Ruth Odinga withdraws from contest for peace sake

Way to go dada.

You mounted a great campaign and fought the  good fight. You might be lucky next time.

For now, I don’t even think that Jack Ranguma won the nominations either. No one did.

If I were NEB I would hand the nominations to a neutral person who was not even in the race.

Ms Ruth Odinga addresses the press at a past function. Photo/JACOB OWITI


Ruth Odinga on Monday announced that she had withdrawn from the ODM Kisumu gubernatorial race.

Speaking to Nation on phone, Ms Odinga said that she had voluntarily stepped down and was not influenced by Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

“I decided to step down for the sake of peace and sanity in Kisumu following yesterday (Sunday) protests that would put the Odinga family in bad light” she said.

Ms Odinga reiterated that she was not stepping down in favour of any of gubernatorial candidate adding that she will work with the elected ODM gubernatorial nominee.

“I will work with whomever the party choses” she said.

Ms Odinga urged the people of Kisumu to remain calm and not be misled with false information

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3 comments on “Ruth Odinga withdraws from contest for peace sake

  1. Breaking News – Neither Dr Oburu nor Dr Oduol will be the ODM Gubernatorial Candidate fro Siaya County. Dr Oburu has bowed out whilst Dr. Oduol status is unknown.

    William Otieno Oganja will be ODM candidate for Siaya while the Board has similarly nomination of Jakoyo Midiwo as MP for Gem has been upheld and that of ELisha O, nullified.


    • kudos to ruth for reading the climate accurately and making a big and wise decision

      phil: its disappointing but the NEBs for all parties (not just ODM) have done the disgraceful thing i.e instead of publicly posting results, have sneaked in lists to the IEBC, i.e. to avoid the expected backlash.

      Of course sooner or later the cat will be out of the bag, but the dilemna is that if some asprant was not sure they’d be picked, will present plan b certificate.

      IEBC will then do one of two things, reject candidates named in two different parties because one cannot be a member of two parties at the same time

      or else write to the parties to declare which list to use in either case, that will be proof of fraud by the parties.

      we had repeatedly said here in this forum that this last minute party hopping that MPs put to law, will come back to bite them dearly in the butt.

      and its going to unfold as predicted in the next several days

      what a bunch of idiots, trying to be too clever until they land right into the hot soup


  2. Madam Odinga, thank you for putting Kenya and Kisumu first and I am sure you may be rewarded come 2017. This shows leadership and emulates what your brother did in the year 2008 where he; against immense pressure from his peers and supporters; declined to be sworn in as the 3 rd President of Kenya, an action that would have been a disaster for the country. I hope the other leaders who are still fighting or disagreeing over the botched nominations see the wisdom in your actions.


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