Peter Kenneth and Ronald Osumba Ticket

Peter Kenneth has settled on Ronald Osumba for the running mates position.  Tuju seem to have given up his ambitions upon realizing that he could not compete with RAO.  Thats the end of project Raphael Tuju for now. Perhaps its better to live to fight another day.

The Eagle alliance can be as well called the “STAREHE BOYS ALLIANCE” with most of the top official having passed through the same school.

For you who dont know Osumba


he Eagle Coalition has settled on Kenya National Congress (KNC) party leader Peter Kenneth as its presidential candidate.

His coalition partner Raphael Tuju of the Party of Action (POA) said Wednesday he was stepping down in Mr Kenneth’s favour but would continue chair the alliance.

“It is with humility and unwavering regard for our values and beliefs that the Party of Action entered into an alliance with KNC of Hon Peter Kenneth and at no one time did my team or myself let any personal ambitions compromise the common values and philosophy that brought our two political entities together,” said Mr Tuju during a ceremony to unveil Eagle’s line up at the Hotel Intercontinental, Nairobi.

“It is for that reason that after a series of thorough consultations and numerous technical meetings that I now inform you that I have ceded ground to Peter Kenneth so that he proceeds to vie for the presidency of this great nation of ours without me contesting for the same space,” he said.

“This I do with full understanding of what Peter Kenneth stands for and is on record for having demonstrated his capability in serving his constituency guided by the values the Eagle Coalition espouses.”

Mr Tuju also said he was not in contention to be Mr Kenneth’s running mate.

“I will continue to chair the coalition by mutual agreement but will not be Peter’s running mate.  Therefore, Peter will have a free hand to choose a running mate,” said Mr Tuju.

Mr Kenneth said he had identified 33-year-old Ronald Osumba as his running mate.

He said Mr Osumba represented the emerging face of Kenya.

Mr Osumba has worked as a manager at Safaricom

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4 comments on “Peter Kenneth and Ronald Osumba Ticket

  1. personally i have nothing against this ronald osumba, peter kenneth, ole kiyiapi type of guys

    they are your ordinary everyday technocrat, trying their hand in politics/leadership

    under ordinary functioning systems, they are good material for governor, senator etc

    but under the current reign of impunity and rot, these guys are totally out of their depth/reach

    take for instance peter kenneth, as some guys have mentioned he cannot survive in central province if he dares say anything un-toward about uhuru, and therefore he goes about his business as if he’s never heard of the man. thats not clever politics, thats just plain fear. and i dont blame him either, he stands no chance if he does that. you cannot compare that with martha karua who has spared no one.

    its simply not their time, i would encourage them to run to establish a presence for future harvest in the next leadership and maybe 2017/18 but for this current presidency, unless something monumental happens, their performance will not be anything to write home about.

    save your cash guys

    si kwa ubaya,


    on the other hand, now that a 33 year old youth is now in the race, i hope those 50 something who were claiming that they are in this solely for the “youth” will step aside and they don’t need to fake youth anymore


  2. Mzee,

    You beat me to this question!

    “As for Osumba, who cares? Since when is having been poor and growing up in slums been the only credentials for leadership? Kenyans sometimes amaze me.”

    Surely, if beating poverty was the single most important criteria for good leadership, then most Kenyans including myself would floor this Starehe Boys Alliance hands down!

    While I cannot authoritatively comment about what difficulties PK and Osumba faced during their childhood, let me tell Kenyans that Raphael Tuju never grew up in a really dirt poor family! I happen to know the guy, including his entire family members, very very well. I still wonder to date how he actually secured a place at the Starehe Boys Centre on the basis of poverty and helplessness yet his father had a very secure and relatively well-paying job with the former Kenya Railways and lived in one of the Kenya Railway houses at Nairobi South B with his children and paying very minimal rent if any!!

    This Starehe Boys Alliance should stop taking Kenyans for fools by wanting to ride on their backs in the name of having grown up in poverty/slums!

    And what an anti-climax on the part of PK for him to give us a political rookie as a running mate. PK was for me a very promising future presidential material but not anymore after this poor choice of a running mate. The guy just shot himself on the foot politically as far as his hitherto bright political future is concerned. What a waste of an otherwise bright political future due to poor judgement.

    I recommend that some of these folks trying politics should talk nicely to Adongo of DC and get a priceless lesson or two in matters politics!

    Jeez, what did they used to say? Heheheee, when the going gets tough…….? Yeah, the CORD-effect is taking it toll on the competition. It looks like CORD has stunned and numbed all its competition.


  3. Phil,
    Don’t blame them for trying (joking around).
    But one thing that is clear is that Peter Kenneth’s campaigns have almost grounded to a standstill which makes you wonder if he was really serious in the first place.

    He seems to have conceded all ground to Uhuru Kenyatta in Central Province in the same manner he went mteja for Mudavadi just before the signing of the “mademoni” contract will jubilee. I have said before that Peter Kenneth is just another project but very cleverly disguised. I guess that Tuju has disappointed his backer who thought that he had the potential of denting CORDS image in Nyanza and taking some votes. As things stand,the so called eagle alliance stands no chance anywhere.

    As for Osumba, who cares? Since when is having been poor and growing up in slums been the only credentials for leadership? Kenyans sometimes amaze me.

    Martha Karua declared her wealth yesterday, only that she did not tell us how much she has in her back account. That could be hundreds of millions. She cannot play holier than thou when together with Uhuru Kenyatta was at the forefront in defending Kibakis elections theft, What a joke this lady is.


  4. The Eagle Coalition is the biggest comedy in town after that one known as AMANI.

    First, we all know project Raphael Tuju and his Party of Action were never ever going to run for president. So there is no such thing as Tuju stepping down for his brother Kenneth. Tuju has all but kept Kenneth in check and prevented the KNC candidate from fully exploiting his potential in Central province and also, together with another project Wamalwa, greatly contaminated PK’s Tunawesmake campaign. It will be interesting to see what role Tuju will continue to play in Eagle coalition as the Chairman ofthe Eagle Coalition.

    Secondly, with all due respect, Osumba is a political neophite and adds very little value to PK’s candidature. One only needs to see his body language at the unveiling today to see that PK has greater respect for his son Andrew than he does for Osumba. In other words, if PK says jump, definitely Osumba will be somewhere up there.

    No offence, but Osumba brings zero political credentials and nil government experience to the Eagle Coalition. It seems the only common thread here is Starehe Boys alumni.

    I was amused to heat Peter Kenneth confidently assert that although he does not agree with recently published opinion polls that projected the Eagle Coalition at 2%, fourth after Cord (49%), Jubilee (39%) and Amani (3%). Kenneth reckons he doesnt mind being third ranked presidential candidate. He ignores the gap that is so wide between him and the two leading coandidates. Now, with Osumba, lets sit back and watch his 2% plummet even further.

    Meanwhile, the Amani running mate ticket does not seem as attractive even to resurrected politicians like Gideon Moi. Martha Karua is also yet to name hers and there are signs that she is struggling to find an ideal running mate.


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