Miguna Endorses Uhuru After Unveiling New Book

And that is not the only thing. Miguna today has made very sensational and actionable claims. These are some of the allegation he made at his press conference earlier today.

Miguna goes further to assert Raila Odinga is a much heavier drinker than Uhuru Kenyatta, and that Raila personally approved the idea of fundraising and arming ODM youth in meetings Miguna sat at. I am not sure if Ruto, Ngilu and Balala agree with those allegations. Miguna goes on to boast ..”I know some people in ODM actually mobilized,fundraised and purchased weapons for self-defence”, he said, and “not withstanding the denials by ODM, they conceived,devised and executed a 41 against 1 in 2007”.

Miguna also alleged that the ICC Prosecutor ignored his plea to submit new evidence against Raila Odinga saying that ICC are only interested in evidence implicating the the four suspects they already have charged.

Miguna also outrageously claimed that Chief Justice Willy Mutunga wrote an email to Miguna advising him on how PM Raila Odinga should react to ‘illegal’ judicial appointments of CJ, DPP and AG. Miguna claims the Chief Justice as as late 2011 sending revealing emails emphasizing on the need to destroy anyone perceived to be outside Raila inner circle.

According to Miguna, ODM insiders Adams Oloo and Jerry Okungu concoct opinion poll figures for Infortrak Research which has persistently projected Raila as the front runner in presidential polls. Angela Ambitho father was Jaramogi Lieutenant according to Miguna (Angela is Infotrak MD).

Miguna also confirmed having met and interviewed the person who helped Raila steal Molasses plant and that Raila also demanded a Ksh 2million bribe from Hon Najib Balala so as to make him the ODM Mombasa COunty Branch Chair ahead of perennial rival Ali Hassan Joho.

I have not bought the book and have no intentions of buying it. The timing of the book, written in a record three months, the contents, and the fact it is retailing much less cost than his first book, raises many questions about the motive of Miguna Miguna.

19 comments on “Miguna Endorses Uhuru After Unveiling New Book

  1. To understand what is happening to Miguna you must go back to last year when there was a mock burial of him in his home village in Nyando. Unless Miguna is cleased by his people from Nyando he will continue downwards .I ask Miguna’s friends to plead on his behalf otherwise he may end up walking naked in Nairobi streets.


    • `
      I’ve been too busy to follow some of these things lately. But wait a minute folks!

      Am I not seeing Miguna replaying the same script he bitterly complained was being meted on him earlier?

      Creating fictitious excuses for terminating a maid’s employment? With-holding personal possessions of the maid; and making imaginary claims about the maid’s behavior!

      Maids are some of the most abused, voiceless, and vulnerable people in society. On a daily basis they are assaulted, raped, robbed, and cheated of pay without recourse. Whenever employers want to get rid of them, fictitious or outrageous claims are often leveled against them – with the clear assumption they can’t afford to get justice.

      I do not think the maid tried to harm (poison) Miguna – otherwise Miguna would NOT have casually kicked her out that morning. Any rational employer (a lawyer to boot) secretly notified of such poisoning plan would have (surprised the maid) by bringing cops to mount a CSI-level combing for poison and other evidence – including the phones…right at the house.

      It is only after Miguna probably realized he had not only violated the woman’s labour and privacy rights, but also committed a crime in the process – robbing her of two phones…that he likely concocted this irrational and delusional Raila conspiracy…to justify why he kept the phones.

      The woman should sue Miguna for violating her labour rights; violating her privacy rights (going through her phone records); and also forcefully robbing her of personal possessions (phones).


  2. Hehehe!

    This Miguna story wont be told until you hear the words of his maid who he fired. Mind you Miguna was summoned by police to Muthaiga to record a statement, that is the the part he has left out of his statement. Actually he makes it sound like he was going to make a report himself which is not even the case.

    You guys are right. Miguna needs help. The bitterness against Raila is just unjustifiable. What makes him even madder is that Raila has totally ignored this lunacy.

    Adongo, those questions you ask also point to a cover-up….there could be more in this whole incidence


    • mzee,

      So when is the Miguna statement coming up? The way Kenyans treat their so-called “house helps” is pure slavery. I don’t know whether Miguna raped the poor woman as alleged or not but it would be nice to get his side of the story before people fall over themselves defending him or attacking him. I am not sure what Miguna would do if Raila was facing the same accusations. He would probably write a book about it and make a ton of money, but I digress.

      Miguna was accused of raping two Kenyan girls right here in Toronto. They were just 19 years old. Miguna was acquitted of the charges and paid $ 750,000 (Kshs 28 million) because of the way the police, who didn’t like him, treated him during the arrest. It turned out, the two young women had lied in their refugee application when they said they were not related. That became a problem to the prosecutor because the defense was arguing if they lied once they could be lying again. That is what got Miguna off the hook.

      It is very possible he raped the poor young women. As a matter of fact it must have taken a lot of courage for them to report the matter to the police knowing they were just refugee claimants who could be thrown out of the country any minute and the alleged rape was done by their own lawyer who must have been a semi god to them. My point is that the issue or rape is not new to Miguna and it must be very uncomfortable to him. Spare a thought for the victims as Paul Muite would say.

      So was Miguna’s “house help” sent by Raila to go to the cops and report rape or assault whatever the case may be?


      I have now read Miguna’s statement on Jukwaa and all I can say is that is sad to see a man of Miguna’s repute go down like that. Miguna is now at war with his maid who allegedly confessed that she was given poison by Raila to kill Miguna. Instead of Miguna taking such a serious matter to the police given that the maid had confessed to the alleged plot, he decided to fire the maid and paid her. Whatever Miguna did to his maid is now political football for Miguna’s phony war with Raila.

      What I read inJukwaa is bizarre and absurd and it is frightening that some people are prepared to swallow the nonsense without questioning them. If Raila is trying to kill Miguna and gave poison to a maid who confessed to Miguna’s relatives in his own house, wouldn’t Miguna take such a matter plus the poison to the police? Just start from there and you see how phony and convoluted the whole shit is. May be if his Jukwaa friends and cheer leaders can’t ask such honest questions the media will.


      • Adongo,
        He did release a statement in which he claims its all Raila Odingas fault. One does not know whether to cry or laugh. But have a look.


        A statement by MIGUNA MIGUNA on February 18, 2013

        Let me at the very outset say that by the grace of God/Allah/Nyasaye I am free, alive and healthy – and at my home in Nairobi. In fact, I have not left my house the whole day today.

        I understand that there are despicable false rumours being circulated and disseminated by Raila Odinga and his agents that I have been arrested and is in police detention. I consider these rumours to be the height of desperation of a man who knows that his campaign has reached a dead end. Fortunately for Kenyans, rumours and propaganda – which is what Odinga excels in – don’t vote and will not vote on March 4, 2013.

        I would like to disclose to the public that at about 6:30am today, my nephew who lives with me informed me that our house help confessed to him last night as they were watching my K24 TV live interview that Mr Odinga’s agents, who used to be my bodyguards – Odhiambo and Anyul – offered her Sh1 million and gave her poison to put in my food this week. They also offered to give her gargets to tape all my telephone conversations, my conversations with third parties who visit me at home and to report to them details of my movements. My nephew reported to me that the house help stated that she was considering these offers in view of my “attacks on the Prime Minister.” Apparently, she claimed that I was responsible for the wave of rebellion against the PM in Luo Nyanza.

        At about 7:10am, I terminated the house help’s employment in writing and paid her the monthly salary of Sh10,000 even though her pay is not due up to the end of February this year. She signed the termination letter voluntarily. There was no physical contact between me or my nephew and her.

        Interestingly, as she was signing the termination letter and pocketing the money, both Odhiambo, Anyul and high ranking officials from the Office of the Prime Minister were busy calling her mobile telephone. I then decided to detain the two mobile phones so that the police could investigate this serious matter thoroughly.
        When I asked the house help to put her things in a vehicle so that my nephew, who was present throughout, could drop her at the bus stop, the lady refused. Instead of allowing my nephew to give her a free ride, she walked away and left the compound. I have been informed that she was seen entering the home of a senior ODM cabinet minister who is my neighbour and the boss to one of the agents who have recruited her. I felt that was quite bizarre and telephoned my area OCPD, who responded within one hour, accompanied by the DCIO.

        As I was giving my report and statement to the police at my house concerning the latest plot to kill me, the press started calling and texting, claiming that I was under arrest at the Runda Police station. Of course, I wasn’t. I was at home – and I am still at home.

        Interestingly, I am told that the house help arrived with two junior police officers and the press in tow at my gate as I finished my statement at about 11:30am. However, when invited inside, she boarded a motor-cycle, which she had come with, panicked and left. Reports reaching me indicate that she went straight to the Office of the Prime Minister’s Building and is apparently sequestered there, perhaps being debfried on the next malicious and mischievous plot.

        Meanwhile, the house help’s mobile phone kept ringing off the hook, with some of the numbers being traced to ODM cabinet ministers and senior OPM officials!

        Unfortunately, the assassins and plotters panicked and started putting pressure on the Police, demanding that I should be arrested and locked away.

        Your guess is as good as mine on why Raila Odinga and his thugs want to kill me – and when their plot seems to have failed – are now abusing their power and demanding hat I be locked away. He has also sent out his media hounds and social media goons to besmirch my name, character and reputation.

        They will not succeed!

        At about 1:20pm today, I welcomed about ten journalists who were camping outside my gate into the compound and addressed them stating the same things contained herein. I could see how disappointed some of them were that I was alone, at home, and addressing them in a relaxed and categorical manner.

        Let me conclude with two things. First, Raila Odinga will not win the scheduled elections on lies, propaganda or nefarious plots against his opponents, critics or perceived enemies. And secondly, I am not afraid of Raila Odinga. As I said before, I am ready to face him head-on. It’s unfortunate that he has reduced himself to a pathetic criminal. It’s up to him. I will, however, continue to expose him and to fight him with the only weapon at my disposal: THE TRUTH!

        Elections come and go. These ones won’t be different. But Raila Odinga must know that Kenyans are going to retire him on March 4th, 2013. He can choose to fight me and the books I’ve published through criminal goons or he could choose to address – directly – each and every factual claim in them. Te choice is his!

        Finally, I wish to reiterate that my life is in serious danger. I am asking the police to provide me with twenty-four-hour security.

        Thank you.


        Read more: http://jukwaa.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=7943&page=2#ixzz2LFrFVjBN


      • Yes I have seen the statement and I not surprised that it is all about Raila. Let’s ask honest questions:

        1. If Miguna’s maid confessed that she was given poison to kill Miguna why didn’t Miguna take the maid and the poison to the police? The maid was his best witness on the alleged murder plot.

        2. Miguna claims his nephew told him about the alleged confession at 6.30 a.m. Miguna then fired the house help by 7.10 a.m If you just found out about a plot to get killed and the alleged killer has confessed are you going to just throw them out in minutes or would you rather get all the details you can get particularly since the alleged killer has confessed.

        3. Miguna says the house help was given poison to kill him and was also going to be given gadgets to tape his conversations and report on his movement. So were these alleged plotters going to follow Miguna’s movements tape Miguna’s conversations after he is dead from the poison? Doesn’t make any sense.

        4. Why did Miguna pay his maid to quit work after the alleged confession? Wasn’t this a sign that the maid was very dedicated to him and prepared to save his life?

        5. Why is Miguna talking about physical contacts or lack there of with the maid? Why is that even an issue.

        6. Miguna says he is ready to face Raila head on, where? What political position is Miguna running for? What does March 4, election got to do with Miguna’s maid? As far as we know Uhuru Kenyatta is facing Raila head on for the presidency. When did Uhuru become Miguna Miguna. There is fantasy and then there is lunacy. Which is which here?


      • This is the last thing I will post on Miguna, he is not worth my time.
        By Cyrus Ombati

        NAIROBI, KENYA: Miguna Miguna was on Monday questioned by police after his house help claimed he had assaulted and chased her from his home in Runda, Nairobi.

        Miguna at the same time claimed he kicked woman out of his compound after learning she was planning to poison him.

        He also claimed his life is in danger and asked the police to provide him with twenty-four-hour security in a statement he sent to newsrooms.

        Miguna, who is a former aide to Prime Minister Raila Odinga told journalists in his compound he had learnt the woman had been paid Sh1 million by two bodyguards of two ministers to poison him.

        He has written two books in which he has made accusations on the PM, claims which are yet to be substantiated.

        The woman walked to Runda police station Monday morning and claimed Miguna had assaulted and chased her from his home.

        She said the former aide had even refused to allow her to pick up her clothes.

        It was then that a team of CID officers was sent to the compound to establish the truth of the matter and quizzed him for almost an hour before leaving.

        By then, the social media was abuzz with claims that Miguna had been arrested and locked up at the local police station.

        Gigiri OCPD Patrick Mwakio confirmed a report had been made accusing Miguna of among other things assault.

        He added Miguna had been to the station in the morning hours to report a different matter in which he also made accusations against a man.

        “He reported to the station for different issues and not on the accusations made against him,” said Mwakio.

        Police had been reluctant in seeking his statement regarding the house help’s claims until when journalists who had been tipped off of the report that they decided to go to his house, few kilometers away from the police station.

        And after he recorded his statement with the CID officers, Miguna invited journalists into his compound saying he had used his hard earned money to build it.

        After he had granted the journalists a brief interview, he turned on them and ordered them to leave the compound.

        “Leave now, I do not want to see people packing their belongings in this compound. Get out now because I know you have been sent by Raila,” said a bitter Miguna.

        He denied he assaulted the woman terming the claims as mere allegations.

        Miguna claimed his nephew who stays in the house had informed him that the house girl had told him of plans to poison him and that she had been paid Sh1 million for the mission.

        “At about 7:10 am, I terminated the house help’s employment in writing and paid her the monthly salary of Sh10,000 even though her pay is not due up to the end of February this year. She signed the termination letter voluntarily. There was no physical contact between me or my nephew and her.”

        Guards at the nearby compound said Miguna had even thrown the woman’s clothes out of the gate as she escaped to seek police protection.

        Mwakio said they will investigate the assault claims and make a report for action by relevant authorities.

        He said they will seek a clarification from the terrified house help. She refused to drive with the police to Miguna’s compound.



      • Mzee,

        I have seen the story from the Standard and it makes me not want to say anything but Miguna is making public statements and that means people are free to address them.

        Miguna apparently turned against the journalists whom he had invited to his house claiming they had been sent by Raila? What the heck is that about?

        Also Miguna had been the cop station earlier apparently for another matter. Must have been a very busy night for him. What is going on?

        From the story the maid is very credible. She was assaulted by Miguna (not raped) and chased out by an irate Miguna, she alleges. She was not allowed to take her stuff with her. That is what she claims. Neighbours say Miguna threw out her clothes out of the gate. That is very consistent with what irate Kenyan men (and women) do to their maids. The maid then went to the cop station in Runda to report the matter. Did you see Raila somewhere there? I didn’t.

        Oh, and Miguna in his own admission, “detained” his maid’s cell phones, illegally of course. Only the police can “detain” anybody’s phone. Miguna seems to be busy answering his maid’s cell phones which he claims are ringing off of the hook by callers from Raila’s office. The maid must have forgotten to tell Raila that the phones were detained and that there is no need to call her when she is with the PM handlers in person. But really where else in the world does the boss answer his maid’s cell phones. Talk about bizarre.

        My own conclusion at the moment based on what we know is that Miguna is having problems with his maid and it is very possible, in fact likely, that he assaulted her. Instead of dealing with that Miguna has turned it into another phony war with Raila.

        Attacking the media in his own house after he invited them there makes me question Miguna’s state of mind. Some of us are certified mad people so it is not strange to ask if we have company. It is not a big deal.


      • wow this miguna guy is amazing

        in typical kenyan settings, the househelp is the wife’s domain, i wonder where she features in all this

        its odd that the househelp confides in the nephew rather than the wife or even the older kids

        nevertheless if its true the fact that she outs the plot to the nephew is actually a positive i.e she reveals the insidious plot and should therefore be rewarded rather than punished. instead miguna kicks her out, detains her phone and incredulously pays her while terminating her services.

        interesting – i would have thought a man well versed in law, would have escorted to the nearest police station to register the sensational claim and let the law take its course. instead we have incoherent reactions.

        i agree that this man now has a pattern. anytime he launches a book there is way too much drama associated with it. a true drama queen so to speak. and typically after all that drama it fizzles out


  3. looks like miguna miguna was sponsored by TNA to support uhuru and demonise raila and he has done this through so called writing of his memoirs

    the problem here is that the tory weaves between some events, his imagination/perception and fiction. its therefore hard to tell which parts are true and which parts are so contorted as to distort the facts.

    in the final analysis this book should be about uhuru rather than about raila

    miguna should tell us the virtues of uhuru such as he drinks less than raila. good grief, what a cry baby


  4. Oh boy! Another 15 minutes of fame for Miguna … it has already passed and wanaCORD have already moved on and working hard to end this journey in round one. His apologetic endorsement of the Hague suspects is rather lame and late and does not add any value – for good sport lets add the number tyrants + 1 ( his vote )

    Am sure there will not be any TOURS promoting the book countrywide as his use by date has expired. No more cash will be coming his way. The rebellion he was supposed to start in Nyanza did not happen and is not going to happen – very sorry. I hope he has been paid enough to be able to pay his mounting bills. My advice to him “GET A JOB”


    “I allowed myself to be carried away by the excitement and heat of the moment, at least regarding those I claimed I could take to The Hague. It was a serious error,” he says in trying to put the record straight.

    What a turnaround leading to an endorsement. Looks like the excitement died but undoubtedly he is still “on heat” due to the financial crippling sacking. As Bishop Wanjiru says – njia moja iki fungwa zingine zina funguka. Lets just say a man got to do what a man got to do. Lakini malipo ni hapa hapa.


  5. Phil let the cat out of the bag a long time ago when he said that the guy was being paid by team Uhuru. I think that point of view has finally been confirmed. No wonder he went silent on his moribund bid to become Nairobi’s governor.


    • Siguda,
      Uhuru Kenyatta can only win this elections if he rigs.
      As Kalonzo once said, Uhuru and Ruto believe that this a life and death thing for them. I believe that they are willing to do everything with the help of Kibaki to rig.

      Remember that it was reported recently that the whole voters register is already compromised and is in the hands of individuals.

      I have said before that anything that is computerized if not secured properly would be the easiest to compromise.


  6. Phil and Adongo,
    This is a mad man that should not be answered to by the PM.
    He even goes on to claim that he is the source of “rebellion” in Nyanza province that was witnessed during the current nominations. Interestingly that so called rebellion is no more, so I dont know to what extent he succeeded.

    He has actually said that he will do “anything” to make sure that Raila does not become president – with his ONE vote.

    Lord help this man gain back his lost senses.

    Let him eat Uhuru Kenyattas money in peace.


  7. At last Miguna has made it easier for everybody to understnad where he is coming from. We should thank him for that. It is his right. We understand that. Talk about vindication!


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