Police Imposters Gave Iteere A Car

Nakuru, Kenya: A man accused of being a police impostor allegedly gifted two senior officers cars he could never afford on his salary.

The shocking details made at the opening of public hearings in Nakuru regarding Mr Joshua Waiganjo’s activities include the claim that he gave former Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere and suspended Rift Valley Provincial Police Officer John M’mbijiwe a Toyota Landcruiser each.

It is not clear what version the vehicles were, but in the local market, a used seven-year old Landcruiser Prado in good condition sells for between Sh5 million and Sh6 million, while the higher grade Landcruiser VX can cost between Sh7 million and Sh9 million.

The first witness at the hearings painted the picture of a man with access to millions of shillings and who allegedly enjoyed a cosy relationship with criminals.

A dazed investigating team listened in shock as revelations that will further dent the image of the National Police Service were spilled.

Suspended Njoro OCPD Peter Njeru painted the picture of an influential person in Waiganjo, who used his connections with the highest ranks in the country’s police force to terrorise his juniors to bow to his will.

The commission investigating the suspected conman learnt that Waiganjo had his brother recruited into the force, and accompanied him and a high profile security team to Baragoi prior to the massacre that saw over 42 police officers killed by heavily armed cattle rustlers in an ambush at Suguta Valley.

Njeru told the commission Waiganjo’s younger brother, Mr Gerald Maina, who claimed to be working for micro-finance institution, Faulu Kenya Limited, was hired as a graduate officer.

Personal assistant

Njeru and Mbijjiwe were suspended from the force to pave way for investigations into Waiganjo.

Njeru claimed Waiganjo bragged to other officers about his alleged friendship with both Iteere and Mbijjiwe, saying he could call them any time on his mobile phone.

Njeru, who said he had been ordered by Mbijjiwe to accompany him to Baragoi as his personal assistant, said Maina was allowed to board the chopper by the PPO, allegedly as a an employee of Faulu Kenya on a business mission to the area

“I asked him if he was joining us for the trip and he told me that he was working for Faulu Kenya, and wanted to go and talk to Samburu people so that they can be members of the institution. He further told me that the PPO had allowed him to board the chopper for the trip,” Njeru said.

He said while they were airborne, Waiganjo’s brother took photographs using a camera belonging to suspended Anti-Stock Theft Unit head, Mr Remy Ngugi who was also part of the team.

Njeru, who was the first witness during the public hearing in Nakuru said Waiganjo attended a top-level security meeting in Baragoi where he gave a senior officer a dressing down, claiming the man was incompetent. “He castigated the District Criminal Investigation Officer (DCIO) Lawrence Nthenge during the meeting for failing to follow instructions and told him to foot the bill for the lunch we had taken,”  Njeru told the commission led by Mary Awuor.

Intimidated officers

The suspended officer said Waiganjo exercised great influence within the force, and intimidated officers and had others transferred.

“At one time he told me they had agreed with the PPO that the Naivasha OCPD Ernest Oponyo be transferred, and true to his word Oponyo was transferred (to police headquarters) the following day,” he added.

Njeru said that on several occasions he tried to ignore orders from Waiganjo, but the PPO would call and reprimand him for disobeying orders from a senior officer. “When I started ignoring his calls Mbijjiwe called me. He was furious and asked me why I was refusing to take calls from my seniors. Before I could answer he disconnected the call,” the witness said.

After learning that Waiganjo was masquerading as the Deputy PPO Rift Valley, Njeru said he raised the issue with Mbijjiwe. “The PPO informed me that Waiganjo  had been sent by Iteere to work in his office,” he said.

He added that the connection between Mbijjiwe and  Waiganjo was motivated by monetary and material gains and that at one point Waiganjo showed him the architectural design for a four-story building in Kitengela, bearing the names K. Mbijjiwe and Joshua Waiganjo at the bottom as owners. Njeru said the PPO informed him that Waiganjo was deployed to Nakuru by the Commissioner of Police to work in Mbijjiwe’s office following an upsurge of crime in Nakuru.

The officer said Waiganjo assisted his station acquire a vehicle after making numerous calls to the PPO.

He also said the PPO ordered him to swear a false affidavit linking a popular restaurant in Njoro, Farmers Inn, as a venue for criminals who were committing crimes in the area.

This, he said, was a diversionary tactic aimed at letting the real criminals off the hook.

“In the affidavit I was asked to slot the robberies committed in Njoro at the time as having been planned at Farmers Inn. I later realised the move could have been diversionary to let the real robbers go scot free,” he added. Njeru said the commission should treat him as a whistleblower because he coordinated Waiganjo’s arrest by officers from the Special Crimes Prevention Unit (SPCU)

He said that afterwards, Mbijjiwe became concerned and would call him using a different number from his usual one, seeking updates on the arrest.

“I did not tell him about the officers from SPCU who had come to my office seeking information on how they could get Waiganjo, but after he was arrested, I informed him and he sounded uncomfortable and he would call me and ask umesikia nini? (What have you heard?),” he said.

He said Waiganjo forged a work ticket to authorize use of a vehicle, indicating that it had been signed by a police officer. Waiganjo, said Njeru, sought to be a member of the exclusive Njoro Golf Club, but the application was rejected after he advised the management against accepting the alleged impostor’s request.

He said Waiganjo told him how he had donated vehicles to the Police Commissioner and the PPO. He said the impostor asked him to propose an officer who could be deployed to a station along the border, and the OCPD did not take it seriously.

“But the PPO later called me after Waiganjo had made the suggestion and asked me to propose an officer and I obliged and the officer was immediately deployed,” he added.

Mr Timothy Kamau Githogori a director at the Farmers Inn restaurant in Njoro, told the commission how Waiganjo vowed to have the place closed after falling out with the directors for failing to pay his bills.


10 comments on “Police Imposters Gave Iteere A Car

  1. mzee

    this saga is like one of those fiction novels,

    that mbijiwe fellow was in this thing big time


    and from that story we get another dot – waiganjo’s lorries (if they were his and not stolen) were being used to ferry stolen cattle.

    its also on record now that mbijiwe is the one that brought the man on board and was fully behind him




    • tnk,

      job had this story right on the money on his ngoroko piece. Waiganjo the dake cop and the PPO and even Iteere plus the entire network were deep into the cattle rustling business and like job said they were ferrying cattle for sale and working with state sponsored “cattle rustlers”. Why else would the PPO be faking court orders to get Waiganjo’s cattlel rustling lorries released from police custody? Busted kabisa.


      • adongo

        its both gratifying and thrilling to see each and every bit of information in Job’s excellent expose being independently verified as the saga unfolds

        what i know however is that at some point the evidence will start creeping towards the bigger boys and then i dont know if someone will develop cold feet, or maybe we do have a serious IG Kimaiyo who is about to turn the police force around. who knows. but so far, this is great


      • Adongo, Tnk et al.,

        This is just the tip of the iceberg. Cattle rustling and lorry-jacks are just a piece of a wider syndicate transcending beyond Kenya’s borders. I also just learned that many of Kenya’s cops are on parallel payrolls by external forces…working for Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda governments…on special operations…which include extrajudicial assassinations of exiles and dissidents.

        I am equally amazed at the neat corroboration of all facts given to me…which I wrote in the Ngoroko piece. The aerial survey of the cattle targets and escape routes is done by none other than police choppers…the rustlers embedded within helicopters, snapping guide-photos …the rustling itself is unwittingly executed by the Ngorokos assisted by kurutu cops fresh from Kiganjo (with little clue about these operations)…the transport lorries are jacked with assistance of senior police…the safe-ways across the border are facilitated by none other than the cops and Ngorokos…and laundering the cash back done by the same syndicate. That’s how billions of shillings and luxury Toyota Land Cruisers are exchanging hands like small gifts…

        Notice how easy it is for these crooked cops to circumvent the law…faking even court orders. I hope CJ Mutunga is paying very close attention to these things. This blatant abuse of court seals, judiciary letterheads and forged documents by crooked senior cops must be dealt with decisively. The DPP may have little interest in these matters.

        I also think 4,700 police reservists in Rift Valley alone is mind-blowing. Who are these people working for when there is virtually no security in the country? Why can’t we just pay cops on formal duty to increase security. Well, Kibaki’s dirty Ngorokos are being exposed pole pole and the details are troubling as expected.

        I have always maintained that some crooks (criminals in suits) are only interested in capturing political power to precisely use the State instruments to perpetuate their crimes unabated, unquestioned, under protection, and well-covered. Their hope is to use State machinery to illegally enrich themselves under radar. They divert our police from regular duty…to running their dirty errands…does anyone wonder anymore why there is no security in the entire country?

        What Kenyatta did with Ngorokos in the 1970s is what Kibaki has done under his 10 years…which basically explains the mad jostle by ICC criminals like Uhuru and Ruto pursuing power by all means necessary. The evidence is right in our faces…give these thugs political power at your own peril. It is in fact diabolical for such people to stand in front of pastoralists dancing in political rallies during the day…when they know what their Ngorokos do to these innocent citizens at night….rob them their livelihood, kill them, and displace them!


    • I posted the piece by jobs elsewhere and it was dismissed as nonsensical.
      Job seems to be having the last laugh.
      My fear is that these kind of imposters are everywhere in the police force. I will not be surprised to even find them in the NSIS.
      Moi could have been a dictator but one never saw such embarrassing bull.


      • mzee,

        Some people are allergic to facts. They peddling falsehoods is their profession and some even make a career out of it. Of course they have no shame in disparaging those present facts that make them uncomfortable and undermine their little demi gods. They will never even make any attempts to present any counter arguments. So that is not a problem. Job’s standout piece gave us a first row view of the ugly inside of the beast called the Kibaki regime and its Ngoroko revival.

        But this thing is getting crazy: Now Waiganjo wants to meet the new IG to spill the beans because his life is in danger. Expect a major cover up operation.

        Here we go:



      • Mzee, Adongo, nokjnr et al.,

        I get what you’re talking about. To me frankly, a fella like Kamale ain’t different from Waiganjo. Just another internet Ngoroko…masquerading and trolling the cyber…and always jittery when stuff like this comes up. They vigorously defend the rot in police…which is their gravy train. They thrive in such filth. With a clean force, they would go hungry.

        Who has never noticed how they jump out of their skins each time improprieties in the police come up. Remember their response at the height of extrajudicial assassinations of youth perceived to be Mungiki…these fellas literally laughed grieving families off. They ridiculed Paul Muite, Maina Kiai, and others…while spinning yarns of apologisms. They thought their days are infinitely bound for eternity.

        To me, I don’t give a hoot what they think. They will be smoked out…all in due course. Look at how their colleague Waiganjo has already peeled the mask off former Police Commissioner Iteere and M’Mbijiwe. Na bado! Links to the PS (wakina Kimemia) and their political appointing authorities are yet to be exposed.

        Pastoralists are beginning to understand who really robs their cattle, who kills them, and who creates massive displacements of their populations. It is definitely not the ‘neighbouring community’ as police is wont to quickly report…but a police-orchestrated syndicate! Those who have been losing lorries to robbers now know why they can’t recover them through the police…it is because the police are busy using them to rustle and transport stolen cattle. .they are the lorry robbers…What more is new? It’s a state mafia in operation. You can’t own a lorry in Nakuru or Eldoret unless you are paying illegal protection levies to police. What’s the difference with Mungiki? These cops were literally executing Mungikis so as to take over their illegal operations.

        Even before Waiganjo sings the rest of his confession, I precisely knew that write-up would get under their skin close… to nerve centers. Such info threatens their source of livelihood. Do you see the parallel between Iteere and M’Mbijiwe disowning Waiganjo and the cyber cops ridiculing the entire exposition as a concocted tale? That is how vested interests reflexively react. Denial and counter-accusations. I would treat these Afandes with the contempt they deserve. They have been caught…they must face justice. We will make sure that happens..watch this space.

        They are part of the reason Kenya is in the current state of rot. Always profiting from other peoples misery and blood…in the name of ‘working hard’. Even poor pastoralists…without an iota of shame! Do you see why they vigorously support certain Presidential candidates who would maintain the status quo? The Waiganjos and their cyber-cousins all belong in jail… We are demanding a lot of action from the DPP, AG’s office (not necessarily Githu), IG, NPSC, Police Oversight Authority, and the Chief Justice. The rest is up to the next regime…to completely overhaul this rotten force.


      • Job

        Want to commend you and thank you for the brilliant essay on Ngoroko. It made me undertand alot by joining the missing links to a lot of stuff. I come from the RV and cows are sacred to my community, so this whole kenyan movie is really going under my skin.

        Now, this Waiganjo fellow is really being stupid.

        He has just pulled a harikiri on himself.

        If I were him I would use the next possible media chance and sing like a bird to the cameras. But going out there and demanding a four eye audience with the IG and in the same breath telling the world that I have sensitive info, my life is in danger and I want to spill the bains is just utter stupidity.

        The best life insurance for this guy is to sing immediately to the republic. And not behind closed doors.


      • job,

        The details of the “Ngoroko state” are unravelling and they are shocking. The cars that Waiganjo bought for Iteere, the Commissioner of Police no less, and for the Rift Valley PPO Mr. M’mbijiwe obviously from the proceeds of their joint criminal enterprise. That is now out.

        The fact that Wainganjo recruited his brother, Gerald Maina, a civilian to join the Baragoi investigation team. He was promptly loaded into the police chopper headed to Baragoi where a historic police massacre just took place something which was a national calamity.

        The fact that in Baragoi it was Waiganjo who was in charge, berating senior police officers in the meeting and blasting them for not doing x,y,z.. I mean the whole operation looked like it was a Waiganjo operation. It looks pretty obvious that Waiganjo was mad that the cattle rustling operation where the dead cops were to be unwitting back ups fell apart and the armed locals smoked the cops with no mercy.

        The fact that Waiganjo operated with professional criminals including highway robbers, carjackers who stole lorries and of course cattle rustlers. That now we know for a fact from multiple sources.

        The fact that the PPO Mr. M’mbijiwe was the one facilitating the logistics for the movement of lorries to ferry stolen cattle including faking court orders to get lorries in police custody and which were used for cattle rustling. That too we know for a fact.

        I am not sure the “Ngoroko State” owners are going to let this go on. This thing is exposing some details that could be very dangerous to their interests. Now Waiganjo wants to meet Kimaiyo a meeting Kimaiyo cannot agree to or he will look like he is part of the scheme. I think the investigating team need to summon Kimaiyo who is represented in the team and order him to provide round the clock protection to Waiganjo and then call Waiganjo to appear before them and spill the so called beans to the investigating team without phony cover ups.

        But you know what is even more shocking? It is the loud silence about this mess from just about everybody. It is like this is the new normal in our country. This is the way the government is supposed to work. We are all yelling and screaming about Wambui and Oburu as if the world is coming to an end but we seem to see nothing wrong with the fact that our police force has been turned into a criminal organisation right at the top.

        Worse still, some folks are even mad that people like job actually dare bring this stuff up. They would rather we leave the state criminals alone and scream about petty politics and yell about Raila and Uhuru 24/7 when the country is going up in smokes. Hendreds of people have been killed and thousands displaced in Baringo, Samburu and elsewhere in the execution of these criminal activities sponsored by state agents but that is not supposed to worry us. Really? Keep up the good work my friend. It is good for your country.


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