Mudavadi stuck in western province

How far and long is Mudavadi willing to be used by the powers that be? After being used and dumped by Uhuru Kenyatta he has now fully accepted to be once again used by Daniel arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki. One can even say that this ist part two of the Kibaki strategy to deny Raila Odinga the presidency, after mademoni brought part one tumbling down.  Being the coward he is, Kibaki dare not come out in the open and tell us that he had been supporting Mudavadi on one side until things fell apart after. Now he seems to be supporting Uhuru but only using Mudavadi and Daniel arap Moi to help his new project.

Nice thing is that the people of Kenya have been had so many times and for too long and are not buying the bullcrap.

Kibaki and Moi have now held Mudavadi in western “province arrest”. He cannot leave until the elections are over.  They have keeping him so busy in that province he has not even had time to venture in Nyanza which is closest. This goes to prove that he is not a serious candidate but a person being used only for the purpose of fighting Raila in Kakamega. I say kakamega because he has no advantage in other parts of the province.  The 2.4 million votes he is talking about are going to be a mirage for a long time to come.

Things are however looking very good for CORD. A win by CORD will be the mother of all victories for Raila/Kalonzo axis shall have not only beaten Uhuru and Ruto but also two presidents i.e. Moi and Kibaki. How sweet. And it’s going to happen.

Meanwhile the Jubilee side is up in arms against Infortrak for doing a scientific research and coming up with results they don’t like.  Just like Romney, they still believe that they are winning by a landslide.

By Mzee Posted in kenya

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