8 comments on “CORD – yapokelewa kwa vigelegele na shangwe KERICHO

    • excellent response by Wetangula. very well played

      he says people will make allegations. uhuru himself and ruto a few weeks back asked raila to “return” molasses factory and land? was that hate speech

      they got back in equal measure that which they doled out


      • I think that the land issue has to be firmly on the table especially in the RVP. I liked the way Wetangula likened Uhuru Kenyatta to a monkey sitting in a committee to eradicate forest. Its unlikely for a monkey to act against its own interests.
        People cannot push the issue under rags forever.

        The foolish TNA gang should have just kept quite but now that they have called it hate speech it has all of a sudden been picked from under the mat to where it should be ie the public domain. Brilliant Mr. Wetangula


    • What a terrible display by this journalist –whom I previously thought was one of Kenya’s better interviewers!

      Questioning the Kenyatta family’s acquisition of huge tracts of land DOES NOT amount to hate speech; neither does it polarize the country whatsoever. How this journalist doesn’t get that simple premise is mind-boggling.

      On the contrary, journalists must understand they too have a fundamental duty not to stir up hate or polarization by obviously partisan and inflammatory questioning.

      Is this journalist by any stretch suggesting that politicians should not question grabbed land — or rather the manner in which huge land holdings were acquired?

      It is a fact the Kenyatta family has for the last three years been busy disposing tens of thousands of acres of land –TO THE GOVERNMENT — for BILLIONS of shillings….many under the guise of ‘settling IDPs’. Kenyan taxpayers are in the process paying the Kenyatta family billions of shillings for land which was irregularly acquired free of charge. Those billions are being used back to bamboozle Kenyans in yet another raw pursuit of power and raw opportunity to grab more.

      It is a nation-wasting malignancy that needs to stop. Uhuru Kenyatta’s raw pursuit of power is not something new to Kenyans. It was exhibited in full colours in 2008…with Uhuru’s masterminding of the persecution and killing of hundreds of Kenyans in Naivasha, Nakuru, etc..by his hired Mungiki murderers. That’s heck why he is literally behind the ICC docks.

      Whether biased journalists like it or not…land grabbing and PEV killings will be a fundamental plank of the 2013 presidential campaigns.

      Both Uhuru and Ruto plotted the killing of sections of Kenyans they now want to lord over. Kenyans are not idiots!

      These are precisely issues which will peak in February and March? Together with how the issues impact on our economy (possibility of biting sanctions), and how they shape the trajectory of land reformsare issues that MUST be discussed in this election. It is definitely coming. The conversation is just beginning — mark these words.

      The other sensitive issue Wetangula discussed which these fellas are afraid to even question him about is this emerging trend that unveils an arrogant Jubilee (50 years) of chronic mismanagement and domination by two communitiesthe Kikuyu and Kalenjin — at the exclusion of Kenya’s other 42 communities.

      For a straight 50 years, presidential power has been a ping-pong exchange between the Kikuyu (Kenyatta, Kibaki) and Kalenjin (Moi). It is therefore, the height of blatant arrogance to yet again unveil for the next 50 years…another Kikuyu-Kalenjin line-up …as in the Kenyatta-Ruto line-up …as in 10 years Kenyatta…and 10 years Ruto…to make the next 20 years…as if Kenya’s other 40 communities don’t exist or matter.

      Even in the U.S., a black man was elected twice for President in landslide elections…and the country is gearing in the next 4 years to elect its first woman president…Wetangula was therefore right in asking why Kenyans want to keep doing the same thing that led to the current rot, corruption, land grabbing, and soaring tribalism yet expecting different results. It can’t happen.

      You elect killers and land grabbers like Uhuru and Ruto (both land oligarchs currently paraded at the ICC for mass murder charges) — and you get more of the same rot. These are debates that MUST feature in these campaigns. And when we talk land, it is not just the Kenyatta family. Ruto has had a myriad cases of land grabbing in court, some ongoing…including 100 acres grabbed from a citizen called Muteshi during PEV…besides forest grabs, Eldoret Municipal grabs, Upper Hill – Nairobi forged allocation letters, and many more…that he tried unsuccesfully to sell back to the government for Sh 1.2 Billion. These criminals must not be put anywhere near power.

      Even Mwai Kibaki though such a toxic Kenyatta-Ruto President-Deputy President idea was a stretch of arrogance too far…that’s why he unveiled the alternative Musalia project.

      One thing I can guarantee is that Uhuru and Ruto will be FULLY exposed — and implications of their possible rule…(economic sanctions, stalled land reforms, stalled Constitution, reversed devolution etc) all interrogated before March 4th.

      Coming back specifically to land–No matter these desperate antics by the Jubilee coalition, their supporters, allied journalists, and even the PS information (Bitange Ndemo — who was recently trying to gag free speech) the subject of LAND GRABBING vis-a-vis LAND REFORMS will be centerpiece in this election. Let them get used to it.

      Wetangula’s Bukusu metaphor/analogy about not having a monkey presiding the forest-clearing committee is quite appropriate. Can a land oligarch preside over Robin-Hood style redistribution of land to the masses? How do Kenyans entrust a member of Kenya’s biggest land grabbers in-charge of land reforms? All Kenyans know such reforms can’t happen!

      Land oligarchs cannot preside over the land reforms prescribed in the new Constitution — such as taxing idle land, explaining how land was acquired, returning public land, etc. This is just common sense. Kenyatta’s idle parcels in Nakuru, Naivasha, Thika, Ruiru, Mombasa, Kilifi, Lamu, Kwale, Taita-Taveta, Uasin-Gishu, and Kericho could attract annual tax levies of billions of shillings which they won’t agree to pay. Someone else should be the one to implement these tax surcharges on behalf of taxpayers.

      And by the way, should ICC eventually surcharge Uhuru and Ruto’s assets and properties for victim restitution and compensation, someone else in State House should preside over the restitution to poor victims! They can’t do it on themselves. This real-time movie is coming and Kenyans should brace for spectacular drama in the few years to come — if they vote right, that is! I can’t wait to see these fellas assets frozen and liquidated! Vote wisely WaKenya!



  1. wow! almost mistook this for moi stadium ksm. scenes like these coupled with reports that some of ruto’s allies were rejected in the nominations must be giving some people nightmares.

    darn it the man is supposed to be holed up somewhere worrying about the revolt by nyanza voters.


  2. tnk,
    It looks like the south rift is in the bag even if not the whole of it. As you said before, with a little more effort CORD can collect 50% of the votes in Rift Valley. If that happens then we are headed for a landslide first round. Ruto seem to be too much propaganda and no substance.

    CORD should put the issue of land and ICC on the table when they get to Rift Valley. These two issues if articulated properly will sway the vote in CORDS favour.

    Nyanza will cool down pretty soon.The emotions are still very high.
    One can even say that winning the nominations in Nyanza is as good as winning the real thing hence the fights, noise and riots. No party in Kenya has the capacity to hold fair nominations especially when some of the aspirants are bent on mischief.


  3. nice pictures

    confirms the buzz on twitter where a significant chunk of RV was completely disappointed with URP and TNA.

    lets face it, TNA and URP proved to be a disaster. people thought this was a smooth organized outfit, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. no structures on the ground.

    just like we kept saying, ruto is incapable of building an organisation from ground up just like mudavadi. these are grabbers who can only reap where they have not sown. just talk talk but no ability to organise. at some point, people want to see more than the talk

    kudos to CORD.

    we do however need to impress on CORD the importance of civility in nyanza which remains to be still volatile, and I know the media exaggerates this aspect.


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