Access Denied / The Trash Can

This will be a very short post and is in response to this article here

excerpts below


through a twist of fate, Ms Wambui is on the threshold of taking up the parliamentary seat Kibaki has held for decades, that hasn’t gone down well in some quarters. Yesterday, Wambui trailed

The President as he visited at least three development projects in the area but presidential guards — in uniform and plainclothes — ensured she never got near the President.

As the presidential guard kept her away from the Kibaki entourage, sometimes through staging a human shield in front of her, Wambui put up a protest over the inclusion of the man she beat in TNA nominations, Mr Gichuki Mugambi, in the presidential programme.

Also protesting alongside her was Kibaki’s former head of security, Mr Esau Kioni, who is vying for the seat on a Democratic Party ticket. Interestingly, Kioni too was being elbowed aside by security officers, some of whom he may have commanded during his time at State House.


Unfortunately, the rest of that story is to absurd here are some select snippets

…Wambui told Mugambi on the face: “If you enter, I will follow you.” From that point not less than five officers were at her side wherever she went…..

…..At Othaya Boys High school, Wambui was literally locked out at the gate, with the GSU officers using chain and padlock to secure the iron gates…..

….All this time, Mugambi was accompanying the President inside the school, where even members of the public were kept at bay….

….At one time outside the gate, Wambui was spotted with clasped hands consulting with Kioni.
At another time she was pictured with her hands on her head, a traditional gesture of dismay. She lamented that as an Othaya resident, she had helped purchase a generator and computers for the school, ……

Its rather unbelievable.

The cryptic message is as follows

Seems to be a recurrent true but sad story. A few other names come to mind; Keriri, Karume, Karua, etc, All one time fiercely loyal, but when the chips terms changed, simply discarded.

So yes, tossed to the trash can.

But no, this is not what am saying.

Am reminded in history about ungrateful leaders, and how in strange twists of fate, Karma strikes back, i.e the trashed get their revenge, to paraphrase Obama’s clarion call, “yes, the trash, can”. Typically they will, and most of the time its fast, furious, painful and humiliating, driven with nothing but blind rage. As always I pray that we all learn from history, but there are many for whom, the only thing they learn from history is that they don’t.

Most interesting however is the treatment of Esau Kioni by his former colleagues, dumbfounding as it is astounding. Totally cheapens everything about the whole power structure and makes it very hollow. At least Wambui’s tribulation are of a different trajectory.

Always hoping for the best, but keeping it real. Am sure we shall revisit this page in the future

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3 comments on “Access Denied / The Trash Can

  1. I understand that she was stopped because she went to the named functions clad in red (it was valentines) hoping wishing her man a happy valentines day. The moment word reached out that it was her intention to “party” with the husband, yes husband, she was blocked from coming close. Love was in the air but one sided.


  2. Tnk,
    This is a family issue.
    A man kicking his wifes a*s for whatever reason.
    Kibaki has no strength of character. Given, the man can even disown Jimmy Kibaki.


    • Mzee and tnk;

      I don’t get this Kibaki fellow. First, he is retiring, so I do not know why he is entertaining more drama than is necessary in his life. He runs the risk of seeming like he does not support that woman’s bid and then she ends up winning which will say a lot about his influence. After being president, it would have been better for him to sit in the background instead of trying to pull political moves in a constituency, risking embarrassment.

      Secondly, and I am now treading on dangerous ground. Why can’t they just say what happened to Lucy? If what I have heard from sources is true, surely others have heard it too. And you cannot hide it forever. In any case, Lucy will get a lot of sympathy. Lucy is a public figure for Chrissake!


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