Nairobi Governor – Waititu/Kidero Interview

comments to follow later. Preliminary comments in social media have a poor view of Kidero whom many claim passes of as aloof, elitist and condescending

Havent had a chance to listen to all of it yet.

22 comments on “Nairobi Governor – Waititu/Kidero Interview

  1. with mbaru’s re-entry for nairobi governor on an APK ticket, this will definitely impact both waititu and kidero

    mbaru will definitely get a sizeable chunk from the TNA support base that claims to be “issue driven” but i doubt it will be more than 30% i.e not significant to floor waititu.

    he will also impact the “elitist” kidero base and probably shave off 25% or more depending on how he presents himself The elitis base is however insignificant in numbers to make a huge impact

    in my view, Evans Kidero and his running mate need to hit the ground running, and if possible team up with other CORD team in nairobi for a consolidated run and message. the nairobi electorate even though well informed and can follow complex argument and what not, they have extremely simple demands that need to be hammered consistently

    will come back to this later.

    kidero needs to work hard to erase the image of a condescending technocrat. plus also this keep on harping about being born in a slum and therefore belongs does get old. just stick to what you are going to do for nairobians. keep it simple stupid K.I.S.S is the correct approach


    • tnk,

      When did Jimnah get the APK ticket? As of Saturday he was saying on TV shows that he had appealed the Waititu nomination. That means he was still a member of TNA. The law is clear. Candidates must have been members of the parties that nominated by Friday Jan. 18, 2013 and members of no other party by that time. Any nomination afte that is illegal. But of course IEBC screwed everything up and candidates are just going to back date their nominations and resignation letters.

      I said this a while back. The IEBC could end up with a situation where the whole process is declared unconstitutional. Wait for the court cases. They are coming.


    • tnk,

      I know people are sick and tired of this nomination crap but something struck me as odd. Of course Uhuru and his TNA are now trying to block out Jimna arguing he is still a member of TNA and cannot be a member of APK. This the same argument we have been making here everyday that under the PPA one cannot be a member of two parties at the same time.

      Yesterday Isaack Hassan the IEBC chair said in an interview when asked about the same issue that IEBC is willing to bend the law because this is “transition election” whatever that means. So we will see how far Isaack wants to screw the electoral laws.

      But here is the story. The chokara Mr. Ferdinand Waititu has now officially changed his name to be Mr. Clifford Ndung’u Waititu so that the name is his I.D can match the name in his Stone Throwing degree certificate from Punjab University. Don’t laugh now, this is not a vioja show. It is the real story. When Waititu goes to present his papers to the IEBC he needs to have the two names matching, hence the demise of Ferdinand. Out goes the rascal in comes the governor!

      Here it is:

      Something tells me this degree is fake and a little inquiry even by a sensible journalist would smoke it out. Even that picture of Waititu in gowns could be a photo shop fiction.

      Now should Mbaru be barred as Uhuru wants and Vioja gets smoked out as a fake, where will that leave TNA congregation in the Nairobi governor’s race?


      • Adongo,
        Please forget about Isaak Hassans threats and promises, they are all but words of pretense. The man is beholden to political parties. He also suffers from the big man syndrome and in my opinion he will do zero as far as Mbaru goes. The man will run and deny Clifford Ferdinand Wai-thug votes.

        This is kideros chance to throw everything he has in the ring. If he does, most probably he will be home and dry.

        Kidero should stop boring us with statistics and history of Nairobi. Only a few voters want to hear his lectures about Nairobi since colonial days,. He must be simply and to the point.

        Is he going to bring light trains to Nairobi, when and how.
        Slum upgrade . when and how
        Water to all – when and how
        Schools- when and how
        Security- when and how

        This is what we need to know fullstop.


  2. I looked at the whole Kidero/Waititu debate as an interview, should you find yourself in front of a panel for a job they doubt you can handle, i am sure they would ask you the same questions Kidero wanted Waititu to clarify, e.g your educational background, your past performance etc and Kidero just wanted to show Nairobians what kind of Governor they may end up with. For a man whom even TNA has no confidence in, their suppoters simply needed a reason to vote against Kidero without having to look Traibal and hence the ‘arrogance.’ claims.

    These are the same people who are quick to support Kibaki though we know that he has never involved himself on matters ‘slums’ and is an elitist.

    My view is the TNA guys were just looking for a reason to vote for ‘Waititu’ and now they have it, they will vote against Kidero without losing sleep.


  3. Hey! Obama did come back after his first interview flop against Romney. Kidero has room to improve and hence bounce back
    Nonetheless, while we all know that Kidero is the better governor…politics dictates otherwise. Its all about numbers
    Kidero was once a slum boy…heck..what is so difficult in playing history…he can easily replay his slum days…swish it up with Sheng..and then Waititu may get a match. Otherwise, Governorship will remain but a wishful seat for Kidero.
    Even though i now regret why ODM nevr let Margret Wanjiru take up this governor position


    • gemagema,

      Wanjiru did not posses the right academic papers and hence could not run for gubernatorial seat. That she is not in this particular race has got nothing to do with ODM but her own qualifications.

      I hope she was given the Women’s Rep position and further hope that she accepted it. This post suits her best!! The other option is to make her Kidero’s running mate!

      gemagema wrote:

      “Even though i now regret why ODM nevr let Margret Wanjiru take up this governor position”


  4. I saw a technocrat against a politician, Visionary against Pragmatism and I saw a class war. The best would be a mixture of Kidero and Waititu. But it is an uphill task for Kidero to beat Waititu ! Why: Kidero has to learn how to connect with the populace, esp. those who live informal settlements spread all over NBI. He will have more difficulties mobilising his core supporters to vote and realistically the majority of Nairobians belong to the lower income group, and barely have basic necessities. These people want one of thier own up there, as Governor, Senator e.t.c They are the ones who own the vote and go to vote, come rain or shine come fracas or no fracas.How does he intend to win them. We also have the tribal factor to consider. Unfortunately, the fact that there was no primary contest in the ODM party and via extensio in CORD affiliate parties may end up being a disadvantage. Why ? Lack of some parameter to judge the voting patterns of the core supporters of CORD in NBI or experience in Voting logistics and Mobilisation e.t.c !! If you compare with the Jubilee parties, they do have alot of data and experience which they could use to the maximum on the 4th of March.


    • nokjnr,
      To an extent I agree with you that thugs always fair better in Nairobi and Waititu might not be an exception. I don’t think that Kidero has a chip on his shoulders. Remember that we are dealing with the governor of Nairobi and not just a section of the city. To me, Waititu is a local gangster who might not be able to defeat Kidero in the wider Nairobi.

      As far as tribal math goes, I don’t think that it will be the sole determinant of the election. Even if that were to be Kidero would still have the upper hand.


    • Folks,

      There is something about these technocrats that really scares me and Jimnah Mbaru was the same. No wonder Waititu whipped his butt. The technocrats come forward and say ” I have been successful CEO of this and that: I ran businesses grossing so many billion shillings: I am going to transfer my success in the private sector to the job of being governor” That is not going to work. You had the chance, what makes you think that the other folks wouldn’t do even better if they had the same chances and education.

      Yes you need to connect with people. More than 75% of Nairobi residents live in poverty. The middle class is a minority and it is a struggling group too. The upper middle class and the hyper rich are a super minority. If people were to vote based on class the Kideros and Jimnahs do not have a chance in hell.

      At least Jimnah had a comprehensive plan for Nairobi. We can debate its merits and demerits. Kidero has not come up with a plan. At least we haven’t seen it yet.. If Kidero wants to get anywhere he should come down from the high horse and present his plan for the whole city and mainly for the majority population living in poverty. Calling Waititu “Clifford” to redicule his education or lack thereof just makes him look condescending and elitist. It plays right into Waititu’s hands. Waititu is a certified thug charged with murder as we speak. We know that. His own boss is charged with mass murder and rape of Kenyans and is till running for the presidency of the country. It is in the DNA of the TNA. They have told us that much.

      What we need from Kidero is his vision for the city and how he intends to implement it. In any political interview never ever go there expecting the TV anchors to be fair, to be reasonable, to explore issues and to give you a chance. That is not what they are paid to do. They are entertainers, most of them with very limited and sometimes biased political views. You go there to educate them as much as you educate the listeners. When they ask you stupid questions ignore their crap and go a head to respond to what you think they should be asking taking tehri nonsens into context. Don’t do the Sarah Palin gig where she completely ignored the questions and just read her monologue regardless of the question but also don’t be trapped in their pettiness. Open up the discussion and they are ones who are going to look petty and stupid. That is their problem.

      But I am getting it up to my eyeball with these technocrats with their shallowness. In Siaya we are going with the now famous William Oduol because Siaya people voted for him and if they mess up we are going to be on their necks but when you look at the website of Mr. Oduol and quite frankly his vision for Siaya is limited to promoting education for Siaya and such vague things. No blue print. Not even an attempt to tell the people where he wants to take the county. Just some vague things about Siaya being sorrounded by Lake Victoria etc.

      Listen I am an educated person and I still have many problems in Siaya. If you tell me all I need is to have some education and voila all my problems are solved you are lying to me. I tell my sisters whose kids are costing us a fortune to take through university that most of those kids are going to end up “tarmacing” in Nairobi for years if not decades. Education is a good thing but it is not the only solution to problems in a county like Siaya.

      I was expecting to see Oduol’s plans on enhancing economic activities and growth in Siaya. How to move the economy from produce based economy to value added economy. Oduol seems to think the only economic or at least the major one in Siaya is fishing and fish trade. He is wrong. He needs to spend some time in Siaya market places. The biggest economic activitiy in the county and particularly in the urban centres is the construction industry. Every second shop in Bondo town for example is a hardware store not a fish shop.

      One of the biggest problems people face is that they are building all these big shops, residential places, schools, hospitals and there is no working sewage system. Everybody and every institution including the big ones like Bondo university have their own make shift sewage systems. In our markets people shit and eat in the same places. It is a disaster and one of the biggest health hazards we face. It is very costly.

      So the first thing I want to hear from our governor is a master plan on how they will make our urban centres livable and attractive to business by providing proper sewage and sanitation systems as well as infrastructure within the urban centres. That is a key pillar of urban development anywhere in the world. Counties have to come up with plans to work with the central government and other partners including donors to solve the problem of sanitation and then move them into the issues of public health. Of course all these gets intertwined with rural sanitaion and public health programs.

      Secondly I want to hear about setting industries for value added. I am soon becoming a big time fruit farmer in Siaya. My friend who got me into tree farming has now moved me to mangoe farming. Raila himself is also a mango fruit farmer just next to me for those who are interested in the Odinga family.

      They have introduced these huge mangoes called apple mango, ng’owe etc. Oh boy they are sweet alright. But they are also big money. Today in Bondo market you find them everywhere and they sell better that anything else. They are also in high demand by juice processors. If you can plant about 500 of them, you are good and people are planting them. In just a few years we will have enough to set up our own juice processing plants. Not everybody can live on fish and even with fish, the only people who make money is like my cousin who has a contract to supply a canter of fish to the “waindi” shops in Kisumu once a week. The rest is subsistence fish trade. Buy some fish in the morning and sell it in the evening and be able to buy some unga and eat that with your veggies since you can’t afford the fish. I don’t know if that is an economic activity or a survival activity.

      We have dairy farming coming up big time but it is still very risky because you make one mistake and you lose those expensive dairy cattle. It can be worked on and with institutional support we can strive to have one dairy cattle in every home. Imagine that. Farmers Choice is down there too now for pig farming but it is just for those with the capital to venture into such stuff. And then of course
      we have the emerging fish farming not to mention the crude gold mining going on everywhere. We have stuff. We just need to figure out how to make the best of it an there are experts out there who can work with Mr. Oduol. I can give give him a few names from the top of my head.

      I am barely scratching the surface here of what we need from our governors. What I don’t want to hear is oh look at me I have been a successful CEO in such and such big company and I will transfer my expertise and sucess to your county. Show me the plan and show it to me NOW. Then we can have a conversation and go to work. We have been ready for a while now.



      This video was timely because there is a lot to learn from it. I cringe at the mere thought that someone like Waititu – part of the council that oversaw Nairobi’s slide into a garbage pit – can actually become the Governor of Nairobi. Quite often, competent and clean Kenyans blame the rot in governance without themselves rolling their sleeves to enter the fray.

      As a Mangu old boy myself, I am proud that Dr. Kidero mustered the courage to enter into the dirty sport of politics – as a means to bring his skills towards salvaging Nairobi. After watching the debate, I’m convinced Kidero has room for improvement – the good news being that time allows him to redress a few shortcomings and get the governorship come March 4th, 2012.

      1) Whether based on questioned academic qualifications, or accusations of hate speech, Kidero must first remove any notion in his mind that Waititu may not be on the ballot come March 4th…because that is not guaranteed. Stop putting too much time on the Clifford jokes…and Maasai warudi kwao stuff

      2) The first thing Kidero must learn from the more experienced and retail politician Waititu – is that populism actually pays in Nairobi. This is a lesson that Nairobi political gurus like Raila, Gumo, the late Mwenje and others learnt a while back. In Nairobi, you can never sell strategic master-plans and win. Those are sold to boardroom financial backers in the CBD.

      3) Dr. Kidero – concentrate on populist messaging to the poor! What you will do to the slums and its dwellers! To hawkers and their vibanda! To poor parents with kids but no access schools! To slum dwellers where there is neither sanitation, water, lighting, or roads!

      (a) Go to the slums and give them your assurance they won’t be evicted.

      (b) Sell your plans for schools, sanitation, lights, roads in these slums

      (c) Assure estate hawkers that trade markets will be built in these slums. Give specific examples where they are being planned for and actually get there to point them out.

      (d) Assure city (town) hawkers they will be allowed to sell without harassment. Tell them this directly at their hawking kiosks, in radio, TV and newspapers!

      (e) Remove trading licenses and fees levied on small-scale hawkers. Make sure they know of such plans from you.

      (f) Assure slum dwellers you will protect them from land grabbing. Tell them you will do this more effectively without throwing stones…through the Land Commission…with assistance from the national government.

      (g) Go to each slum and unveil your plan for a pre-schools, village polytechnics for class 8 drop-outs…and how you will get the Ministry of Education to register more primary schools there.

      (h) Sell your plans to get water to slums and save poor people the misery of buying a gallon of water at five times the price it costs in Kilimani and Karen.

      4) Spend no time attacking or ridiculing Waititu in any way. Doing so reinforces the perception of elitist airs. Waititu already has grassroots following you do not want to alienate. Even if they don’t vote for you, make them feel comfortable accepting you as governor.

      5) Be well aware Waititu may be already ahead of you in terms of the poor slum-dwelling voters. Thanks to the fake stone-throwing antics, many already see him as the guardian angel protecting them against land grabbers (who plan to make them homeless). Party affiliation counts less in local Nairobi politics if you don’t CONCENTRATE 95% OF TIME talking the concerns of the poor (listed above). Therefore Kidero must play catch-up in trying to outdo Waititu on these poor-Nairobian-concerns! Talk, sing, breathe these issues daily until March 4th.

      Fact: Waititu’s is an experienced populist-politician since his days as councilor. Populism is his secret weapon.

      Fact: It is that populism that handed Waititu victory against Jimnah Mbaru.

      Fact: Kidero seems to be pursing above the poor majority while focusing on Nairobi’s strategic economic fundamentals –the same campaign strategy that TNA’s Jimnah Mbaru followed.

      Fact: Kidero MUST adopt Waititu’s approach for the next month and a half – restricting his campaign message to what he will do to the majority slum dwellers. A basic premise such as assuring slum dwellers they won’t be evicted is enough to secure many votes….



      • thanks guys, especially Job and Adongo

        I put this clip up here immediately it became available exactly because I wanted it clear to Kidwero’s campaign team that he needs to shift gears pronto.

        First is he must identify a running mate that can address and complement areas where he will be unable to connect with the electorate, i sincerely hope that he does not use ethnicity in any form.

        Second is that he formulates his campaign to connect with the electorate, all the comments on this post provide key points of concern, I especially pay attention to Job, Adongo, Roughrider, Mzee, NOK (sorry if i have missed your input). I was in fact in process of penning my own, some of which has already been articulated above but will add here shortly

        it is important that Kidwero pays attention to this thread. will be posting my long comment here shortly


      • job & others,

        Good advise to Kidero if he can follow stuff. He could make a good governor but he has to style up. I saw his reponse to the criticisms about that interview. Still very scattered. Things like I will make sure you are secure, I will make sure you have water etc etc. Those are nice things to say but putting that in facebook gets you nowhere. The twitter elections are more fake than mlolongo. They twit fake numbers of candidates’ votes even before the ballot boxes are opened and then announce themselves as winners on twitter. If these thing was about facebook and what is “trending” Jimnah Mbaru would have beat Waititu by a mile. They were busy twitting from bars while the real voters were lining up to vote even if it took two days.

        Kidero has to connect with the people on the ground and work with them from the ground up. When these people see Raila at ease with people from Kericho to Kibera to Mombasa, they think it is easy. It is not. You have to identify with the concerns that people have in their daily lives and they have to see you are genuine then they will go to battle with you.

        But even as people express shock that Uhuru’s TNA has nominated a man charged with murder (of a maasai watchman – more like inciting/aiding and abbetting), a stone throwing specialist and a rowdy thug to be the governor of Nairobi (third most important position after the president and the DPORK) we forget the same party has nominated Mr. Kabogo to be the governor of Kiambu county another powerhouse in the country. These are not accidents. Like I said it is in the DNA of TNA.

        Uhuru’s message to Kenyans is very clear. It is going to be a government of the THUGS, by the THUGS for the THUGS. If you like that you have your boys and don’t forget Sonko.



  5. I watched the debate. In all honesty Waititu is no match for Kidero intellectually. Judy Gicheru who I have always said to be shallow did not help much by asking questions with no substance. She could not even follow the conversation. She was too busy reading her Q-card to come up with any good follow up questions. But what irritated me most about her is her inability to follow a line of thought. She would ask one question and just when the guys were on the verge of answering she would pose another one.


  6. @tnk

    Its a great injustice to compare Kidero and Waititu, let alone puting them on a debate on live tv. There’s no comparison. Do you make a decision on whom you will vote for on the basis of a poorly moderated 30 minutes tv talk show, or do you dig up the backgrounds of each candidate and make an informed decision?

    Julie Gichuru is here asking Waititu leading questions then proceeding to answer them for him. Worse, she keeps interjecting with useless comments whenever Kidero is on the verge of putting a point across. She never bothered to ask the aspirants the same set of questions.. So how are viewers supposed to judge the capability of the candidates?

    Waititu type councillors are precisely the reason Nairobi is so fcuked up in the first place. As Kidero put it, we have lost 50 years because of the circus that has been Nairobi City Hall with councillors acting like the clowns.

    Look at it like this: Can you for all intents and purpose hand 56% of Kenya’s GDP to Waititu or Kidero, knowing who they both are?

    Does Waititu even have an idea of some of these issues Kidero is talking about?


    Read more here

    The Nairobi middle class have an opportunity to change this county (and by extension the country) for the better once and for all during the forthcoming polls. If they are going to reason like I see them reasoning on social media, the the next 50 years will be even more disastrous than the last 50.


  7. It seems obvious to me that Waititu does not have the requisite education, mindset, maturity or experience to be the governor of Nairobi. We have to evaluate the two on the basis of the job they are interviewing for. The governor will have to deal with complex planning, budgeting and other management processes.

    Kidero is allowing this debate to be framed by his opponents. That is his error. He should not have agreed to that debate in the first place.

    But this is far from lost – what Kidero needs now is a massive campaign program in Nairobi’s populous slums with message tailored for that demographic.


  8. ok just listened to the full interview


    kidero flopped big time

    even when he got to ask the “one question” he asked a total dumb question. jeez

    kidero needs to style up

    in turn waititu did raise a good question, touching on waititu’s main pet peeve aka land grabbing

    many of us have grown in nairobi

    personally i have lived in nairobi almost all my life, these two guys are turning out to be a big joke.

    in this interview waititu 4 – kidero 1 and am being generous

    kidero – needs to style up and stop attacking waititu – those clifford jokes, stone throwing jabs are totally juvenile (mchongoano)

    that was a waste of 1 hour


    • Tnk, this was not the best of interviews for Kidero. But on the plus, side he seems to have carefully studied the needs of Nairobi. He has the data at his fingertips. In a mature, issue-based setting, this would be a slam dunk. But we are dealing with a mix of tribalism, class struggles and other petty/parochial concerns.

      But look at the politics – if Kidero floored Waititu in the debate, TNA might have considered bringing back Mbaru, a more potent threat. Kidero needs to put his best foot forward once the Waititu nomination confirmed. That is why I thought the debate was premature.


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