Nandi County ODM unoppposed Governor Nominee not in IEBC list.

This Candidate….prosperity.html

was promised direct Nomination FOR ODM Nandi Governor !!!

By the way he was all along unopposed !

Now he has just found out that his Name is not on the list that was sent to the IEBC.

All along NEB has been keeping their people in the dark.

Is this a form of rigging ? Is someone powerfull prepairing a forny deal to share the spoils in Nandi county like the treading of positions; Senator from here and Govenor from there like was the case in Siaya ??  As we have all witnissed these horse treading does backfire because it lacks reform and democracy.

Lets hope the dirty politics is a thing of the past.

What options or solutions does one have to ensure that the right process is adhered to.

Thank you !

20 comments on “Nandi County ODM unoppposed Governor Nominee not in IEBC list.

  1. I had not had a chance to listen to the governor to be, but when I finally did, I must say that I’m more then impressed. Off all those guys vying for governor, perhaps he has the clearest idea of what he want to do. He should be elected.


  2. Adongo

    Thank you very much and your point makes sense and believe me, I take note. But I will give you some chronology of the events prior to me asking for some assistance here and elsewhere. First and foremost, as soon as the nominations were complete, certain Nominees especially those that were unopposed were announced widely across the media and in the Web. Unfortunately this was not done in it’s entirety and uncoordinated. Let’s take region x ; why was the seat for a, b & c announced but not d, which was equally unopposed.

    Then NEB went to alcatraz and we begun experiencing a flurry of misleading information about lists, collection of certificates extensions e.t.c almost for a period of 48 hrs with pure anxiety. Then at the eleventh hour 40 Minutes, before the deadline that had been spelt out by IEBC, different sources , insiders of the process and am not taliking about antagonistic forces, get in touch with you and inform you that something is a miss and you or a candidate who rightly earned the nomination, risk being knocked out whether by hook or crook.

    The risk was real, there and remember what Job wrote ! If this had remained as initially reported, it would have been tragic.

    What would you do if you are a true believer of your rights and of the democratic process. You would act , and do it fast. Now look at what is happening to Wambui;

    This is the exact scenario that we faced yesterday. !



  3. Deepcogitation ; Thank you for the moral support. Akinyi cuptures what I would want to say well. Nonetheless, what almost happened to us has happened to Ms Wambui of Othaya !!!
    Keep Vigil . Listen to KTN News of the day


      • nokjnr,

        Great thing you raised the issue regarding Dr, Cheison. My interest in the guy is his quality and brilliance as a human being. That is a very hard working fellow. I also liked his rapport with the Kass interviewer and his overall knowledge of Nandi County and the entire former Rift Valley for which he says in the interview he has sentimental attachment. He also chose ODM over URP way back even though URP was supposed to be the religion in the area. The man is an asset to ODM. And then of course he was unopposed.

        What I think we have to be very careful about is the very deliberate attempt to manufacture wars within ODM. It started with very legitimate claims particularly in the Siaya issue but the matter was very quickly hijacked by the vultures waiting to jump on ODM for their own political purposes. That whole operation has now grounded to a halt. So we should be very careful about fake lists being circulated by the enemies of ODM to create confusion and despondency. My sense is that Dr. Cheison’s name was in the ODM list right of the bat and someone was trying to invent mischief. I do not think the name has been included as an afterthought. I could be worng.

        The other thing we all notice is that there is some sort of cyber pornograhy going on as we speak with regard to ODM where everything goes, no need for any facts, no need for any logical thinking just look for something to heap on ODM and get a cyber spot to spew the garbage.

        Look at the loud screams about Wanjiru being nominated as ODM candidate for Nairobi senate. They are yelling about how Elizabeth Ongoro has been robbed as if they care. Never mind that Ms Ongoro and Wanjiru seem to have negotiated a deal with their party where Wanjiru goes for the senate seat which probably is a smart move and Ms Ongoro is now contesting for a parliamentary seat in Nairobi.

        So we have to be careful about these vultures. They are looking on anything to jump on. They are very hungry. We have to be careful we don’t feed their raging apetite.

        Now where are the mourners for democracy to help Wambui here? The Artur brothers are not here to help her.

        This is what I am talking about:


    • Adongo et al,

      TNA’s shenanigans and dirty linen have started airing out. One didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that behind the silence and still waters, the devil was busy cooking some abracadabra potion.

      The cat is finally out of the bag! Othaya now has a new nominee — chosen not by Othaya people– but handpicked by shetani’s ‘dark forces’. Same thing with Kimunya…and who knows who else.

      Interestingly, in Othaya, Wambui isn’t the only casualty. From the NTV TV report, it appears the DC, area DOs, and OCPD have either been fired or transferred to remote outposts. Which brings to question the role of the provincial administration and security forces in politics under this Kibaki administration.

      This is empirical evidence of the involvement of DCs, DOs, Chiefs, County Commissioners, and AP bosses, and OCPDs in the rigging process…whether through intimidation or otherwise. It took an insider (Wambui) to spill these beans.
      Poor Shebesh has diped her nose into these manenos…oh lordy!..that nose got excellent sense for the smell of pure shining Gold!!! Mama Bling’ Bling’ got Gold, and Shebesh wants a piece! She has imported Kajwang’s rendition of Bado Mapambano into Othaya…check out the protesting Othaya youth on TV chanting Bado mapambano!


      • what is amazing is that KTN literally camped in Kisumu to report the skirmishes there on an hourly basis. Now that TNA bs is hitting the fan, the media has gone mute and is now playing “re-conciliatory” messages


  4. nok,

    am glad the fog is finally clearing after all the uncertainty, phone calls, night running (you mean you guys also engage in this sport ? 🙂
    jokes aside, as you mentioned elsewhere vilgilance has to be maintained to the very end to ward off those intent on causing mischief.


  5. With TNA and URP illegally registering members on IEBC website, this candidate would be advised to check online at using his National ID number if indeed the IEBC recognizes him as an ODM member.

    Submission of nomination papers in itself is not the end of an aspirant’s undertakings.


    • Surely it is illegal to replace a name of someone who went in unopposed. Technically getting any seat unopposed means you have won the seat. It is just the same as winning a seat in an election. So if Bett and co changed that the IEBC must be petitioned to revert the ticket back. There are no two ways about it. Let’s hope it was a honest mistake which cann be fixed. But surely having such uniquely talented people in your camp even if they don’t win it all is a huge asset. Now we have to make noise again to get this fixed. We will.


    • This is the tweet from ODM reloaded that went out last night .

      ODM Will release the full list of Governors, senators and womens rep aspirants for all 47 counties tomorrow morning.

      Meaning release on 22 Jan 2013.


      • nokjr,

        This is what I can see as far as the Nandi Governor candidate is concerned:

        Gubernatorial – Nandi County-Dr. Seronei Chelulei Cheison

        That is our guy right there. So it seems the conmen working with NSIS are busy faking all sorts of porojo out there. Shauri zao. Remember Raila’s alleged MoU to bring Sheria law to Kenya. The same con artists are still busy at work. Shameless rascals!

        Their so called Nyanza rebellion against Raila has flopped miserably. Now they are trying to forment other wars for their cheap propaganda purposes. That too will flop. The campaign has started and no amount of silly fitinas are going to save those Jubilee losers. They are going to lose this election. Instead of focusing on their campaign which has gone dead silent for days now they are putting so much energy on ODM nominations and side shows. Won’t help. Get to work or shut up.

        This campaign is now going to be a matter of discipline for CORD. If they don’t screw up they will win this thing. The other side was banking on a major screw up in the nominations and went out of their way to manufacture as much mischief as they could. That project has flopped. The train has now left the station. Chasing it with a biscycle is not a very smart strategy. Let them keep trying.


      • nok

        how is it that dennis itumbi can publish an ODM list and not publish that of his paymasters, the TNA/URP digital party list?

        what is happening in the digital coalition, 😀


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