Vote of Thanks

The Blog-Admin takes this moment to extend a vote of thanks to all the members of DeepCogitation, specifically for the mature, socially responsible, incisive and high quality contributions to this forum. All comments are to the best of our knowledge factual, and can be backed by other sources as illustrated by the various links that members provide.

We have a deliberate and pro-active policy to only allow a limited number of members most of whom have been carefully selected and invited to the forum, but there are a handful who simply have joined to be part of this forum.

The purpose of this post is therefore to appreciate and congratulate DC members for their mature contribution, and to also announce that our readership has grown exponential and is poised to grow even more in the coming months.

We also announce FYI that the Kenya government through CCK and working with various partners including NCIC (I thought this outfit’s mandate was not renewed) has embarked on a monitoring and censorship campaign and have in fact shut down various facebook accounts and recently have shut down Mashada as well.

The shutting down of Mashada is no surprise since it already has such a history


On the bright side, there are a number of initiatives by Kenyans to monitor and report various incidences. These include the highly successful Ushahidi model and Uchaguzi, if you know of any other such initiative do inform the board

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