasons apart from illegal hustling for quick money. Back in November 2007 a special squad of uniformed people was taken to the Embakasi AP Training School to train for certain unspecified activities prior to the ill-fated 2007 elections. These early Ngoroko graduates were to be later deployed to various polling stations to act as PNU agents. Some were to later storm into the KICC election tallying center, conspicuously displaying uncharacteristic police habits, for instance failing to salute the then Police Commissioner Maj. Gen. Hussein Ali. By the time the uniformed and gun-toting Ngorokos evicted citizens from the KICC plenary, ambushed former Electoral Commission Chairman Samuel Kivuitu, and forced the latter to declare Kibaki the winner of the 2007 elections, it was clear why the Ngoroko was formed in the first place. 

The deployment of services of these very Nakuru-based Ngorokos by Uhuru Kenyatta and Francis Muthaura during PEV is something that will be eloquently detailed at the Trial Chamber at the Hague in a short while from now.

Some reputed security experts have questioned the high frequency and unprecedented numbers of graduation ceremonies for AP recruits over the last couple of years. Many of these officers, in essence Ngorokos, have ended up with the mandate to guard Kenyan borders, through which cattle rustling and pirate merchandise influx have been revolving between Uganda and Somalia respectively. Some of their accomplices and operation counterparts are deliberately kept off the official roll of police – sometimes concealed under files of the disbanded ‘police reservists’.

The latter group is clandestinely kept away from official records for easy ‘elimination’ when needed. Joshua Waiganjo belonged to this group, and his current singing like a bird is indeed helping save his life – at least temporarily. When his father announced to the whole world that Waiganjo’s ‘outing’ had something to do with the Baragoi massacre, the old man knew exactly what he was doing – saving his son’s life!

Apparently, Waiganjo had earlier blurted out into wrong ears some secret details of the Baragoi operation – unraveling the maze of the tragic slaughter of 40-plus inexperienced cops. It is clear that Ngoroks were in the middle of a cattle rustling operation in Suguta Valley (near Baragoi), when they summoned for back-up. PPO M’Mbijiwe , the Anti-Stock Theft Unit boss, and others quickly assembled some recently police graduates and hastily sent them into Suguta valley. The youthful green horns walked into a death trap…and the rest is history, save for the missing bodies of some Ngorokos. Someone surreptitiously collected several bodies of Ngorokos in police uniform in a bid to conceal their identification through the government pathologists. Who retrieved these bodies? Where were they eventually dumped? This was a rustling operation gone bad…really bad. It was clear Waiganjo was disturbed that some of his semi-official police colleagues met untimely death.

This Ngoroko rustling operation is a big multi-billion enterprise in itself. There has been a quiet and unlawful redefinition of the roles of various security and military branches including the Army, Air Force, and Navy, precisely to give room to these Ngorokos to oversee illegal cross-border activities.

In this Ngoroko regime, drug-and-gun running and escort of looted minerals from Congo have flawlessly moved across our borders with unparalleled intensity. Well paid Ngorokos under direct instruction from top police officers (including former Commissioner Mathew Iteere) are said to regularly escort two Kenyan smugglers of Congolese minerals – Mr Joe Kirimi and Mr Paul Kobia, who have been named in a UN report as key dealers in fake and smuggled gold from the DR Congo. The duo are said to have helped smuggle a huge consignment of Congolese gold – an incident that brought DRC President, Joseph Kabila to Nairobi. It was while investigating this case that the Ngorokos assassinated a Senior Assistant Commissioner of KRA, Joseph Cheptarus. That was yet another example of the vicious and ruthless blood-spree by the Ngoroko squad.

Burial of Joseph Cheptarus – another victim of the Ngoroko – in Baringo County

Accompanying looted merchandise from foreign countries have also been an extraordinary flow of people (illegal migrants). Wananchi have literally witnessed The Great Somali Migration into Kenya. It is not without doubt that the Ngorokos have been financially benefiting immensely from these cross-border movements that will soon endanger the country’s stability and very survival. It is yet another lucrative industry for the Ngorokos in extorting large amounts of cash from these migrants.

A panel of analysts studying this security situation has already established (report yet to be published) that the infrastructure through which Ngoroko expansionism heightened was provided by the Provincial Administration which was unilaterally restructured by President Kibaki – into a system that confused even experienced bureaucrats. The idea was to obfuscate and blur roles of previous administrative entities like provinces and districts. Kibaki was in essence setting stage for the rebirth of Ngoroko.

During his tenure upon which the Ngoroko resurgence occured, President Kibaki illegally created 265 districts which have been nullified on paper by the High Court, yet the Office of the President and Treasury keeps funding the illegitimate units. The AP, the official cover for the Ngorokos, is the security custodian of these unlawful districts. They have been accused of overseeing a lot of illegal activities operating within the areas. The AP budget has ballooned under President Kibaki, almost surpassing that of the Regular police. It is obviously clear why brand new weaponry and choppers have been purchased for exclusive use by the AP rather than regular police. Without doubt, these state assets are being placed into the hands of Ngorokos to effect sensitive illegal activities that occasionally require aerial surveillance.

The other lucrative domain from which Ngoroko state agents and their Mt. Kenya backers have been fleecing the country’s resources is illegal poaching and export of elephant tasks and black rhino horns to China, Thailand and other South East Asian countries. This is yet another multi-billion industry which incidentally implicated the Jomo Kenyatta family in the 1960s and 70s. It is back in vogue! Kenyan elephants are going down in alarming numbers, with thousands of tasks heading to China.

Another angle that has been brought up in this explosive dossier is that illegal Ngoroko activities by the AP embeds, have resulted in direct fatal clashes between the police and the AP (many being Ngorokos). Occasional brushes between well-meaning police and ill-trained Ngorokos in uniform, have often turned into brutal shoot-outs. It is now confirmed that the Ngorokos have sometimes received instructions to ‘eliminate’ police that stand in their way of rustling or hustling other illicit activities. The murder of former commandant of the Kenya Police College, Kiganjo, Bernard Kimeli Kemey, and several senior police investigators, have now been attributed to the Ngoroko outfit. It is an extrajudicial assassination squad in itself – taking over from Mungiki-exterminating Kwekwe squad.

As if cementing continued territorial attachment to lucrative operating areas, it is interesting that the former AP Commandant, Kinuthia Mbugua has been attracted into vying for political leadership within the Ngoroko dominated County of Nakuru.

Have you wondered why Kibaki’s tenure has been dogged by accusations of ethnicizing the security forces? Do you see the connection between use of security forces to effect illegal magendo? Why has the Ngoroko been exposed in the dying hour of Kibaki’s regime? Has Inspector General Kimaiyo got anything to do with the exposé? I await more answers from the Ngoroko grapevine.

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  2. Unknown to many, ever since the general elections in March 2013, the people of Nyakach and Muhoroni have had a serious security issue with cattle rustlers.

    Despite constant reports of deaths and night cattle raids, the police appear helpless to do anything. Nyakach MP Aduma Awuor personified this appeal for government to step in by dumping the dead body of a cattle rustling victim at the police headquarters in Kisumu. The body had an arrow still lodged in its head. Instead of taking it seriously, the police instead charged Aduma Owuor with incitement.

    The MP then went on to get his constituents to demonstrate against insecurity. But in the process, villagers were tear gased and violently dispersed, after which Aduma’s driver/body guard was arrested and charged in court. That was way back in September. To date, his driver is still in remand.

    Last night at about 3am raiders from nearby Kericho county attacked the MP’s parent’s homestead and broke windows and doused petrol inside the house before setting it alight. The MP’s father was killed in the attack. His step mum opened the door to escape the raging inferno but was hit by a blunt object on the head and died instantly. Not done yet, the raiders chopped her body into pieces and burnt it to ashes. The attackers were daring and spent several hours in the home. The neighbours, including the chief and his APs could see the attack and heard the screams from Aduma’s home but could not do anything, it seems.

    Here’s a video of the distraught MP being escorted to the scene of crime earlier this morning.

    An ODM party that was due to go to Ababu Namwamba’s homecoming tomorrow is detouring to condole Aduma tomorrow morning. Not confirmed if Raila Odinga will be part of this group but he already condemned the killings from Addis Ethiopia where he is attending a leadership conference organised by Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

    The common thread here is the insecurity is on constituencies bordering those in the rift valley and police are seemingly unable to do anything, instead they are pursuing those who have been attacked.

    Welcome to NGOROKO COUNTRY!!!



      The Hon. MP’s step mother Mary Awuor (65) was not cut to pieces and burnt as indicated in above brief. She was only hit on the fore head with a blunt object which killed her instantly.


    • `
      This is outrageous! Plain Ngoroko business.

      Cattle rustling is now a mainstream police activity.

      Cops forcefully help themselves with citizens’ cows just like KDF officers help themselves with Nakumatt’s “water”.

      Aduma’s attempt to challenge cattle rustling in Nyakach has just lost him both parents in the most disheartening manner. Message was sent Mafioso style to inflict maximum terror –barely 3 weeks after Aduma sounded alarm over his own life. I guess digital impunity is now fully on steroids.

      Police and security sector reforms have spectacularly FAILED. These people are playing with fire.

      The idiot called Kimaiyo is a total farce. He has failed to reign in on criminal officers running cartels right under his nose. Not even an iota of seriousness!

      I will call in this weekend to find out more about this tragedy.


    • Don’t laugh, people are getting to eat well or escape trouble simply by going to Uhuruto and saying “it was Raila!”. Plus don’t forget many Kenyas are prepared to believe anything, however stupid, especially if it is about Raila.


      • Adongo and others

        We have a very worrisome future ahead of us. Basically we have a rabid bunch of legislators who have a majority in both houses and can and have pushed through legislation that would put to shame any pig sty. There are a lot of incredulous decisions and in essence all common sense and decency has been thrown out of the window and replaced with the dangerous kind of sycophancy that breeds dictators, all because all these hyenas and jackals are trying to leverage political patronage.

        From the recent land title distribution optical illusion, the laptop projects, and silly decrees like no driving at night to curb road carnage, or closing of schools that are near drinking places etc. All these are an indication that the so called “professionals” who are meant to run public institutions have no clue about what their roles truly are, and have become appendages or more precisely nothing more than domestic staff or hostages to the dynamic duo and their syco’s

        Its only a matter of time especially now with the ICC pressure building up, before some one comes up with some really draconian edict. And the script will play out as has been on the African continent for eons. something will then trigger a massive unleashing of atrocities. Whether it will be an incident at the Hague, or even the release of the suspects, or something else is yet to be seen, but as sure as the sun rises and sets, this is coming our way, and much sooner than we think



      Aren’t we talking about the ngoroko governing Nakuru county (Kinuthia Mbugua) and ilk?

      It has been a seamless transition from raw thuggery to digital thuggery.

      “Ngorokos” are surreptitiously running illegal activities for the Mt. Kenya ruling class. Their unlawful activities range from:

      Cattle rustling
      Poaching – esp. Elephant and Rhino
      Electoral malpractices
      Assassination hits
      Car jackings
      Extortion of citizens for police and military recruitment
      Takeover of Mungiki extortions
      Bank robberies
      Money laundering
      Escort and storage of narcotic drugs
      Escort of looted minerals from Congo
      Import and escort of looted merchandise from Somali pirates
      Gun running
      Protection for wanted fugitives like Felicien Kabuga


  3. Its really amazing to read some of these stories and am reminded of a book i read once entitled THE KENYATTA SUCCESSION,though banned,the book explicitly describes the operations of an illegal militia sanctioned by the state with the sole aim of impoverishing the vulnerable pastoralist people.This has led to lose of many lives and sources of livelihoods.


  4. there is this OCS in kajiado whose ways of operations are said to be questionable.There was a criminal case where thieves conspired with the guard who had been hired by LAVINGTON security to guard a farm where SPRINGS HOTEL was keeping its cattle for fattening .About 10 bulls were stolen. The case was reported to kajiado police station and police constable Minneh Nyambura Was assigned to investigate and where possible arrest the watchman.NYAMBURA did her part and handed the file to the OCS with the prisoner in custody.Amazingly,that file reached the court after one month when Nyongesa the farm manager demanded to know the status of her case.accused having been released by the OCS without the knowledge of the investigating officer.This automatically shows how injustice is promoted by some senior police officers at their commands.that case has never been terminated with the accused at large after his accomplices and family BRIBED the OCS.That OCS is still at that station.


  5. Activist claims he has ‘dossier’ on another police impostor

    ELDORET; KENYA: The National Council of Civil Society Organisation has written to the National Police Service Commission on another alleged police impostor in Eldoret.

    On Friday, Chairperson Tom Aosa said he had confidential information on the alleged police impostor, in the rank of a constable.

    He said the officer has been a ghost worker for six years, had worked in Mariakani weighbridge before he was moved to Eldoret Police Station, but has never worked there.

    “I have credible and reliable information that the area OCS and immediate former OCPD are party to operations of the said person,” he said in his letter.

    He said although they have no powers to investigate, their research indicates no one has ever seen the alleged officer work at the station.

    Mr Aosa said the alleged impostor claims to have been assigned to patrol the Easy Coach bus stop in Eldoret but he has never reported.

    But Eldoret West OCPD Erastus Muthamia said the said officer has worked at the station for three years.

    “He is an active police officer working with us though he has gone on leave, but will be back to work soon,” he said.

    Aosa said since the police service commission ordered a headcount of all officers during the Joshua Waiganjo saga, the ghost officer was sent on leave.

    “The continuity of the police chiefs to protect the impostor raises more questions than answers because there is so much the public must know about this officer,” he added.

    Mr Muthamia insisted: “He was deployed to the bus station but allegations he worked there for six years are falsehood.”

    Easy Coach General Manager Nicholas Mwongela told The Standard On Saturday, the officer worked there early last year but has never been seen there since then.

    Aosa said he had communicated formally to the national police commission and would not relent in getting to the bottom of the matter.

    “We have enough information the ghost officer works for another senior officer but has never appeared in any station,” he said.

    He wants the commission to compel the station to produce last year’s duty roaster to ascertain the truth.

    “Failure to which we would petition the court to order it even though I am aware this is a sensitive matter that could endanger my security,” he said.'onanotherpoliceimpostor


  6. Is somebody’s business empire starting to slowly crumble here now that Waiganjo is in?

    Drama as rustlers renounce activity, give up gun

    Six notorious cattle rustlers operating between Kenya and Uganda have surrendered to Government officials in Kwanza District, Trans-Nzoia County.

    The gang also surrendered an AK-47 assault rifle to Kwanza DO Millicent Ramaita Ngoya and denounced the illegal practice.

    The six men took the officials by surprise when they arrived at the local Provincial Administration office and requested to see the DO.

    After being ushered in, the men told the administrator that they had heeded the Government’s amnesty and abandoned cattle raiding.

    Surrender weapon

    “We regret our past deeds and we are here to surrender our weapon to prove that we are reformed people and we will never go back to the illegal activities,” stated James Aruwo, the gang’s spokes person.

    The gang has been stealing cattle from the area and selling them in markets in Uganda.

    Gang leader Mathew Mbam alias ‘Major’ handed the rifle to Ngoya and pledged to convince other rustlers to take a similar step.

    Aruwo, 39, Mbam, 30’, Philip Korir, 27, Mangat Limasia 27, Mike Rotich, 23, and Joel Lokajie, 25, said they dropped out of school to engage in the activity.

    The DO lauded the move by the men and asked other rustlers to emulate them for the sake of development of the area.

    She said five more rustlers are at large and asked them to surrender or face the wrath of the Government.

    “We are asking other rustlers to voluntarily surrender and the Government is ready to pardon them,” she appealed.

    No victimisation

    She promised that the Government would not victimise those abandoning crime and assured the reformed rustlers that they would be integrated into the society.,giveupgun


  7. The biggest stumbling block to democracy and wanainchis enjoyment of their fundamental rights is the kenya police. From murder squads to drug cartels all part and parcel of the police. The new IG will achieve nothing if he doesnt retire all from deputy commisioner level going down and get fresh recruits from waiganjo and from private sector immediately.


    • `
      Without question – Waiganjo is going to face justice for conducting criminal errands on behalf of top police officers. Will he face justice alone? The sooner he spills more beans…the better. He must give all incriminating evidence, name all names, tell all past errands, and fully translate the syndicate. He must not agree to go down alone!

      One thing I give to him is his wily scheming. Whereas he believes the judiciary is capable of punishing the top cops and bureaucrats in-charge of the dirty Ngoroko, he knows they can’t go down through the current police investigators (CID) and prosecutorial system (under DPP Tobiko). It’s a ticking end-game…and a lot depends on the outcome of the upcoming election. He’ll either become a star witness to bring down the giant crooks or a walking skeleton.


  8. Folks,

    This is what the founding President of Seychelles had to say about Kenya:

    “The problem is too many politicians and not enough statesmen,” said Sir Machan”

    Please compare that to the old adage saying about the Indians of the Americas which goes something like this:

    “The problem is too many chiefs and not enough Indians“!!

    Heheheee, I’m laughing my head off!!

    Sorry Folks, I could not decide under which thread to post this!


    • aiish jama

      this is the best country. look at the three guys

      waiganjo knows mbijiwe and iteere

      mbijiwe and iteere dont know waiganjo

      mbijiwe goes to several private functions at waiganjos house or relatives, but he still does not know this guy

      waiganjo attends security meetings evidently assigned by some senior officers who again dont know him

      and then we now go political, so now waiganjo has critical information to give PM and VP, why isnt he going to give it to OP. he says police are corrupt what about the OP is he implying they are corrupt and that only the PM and VP are credible in the quest for justice?

      but the best part of this is that all these grown men, at least one if not all tell lies on national tv with no shame or remorse. what does it take for OP to just admit they really have no clue about the services they run. can anyone really trust the police force


      • tnk,

        That interview is quite telling. Waiganjo may be a crook who worked with Iteere, M’Mbijiwe and co in the Ngoroko business to rob people and engage in the lucrative cattle rusting business and other criminal activities. They made big money obviously in those criminal activities and their man Ndegwa Muhoro is the one Kibaki wants for the CID job for obvious reasons.

        Waiganjo knows many of the inside guys he worked with him want him dead, right about now. Extrajudicial killing. Same old. Now he wants to talk to the PM and the VP. He knows stuff and he is going to survive to tell the story. This is not a happy story for Kibaki and his Ngoroko crew. It is coming down step by step. This is a moving object every inch of the way.


      • 5th estate, Tnk & Adongo,

        This is a must-see video clip…and this is the level of professional interviewing sorely needed in Kenya. The NTV interviewer probing Waiganjo in the casual setting [ whom I’m told is a Mr. Larry Madowo ] is more than excellent.

        Here is the nuanced message:

        1) Waiganjo is proclaiming his “life is in danger”. He narrates a near extrajudicial assassination attempt where cops planned to eliminate him on the way to Nyeri from Naivasha GK Prison. He reports being saved by the Officer in Charge of the Naivasha Prison.

        He clearly states that the Senior Police leadership wants to kill him…over what he calls “a very big issue”. This ‘big issue’ he wants to urgently relay to the Prime Minister of Kenya.

        He explains the myriad cases popping against him as mere trumped charges being framed by the police to have him locked up and ‘under their control’. He exposes the contradiction about this frenzied proliferation of cases against him yet the Police Commissioner and Rift Valley PPO were just last month clearing him into a police chopper onto a highly sensitive security operation. Why would they have been dealing with a criminal…he asks rhetorically. On some of the frivolous charges, he asks where are the handcuffs they claim they found me with? He declares he has never had handcuffs in his possession.

        2) Waiganjo wants to urgently meet the Prime Minister and the Vice President to tell them “what has been going on in the police”. This is quite significant and telling. The urgency calls to prudent action by the PM and VP. Such are not requests to be dismissed casually. This is a high value insider witness of the mess within police.

        3) Waiganjo has roundly dismissed the ongoing INQUIRY by top police over his saga…emphatically declaring “there will be nothing out of it…completely nothing”. He alludes it is yet another gimmick to fool Kenyans…akin to previous inquiries (like the Artur brothers inquiry) done under the Kibaki regime. He points out at the brazen lies from the top police…giving the example of the contradiction between Iteere and M’Mbijiwe disowning him yet unable to explain their closeness and preferential treatment into sensitive operations.

        4) FINALLY, It is telling that Waiganjo has inadvertently disclosed two related points tying up the Ngoroko operation.

        (a) He revealed he met his sudden Waterloo upon arriving back from UGANDA whereupon he met former PPO M’Mbijiwe at Eldoret (Sirikwa Hotel)…before rolling down to Nakuru where he was picked up by “CIDs from Hqs”.

        (b) He also disclosed that he was in the “transport [lorry] business”.

        Lorries!!!!!Back from Uganda!!! Hellooo!!!!! Ding-dong Cattle Rustling!

        5) I think Waiganjo has something burning to tell… The rot with OP and Internal Security involving wakina KIMEMIA, ITEERE, M’MBIJIWE including State House must be running so deep. I suspect it is not accidental the man desperately wants to meet the PM and VP. He appears ready to spill all the beans…can the PM use whatever means to get information from Waiganjo before the usual crowd starts screaming ‘the PM is meeting a criminal conman and fraudster’.

        I am beginning to see a chilling connection between how police used to frame up youth in Central with ‘Bonoko’ (pistol)…then term them Mungiki…then extrajudicially murder them. A popular song was even produced to capture this bloody trend. This was around the peak where claims were made about Mungikis leasing police guns for (around Kshs 10,000) for nightly robberies. After the cops collected the cash regularly for a while…they had to eliminate evidence…which means extrajudicially eliminating the robbers; planting fake Bonokos on them; and terming them Mungiki, end of story! Others like Maina Njenga were framed for robbery and illegal possession of arms…locked up for long…just to keep them from spilling beans on sensitive issues. His release must have also been predicated on some sort of arrangement.

        It appears wakina Iteere and M’Mbijiwe’s accomplices still in the police force (& OP & State House) want to frame up this Waiganjo … keep him away from limelight…before silently eliminating him.


      • Interesting stuff,
        This guy Waiganjo is indeed a criminal but he is what the mafia call a ”soldier”. The one who does the dirty work for the bosses. Think whatever you may of Waiganjo but he comes out as a smart fellow, no wonder he was in the force for so long. The fact that he has agreed to the interview is also very smart because in a way he is covering his ass. The top police chiefs who are involved won’t hesitate to whack him. Finding this guy dead in his cell through “suicide” , “short illness” or even “shot trying to escape” is a very likely thing. It has happened before and we cannot rule this out.

        The fact that this guy won’t talk to anybody else but the PM tells us a lot about the trust the people of Kenya put on Agwambo. Even though a kikuyu he won’t go to fellow tribesmen such as Uhuru Kenyatta, Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua, or Mwai Kibaki. Let’s pray that he is granted the security he deserves because he has tons of beans to spill. The beans could be what we need to reform the police force.

        Forget about those former policemen/nyayo house torturers active in jukwaa forum trying to tell us that Waiganjo is a lair and that daktari Job is making the ngoroko story up. They don’t know any better because they are still stuck in the Moi days.


      • Mzee & Others,

        This statement from Waiganjo is also loaded! Refer to the link above provided by Mzee.

        “Waiganjo claims he was involved in meetings with members
        of a political party and senior police officials concerning Raila’s
        campaign in the Rift Valley .”


      • job & others,

        Job you are right that straight from Baragoi, Waiganjo was off to Uganda (may be to follow up on their inventory of cattle over there) and when he got back he was picked up in what was supposed to be a quick pile of charges and that would have been the end of him with both M.Mjijiwe and Iteere congratulating himself a job welldone. His father is the one who started unravelling the story and before they knew it everything became too big to hide.

        But the Uganda trip tied very well with your expose that the cattle are smuggled with all the bloodshed then sent to UG and then sent back to Kenya for sale. These scambags are something else.

        Now this thing of Waiganjo wanting to meet the PM and the VP is tricky. Obviously it has something to do with what he knows about the mashetanis at State House are cooking with regard to the elections. Kimemia should have a long chat with Muthaura before he goes gangho on these things. But I digress.

        Remember the boom in cattle rustling has come hand in hand with orchestrated state of lawlessness and high crime including frequent massacres that are becoming the norm in the country. Alternatively Mr. Waiganjo could just be trying to pull a quick one and ally himself to the PM and his crew for cover.

        I am going to find out what is cooking but from what I know Raila and his folks probably already know what Mr. Waiganjo has to say. Those guys run their own parrallel intelligence machinery sometimes.

        Waiganjo obviously will appear before the committee investigating him,. He should refuse to give evidence in camera even if asked to do so. Many witnesses have already been giving evidence in camera due to fear. Waiganjo’s only hope now is that whatever he knows, becomes public knowledge and killing him by the masshetanis becomes very unproductive. There is a reason we have ICC witnesses secured outside the country. They were being wiped out by the very friends whom they worked for and with. The same guys they used to eat and drink with all of a sudden were ruthlessly pumping bullets into their hearts and throwing them to hyenas for snack. With the mashetanis, it is survival for the cruelest. That is the alter they worship at.


    • Folks,

      This thing is getting way out of control. I hadn’t seen this when I was suggesting the PM should not meet Mr. Waiganjo but after reading the stuff below, I now think the PM needs to get to the bottom of this:

      Here we:

      And one of the ELders in the meetings has accepted the meeting stook place and is busy trying to spin his own angle:

      Here we go:

      So first let’s remove the facts from fiction:

      1. Waiganjo in his capacity as a senior police officer (those he was meeting didn’t know he was a fake) did meet with TNA party operatives on several occassions. That is a fact. Why would the powers that be choose this guy as their man in this political operations? That is the way it is always done. Use the most vulnerable and if they are busted kill them fast. That didn’t happen here. That is our luck.

      2. The agenda of (1) above seems to have been to plan some deadly mischief for Raila’s operations in Rift valley with regard to the next elections.

      3. One of those meetings took place at the Anti Stick Theft Unit(ASTU) whose head has also been suspended following the blow up.

      4. One of the plans which Waiganjo carried out was to change the paint of a police car into a civilian car and to change the number plate. Scary stuff! Waiganjo did that job himself as he was ordered and says the car is still out there. It strikes as one of the cars that was intended to do dirty stuff to harm Raila politically. It could have been painted into ODM colours and used to commit illegal things to make folks in Rift Valley completely mad with Raila. It could also be a plot to bring harm to ODM and its leadership. Something dirty was being planned using a police car. That much we know.

      5. It is safe to say that TNA and their mashetani cousins at State House know that Raila is still a force in the former Rift Valley and unless something is done in the dirty tricks department, their TNA is a dead thing walking.

      Given that this is now all in the public domain the PM should make a public statement, demand that in the in the name of justice and fairness Mr. Waiganjo be given a chance to tell his side of the story without any for of threats or intimidation. The PM should also make it clear that the alleged machinations of civilians and political parties using the police personel and vehicles to plan mayhem is a matter that threatens national security and should not be whitewashed to save some untouchable. This is just very bad stuff!


      • adongo

        i’ve been following this guy’s saga and it ranges from comic to super scary. by his own account in that video clip/interview, he somehow became KPR in rift valley at the time he says he joined as an inspector

        somewhere in there KPR was disbanded, but he stayed on. (for me i’d need to know how many others are there out in similar situation i.e KPR who are still active in the force) because it seems what happened is that some of these KPR somehow slid into main stream police. as the man says, he went to the quartermaster and was officially assigned his police uniform and who knows what else. how many such individuals are in the police force.

        what is still unclear is whether this gent was on the payroll. there seems to be an effort to clean up the audit trail

        anyway moving on,

        i think you guys capture this quite well. this guy is in danger from his former colleagues permanently doing away with him and for a number of reasons. the most common is that any senior officer that interacted with him, is equally guilty of not checking into his background and can follow the mbijiwe’s on their way out

        but a few of them were in on the illegal activities such as the ngoroko business, and now as we are learning, on matters to do with the upcoming general election. and who knows what else

        i think its becoming clear that this guy is getting a lot more desperate than earlier. and after that interview airing and all the other revelations, i think its only a matter of time for him before things take a nasty turn

        what a crooked system

        no wonder kimemia can lie brazenly and claim that muhoro was “cleared” yet IPOA have stated very clearly that they found him unfit for office in fact from what it sounds like, that is another guy that should be behind bars and not being touted as an deputy IG


      • tnk,

        Very quickly before I run.

        1. As for pay I think Waiganjo did not need any pay from the police payroll. That would be peanuts. He was involved in high stakes activities with the police officers which included cattle rustlling and selling large herds of stolen cattle.

        Predictably enough the commander of the Anti-Stock Theft Unit was one of his closest buddies and he seems to have been there (Gilgil) a lot of times including for TNA strategy meetings on how to mess Raila and the ODM in Rift Valley. Those are his own words in the first DN story I have posted. Earlier I got it mixed up and posted the same elder story twice. I have fixed that one. So large scale theft of cattle was on their major operations. And having the guy who heads the Police Unit whose duty it was to monitor and stop stock is liek having the biggest drug dealer in town as the Chief of the Police Ant-Drug Squad. It is a gold mine.

        2. Read this statement from Waiganjo after one of the TNA meetings he attended to plan political mischief:

        “Following the meetings, some money was deposited in my Cooperative Bank account and the police officer should tell Kenyans what this money was meant for,” said Mr Waiganjo.

        There you go. Dude had money coming in to do their dirty stuff.

        3.I think you are right that after the KPR was dissolved the meshetanis of the police force recuited the likes of Waiganjo and many others to come in. I would be surprised if some of those chokoras were involved in the PEV. Waiganjo himself had been in the force 2ince 2002/3.

        4. Kimemia for those who don’t know him is the dirtiest mashetani there is. Even Muthaura had some manners. Just to tell you how high up this guy has been, when the ICC deal was signed with Ocampo that Kenya gets 9 months to sort it out or else, Mr. Muthaura was in a hospital in South Africa, Kimemia was supposed to guard the house of evil and somehow did not get wind of the thing being signed until after it was done. He is said to have gone mad and was ready to kill Amos Wako and Mitula Kilonzo who signed on behalf of the government. Kimemia wanted them to have come back home claiming they are coming to consult and that would have been the end of the story.

        There would be no ICC case now if Kimemia got wind of that thing 5 minutes earlier. It woudl have taken 99 years. Kimemmia knows everything that has gone on in the shetani headquarters. He was the PS in Internal Security and has worked with Michuki there.

        5. Back to Waiganjo, it seems to me that he was indeed recruited together with ASTU guy and other top cops mainly in Rift Valley to be in charge of the political dirty tricks department against ODM and Raila. This group would be perfect. You have legit but corrupt and greedy police officers like M’Mbijiwe. You have that guy at the ASTU and god knows who else. You then need reckless and criminal elements like Waiganjo to take it down the cliff. You give them a free hand. These are folks that are easy to dispose off. He had some wife somewhere whom they wanted him to get rid off becuase may be they foolishly talked stuff in her presence and were now scared. If Waiganjo had divorced his wife like they asked him, she would have been dead somewhere in a hurry and headed to the hyena’s buffet in the bushes. That is who you are dealing with and this story keeps adding up everyday.


      • One of the primary aims of creating this parallel Ngoroko was to undertake dirty political activities on behalf of its masters. Election robbery to effect a civilian coup is definitely a chief objective of the Ngorokos.

        They have a successful history of having effected the same in 2007 — then getting away with it as attention focused on PEV masterminds.

        Alongside the provincial administration, the rotten police (especially its Ngoroko footholds in AP, GSU, Anti-Stock Theft Unit) is likely to attempt (or effect) meddling in the March 4th, 2013 elections. I pray they are not allowed to subvert the democratic will of the Kenyan people –again!

        Waiganjo (if he survives) is likely to detail an elaborate rigging plot within the former Rift Valley. It is likely premised around institutions of security –within police and provincial administration. Ngorokos like himself are likely deep in it. This plot must be grassroots based…running through the campaign period (as he alludes)…and probably aimed to crescendo at the poll stations across RV on election date.

        If you remember the buses ferrying APs from the AP Training school in 2007, on the eve of the last elections. APs became PNU polling agents…with instructions to stuff ballots and either bribe, coerce or intimidate returning officers. This was the stealth operation that created the confusion witnessed at KICC plenary hall…where Kivuitu announced that many returning officers in Central Kenya turned their phones off.

        By the time the dust settled, we were told Kibaki won even North Eastern Province. The numbers were seriously massaged to steal victory for him. Bloodshed followed. Kibaki and his Ngorokos got away with treasonable coup and mass murder. In cruel irony, the monster of impunity is rearing its ugly head again…just in time for the next election.

        It appears these folks are determined to illegitimately and forcefully hang onto power –yet again! Guns and Ngorokos appear likely to be used –yet again! Vote reversals are likely being planned. In the former Rift Valley — the prevailing resistance and reluctance by all Kalenjins to jump enmasse into Jubilee is likely to be ‘redressed’ through police and provincial administration action. Near perfect voting % is then likely to be attributed to Ruto’s mobilization.

        I am extrapolating Waiganjo’s revelation beyond the former Rift Valley. The cockiness with which these Jubilee thugs have been drumming up non-existent numbers (& false invincibility) falls along the hypothesis that rigging is being planned. Common sense suggests that the planned rigging is not confined to the former Rift Valley, but also Western, Coast, Nairobi, Ukambani, Gusii, and believe it or not, even the former NEP. It is premised on the same script of Kibaki’s rigging…attrition from likely corners.

        In Western, they plot to steal CORD votes and attribute them to the floundering kitty of Musalia (Amani). Their assumption is that — Luhya votes going to a Luhya candidate won’t raise eyebrows. In Ukambani, they want to rig hoping people will buy the myth that Ngilu pulled enough numbers into Jubilee. In NEP where Jubilee records less than 30% popularity, they hope to steal the numbers to near 50%…with the silly assumption that nondescript hanger-ons like Duale command regional following outside their little Somali sub-clans. Despite the strong prevailing anti-Jubilee sentiment in NEP (esp. following the Garissa mayhem by police and Ngorokos)..these electoral robbers want to claim a close contest in the former NEP.

        In Kisii where Jubilee is now virtually extinct, they want to rob enough votes to claim another close race. At the coast, Uhuru wants to mask his family’s land grabbing record (& questions about possibility of throwing Kenya’s West-driven tourism out of business –sanctions) with the stupid myth that Balala and Mwakwere can pull real numbers into Jubilee.

        I also heard Rachel Shebesh bragging the other day that TNA was the only party that prepared ballot papers looking exactly like the IEBC ballot papers. I wondered how she & TNA became privy to that information…early enough to set their primary ballots as replicas of the IEBC documents. I thought IEBC specifications are secrets shared only with the contracted printers.

        Then Waiganjo drops his bombshell regarding what is clearly a plot to rig the next elections. I think giving up power will be a problem for Kibaki in the very likely event that Raila wins the presidency.


      • nok

        thanks for that link i had seen it somewhere and was looking for it

        i think waiganjo will have some insider information that will be useful from an insiders perspective, but i highly doubt that it will be earth shattering. most of the evidence has been collected, pieced together and analysed by various agencies and organisations over a period of time these include human rights commission, TJRC, ICJ and of course not forgetting dear old ICC.

        at most waiganjo’s testimony may corroborate the facts but it will be dodgy at best because he has to point fingers at a rogue force without incriminating himself. nevertheless, the man must be provided with a forum to vent

        my recommendation would be for the PM/VP to delegate some folks from their office to interview the chap, if he really has something to say, he should be able to express himself. overall i think with the right interrogation, a lot can be gleaned about the underhand rogue police force. but one must remember that waiganjo is more of a hit man, than he is a commander

        on another note: there is a good catch in Jobs post above regarding the IEBC

        it is evident that the IEBC on the inside is riddled with TNA moles
        a) dennis itumbi was able to get the complete ODM nomination submission within minutes of presentation and publish on his blog (how?)
        b) by her own account mary wambui was getting frequent (near hourly) updates on whether her name was on the submitted lists (how?)
        c) rachel shebesh claiming that their ballot design was identical or similar to what IEBC intend to use in the elections (how? what the!!?) – great catch Job

        to the IEBC Chairman

        while appreciating there is a lot of pressure, and acknowledging the great effort you guys are putting into your work. you need to go a step further and tighten your internal operations. it is evident that there are way too many holes and gaps being taken advantage of and your organisation is not as secure as it should be. also there is a sense of indiscipline and general laxity such that political parties, candidates and supporters are not taking seriously the ability of IEBC to enforce or apply disciplinary action.

        am still waiting to hear the outcome of deliberations on the shebesh/wambui/mbarire saga


  9. IN CONNECTION THIS,I would wish that the TNA aspirant in TURKANA SOUTH is being investigated in his links with an organization called UWEZO KENYA which has been banking money directly to this aspirants account for business promotion in Turkana.This aspirant was doing this together with another businessman known for cattle business in Turkana.Mark you,the businessman in question is as well aspiring to be the lokichar ward county assembly representative.the TNA aspirant has as well been seen distributing ammunitions to the pastoral people of both the Turkana community and pokot because his identity is said to be 50%Turkana and 50% pokot.From the research up there,can I conclude that most of the people rushing for political positions this time round are the network of the netted Waiganjo?Imagine this Turkana South aspirant is issuing a lot of money to the electorate yet he has not been in any employment for the last 6 years.He lives in a 3 bedroom semi permanent house in lokichar.I doubt his source of finance.


    • 2013Saviour,

      This is quite interesting. I’ll use some sources in the ground to dig this angle further. I think you raise a very serious point which needs interrogation. Turkana South is actually a focal point of the illegal cattle-rustling and gun-running trades. There is likely to be political connection…which needs to be exposed. Give us any more updates you find.


  10. I have keenly read the contents of this post.They may appear fictitious but in Kenya,rumours are always 75pc true.If the high and mighty are unsafe,what does the future hold for the common mwananchi.My mind boggles,my blood boils,my heart beat increases…Lord have mercy on us


  11. Job,

    Check this out!

    Police impostor posed as Tana Delta ‘boss’, probe team told

    “Police impostor Joshua Waiganjo enjoyed a cozy relationship with suspended Anti-Stock Theft Unit (Astu) Commandant Remmy Ngugi even as it emerged he also posed as Tana Delta OCPD.”

    “The revelations emerged as another police officer linked the police impostor to criminal activities including theft of cattle in Subukia while posing as OCPD Tana Delta.”

    “Another witness, Chief Inspector Julius Kyalo Kalinda, said Waiganjo posed as the Tana Delta OCPD and demanded two lorries arrested for suspected criminal activities be released. The two lorries were suspected to be on a mission to steal cows from a farm owned by a former senior provincial administrator in Subukia when they were impounded.”

    “He further said a few days later he was informed that two lorries suspected to be on botched cattle theft mission had been abandoned in the area. “Waiganjo later called me and insisted that the vehicles belonged to him and demanded they be released,” he added.”

    More here:,-probe-team-told


  12. Folks,

    I thought the report below could also have a bearing to the topic of this thread.

    Kenyan ammo imported from Iran traced to militias in border regions

    Armed warriors in Kenya’s North Rift. Photo/FILE NATION MEDIA GROUP

    Kenya has imported “very large quantities of Iranian ammunition,” some of which has been transferred to civilian militias in Turkana, Uganda and what is now South Sudan, according to a group of independent arms-tracking experts.

    Their report, published last month by Conflict Armament Research, names Iran as the manufacturing source of previously unidentified ammunition supplied to Kenyan security forces.

    The UK-based NGO estimates the shipments from Iran to Kenya as “probably in the range of millions of rounds.”

    And a portion of that ammunition has made its way into the arsenals of militias in northern Kenya and neighbouring countries, the researchers say.

    “Kenyan security forces are the confirmed source of Iranian ammunition that is in widespread circulation in the border regions of Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda,” the report declares.

    These assertions could prove particularly embarrassing to the Kenyan government because of the leading role it has played at the UN in efforts to establish a global treaty regulating transfers of small arms and ammunition.

    Ammunition fired from small arms in Africa is “a basic ingredient of organised violence, and is involved each year and at each war in uncountable deaths and crimes,” the New York Times noted on Saturday in a front-page story on the new report.

    Ammunition produced in Iran but marked in ways intended to prevent tracing has also been imported by the governments of Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea and Sudan, the researchers say.

    They further identify Iran as the source of ammo circulating illicitly in five other black African countries.

    Conflict Armament Research says its study is the product of six years of field research.

    Four of the five investigators who worked on this report had previously held Africa-related monitoring positions at the United Nations.

    The Geneva-based Small Arms Survey concluded in 2008 that the Kenya Police and Police Reserves were the source of thousands of small-calibre cartridges that had been transferred to several non-state armed groups in the border triangle of Kenya, Uganda and what was then southern Sudan (today’s South Sudan).

    Evidence for this finding included first-hand observation of Kenya Police supplying this type of ammunition to Turkana civilians in 2007 and 2008, the Conflict Armament Research study notes.

    Requests for clarification made to the government of Kenya at the time of the initial investigation and as recently as last November “remain unanswered,” the researchers say.

    The researchers suggest that the Kenyan government may have acquired the Iran-made ammunition between 2003 and 2006.

    “This conclusion is arguably lent greater weight by the fact that UN Security Council prohibited the export of Iranian military materiel in March 2007, which should have deterred direct Kenyan ammunition acquisition from Iran after that date,” the report states.

    Iran’s government itself is not conclusively identified in the report as the direct source of the ammunition now in wide use in Africa.

    The researchers “are not sure if the ammunition had been directly sold by the Iranian government or its security services, by a government- or military-controlled firm, or by front companies abroad,” the New York Times noted.

    The researchers add, however, that “although the circumstances of acquisition are unclear, the quantities involved in the Sudan, Guinea and Kenya cases suggest direct supply by Iran.”


  13. Job

    i’ve been trying to remember some detail then it came back, am not sure whether you covered it in your expose above, but its now crystal clear to me. here it is

    sometime at the height of the baragoi incidence, there were two mass graves found and a team of pathologists was assembled to go ID the bodies, rumors had it there were several dozen bodies, some highly decomposed, the area was said to be real heavy with odour

    and then nothing ….

    do you guys remember the story

    A court order was obtained and a team of pathologists and gravediggers were sent to the remote region.

    The head of the operation, Antony Kamitu, told the BBC that inside one of the graves, they had individual cavities which had been dug for four bodies.

    He says he believes they were removed before the police found the graves and sealed off the area.

    “We believed the bodies were removed to hide the identities. Our plan was to take fingerprints of the bodies and that would have led us to their origins,” he said.

    other articles here'mass-graves'-in-Tana-River-County


    now we know why the bodies could not be identified.

    and now we know for sure that there are a group of persons with sufficient logistics and dire need to move the bodies in a swift operation

    …. anyone …. guesses 🙂

    as akinyi would say

    busted …..

    anyhow i think, a picture is beginning to emerge, this expose is helping to connect quite a few dots.

    we covered this specific item here on this forum


    • Tnk,

      Exactly! That was indeed showing the ‘clean-up’ to remove trace of the Ngoroko in uniform. The rot in the police will require a miracle to clean. When Prof. Alston recommended nothing short of complete overhaul, he knew what he was talking about.

      The pro-Kibaki Ransley report also recommended a freeze on all police recruitment, followed by merger of the AP and Regular police. It did not happen! The Office of the President has consistently stood in the way of police reforms for obvious reasons.

      Even the appointment of the Inspector General of Police was deliberately delayed for obvious reasons. A lot of ‘business’ had to be completed followed by ‘clean-up’. We can now see it right in front of our eyes. It is without doubt that Kibaki (& his allies) have a simple philosophy regarding the police. It is based on using these state agents, and the instruments of violence they wield, to make a quick buck…mostly illegally.

      Last year alone, close to 400 elephants were killed in Kenya alone, with their tasks ending up in China and South East Asia. Any Wildlife expert will tell you this 400 elephant deaths per year is almost a total wipe-out of the nation’s source of tourism revenue. There is reckless disregard of matters pertaining to protection of the nation’s little resources. They are being plundered at will by the temporary custodians of state (Kibaki & ilk)…

      The Baragoi debacle made headlines worldwide…and attracted curious eyes from across the globe. It has ended up unearthing the Ngoroko cattle rustling domain…it’s as if this was the real reason for rushing to reopen KMC…so the mafia would launder their illegal proceeds from cattle rustling. Isn’t it disheartening that state entities are being used to illegally enrich a few fat cats with devastating and often fatal consequences on poor pastoralists? That’s what we are dealing with at Baragoi and places like Turkana, Pokot, Marakwet, Baringo, and others.

      Do not for a moment believe manufactured tales that “Ethiopian Merille herdsmen” or “Karamajong intruders from Uganda” crossed the border into Kenya and stole 10,000 heads of cattle! That’s total balogni. It is the Ngoroko who killed its own citizens and stole them. The army has never been deployed at these border posts…
      It is time to attribute murder and robbery appropriately where it is due. Ngorokos disguised within the AP, Anti-Stock Theft Unit, and top leadership of Police must be fully held to account. The death and wanton displacement of poor pastoralists must not be treated casually.

      A report (soon to be published) will reveal that even local MPs in these cattle rustling hotspots have been ‘swallowed’ into the Ngoroko syndicate…with some enjoying unfettered access to police chopper rides themselves. It is indeed stinking to the heavens!


  14. Wow, this is some scary stuff. The somewhat seemingly functioning and what I thought was some semblance of order in the republic of Kenya or at least in the major cities is surely deceiving……the country went to the dogs along time ago from what I can gather. Almost as shocking is how many aren’t even surprised at how deep the rot is. Why aren’t more of our leaders and even our Mp’s saying anything?

    “Artificially instigated violence” ….. the words seem so simple, and yet have caused so much pain. I can almost understand the killing of elephants for ivory as those belong to the state, but cattle rustling, killing and stealing from poor pasturalist’s who are just minding their business and causing them to fight and kill each other, on top of the many years of neglect from the government that we have entrusted with our security is simply unforgivable.

    Before the Baragoi Massacre, there were the killings in Tana where whole villages were burned, and left around 120 people including women and children laying dead. At the time it was blamed on the warring communities but now I am not sure anymore. Could this also be the work of the ngoroko’s and what was their aim in this? sic!


    • thanks daktari. You have connected a lot of puzzling dots for me. Good lord. We got some problems in that country don’t we? Now add these to a pariah state and the country will go up in smokes.

      The private army Kinuthia the ex-AP commandant was training just before the polls in 2007 seem to have melted somewhere. I remember them being driven around in those Michuki buses but we never heard of them again. I am sure they got into the PEV business after the election robbery but after that they simply disappeared back into the police force.

      The other thing I just couldn’t figure out was why private business chaps were included in the team sent by police choppers to Baragoi after the massacre of those unfortunate cops sent to their deaths without any idea what they were doing. I mean here we have the largest massacre of police officers in the history of the country and we have the Wainganjos(fake cop boss) and some private business folks leading the team to go investigate that. In which other country does this kind of madness take place. Now with the insight about the gangster business going on it all makes sense.

      But this manufactured state of lawlessness and general insecurity in the country could go very wrong. One thing I notice is how citizens have no faith in any law enforcement. If Somalis are attacked in Nairobi they simply mobilise their own little army and go to work and sort things out. We see the same in Tana delta which is a war zone as we speak. This culture of everyone for themselves in matters of security is going to explode when things fall apart and the whole country can simply be a war zone worse than the 2007/8 PEV. We are sitting on a time bomb.

      The Kibaki legacy of destroying the country for his friends will live with us for a very long time and that is if the country survives. With Bensouda coming full steam with the cases the way things are rolling over their at the Hague, the month of April 2013 could be either the birth or the death of the nation. Rough times are ahead but Kenyans are tough people they will be fine.


  15. Job,
    Thanks for your magnificient eye! If the allegations are then true, (possibility of being real is certainly not far fetched), then Kenya is in for a very uncertain future, especially during the elections as well as if Raila and ODM were to form the next government! THis is some scary dung here.


  16. Zak commented yesterday on an article in the Standard in this connection thus:

    “whats the correlation? 1.cattle stolen 2.Disageements b2in senior officers on how to execute recovery 3.Mission commander left enjoying his peace at a baragoi hotel.sic!! 3.Baragoi massacre follows 4.Fact finding mission after,Mbijiwe,Waiganjo in chopper-pictures show it 5.An impositor unearthed!! 6.Family comes out very strongly defending their own claiming appointed & promoted by iteere 7.Even the goat brought for the homecoming ceremony(after promotion) by one OCPD Njoro is still in the compound(the OCPD was a lead investigator in the 6.3bn coc thing!!! 8.The same time police share the documentary with the public on the 6.3bn thing &much more iam getting sick!! WE DONT HAVE TO BE MOZAD OR CIA TO SEE THIS COME ON WE ARE NOT FOOLS!!!!!!!”


  17. Thanks Job, not only for the incision, but for the courage to expose this.

    We should debate this exhaustively.

    Serious and decisive action is called for. Sometimes I wonder whether we should not temporarily ask the military to police the country as we uproot the vestiges of crime so deeply ingrained in our police force and the state in general. Surely the cancer has not so terminally colonised our military. Most of the crime in Kenya is now controlled by the state and in particular the police. David Kimaiyo, if he is not part of this deadly Ngoroko needs a lot of support, intelligence and quite a bit of luck to even begin the process of dismantling the criminal networks with roots running across government – the tap root is probably at State House and major tributaries at vigilance house. Kimaiyo needs to identify and thoroughly vet clean officers to work with. And then begin a purge. Something akin to what we did with the judiciary needs to happen in the police. Of course blood will be spilt, hair will be lost. You cannot survive radiation and chemotherapy without the painful side effects. But to survive cancer you must accept radiation and chemo.

    The link between poaching, particularly of elephants, and the Kenyatta family is certainly a matter of public and historical record. It is so scandalous that it is surprising that members of the Kenyatta family can still show their faces in the morning sun. In the 70’s – when the Ngoroko ruled the roost – the Kenyatta family were the biggest killers of thousands of elephants in Africa. For years the family illegally profited from export of thousands of tonnes of ivory through their United Africa Company which was headed by Margaret Kenyatta but controlled by Mama Ngina. It is interesting that the return of Ngoroko has coincided with a return of vicious, inhuman and merciless poaching of elephant ivory. And this before we discuss countless other episodes of plunder by the same family accross almost all sectors: land, dairy, mining, banking…etc

    If I was Uhuru Kenyatta, I would drop that name and adopt the name ‘poleni wakenya’ as an insufficient atonement for my family’s sinful history.

    The Baragoi- Waiganjo saga follows a very familiar pattern observed during the Artur saga. The Armenian brothers were appointed deputy commissioners of police and allowed to run operations, parallel to the main force. Their remit was to protect illegal drug consignments, protect Kibaki’s mistress and possibly carry out some political assassinations (before they were exposed). That was the Ngoroko in action. Therefore Job’s analysis and expose is quite apt.

    But using national resources and institution’s to promote crime is unforgivable. Let us consider the CID and the AP – police units which are at the centre of the emerging institutionalised criminal network. The tribalisation of this outfit has been its undoing. Consider that shortly after independence, the first African CID director (or equivalent) was a Mr. Ochieng. Nobody burst a vein. When Kenyatta grew paranoid and dictatorial, he appointed Ignatius Nderi, who stayed beyond his death. After the coup attempt and as Moi grew intolerant to diverse opinion, he appointed Noah arap Too and subsequently Francis arap Sang – both Kalenjins who facilitated state controlled criminal activities. Mwai Kibaki assumed the presidency at the beginning of 2003 and in that year appointed John Kamau (who was delusional – e.g thinking he was a Knights Templar, but who nevertheless was part of the criminal system), followed by Karanja Gatiba (incompetent in a dangerous way, which may, ironocally have led to his sudden death). Even when Karanja Gatiba collapsed and died suddenly in mid-2010; Kibaki overlooked seniority in the force, arrogantly skipping over the likes of Isaiah Osugo from to appoint Ndegwa Muhoro – moving him three ranks above his grade. The need to control proceeds from criminal enterprise, to hide evidence of corruption and more recently election-related crimes against humanity has been the driving force behind the tribalisation of the police force. Ndegwa Muhoro for example, as part of a scheme to try and confuse the ICC that Kenya was involved in a local investigation process pretended to be interviewing the ICC suspects years after PEV.

    The AP, on their part, were often derisively referred to as ‘chiefs police’, until Kinuthia Mbugua was appointed and the criminal warlords decided to use it for state-sanctioned crime and political persecution. He created an elite unit within the AP, and working with the Kikuyu’s at treasury outfitted the AP with modern equipment: vehicles, automatic guns, uniforms etc. Suddenly AP were manning checkpoints, confronting regular police and running parallel operations. I agree with Job, this was Ngoroko in action. In the fullness of time, the elite AP units were used to perpetrate PEV and steal the elections. No wonder the same Kunuthia Mwangi is the TNA candidate for Nakuru Governors seat. A handsome payback for his role in entrenching impunity and promoting crime!


      • job,

        This is one of the stories you covered in your piece. The standard is covering it a month later since it happened. This is what is happening in Baringo County. The media hardly bothers with this stuff. 5,000 people fleeing their homes walking 30km a day and nobody gives a damn. And we are supposed to have a functioning government. I am sure we do but their agenda has nothing to do with the interests of Kenyans.

        Here is the story buried somewhere in the Standard: 5,000 flee cattle rustling menace


      • Adongo,

        Yup. Poor and innocent citizens killed, thousands displaced, tens of thousands of heads of cattle and goats stolen, nine schools closed…all by Kibaki’s Ngorokos

        then they tell the people to:

        But authorities have urged them to remain patient, adding that there was need for dialogue between elders from the involved communities to ensure that peace is restored.

        Telling the pastoralists to “remain patient”…and calling for “dialogue between communities”…is not only an insult to the intelligence of Kenyan people, but treacherous cruelty on the pastoralists. This wanton plunder of poor citizens’ of their meagre resources by well-known state criminals needs to be addressed and redressed squarely! It’s time for accountability!


  18. Job,
    Great work as usual.
    This thing smells to high heavens.

    I agree that the madness is very near to kibakis door steps hence his fast reaction.

    Which bring me back to the question of fair elections. If this is the case then I guess that Kibaki and his cronies will do everything including fraud to hand the Uhuruto duo the win. Kenyans must be more than vigilant or else they will be cheated out of their rights just like in 07.

    This is the true Kibaki legacy. Entertaining crime and criminals.


  19. Pingback: News Alert: The Kibaki Succession and The Rebirth of the 'Ngoroko' menace!

  20. Whoa!! Good lord, please save us from these people. job, you mentioned poaching and i recalled an item that made big news in virtually all major world media outlets :

    of course the kenyan media did not report this (did i miss it?) since they have their own idea of what is considered newsworthy. here is the PM ‘addressing’ the matter:

    ummm, on a separate note, the author of the thread : honoring our men and women in uniform might want to pull it down after reading job’s article.


    • Akinyi yawa ……

      We are on the same page…. what am trying to say but maybe not clearly enough is there are good innocent men out there who try their best despite the odds, they should be recognized. We need them more now than ever to help unearth and finally bury the rot – all hands on deck. Need I say more regarding the burning spear? There are many good cops who have died in the line of duty, if their cases were taken seriously and investigated as they should have many of these “waiganjos” from the police to banking – would have been unearthed many eons ago.

      I hope they don’t let that banking lead drop, 21 days is just not enough to unravel that connection it’s much much deeper than that, my hope is a wider laser like directed enquiry will be triggered specifically on this. The 10 day unauthorized investigation preposition was a very feeble and transparent attempt at covering up the whole fiasco.

      Job has done a stunning job in giving us the big picture. Now start to imagine the specifics – the players, the planning, meetings, the dummy runs, the hidden hands etc etc what is under the surface will blow your mind. Finally the hush hush but effective revolving door between high finance and security must be exposed. That’s the link that makes their world go round and ours stand still. The key word is dirty money in all its forms, shapes and “sizes”. Lots of people believed they were UNTOUCHABLE.

      Here is a preview, you be the judge


      • 5th estate,
        am glad we are on the same page. the reportedly bad apples run the gamut of titles and divisions, from the top honchos, traffic policemen to the newly recruited ‘koblo’ no one really knows who the good ones are – do you?
        let’s eliminate the rot and pong before patting the good ones on the back. ama?

        btw, those ‘good and innocent men and women’ out there already get the recognition on mashujaa day and for the luckier ones, a presidential recognition and perhaps a promotion. isn’t this good enough?


  21. a number of issues/queries i had are now beginning to get clarified

    a) why suddenly waiganjo after being found out, suddenly became the fall guy for everything else – this is how the big boys cover crime, when an operator is arrested, saddle him with everything to avoid further investigations which might uncover the rest of the rot as this expose confirms. it was clear from the start that this waiganjo had powerful protection coz there is no way a guy that has spent time in prison, been in court, etc can still sign up and operate as a police officer. including sacking other officers

    b) that this rot extends far beyond the impostor saga – as a i stated earlier, a statement from “laid back/hands off” kibaki is usually a very good indicator that this is a very hot potato and if the lid comes off, will scald many scalps. basically it lights a fire under kibaki’s seat. its heading towards state house, and you know with ICC poking its nose around with suggestions that underhand deals take place at state house, this might just begin to point some very thick fingers in that direction

    c) why its so important that a home-boy or more specifically mafia leaning guy (uhuruto for some or mudavadi type) succeed kibaki otherwise the potential for exposing these clandestine operations is too high with a reformist government – i think the shadow operators prefer mudavadi who is more malleable, but they can work with uhuruto like any crime warlord works with rival crime bosses

    good lawdy

    i fear that if we do actually get a reformist govt, the scandals to be exposed will leave many kenyans hiding their faces with shame.

    addendum – Job there is another article in the standard

    Later that day the villagers, reportedly, killed a second attacker as armed police watched. Villagers claimed that some of the alleged attackers wore police uniform and these claims have fostered a hypothesis that a security officer could have been killed in the bonfire lit by villagers on December 21 but Rotich has declined to comment on this.



    • Akinyi

      let’s eliminate the rot and pong before patting the good ones on the back. ama?

      I agree that’s prio 1 … but I hope we will be able to pat some backs regarding this foul case after the initial 21 days to facilitate accelerated cleanup of the muck and need not wait until mashujaa. – at times like these we really need a functional dependable witness protection program, unfortunately we only have it on paper.

      Am holding my breath at the moment and will exhale after the “interim” report.


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