KTN dangerously misleading the public

Have a look at this video and you will see that most of the images are from PEV08 passed as is from today nominations in Kendu Bay.

How do I know this? I have a residence  next to COTU labor college and most of the images are from ring road which passes by COTU labor college.

Its important that the media is exposed and stopped in its tracks for attempting to lite fire where there is none.

When I saw the images I was forced to call home and the guys told me that people were going on with their daily business and there were signs of burning and fighting as the media was showing.

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9 comments on “KTN dangerously misleading the public

  1. Please check your facts before claiming the video are pev of 08. I have watched the whole video and heard them chanting TNA and waving banners of current political competitors at constituency level. There was no TNA in 2008! You were not even there. You called your home and obviously got / gave the wrong info or perhaps the protests were not near cotu. Check your facts, dont polarize issues.


  2. KTN has literally changed its headquarters from Nairobi to Kisumu, with the sole aim of showing how rowdy, unruly and dangerous the people of kisumu are.

    I can see that they have been trying all day long to have people say negative stuff about Raila without success.

    One would actually think that the nomination problems only exsist in Nyanza and are a creation of Raila.

    For all the ati-RAO media I can only say that they will be more than disappointed.


    • mzee,
      it’s laughable that everyone has suddenly become an authority on luo nyanza politics. they tried the same during the recent ndhiwa by-elections. unfortunately the supposedly growing anti-odinga/protest vote in luo nyanza did not materialise despite muthamaki making a personal appearance. if 200 so called protest votes against neto’s 27,000 wasn’t lesson enough then i don’t know what is.


    • .
      Here comes loud protest from a returning officer in TNA’s primary. I will have to concede that media bias has left many untold stories in TNA strongholds – such as this one about the returning officers protest of premature announcement of Kimunya’s ‘victory’.


      Meanwhile Mbaru says he is appealing against Waititu’s victory:



      • job,

        It is not just KTN that turned the nomnination reporting to an Odinga and ODM matter the same applies to the so called social media where it is all about Oburu and the Odingas. I think in this forum there has been fair and sensible discussion. Where people were outraged with ODM they said so very loudly. But at least here I have seen a rounded up discussion about the whole nomination and now we are moving into the discussion about the agenda some of these candidates have.

        I have personally been shocked to find that Mr. William Oduol pretty much has a zero idea as to what he wants to do as a Siaya governor. It is frightening what he has in his website. It is like a school project. I talked about what I think are some of our priorities in Siaya County in the thread about Kidero and the thug, Mr. Waititu but after looking at Mr. Oduol’s website where his main agenda is about loans for youth I think we need to look at what some of these people really offer. People should not expect a free ride just because Siaya people were tired of Oburu. Inany event I think CORD as the main sponsor of these candidates shoudl have an overall picture onwhat are the priorities for each of the 47 counties but it woudl help a great deal if the candidates have at least bothered to do their homework.

        I am still shaking my head thinking this is the guy who could be my governor and he doesn’t even seem to have a clue on the basic economic and social demographics in Siaya county. I have raised some of those isues in the Kidero thread but one thing is obvious if we end up with Mr. Oduol as our governor he is going to need a lot of help. We are going to offer him that help but if he jokes around he will be there for five years and out. Siaya has some very able people to run the county. My first choice would have been Oduor Ong’wen who happens to be from Ugenya but he is not running. But we are going to help this chap if he is serious otherwise we have a nightmare in our hands.

        If this kind of stuff continues, I am nominating my friend’s cat for governor. At least the cat is very nice to her kids. I can’t stand the cat myself but if the cat is in the governor’s mansion we could be friends with a little effort on my side.

        As to the media bias it is just beginning. All these media types and more so social media are pushing their own political agenda. That is pretty obvious. Most political parties have not even named a single nominee. Most of them just sneaked their lists to IEBC. For some like Narc it is normal since they never had any nominations to speak of but for parties like TNA it is puzzling that most candidates will only hear about their nomination from IEBC. How about if Waititu’s name doesn’t appear there. Will KTN and our social media shift their attention as Waititu goes nuts? I guess it will depend on what happens to Oburu and Ruth. Good lord!.


  3. The only fault I see from this KTN clip is the erroneous characterization of genuine protests as ‘violence’. These particular folks from Karachuonyo are simply expressing their disgust with the conduct of the nomination. It is their democratic right.

    I think across the board, people are rejecting the old culture of imposition of candidates on the electorate – through boardroom shenanigans around results announcement and certificate issuance. Some people tend to be generally louder (than others) in protesting.

    This is no different from similar protests in Siaya which saw Oburu’s effigy burnt. When folks like Otieno Kajwang or Oburu want to impose themselves on voters 5 years after imposing themselves in 2007, people will say enough is enough! People are generally sick and tired of most sitting MPs…whether they want to continue as MP, or ascend to Governor or Senator. Expect a high turnover –if peoples’ wishes are respected!


  4. guys

    the reason for this display is multi pronged (consider all issues)

    IEBC is being given material to enforce electoral laws e.g disqualify candidates on account of election violence

    thats why there is no footage of violence in TNA areas even though we know there are disputes there as well.

    we need to rise above this. we are being suckered into a well choreographed screen play


  5. Mzee,

    The clips look real to me. Listen to what the demonstrators are yelling e.g TNA and no Raila etc!

    People are not going to take electoral theft lying down again. So Raila had better listen.


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