CORD Manifesto Launch

This morning CORD will formally launch its manifesto at the KICC scheduled for 11:00am.

There is a 10 point itemised issue focus, summary provided in the flyers below. More information will be availed later



Complete CORD Manifesto 2013

16 comments on “CORD Manifesto Launch

  1. well folks

    the institute for economic affairs did an evaluation on the economic viability of the manifestos for the leading party/coalitions and i must say that am not at all surprised but happily noted that the CORD manifesto is rated very highly and well received by the economics scholars and listed as the most practical

    the amani manifesto is rated as a non-starter while the jubilee manifesto is classified as rather improbable

    read for your yourself

    scroll down to the third item on the page

    or use this link to download the pdf document directly

    this shows clearly what we’ve said all along, that we know where the real brains behind economic growth are


    • `
      The Institute of Economic Affairs is a very credible authority to deliberate the questions of “Top Priority Issues for the Kenyan Economy” and “Impact of Political Party Manifestos on Economy”.

      I largely agree with their assessments.

      The economists have found CORD’s manifesto to not only be the most relevant to Kenya’s immediate priorities, but also the most workable.

      It is no wonder the defensive attitude by some Jubilee sympathisers (economists) here in Washington DC – I recently heard them desperately argue (at the Brookings Institute) that both CORD & Jubilee manifestos are “just about the same”….and “mean little”.

      Well, the truth is they aren’t the same, neither do the blueprints remain inconsequential.

      On land utilization for instance, you can clearly tell CORD’s manifesto being as different as day and night to Jubilee’s.

      Where CORD proposes to implement the Constitution’s Land reform proposals (under NLC = vast tracts illegally acquired to be taken over by county governments for local access), Jubilee’s plan protecting land aristocrats is to see that Kenyans “lease” land for farming. How many Kenyans can afford to lease land from the land grabbers?

      Is it realistic and practically probable that the landless youth in Taita Taveta, Kilifi, Kwale, Mombasa, Nakuru, Uasin Gishu, Kericho, Trans Nzoia, etc will rely on sheer ‘goodwill’ and ‘willingness’ of land-grabbers to lease their land (at affordable cost) to them (youth) amidst the prevailing squatter problem in the country?

      Is that really a new plan – or basically a continuation of status quo “muendelee kukaa hivyo hivyo?

      Jubilee’s mantra of telling Kenyans not to bother looking at the ‘rear view mirror’ is self-evident. The stark reality is that county governments and county NLC offices cannot effect land utilization reforms (increased access to land by our idle youth) so long as a national government remains protective of the interest of land aristocrats…the Jubilee-old colonial mentality…

      It also goes without say that it is only CORD that sees the need to hire more teachers for our school children.

      At a small cost of about 5 billion shillings (just a fraction of what is eaten annually through corruption via Department of Defense (DoD) contracting) tens of thousands more teacher can be entered into the payroll to improve quality of education for our kids and create employment as well.

      These economists also have a way of picking where the heart of these parties lie regarding constitutional principles such as devolution. When analysing the water sector…Jubilee’s disdain for devolution; and love for centralization is inadvertently exposed when it states:

      “A Jubilee government will combine existing 8 regional water boards into one national institution”

      Good grief! — Kenya is trying to devolve services closer to the people, preferably to all 47 counties yet Jubilee wants to take Kenya back to the centralization concept that has ruined the country (by creating terrible inequalities). You can’t hide these things. Wherever the heart leans is easy to tell.


  2. Folks,

    On Sunday next week, Jubilee Alliance will claim that CORD infiltrated them and xeroxed Jubilee Alliance’s manifesto!! I want to bet my mother’s only goat on this to match my brother Adongo!!!

    Jubillee’s manifesto WILL EXACTLY mirror CORD’S manifesto come this Sunday!!


    • `
      Einstein, einstein, einstein!!!!! You couldn’t have been more right!

      After going through the Jubilee manifesto/launch…this is a poor and shameless attempt by Jubilee to replicate a carbon-copy of CORD’s manifesto. In 2007, Raila said #1 Infrastructure, #2 Infrastructure, and #3 Infrastructure…In 2012, Raila and CORD said #1 Jobs, #2 Jobs, # 3 Jobs…

      Ati Jubilee has also come up with # 1 Jobs.

      Raila/CORD said food security is next. Jubilee says (your guess is as good as mine)…food security is next.

      Raila/CORD follows with security…and Jubilee ‘unveils’ security as their next priority.

      Holly Molly!

      Is it not ridiculous Jubilee is even pretending to run away with CORD’s center-piece LAND issue…yet Kibunja is (inconsequentially) trying to criminalize the land debate as they shut off Citizen transmitters to curtail grassroots reach of the debate.

      These folks are terribly uncreative with zero originality. This is pathetic. All they have been doing is waiting for CORD to make a first step…then pour looted money to replicate it. Damn!!!!

      Weren’t Uhuru and Ruto not just the other day declaring their chief agenda –and reason for coming together–was to “unite” Kenya (Kenya is their euphemism for ICC-besieged Kikuyu and Kalenjin muthamakis)? Why is unity not their # 1 agenda? All of a sudden…it’s now jobs. Give us a break!!!The magician has just pulled a rabbit out of CORD’s hat! Again, Damn! Where is the sincerity, commitment, and forthrightness?

      But then in all fairness, we are talking about 2 individuals trying to use the Presidency and Deputy Presidency to escape ICC justice…these manifesto manenos are just pranks in the game.


      • hehehe Job, we can’t blame these guys, trying to reinvent and then own reform agenda.

        on that unity thing – its so weak. so if the main reason for their coming together is to create peace. so what do you think, since their communities are not at war right now, why don’t we elect leaders from the many warring communities in RV and Tana River such as Pokomo and Oromo etc so that we can bring peace to these regions that desperately need peace

        in fact why stop there, anywhere war breaks out between communities lets find the war lords and elect them president and deputy and we will have peace ….. hehehehe …. i just don’t get these guys

        oh and the other thing

        they say they will grow the economy in leaps and bounds
        they are aware that with the ICC cases, the west will impose trade sanctions
        but they say they will build relations with china

        ok so what does Kenya export to china and what does kenya export to the west?

        can the goods exported to the west be exported to the china? absolutely NOT?

        so how are they going to increase external trade, boost tourism under economic siege from the west? all those so called ICT projects will come crumbling, the much touted economic hub will shift elsewhere.

        isn’t it a fact that once economic sanctions kick in, vision 2030 becomes vision 3020 as the reality bites

        with the bloated govt wage comprising almost 400 elected representatives, with new county governments and staff in addition to the current already bloated national government and civil service, the so call trillion budget will not be sufficient to cover even half the recurrent expenditure. with severely reduced foreign funding for development projects, that crunch will be fast.

        they will be forced to milk the already struggling population off their meagre earning through more taxes. or much worse will mortgage the entire country and its resources to china

        setting the stage for an implosion

        but yet, they tell us they will create 1 million jobs a year… eeeeissshhh and there are some folks that actually believe this to be true…

        and as for land reforms – hehehehe you guys have said it. one guy has at least acknowledged inheriting 250,000 acres of land as a minimum, while the other is using forged documents to fraudulently disposes an IDP of his land and this is only one among other cases of corrupt practices

        … just plain amazing ….

        and then the so called issue based campaign not ethnic based.

        but right off the bat, we are told that 4.1 million votes are solidly in the bag. well, pray tell, based on what?


      • Job,

        That is the way it is my brother! These Jubilee guys have got completely nothing new to offer the republic apart from xeroxed ideas from the competition.

        It ain’t going to wash down with some of us, period!!

        Copy-catting is not their own preserve. Other Kenyans can do it too, but for what gain??

        The battle continues my brother!


  3. We also want to see smooth roads free from bumps at every corner. Education whether private or public should be affordable and of high quality across all regions in the country.


  4. Social democracy or Democratic socialism

    The CORD Manifesto is actually what Kenya needs to be able to progress further into a the league of the Asian Tigers as envisioned by the Vision 2030. Based on the fundamental principles of freedom, solidarity to each other, equality in the distribution of the resources that we have and social justice, the vision 2030 does not have to remain a mirage.

    The feudal tendencies displayed by the Jubilee, the conservatism represented by Amani no longer belong to the modern day Kenya, the Kenya that has been decaying dramatically.

    Infact, we define ourselves very strongly through our tribal heritage, which in many Aspects and across the board, has alot of elements of social democracy. Through history we opted to diverge away from many essential and fundamental traditional values and so being, we are now paying dearly for this misjudgement.

    But hope is on the way. I find that with this manifesto and with a good commited leadership and stewardship we are on the verge of redifining our principles of engagement to one another and with this commitment , a new foundation shall be layed that will become pillars for a just and prosperous nation.

    May I live to see this come true.


  5. The darkened sign on the wall is now illuminated with blinking red neon lights screaming KWISHA, all roads are now leading to CORD. The whole country got the message “wanasindikisha hoping for round 2” which will never come. CORD is closing the deal. Statesmanship, Policy, and Stability -all were on display today.

    We can now pronounce the presidential race officially happening – sorry to say the other side’s donkey has finally accepted reality, their only chance to remain relevant was to sideline the disabled and marginalized but that is also abandoned, as they have been busted. The remaining exposed horse is badly limping as we move into the starting stalls for the homerun.

    The speeches by CORDS RK&W were absolutely fabulous – I have not seen the three so focused, co-coordinated and determined before. Game on – it was a very good spot on prelaunch warmup. They hit all the buttons they needed to; even NTV was feeling the heat. The needs of the people were articulated and how to tackle them explained, but everything was wrapped up around Katiba and finally the connection to Mr. King Freedom’s punch line. Nyundo was in his element.
    A lot of people have reason to be really concerned as the enthusiasm grows.

    We saw Kalonzo and Wetangula feeling comfortable and they could in turn be true to themselves and thier values, they now don’t need to look over their shoulders for approval on this side. They are touching base with their core values and the nations pulse. Am looking forward to some really exciting and tantalizing speeches that will finally move the small minority of undecided’s firmly into CORDS corner as they close the conversation in the home stretch. Needless to say Taarab was unveiled – let the others bring out their imitators as usual. A job well done and keep the faith.


  6. thanks for that update mzee, hopefully we’ll get a pictorial essay as well to complete the main post. meanwhile thanks to the generosity of the CORD team and Phil, we have the complete document available for the public


  7. I listened to the speeches and I was happy to hear what was said by all the speakers. But I must say that I liked the way Moses Wetangula articulated the CORD manifesto point by point. He was very simple and clear. He was talking directly to mama mboga.

    But the man who I now believe is the greatest orator in our nation VP Stephen Kalonzo Musyoko (watcha mambo ya William Ruto) delivered a marvelous speech. I have never seen Kalonzo so fired up than ever before. I liked the way he smartly brought land issue to the fore.

    The Raila finished by outlining how they would implement what was in the manifesto. Its was a great speech, very factual. I liked the fact that he talked about how he tried to save our water towers including the Mau and the difficulty he encountered while working as PM. But the icing on the cake was when he said that while people were killing each other for 1/4 acre of land some in the country had land the size of a whole province in their name. This sent the crowd into a frenzy for they knew exactly who he was referring.

    Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Monday pledged to rebuid Kenya’s economy and improve livelihoods.

    While unveiling Cord’s Alliance harmonised manifesto at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), PM Odinga said his government will build an economy that works for all.

    “Jobs remain top on our priority. Today, we launch 10 point agenda for our people,” he said.

    PM Odinga also pledged to restructure youth and women funds in order to empower them as well as to encourage investors to move to other urban centres such as Kakamega, Garissa and Meru.

    He said his government will also restructure the agricultural sector with key interest being ensuring food security. He also said that the country will also manufacture fertilisers.

    PM Odinga acknowledged that he will continue with President Kibaki’s legacy of improving infrastructure.

    During the launch, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka said Cord is in a position to deliver Kenya to greater heights of development.

    Mr Musyoka noted his government will address historical injustices where a few individuals own huge tracts of land while others are squatters.

    He said Cord will implement Constitutional provisions in addressing land matters.

    In education matters, Mr Musyoka said his government will recruit more teachers to address the shortage currently being experienced.

    “We will employ nursery school teachers, review the terms of secondary school teachers and lecturers,” he said.

    Mr Musyoka said a Cord government will realise the 24-hour economy and root out poverty and that IDPs will be non-existent.

    Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang’ula also said that Cord was unveiling Kenya’s dream team in the alliance.

    “We are going to shape a new future of Kenya. It is the defining moment,” he said.

    Mr Wetang’ula also said that the Cord government will protect and defend the Constitution.

    “The Constitution which was enacted by Kenyans will be fully implemented by Cord,” he said.

    Mr Wetang’ula also promised that all public health facilities will be accessible to Kenyans. He said his government will provide better terms for workers in the health arena to prevent strikes.

    He also assured the provincial administration that it will not be abolished but will be reformed accordingly.

    Mr Wetang’ula also pledged to ensure that all diplomatic appointments will be made on merit and with all ethnic communities being considered.


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